Chapter 2008

Chapter 2008 - Great Battle’s Conclusion

World Eradication Elder howled in pain. He quickly moved sideways. Six of his nine tails were broken off, his back also badly damaged, already about to break apart.

Right now, he already returned to human form. He stood in Realm Sea, darkness mist spreading all around him. His eyes were ice-cold as he looked at Shi Hao.

He was actually defeated!

In the distance, Feather Emperor, Grand Emperor and Gray Emperor were all alarmed. Even World Eradication Elder was defeated! This was truly a frightening thing. No wonder Huang could fight against the three of them for so long!

World Eradication Elder’s body was dripping with blood, his entire body trembling. This wasn’t from pain, but rather a wave of killing intent that was spreading. This meant that his current mood wasn’t calm at all.

He slowly raised his head, forming a vicious claw, pointing it towards Shi Hao.

“Nine Netherworlds World Eradication!”

Following a great roar, waves of black mist surged from behind World Eradication Elder’s back. He himself surged with dark light, forming a magical projection. This was his true form, right now towering over the boundless Realm Sea.

It was massive beyond comparison.

With a honglong noise, there was a black figure that took form. It had...

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