Chapter 103 - Soft, yet Piercing Gaze

Chapter 103 - Soft, yet Piercing Gaze

In the darkness, a pair of cold eyes viciously fixated onto Su Tao and Yan Jing with hatred. As if he’s a lion in his den licking his wounds. He should be the protagonist under the limelight, but he had instantly turned into a nobody.

A crisp sound resounded from the side, and Wang Guofeng turned to look with shock before sighing and his expression returned to normal. “Brother Bai Fan.”

Bai Fan wore a Chinese-styled robe with a cold gaze and gently said, “As loners, shouldn’t we drink a few more?”

With a smile, Wang Guofeng responded, “Defeat is just temporary. Life has its ups and downs, who knows who will be the last one smiling!”

Gulping down the wine in his cup, Bai Fan gave Wang Guofeng a thumbs-up and maliciously smiled. “This is what I admire about you, your aspirations and bearing. It’s something I’m afraid that I’m inferior to.”

With a sigh, Wang Guofeng replied, “Although I have lost, I still must thank you for the news during the finals. If there’s an opportunity in the future, I will definitely repay this favor.”

It was Bai Fan who provided Wang Guofeng the information of Su Tao saving She Wei and wouldn’t be able to arrive in time. This news was also something that the Senior Disciple of the Medical King Valley could obtain, since he had been hiding his own forces that even his own Master, Xu Tiande, didn’t know about.

Shrugging his shoulders, Bai Fan responded, “The future of TCM is definitely your world. Although Su Tao is outstanding, he doesn’t have the support of a powerful sect. We just need to do a few actions behind the scenes to stop him from entering the TCM Association, and he will have no chance to shake your position in the future.”

Looking deeply at Bai Fan, Wang Guofeng asked with a smile, “It looks like you already have a plan?”

With a smile, Bai Fan faintly replied, “We can discuss it in the future and work together!”

Wang Guofeng has known Bai Fan for a long time, so he understood the latter well. If it wasn’t for the appearance of Su Tao, then Bai Fan might be his greatest competitor, since his medical skill wasn’t any weaker than his own. Furthermore, his wisdom also surpassed the ordinary. Bai Fan was someone that was good at enduring, and even his own Master, Xu Tiande, might not know how terrifying this Senior Disciple of his was.

Thus, the two defeated had temporarily made an alliance together, just like how the Wu and Shu States made an alliance to resist the Wei State during the Three Kingdoms Period. Wang Guofeng and Bai Fan had a common target and enemy, the Poisonous Widow, who looked gorgeous tonight, and Su Tao, who was flushed with success.

The more high-spirited Su Tao was, the more the two other losers wished to see how he would fall from such a high spot.

Bai Fan left, and Wang Guofeng saw Liu Ruochen in a white dress, along with the cute Mo Sui’er, walking into the hall. Just when he wanted to approach them, he never expected Liu Ruochen to bring Mo Sui’er towards Su Tao’s direction.

Instantly, Wang Guofeng felt his heart being torn into pieces. His fiancée had disregarded him, how embarrassing was this? Slamming the wine glass on the table, he left the hall. His honor didn’t allow him to glance back. This banquet belonged to the winner, and the loser would only be further humiliated by staying here. In the end, he couldn’t view this matter lightly.

“Senior Sister, Big Brother Guofeng seems to have suddenly left.” Mo Sui’er always had her attention on Wang Guofeng. When she noticed Wang Guofeng was leaving without turning back, she immediately reminded Liu Ruochen with worry, “Is he mad that we did not greet him when we came here?”

Liu Ruochen faintly smiled in response. “If men don’t even have this broad-mindedness, then they’re too useless. He should have something to deal with, so he left.”

Mo Sui’er nodded her head, then she whispered in Liu Ruochen’s ears, “Who is that woman beside Su Tao? Her temperament is soaring through the roof, and she’s practically the focus of attention in this banquet.”

There was a flash of admiration in Liu Ruochen’s eyes as she nodded. “A unique woman. She should be the person behind the scene who helped Su Tao obtain the Physician King’s title.”

“I never expected Su Tao to have such shocking backing. It looks like I have underestimated him.” Mo Sui’er was surprised.

Liu Ruochen spoke with a complicated expression, “Anyone that can enter into the Physician King Tournament shouldn’t be underestimated. Let’s go and greet them.” When she finished her words, she held onto Mo Sui’er and walked over.

People were currently surrounding Su Tao one batch after another. Although his memory was pretty good, he still felt a headache, since he couldn’t remember who he was talking with. Fortunately, there was Yan Jing beside him, or he would be exhausted by now.

Seeing Liu Ruochen walking over from afar, Su Tao’s eyes lit up before he apologised to the middle-aged man beside him, “Excuse me, my friend is here, so I’ll head over there for a bit.”

Before the middle-aged man replied, he had already left the group as if he was escaping.

There was a flash of astonishment on Liu Ruochen’s face, since she did not expect Su Tao to leave the group and head in her direction. “I was just thinking about how I should talk with you, I did not expect you to have telepathic powers!”

When she finished speaking, she felt that her words were a little ambiguous, so her face blushed.

However, Su Tao hadn’t noticed this, he only wanted to find a quiet place. Adjusting his collar, he said, “Let’s find a quiet place.”

Liu Ruochen was briefly stunned, before she instantly understood that she had misunderstood and glanced towards the door. “Why don’t we sit at the hotel’s hall.”

When they came to the hall, there were fewer people here and it was quieter.

Su Tao sat on the couch and leaned backward, while Liu Ruochen wore a playful smile. In the past, she hated men being bums like this and not paying attention to their appearance. But when Su Tao sprawled out as he sat down, Liu Ruochen found it cute. Indeed, preferences vary from person to person. Su Tao looked pretty good, so he would have a peculiar taste no matter what position he was seated in. Speaking in layman’s terms, an elegant hoodlum!

Mo Sui’er’s gaze fell onto Su Tao’s hands, and her face changed a little. It was a pair of clean, slender, and slim hands. She couldn’t help retracting her hands a little. She suddenly felt that if her hands were placed beside Su Tao’s, she would be ashamed.

“Can I take a look at your hands?” Liu Ruochen spoke out Mo Sui’er’s thoughts.

Su Tao was briefly stunned before he stretched out his hands with a smile. Liu Ruochen leaned forth and placed his hands on her palm, which made Su Tao feel a warmth coming from her hand that brought a breeze in the bottom of his heart. It was a numb sensation.

Liu Ruochen looked like a fairy, and he shouldn’t have any profane thoughts. But contrarily, he had such thoughts, and if Liu Ruochen could read his mind, she would probably give him dozens of slaps on the spot.

Liu Ruochen felt a little reluctant to let go of Su Tao’s hands as she sighed, “I never expected that the Saint Hands of Xing Lin in ancient books would be so elegant!”

Shoving his hands into his pockets, Su Tao asked, “Then, what did you have in mind?”

Pondering for a few seconds, Liu Ruochen smiled. “The Heavenseizing Hand, a finger of heaven and a finger hell. They’re recorded as the hands of celestial beings and the king of hell.”

Su Tao felt that Liu Ruochen knew her stuff, but he also felt a little uncomfortable, since he finally understood the reason why Liu Ruochen purposely approached him. She’s not after himself but his hands.

He felt a little awkward. It felt as if he had a treasure on him that would attract the envy of others. However, the hands were grown on his body, so it’s useless to others, even if they’re chopped off. If it worked, Liu Ruochen would probably chop his hands off without any hesitation to study them.

When Liu Ruochen’s gaze turned gentle, Su Tao felt even more terrified as the soft, yet piercing gaze sent a shiver down his spine.

“Speak if you have any requests, don’t stare at me so passionately. You’re giving me goosebumps.” Su Tao undid the buttons on his sleeve and revealed half of his arm.

“You’re really amusing!” Mo Sui’er couldn’t hold back her laughter as Su Tao sighed, “I’m afraid of the gazes of beauties the most. The more pitiful they look, the more lethal it is!”

Liu Ruochen felt as if she had been seen through by Su Tao and said, “I do have some requests. Firstly, there will be an exchange between China, Japan, and South Korea’s elite physicians. Although it might be considered as an exchange, it is actually a tournament that represents the country’s glory. Representing the TCM Association, I am requesting your participation. Secondly, I want Sui’er to go to your Three Flavour Hall to learn a few things from you.”

Hearing the second request, Mo Sui’er’s face instantly turned green and she immediately said, “Senior Sister, I don’t want to go to the Three Flavour Hall! I want to stay with you!”

Liu Ruochen gently flicked Mo Sui’er’s forehead and smiled. “You’ve followed me for so many years now, I have practically taught you everything I know. If you are with Su Tao, you can learn more things by his side.”

Knitting his forehead, Su Tao was a little unhappy and said, “I have to think about this seriously. Firstly, I am someone that hates trouble, and there are many things that I have to deal with. If I participated in the exchange, it would undoubtedly split my attention. Secondly, I do lack helpers, since the Three Flavour Hall intends to expand. But if you want Mo Sui’er to follow me to steal techniques from me, then I’ll have to put up some defenses.”

Mo Sui’er sourly stared at Su Tao. “It has always been an honor to participate in the exchange, yet you feel that it’s troublesome? Furthermore, the Aqua Stream Cloud has our own inheritance, why do I need to steal from a shameless person like you?”

Seeing how rude she was, Su Tao unhappily poured, “Then there’s no need for me to think about. I accept both of your requests.”

When he finished, he stood up and gently tidied his clothes before walking towards the hall.

Liu Ruochen gently sighed before she helplessly shook her head. She did not think that this man would be so hard to deal with. This should be the first man that has ever rejected her, which made her a little surprised and curious about him even more!

However, curiosity can kill a cat!

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