Chapter 2011

Chapter 2011 - Source of Darkness

The most imposing Guidance Ancient Palace had a wave of strange power. The palace swirled with brilliant colors, the tiles even golden-colored, a divine and mysterious aura surging from it.

Within the palace, the rotten wooden chest was shaking. Even though it was made of wood, it looked like it was made of metal.

Inside the palace, radiance swirled in endless strands, all of it shining on the rotten wooden chest. It was as if they were guiding something back, trying to appear in the present world.

That voice came from within the rotten wooden chest!

Shi Hao’s eyes shone brilliantly. He stared at the rotten wooden chest. There was something alive inside? This chest had followed him for a long time, yet he had never been able to completely research it.

Right now, it actually released noise.

This was extremely strange and also extremely mysterious. It had remained silent for who knew how many great eras. Back then, it was buried in Burial Earth, but now, it suddenly released noise.

“Who are you?”

Shi Hao asked. Moreover, he himself backed up, separating himself from the black mist shrouded Ancient Final Destination.


Suddenly, a streak of black lightning quickly arrived, smashing towards that rotten wooden chest in Guidance Ancient Palace.

This black electricity was even more terrifying than heavenly punishment, comparable to a half immortal emperor stirring on karma strength, possessing a world eradication aura. Terrifying thunder radiance submerged this place.

With a peng noise, the grand and massive palace exploded, turning into...

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