Chapter 2012

Chapter 2012 - Embodiment Transformation Being

From a certain perspective, the so-called darkness disaster was precisely here. Meanwhile, the creatures in the Darkness Prisons and others were only there to complete him!

There was actually this type of powerful and terrifying corpse!

Shi Hao’s expression was grave. He stared there for a long time. Just how did this type of unmatched existence perish?

Perhaps it couldn’t be said that he was definitely dead. After all, he had breathed, taking in and releasing energy there.

What he exhaled was darkness source matter, what he took in was the essence of the other side of Realm Sea. This type of exchange was like cleansing the corruption within his body.

Shi Hao refined away some of the darkness matter under close distance, obtaining a portion of the scriptures, and then slowly walked towards the distance.

Just like that, he took up residence here.

He didn’t play by any means fair or foul like World Eradication Elder, Feather Emperor or Grand Emperor and the others, longing for immortal emperor scriptures, but was rather refining a suitable amount of darkness matter.

Shi Hao overlooked this place. He wanted to comprehend the dao, wished to break through his current cultivation realm.

However, he didn’t want to walk the path of the rotting corpse before him. The bits of scriptures were only used as reference for him.

One year, two years…

Ten years, a hundred years…

In a flash, hundreds of years passed. Shi Hao comprehended the dao here, cultivated in seclusion. Regardless of whether it was chasing reincarnation or reviving his old friends, these all needed him to make a breakthrough again, this was only possible through greater strength.

“Be careful not to be corroded by him....

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