Chapter 210 - Fighting the Rain Clan Alone (Teaser)

Chapter 210 - Fighting the Rain Clan Alone

The vast expanse of sword qi was like an ocean as it swept out. Stars scattered down from within, and a bright sun descended; the scene was simply outrageous.

While this scene unfolded, a mist was proliferating outwards. Lightning flickered and thunder rolled; this grand spectacle made it seem as if the heavens itself were opening up. It made people feel reverence as their hearts began to beat faster.

“Not good!”

The Rain Clan’s people quickly retreated. A great fear began to stir within them, because they could feel the might of that sword. It was not something they could meet head on, as its strength was difficult to match.

Everyone rushed towards the sides, quickly fleeing for their lives. That giant sword qi fell down between them, hacking straight down the middle of the pure land. With a honglong sound, it was as if a galaxy was falling down.

They could clearly see the sun, moon and stars falling. The sword qi tore through the skies and hacked the building in half, creating a huge black crevice.


On the ground, precious bones appeared one after another. Soon after, cracks appeared on them. As if they were withering flowers, they fell down one after another before ultimately breaking into fragments.

These were only the symbol bones originating from that huge crevice, so one could imagine just how many were laid throughout the entire pure land. They were simply waiting for the devilish brat to walk into their killing formations to directly destroy him.


An elder from the Rain Clan shouted maliciously with an ashen complexion. Killing intent poured out from him like a tide, because he hated that child bitterly. With only a single strike,...

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