Chapter 75 - Reckless (Teaser)

Chapter 75 - Reckless

Within a majestic manor in Rushing Cloud City, a fat middle-aged man paced back and forth. His name was Yu Meng, and his face was expressionless as terrifying symbols circulated within his eyes. He was the number one expert of the Rain Clan.

This time, he accepted orders from the clan elder to inspect the western border. This area was part of the clan’s property, and there were various uncommon metal ores mines, as well as an various precious birds and strange beasts.

“Has young lady Youyu appeared?” Yu Meng stood atop an arched bridge in a garden, and he was currently looking towards a group of purple scaled fish in the river while asking the official at his side. While carrying out the inspection, he also had to request a talisman from  a Heaven Mending Pavilion emissary for the sake of his clan’s extraordinary genius.

The Clan Elder gave much of his affection towards that talent, so he did not want to make any slip ups. The sooner he could obtain the talisman and leave, the better.

The supervisor was very respectful and replied, “Our scout have continuously been searching, however, we have yet to see young lady Xia return. I’ll report to you as soon as there is any information.”

“Truly unsatisfactory. Clan Elder as assigned me the task of finding out information about Shi Ziling, but absolutely nothing regarding the situation has turned up. In addition, I need to find a talisman, yet the person can’t even be reached!” Yu Meng was unpleased. He turned around and walked off the stone arched bridge and into a pavilion before sitting down.

The supervisor’s face turned pale and hurried followed behind. He bowed...

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