Chapter 102 - Yan Jing turned into the Supporting Role

Chapter 102 - Yan Jing turned into the Supporting Role

The victory of the Physician King Tournament was just the start of the troubles.

Firstly, Su Tao had to read out the script that had already been prepared by the organising committee in the closing ceremony of the TCM Assembly. Secondly, Su Tao had to accept the interview of media and match the Xing Lin and Qi Huang Magazine and provide sufficient material for the report on the Physician King Tournament. Last, but not least, he still had to participate in the banquet tonight as one of the VIPs.

Naturally, they were all happy troubles.

The journalist from Xing Lin Magazine was called Qi Juan, a lady in her early thirties. Although she did not have an outstanding appearance, her aura was dominant and she wore golden-framed glasses with curly brown hair that draped over her shoulders. She wore a blazer with a low collar to show her white inner shirt that revealed her outstanding assets. She also had a mole on her collar bone that was fantastically positioned, causing Su Tao’s gaze to be occasionally attracted to her shoulders.

Sometimes, the charm of a girl didn’t always reside on her chest and butt. Just such a simple detail could already stir the hormones of guys.

As for the journalist from Qi Huang, his name was Chen Daoyong. He had thinly spread hair and yellow teeth with a skinny frame, a typical appearance of those druggies.

The two journalists were conducting their interviews with Su Tao in the presidential suite. They’re of the same profession and enemies at the same time. Although Xing Lin’s history couldn’t be compared to Qi Huang, they had a swift development in the past few years. So whether it was their popularity of sales volume, they’re higher than Qi Huang. Qi Huang focused on theory studies, while Xing Lin focused on the industry’s development. Both of them focused on a different topic, thus deciding their range of audience.

“As the youngest Physician King in the history of the Physician King Tournament, may I know what you are feeling right now?” Chen Daoyong’s questions were rather ordinary, which made them easy to answer.

“I’m naturally feeling happy to win the tournament. But I feel that age has no relation with the Physician King title. Talent and hard work are the key factors here.” Su Tao tried his best to give the standard answers.

Showing the intensity that belonged to a female, Qi Juan’s question was more incisive as she caresses her fringe and pursues, “Does that mean that in terms of talent or hard work, the first runner-up, Wang Guofeng is inferior to you?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao smiled. “You can interpret it that way! In terms of talent, I’m definitely inferior to the competitor that I have encountered in the semifinals, Mo Sui’er. You should know that she’s currently only 18 this year.”

If someone else had answered them this way, they would give others the sense that they’re arrogant. But Su Tao had already obtained the Physician King’s title, so he was naturally qualified to evaluate his opponents. He was roughly ten years younger than Wang Guofeng, so there was no doubt in his talent or hard work. No one had an idea of how much he suffered in his ten years of learning to obtain such skills.

Qi Juan was stunned, which made her pen stopped. She found this young Physician King, Su Tao, a little interesting and she shouldn’t old-fashioned him too much, so she asked, “I have noticed that aside from your other status as Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department Head, you are also the inheritor of the Three Flavour Hall. How do you feel you should separate the responsibilities of holding two jobs simultaneously?”

“As the proverb says, bite more than one can chew. My main focus is still the Three Flavour Hall that has been passed down to me. As for my post in Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department, it was because of the President, Di Shiyuan, has kindly recognised my worth.” Su Tao did not hide any of that, since there weren’t any secrets, to begin with.

Noticing that he couldn’t join into the topic, Chen Daoyong quickly pointed out a question, “Have you ever thought of writing a book of your success?”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “Not for the time being. After all, my career and life has just started. Although my experience is marvelous and legendary enough, it’s still not the time to summarise them. As for writing a book, I’ll leave them to those old divine physicians with ample life experiences.”

Su Tao had displayed an unusual level of maturity and steadiness, when compared to his age. Although his reply might seem arrogant, there were no loopholes after thinking deep into it. If one thought about it slowly, it might even sound humorous, since interviewing such a person was a type of pleasure.

Qi Juan noticed that although Su Tao appeared to be answering her question, it was also Su Tao that led the topic and the fundamentals of this interview would be written as Su Tao had intended.

The two of them briefly asked a few more questions, and Su Tao answered them like a veteran. Occasionally, he might even mention a few jokes to cause Ji Quan to smile. Even such a stern person like Chen Daoyong would occasionally smile.

Feeling that it’s almost time, Qi Juan stretched her hand out with a smile. “It’s an honor to interview you. From today onwards, the Xing Lin Magazine will pay attention to you at all times, and I believe that you can bring a new life to the TCM industry.”

“Naturally, I might also be a landslide.” Su Tao self-mocked with a smile as he shook hands with Qi Juan. Although her hand was a little dry, it was tender like jade.

After shaking hands with Chen Daoyong as well, Su Tao sent the two of them out before crisp sounds of clapping resounded and Yan Jing walked out with a smile. “You’ve handled the first interview in your life well.”

Su Tao sighed, “One must have perfect mastery of your inner quality as an outstanding physician, that’s the fundamental requirement. No matter what, before they write the manuscript, they will rearrange everything according to their thoughts. They can turn white into black, or even red into green. If you want a good interview, why not cater to their psyche? Be friends with them, so they’ll help you speak up in their subconscious minds.”

Yan Jing was stunned, since she never expected such an incisive theory from Su Tao. Taking a sip of water to wet her throat, she smiled. “You had it tough today. Mrs. She is already out of danger. When she wakes up, she will confess to everything, pinpointing Nie Haitian’s crimes.”

Taking the tea that Yan Jing had drank, Su Tao took a sip as well and smiled. “You know that isn’t my concern!”

Crossing her legs, Yan Jing changed into a seductive sitting posture that outlined her curves and graceful bearing. Every single one of her actions carried a fragrance as she charmingly held onto her chin, looking like a gorgeous peony.

“The evidence against Nie Haitian was also more or less gathered. When the truth is revealed, Cai Zhongpu will bear an important role, quickening the case, so the related departments are considering him as a great contribution to the case. He will atone for a crime by meritorious actions, and his punishment will be reduced. In the entire process, Cai Zhongpu is merely a pawn being used by others.” Yan Jing patiently explained.

“It’s also a good thing not to let Cai Zhongpu out now, since the forces related to the Nie Family haven’t been removed yet, so we did this out of concern for his safety.”

Su Tao nodded his head before speaking up unhappily, “Doing so much and realising that you’re merely a pawn in the chessboard. This feeling truly isn’t good!”

With a smile, Yan Jing responded, “Life is like a game of chess. In the eyes of others, those that set up the chess game are also merely pawns.”

Su Tao nodded his head before he glanced at Yan Jing’s butt, satisfying his visual desire. “Are you going to participate in the banquet later?”

“It’ll depend if the new Physician King wants to invite me.”

Su Tao awkwardly smiled. “Why does it feel weird to hear this coming from the Poisonous Widow?”

‘Me’ was how those feeble ladies addressed themselves, so hearing it coming from the Poisonous Widow felt weird. Just a while ago, the Nie Family had been turned upside down by the Poisonous Widow. Before that, no one would believe that the Nie Family would be so easily crushed under the struggle of power between Huainan and Huaibei’s forces.

“With the end of the TCM Assembly, the Medicine King Valley will also withdraw from Huaibei. Although Xu Tiande has rigorous schemes and deep foresight, his efforts still went down the drain. He thought that Mrs. She was under his control, but in fact, he was fooled by her.” Yan Jing chuckled and the chandelier in the ceiling shone onto her face with a faint fragrance seeping from her chest.

Su Tao sighed. He understood the situation regarding Mrs. She’s body. “Aside from arsenic, Mrs. She has also been taking a unique drug that’s more powerful than opium and those rare drugs.”

The smile on Yan Jing’s face instantly turned cold with a flash of helplessness in her eyes. “If one doesn’t go all-out while dancing with a wolf, how could she obtain their trust?”

Causing Xu Tiande and Nie Haitian to fall out was one of the crucial factors to crush the Nie Family, since most secrets that Mrs. She obtained were from Xu Tiande. Xu Tiande and Nie Haitian have worked together for so many years and he already had the intention to replace the latter. Thus, he had been gathering evidence in the dark.

But despite all the schemes, the fall of the Nie Family it benefited others, not the Medicine King Valley.

When Su Tao came to the hall, this place had already been decorated and all the audience seats, and stage have been removed. Tables filled the surroundings with all sorts of cakes, wine, and dishes done in a western buffet-style.

Yan Jing came prepared. She wore a purple nightgown with a ‘V’ line down her back. Her hair was tied together with glittering lipstick on her lips. It was stressful standing beside such a beauty, since it would attract jealousy gazes from the surroundings.

However, Su Tao was the protagonist tonight. So standing beside Yan Jing had suppressed her domineering aura and reduced her to a supporting role.

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