Chapter 78 - Crisis (Teaser)

Chapter 78 - Crisis

During the night, the medicinal cauldron shined and rumbled. Soon after, the sounds of a sacrificial ceremony began to resonate. On top of the cauldron, many realistic images of divine birds and strange beasts appeared as if they charged out of the cauldron walls.

Hairy Ball was anxious as he used one little claw to cover his own large eyes. It extremely unwillingly bit into his other little claw to release two drops of its golden blood into the cauldron. if it had broken an arm, it wretchedly screamed as if it had killed chickens and slaughter ducks before escaping back to the little guy’s shoulder. It covered one eye and peeked with the other.

The group of people could not refrain from smiling. This fist sized golden sphere was too very weird and lively, provoking their laughter.

The medicinal cauldron shined even brighter, and became even more mysterious. After it began to refine this precious medicine, it emitted a rich fragrance, and multi-colored light radiated everywhere. Thousands of ribbons of various colors were extremely magnificent and mysterious as they revealed their light.

“Qingfeng, don’t be nervous. Connecting your broken tendons will certainly be successful. With these precious medicine here, I guarantee that your bones will regenerate.” The little guy consoled.

This process was very painful. The scar on Qingfeng’s foot was peeled off once again, and it began to bleed. He cried out loudly in pain as tears continuously tumbled down, but he did not struggle when Shi Feijiao applied the precious medicine on it.

“Your muscles and bones have already been aligned. After applying this rare precious medicine on it, it will heal for sure. Don’t worry about it!” The elder consoled.

No one else touched this cauldron of medicine, and they left it completely for Qingfeng. After some of it had been applied onto his foot, he also...

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