Physician, Not a Consort

Physician, Not a Consort

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The modern day doctor Lin Haihai has transmigrated into the body of the sixth princess consort. The woman who had been mistreated her whole life was going to be divorced by her husband, the Sixth Prince, to make room for his childhood lover. Lin Haihai couldn't care less. All she wanted was to start her own hospital and focus on her career. Equipped with her knowledge as a 21st century woman, she soon won over the hearts of the common people, and perhaps a few men's. She didn't need love, of course, or so she thought. Fate had other plans for her, and she found herself falling for a man she shouldn't want, and faced with the choice between love and the greater good of the nation.
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4 months ago
I’m giving this one a thumbs up but not because it is great literature. Basically, it wasn’t bad enough for me to give it a bad rating. That said, I’m going to give a honest review. The main character is an idiot with a hero/ god complex. She constantly puts herself in situations that she is not prepared to handle. She is a modern doctor and a pacifist so why the heck does she keep going off alone to deal with jianghu people and situations out for her blood? And once she confronts them, she forgives them and lets them go! She refuses to even slap the women who slap, poisons ( yes, plural) and kicks her in her pregnant belly! The story seems like it was a first try from a new writer. Very immature story and execution. The ending was also clumsy and rushed. So, read it at your own risk. Happy reading ✌🏾

4 months ago
Not recommended
It started off ok, but quickly devolved into a hot mess. She’s in ancient China, where women aren’t treated with respect and yet she brazenly defies the prince, even has her disciples beat up the prince & his bodyguards who ran away like cowards 🙄 peasants/commoners during that dynasty would never do something stupid like that. Also, without any sort of explanation, she just suddenly opened a hospital? It all just seems preposterous. I mean we are all expected to suspend disbelief when it comes to fiction, but there’s plausible & then impossible.

I tried reading more chapters, but it’s just not worth it.

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