Chapter 104 - Master and Disciple Drawing Blades

Chapter 104 - Master and Disciple Drawing Blades

A relationship between a guy and a female must always have a little frustration in it. Otherwise, a relationship without hardship would easily fade like a gentle breeze.

Liu Ruochen was trying to get close to Su Tao, so he had decided to create some obstructions for her to clear.

This was a fairy-like beauty, although he felt a little unbearable to refuse her. Having tenderness for the fairer sex had always been the act of a gentleman, and although Su Tao looked like a hoodlum, he was actually a considerate and protective man.

The reason why he had to toughen his heart was to allow their relationship to get closer.

If it was someone else, perhaps he might worry if Liu Ruochen might give up after the rejection and no longer care about him.

However, he knew about it well, since he was familiar with psychology. A woman, especially a confident woman, would try and get something that they couldn’t. The harder their objective was, the more diligent they would work to obtain it.

When Bai Fan left the hotel and sat in a black car, there was a tanned skinny man in the driver’s seat who spoke in a soft voice, “Senior Brother, Master was just trying to find you earlier.”

“How did you answer him?” Bai Fan asked while touching the watch on his wrist.

The tanned skinny man grinned, revealing his pearly-white teeth in the process. “I said that you’re engaging health care services!”

Bai Fan snorted, “Since he’s in such a hurry to look for me, then I’ll go and meet him. I’m afraid that he knows his current situation, so that’s why he is so anxious.”

“Senior Brother, you’re going to make a move?” The tanned skinny man said with excitement.

With a cold voice, Bai Fan said, “Ole Seven, remember this. I am doing all this for the benefit of the Medicine King Valley.”

A ray of light flashed in Ole Seven’s eyes. “It has been so many years, and there’s practically no dignity in us following him. In his eyes, we’re merely tools for him to gain riches. The Medicine King Valley’s reputation has been ruined by his hands, and to satisfy his selfish desire, even trash like Nie Yaozong could become his trusted aide. Although the Medicine King Valley appears to be glorious on the surface, it has already fallen internally, so we must change that!”

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Bai Fan had already started making preparations, he just needed the right opportunity. Now that the Nie Family has collapsed, and Xu Tiande losing such a powerful ally, it’s the best opportunity for him to make his move.

The vehicle slowly stopped outside a building made of azure tiles and red bricks that looked classy. But upon entering, it wasn’t much different from the European-styled villas. It had a spacious lawn that looked serene at night. It was also decorated with a london planetree that shined a long shadow from the light in the courtyard.

Bai Fan was slow when he normally walked into the living room and saw Xu Tiande on the couch with a solemn expression while boiling water on the coffee table that emanated sizzling noises.

“Master, you called for me?” Bai Fan calmly walked in with light steps.

Seeing the changes of his Senior Disciple, Xu Tiande nodded his head, and his tone turned gentle as he pointed at the couch beside him. “Have a seat, and let us have a good talk!”

Bai Fan was calm and collected as he sat down upright with his hands placed on his knees, awaiting Xu Tiande’s instructions.

Taking a deep breath, Xu Tiande smiled and gently said, “Firstly, Master would like to apologise to you. I shouldn’t have lost my temper with you and blame it all on you. After all, Su Tao has the strength not even to defeat you, but Wang Guofeng as well. He is well worthy of the Physician King’s title.”

After that, Bai Fan saw Xu Tiande briefly pause and started to brew tea. While looking at the bronze amber tea, Bai Fan nodded his head. “That slap was something I deserved for disappointing you.”

Placing a filled cup of tea beside Bai Fan, Xu Tiande said in a relaxed manner, “I accepted you as my Disciple when you’re five. You have been working hard and never have you disappointed me. After some deep thinking in the afternoon, I have decided to hand the Medicine King Valley over to you so that it can continue to develop.”

With a modest smile, Bai Fan answered, “You have to reconsider this. There are many outstanding disciples, and Ole Two is also pretty good, he is capable of taking charge.”

“Hu Biao is too cunning. In terms of medical skill or character, he is inferior to you. I’m more assured in leaving it in your hands.” With a brief smile, Xu Tiande asked, “Why aren’t you drinking the tea?”

Gently picking up the tea and giving it a sniff, Bai Fan placed it back down on the table with a bitter smile. “I dare not to drink this tea.”

Xu Tiande’s face started to change as the gentle expression had instantly turned cold. It looked like Bai Fan has noticed that something was wrong with his tea, so he snickered, “You’re daring enough to do so many things behind my back, so why are you afraid of tea?”

Seeing that Xu Tiande had gone into this matter, Bai Fan no longer put on an act. He abruptly stood up and coldly looked at Xu Tiande. “Although you no longer deserve your Medicine King’s title, I still dare not to belittle this tea mixed with the Myriad Poison Powder.”

Xu Tiande never expected that Bai Fan, who had been so obedient would actually speak so arrogantly. He furiously slammed on the table. “Bai Fan, are you intending on rebelling?!”

Looking at the wall and pacing in the living room, Bai Fan sighed, “A Master for a day is equivalent to a Father for life. I have never thought that I would have to pull blades against Master one day. But you have become more vicious in the coming years, doing all sorts of evil for your own benefits. In your eyes, we, brothers are merely your tools, and if you continue to lead the Medicine King Valley, you will only lead it to its doom!”

Xu Tiande raged, “So that’s why you colluded with She Wei and handed the evidence that I have collected to her?”

Bai Fan also did not hide it as he sighed, “You can only be blamed for believing in that woman. Even without me, she would have taken them from you one day.”

“I never thought that I would have been nurturing a tiger for all these years!” Xu Tiande let out a long sigh without any trace of fear in his eyes as he continued, “Have you never thought that since I can nurture all of you, I also can destroy all of you?”

Hearing Xu Tiande’s words, Bai Fan’s eyes were filled with insanity as he raged, “Are you talking about the Thousand Manifestation Insect poison? The leader of a sect actually implants the Thousand Manifestation Insect’s poison in all his disciples, how laughable is that?!”

Finally, Xu Tiande felt a little uneasy as that was his trump card in case there’s a disobedient disciple. That was also his biggest reliance to guard against Bai Fan’s betrayal. But why did Bai Fan look so fearless even after knowing about it!

Bai Fan slowly removed his blazer, along with his shirt, revealing his sturdy chest that’s wrapped in bandages with blood traces still left on it before he slowly undid the bandages. “After the gathering every month, I would open up my own chest to remove the insects from my body. After so many years of research, I have reached a little success. The Thousand Manifestation Insect poison is merely thirty-two types of insects, so it is no longer useful, since I have a method to deal with them!”

After Bai Fan revealed his chest in plain sight, even Xu Tiande, who was used to seeing all sorts of illnesses, felt a shiver down his spine and nausea.

Bai Fan’s chest was covered in scars, there’s practically no differentiation between the skin and flesh, and Xu Tiande could also see a few white bones with purplish blood constantly leaking out. To remove the insects, Bai Fan had even cut himself open. Thus, Xu Tiande could tell how terrifying Bai Fan’s mind was, since it required him to bear a considerable amount of pain.

Looking at Xu Tiande’s distorted face, Bai Fan smiled, enjoying this feeling. After so many years of waiting, he finally had an opportunity to vent it all out. So how satisfying was it to reveal the secrets that he had been hiding for so long?

Finally, Xu Tiande couldn’t stand still and yelled, “Men!”

Bai Fan shrugged before he gently clapped and Ole Seven walked in and glanced at Bai Fan with a smile. “Senior Brother, is there anything?”

Pointing towards Xu Tiande, Bai Fan sighed, “Master is tired, send him away to get some rest.”

With his standard grin, Ole Seven walked towards Xu Tiande, which Xu Tiande suddenly felt his entire body powerless. He had no idea when Bai Fan made a move against him. He wanted to struggle and barked, “Ole Seven, take Bai Fan down!”

Ole Seven did not hesitate. He walked over and held onto Xu Tiande’s arm while licking his drying lips. “Master, take a rest. We have already gotten rid of Ole Two and that bunch of people.”

Finally realising that he was doomed, Xu Tiande asked in a solemn voice, “Bai Fan, do you know what you’re doing?!”

Bai Fan shrugged. “Relax. I won’t let you die so easily. I’ll let you have a taste of the insect’s torture, just like how we have suffered, before I let you go!”

Snapping his fingers towards Ole Seven, the latter took out a box out of his chest and pried open Xu Tiande’s mouth. Xu Tiande’s mouth was widened and he could only whimper while feeling a warm flow entering his body before it soon spread towards his limbs, while barely letting out a curse, “Bai Fan, you’re biting the hand that feeds you, you will die a terrible death!”

“A great man has to be ruthless, and I am merely using what you have taught me!” Bai Fan sneered.

While Xue Tiande and Nie Haitian were busy plotting, no one expected that Bai Fan would benefit from everything.

Naturally, there was a small regret in the plan, since Bai Fan never expected that Su Tao would defeat him. Since Xu Tiande possessed an enormous amount of wealth, imprisoning him would mean that Bai Fan would inherit that wealth. Despite that, Bai Fan still felt depressed and frustrated, since he was a Physician deep down in his bones, so missing out on the Physician King’s title was equivalent to missing out on one of the most important things in life.

Whoever snatched it from him, he would surely snatch it back!

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