Chapter 105 - A Pure and Straightforward Hug

Chapter 105 - A Pure and Straightforward Hug

Regardless of glory or humiliation, they’re a part of life. Those mature would toss them to the back of their heads, since there were more exciting things in life to be expected.

Whether it was the TCM Assembly or the Physician King Tournament, they were greatly fought over by the media to report them, and Su Tao’s fame had also soared in a short amount of time. At the same time, the Three Flavour Cosmetics International Limited’s Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum were also introduced into the market. The creator of those products was the final winner of the Physician King Tournament, Divine Physician Su Tao. Using this news to promote, the Three Flavour Cosmetics International Limited had also received massive success, since their first batch of goods was all sold out.

There would also be patients coming in daily, drawn by the title of the Physician King, and Su Tao had been busy in this period. He also did not increase the price of his treatment just because he had obtained the Physician King’s title; the consultation fees were still ¥50, as per usual. Just that he had only treated twenty patients a day so that Xiao Jingjing and the rest could practice their skills.

Although the Three Flavour Hall was in the right path of development, there’s still a huge gap from Su Tao’s plan. Even if his three disciples were trying their best, they’re still new to this, so the Three Flavour Hall has reached the crucial point of needing new blood.

When Private Investigator Xia Yu joined the Three Flavour Hall, his primary responsibilities became logistics administration and security. The Three Flavour Hall’s order had to be specially taken care of so that they could stop anyone from causing trouble.

Under his strong insistence, Xia Yu even promised not to take any salary from Su Tao and just wanted an opportunity to work for the latter.

Two more people joined the Three Flavor Hall as well, although they were pretty reluctant to do so. They were Golden Tooth, Chef of the Triumph Luck International Hotel, whose real name was Bao Defa and Chu Huilin of the Great Compassion Gate.

During the Physician King Tournament, the two of them had been taught a lesson by Su Tao after discovering that they’re trying to harm him.

Golden Tooth’s hand channels were sealed by Su Tao, while Chu Huilin’s kidney channels were sealed. They searched various means to try and undo it, but in the end, they came to realise that Su Tao was the only one that could undo them. Thus, the two of them obediently went to the Three Flavour Hall.

Su Tao had his reasons for choosing the two of them. Firstly, the two of them were not absolute evils, and they could still be reformed. Secondly, the Three Flavour Hall needed someone that could assume responsibilities during its development. Just relying on Cai Yan and Xiao Jingjing was insufficient, so with Chu Huilin, one of the 32 competitors around, he would have the energy to put his focus elsewhere.

Cai Yan was also meticulous. She created an office for Su Tao in the back.

While Su Tao sat before the coffee table, brewing tea, he would also sweep a glance at Chu Huilin and Golden Tooth occasionally.

Chu Huiling felt a little more comfortable after knowing that Su Tao had obtained the Physician King’s title. Initially, he was bearing the name of a coward, but after Su Tao brilliantly defeated Wang Guofeng, his forfeit became his vision instead!

As for Golden Tooth, he was only feeling fear for Su Tao. After all, Su Tao was too cruel to cripple his hand channels!

“There’s a phrase; we don’t get to know each other without fighting.” Su Tao gave Chu Huilin and Golden Tooth a cup of tea each, before he calmly said, “It is precisely because we have fought before, so it’s easier for us to see each other’s merits and demerits.”

Chu Huilin also wasn’t polite as he gulped down the cup of tea, “Stop beating around the bush, how will you be willing to let the two of us go?”

Golden Tooth also held expectations on his face as he begged, “Divine Physician Su, I have been reflecting after that matter. Please give me a chance, and I will not harm anyone in the future ever again.”

Filling the cup for Chu Huilin, Su Tao said, “I can only feel assured if you guys are under me.”

Hearing Su Tao’s intentions, Chu Huilin knitted his brows. “You really intend on letting us work in the Three Flavour Hall? Aren’t you afraid that we will stab you in the back?”

Golden Tooth also had similar thoughts, just that he wasn’t courageous enough to say it out loud like Chu Huilin.

With a relaxed smile, Su Tao slowly stood up and walked to Chu Huilin before patting on the latter’s back. “I might be forcing the two of you to join the Three Flavour Hall now, but there will be a day when you guys will feel that you don’t want to leave.”

“Aren’t you saying it too subjective?” Chu Huilin held a disdainful smile on his lips.

Su Tao knew that Chu Huilin was someone with both thoughts and ambition. It was evident since he could be recommended by the Great Compassion Gate to participate in the Physician King Tournament. Although Chu Huilin wasn’t old, he could already assume responsibilities. So he naturally felt a drop in elevation being in such a small pharmacy.

As for Golden Tooth, he wasn’t too concerned about anything as long as his hands could recover.

Su Tao turned around and returned to his seat, leaving Chu Huilin to knit his brows. He straightened up his body and realised that his body was light. He initially found it strange that Su Tao had patted his shoulder for no reason. He never expected that with his actions, Su Tao had cleared up his kidney channels, which made him feel unbelievable.

Even if his kidneys weren’t fully cleared yet, the two pats had elevated his body by quite a bit.

When his kidney channels weren’t cleared, the most straightforward symptom would often be urinating. Thus, he immediately felt the urge to urinate when he drank the tea. However, after Su Tao patted his shoulder twice, the call had instantly disappeared.

“Let’s make a bet. You guys will work in the Three Flavour Hall for six months, and you will be free!” Su Tao could be considered using both the carrot and stick as he looked at Chu Huilin.

Actually, Chu Huilin already came prepared as he sighed, “Alright, I hope that you will not go back on your words.”

Golden Tooth had also hurriedly said, “I’m a chef, so I need my hands if you need me to cook. So you’ll treat my hands if I promise you?”

Golden Tooth was merely a supplementary, since Su Tao’s main objective was to rope in Chu Huilin. Since Chu Huilin agreed to stay in the Three Flavour Hall, his motive was practically achieved, so he smiled. “I’ll treat you later!”

As the one did it, only Su Tao could undo it. Su Tao easily resolved the injury that had been troubling Golden Tooth for days with three needles, and Su Tao had also done it on purpose with Chu Huilin around. It also served as an intimidation to the latter to remind him of his current position.

Although Chu Huilin had chosen to stay in the Three Flavour Hall, he was also forced by circumstances. But Su Tao was confident that he could use his charm and the development of the Three Flavour Hall make Chu Huilin realise that it was an excellent choice for him to go against his heart.

After communicating with the two of them, Su Tao went to look for Cai Yan and explained everything. Cai Yan was already the housekeeper of the Three Flavour Hall; thus, she had also arranged the lodgings for those two swiftly.

As sunset arrived with darkness cast upon the land, the customers have already left, with lamps lighting up in the neighborhood. The business in the Three Flavour Hall had also settled down.

Dinner was prepared by Golden Tooth. Although it was ordinary dishes of radish, cabbage, and steamed meat, everyone felt extremely content by it as Golden Tooth cast a glance at Su Tao. Seeing how Su Tao showed no reaction, Golden Tooth felt relieved. He had set his mind to rest at being a chef in the Three Flavour Hall, treating it as a temporary adjustment to relax his mind. As long as he still had his hands and his culinary skills, it’s easy for him to look for a job in the future.

After dinner, Su Tao had purposely paced back and forth Cai Yan’s room a few times, so Cai Yan couldn’t hold it back anymore and asked, “Come in if you want, why are you pacing here and there outside?”

Su Tao chuckled as he walked into her room. She had clearly treated this place as her home, with pink countryside-style wallpapers and a chandelier hanging on the ceiling that shone onto her fair face. She’s currently reading a prose poetry book, Stray Birds, the representative work of the Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore. Back then, when Su Tao researched on how to hit on girls, he had also delved into this deeply once.

As Su Tao opened his hand with a paper and wanted to read it out, it was ruthlessly snatched away by Cai Yan. She glared at him. “Do you know that it’s not a good habit to take the things of others without asking?”

Su Tao awkwardly smiled. “We’re so close, so why are you bickering about this?”

Cai Yan snorted, “Close? You must have a misconception. We have always been strangers.”

Su Tao initially wanted to ease the atmosphere between the two of them, but he felt that if he continued to talk, it would bring it further apart instead, so he went straight to the point, “Don’t want to hear the news about your father?”

Cai Yan’s eyes lit up. She had been wanting to ask about it since Su Tao had been back for days. However, she did not dare to do so in fear that it might be a piece of bad news. At this moment, she was nervously holding onto Stray Birds while her attention was on Su Tao.

Su Tao initially wanted to play a joke with her, but he felt that there wasn’t a need to, so he sighed, “It can be considered a piece of good news, your father has received a commuted sentence. But out of his safety, it has to wait till the situation is stabilised, and after the Nie Family’s forces’ roots are pulled out before he could receive his freedom!”

“That’s simply a piece of wonderful news!” Cai Yan threw Stray Birds away and pounced towards Su Tao.

After a few days of not hugging, Cai Yan’s body felt ampler, as if water could be squeezed out. Su Tao could also smell a lavender fragrance coming from her that made it irresistibly paired together with her body’s scent.

Su Tao had already made preparations in his heart as he embraced Cai Yan tightly. His lower abdomen felt strange, since he wanted to take a few gropes. However, he realised there were fine trembles that came from his shoulder. Cai Yan was actually crying from the joy.

At this moment, Cai Yan had revealed her true feelings and the pureness in her emotions had also infected Su Tao. It was a pure and straightforward hug!

In this world, the longest distance in the world isn’t between life and death, but standing right before me and have no idea that I love you;

The longest distance in the world isn’t me standing before you and having no idea how much I love you, but falling in love to the point of being infatuated, and yet, I couldn’t say I love you…

Su Tao quietly recited this universally appreciated poem in his heart as he caressed Cai Yan’s hair while speaking in a gentle tone, “There’s also one more thing. Someone wants to see you, and I wonder if you’re willing to meet her?”

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