Chapter 2009

Chapter 2009 - No Way of Cutting Off Emotions

What was in that place? He stared in that direction. The ultimate ancient land seemed to have a mysterious power calling towards him, wishing to guide him over.

Shi Hao’s expression was grave, becoming more and more solemn. However, he didn’t move. His body was quiet, as if petrified, standing tall there.

He wanted to leave, but he also wanted to get rid of some hidden dangers before heading on his way. For example, the four great experts’ primordial spirits had to be refined. If an accident happened that allowed them to get away, then it would be a huge disaster.

As for what exactly lied in the ultimate ancient land, he didn’t know either. Perhaps he could start his investigation from Feather Emperor and the others.

This place was extremely bleak. It was Imperial Court’s remains, already uninhabited for many tens of thousands of years. There were only some great graves here, some that stood tall for hundreds of thousands of years and some that were erected not too long ago.

Wormwood, withered vines and old soldiers who remained close. Shi Hao released a sigh. His white hair scattered down, his heart already experienced great changes.

When he turned around and looked at his life trajectory, many people and things had already left forever, never to be seen again.

Back then, he was still a youngster who roasted vicious beasts with his old friends like Fatty...

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