Chapter 2010

Chapter 2010 - Ancient Final Destination

This was a wave of astonishing power, powerful beyond compare. It turned into symbols, reaching the back of the dam following the wind and waves.


A terrifying strange roar sounded, as if a ghost was weeping. This was a hurricane produced by great dao symbols. It quickly spread, sweeping through the endless regions under heaven.

A tremendous power swept about.

Even in Immortal Domain, everyone trembled.


Heaven and earth broke apart, actually fracturing.

This scene left everyone horrified. Immortal Domain was already in ruins, yet now, this type of great disaster happened, absolutely terrifying. Everyone was incredibly shaken.

“A’man, go back!”

Shi Hao got up, sending A’man away. He sent the Divine Striking Stone and the dozens of old soldiers out of Imperial Court’s ruins, sending them to a previously sealed land.

This wave of power was too crazy. It tore through the great world.


Immortal Domain truly collapsed, instantly shattering. It turned into hundreds of pieces, floating into the distance, separating, basically broken.

Then, the hurricane made from symbols surged, gradually extending outwards. With a hong noise, it smashed through the realm wall, sweeping towards the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

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