Chapter 199 - Happy (Teaser)

Chapter 199 - Happy

“Aunt, before you cook it, make sure to stuff its body with several old stalks of old ginseng and herbs. That way, it’ll turn out better.” The little guy generously gave his suggestion.

When Aunt Hu heard this, she immediately gave out instructions. “Snotty baby, hurry up. Go and dig up a few stalks of old medicine from the back of the village. In a bit, we’ll stuff this fat bird’s stomach up and cook the whole thing.”

Second Baldy cried out, making the group of aunts extremely shocked. They carried it by its neck, grabbed its neck and pulled at its wings as they carefully looked at it.

Second Baldy cried out miserably. He saw that the water inside the black iron-cooking was about to boil. It was so scared that it lost strength in its legs; it was afraid of being thrown in and getting cooked.

“The flesh is sturdy, and you can tell with a glance that it’s precious medicine.” Aunt Bao was currently sharpening a knife. Kaka sounds rang out, and sparks flew off the whetstone. After seeing this, Second Baldy began to feel cold all over, and it began to desperately struggle for its life.

“There’s also a big red bird here. It was also brought back by the two kids.” The group of aunts then stared at the big red bird with the bright and beautiful wings.

The big red bird withdrew its neck and widened its legs. It immediately scampered off. This group of women were too doughty, daring to eat anything.

Unfortunately, there was still that divine tree at the village entrance, making it unable to behave atrociously.

Only Qingfeng was kindhearted. After hearing Second Baldy’s...

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