Chapter 1972

Chapter 1972 - Monster

In the depths of Immortal Domain, crimson earth stretched out endlessly, no trace of life visible!

There was another region without a single stalk of grass, an expanse of desolateness. This place lacked essence energy, not like an immortal ascension land at all.

There were even more so some regions that, when one looked from the distance, seemed to be wrapped in silver, as if there was pure white snow, no other colors visible. It was silent and quiet, full of death aura. This was because there were snow-white bones that were linked up in an expanse, becoming a bone sea.

There were even some regions with lakes, but they were scarlet red in color with pungent smells. This was the blood of ancient creatures! After endless years passed, the blood still didn’t dry up, not congealing, carrying intimidating power.

This was precisely the very depths of Immortal Domain, a place with many oddities, a place with great killing intent.

Shi Hao arrived!

He personally came here, bringing Darkness Willow Deity, Number Two Under Heaven, Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist, Heavenly Horned Ant, Golden Fur Hou and others with him, marching over!

This was something that never happened before. After all these years, regardless of which side he fought against, Shi Hao always advanced alone, yet now he brought several powerful individuals with him. It was completely unprecedented.

This was a stone forest, quiet and peaceful. Giant rocks laid all around them. There were crouching tigers, coiled dragon peaks…

The stone forest was entirely ash brown in color, stretching as far as the eyes could see. It was entirely different from ordinary stone forests. The stones were too vast, like a great sea.

In the stone forest, there were some giant star remains, unknown which era they came from. Compared to the massive stone earth, they couldn’t be considered much at all.

One could see just how vast this place was.

This was their destination!

Shi Hao arrived. Above his head, the sphere of light was resplendent, wrapping around a little figure, rising and falling there, sensing the changes and secrets of this place.

“Found it!”

Shi Hao’s expression was cold. He saw an ancient palace millions of li out, within the golden radiance, there were also some strands of darkness!

“Let’s go!”

Shi Hao moved at the very front, the first to slaughter his way over. He was scared that there might be some dangers, so he blocked at the very front, his flesh already powerful to an imperishable degree.

In the stone forest, that palace was ruined, but it was extremely large, releasing golden radiance, divine and auspicious. If not for some black energy spreading, carrying a bit of oddities, one might really mistake this place for a pure land.

Shi Hao, Darkness Willow Deity, Number Two Under Heaven and the others descended, stopping even when they were far away. They faced the opening of this ancient palace, quietly standing there, looking inside.

“Guidance Ancient Palace!”

Shi Hao spoke these three words, pointing out its background.

His expression was serious. This was also the reason why he brought several great experts with him. When it involved the most serious phase, he needed helpers as well.

Land of Darkness, Guidance Ancient Palace, these all had a great connection to each other, inseparable.

Meanwhile, there were some creatures who could actually escape from within. One could imagine just how powerful they were!

How could Shi Hao dare act carelessly?

Since the ancient times, how many creatures in the Darkness Prison could defy the heavens, reconstruct their former heavenly brilliance? It was extremely difficult!

“If one truly slaughters their way out from the Darkness Prison, they will definitely be powerful and terrifying to the extreme.” Shi Hao said, warning everyone to be careful.

“Dao friend, why did you come here?”

A peaceful voice sounded and then a light appeared. This was a white tiger, the fur on its body flickering with golden aura, possessing biting cold killing intent.

Its words were extremely peaceful, but the aura was instead intimidating.

When one looked carefully, they would see that this white tiger’s body was a bit strange, a bit rigid. As for that primordial spirit, it was exceedingly powerful, releasing brilliance, covering the flesh.

“We came for Guidance Ancient Palace!” Shi Hao said.

Hmph, during these years, it’s not like there haven't been other immortal kings who have come, even a giant who died because of this. You all are still unresigned? We do not wish to get involved with you all, do not disturb our cultivation!” The white tiger was extremely forceful, its tone became fierce.

Shi Hao didn’t directly mention Qin Hao, worried that the other party would take him as a hostage.

“Then a battle it is!”

The Darkness Willow Deity was decisive, extending its branches, releasing zheng zheng noises, tearing through the void. Over ten thousand black divine chains of order flew out, engulfing towards the white tiger.


The white tiger’s silver pupils released streaks of blade-like radiance.


It released a great roar, strand after strand of white energy rushing out from its mouth and nose. This was geng gold energy. The white tiger attacked, this was previously a powerful and well-known overlord in Immortal Domain. [1]

However, it now declined, because the past White Tiger Immortal King fell into darkness, ultimately died!


Dazzling radiance erupted between the two. Geng gold energy and the black divine chains of order clashed fiercely, erupting with terrifying great dao radiance. The universe exploded.


The white tiger’s eyes were fierce, brandishing its great claws, grabbing forward.

However, Willow Deity was also one of the most powerful experts. Black branches danced about chaotically, turning into chains, wrapping around that large claw. The two erupted with endless great dao symbols, facing the enemy there.

“White Tiger Immortal King, didn’t you die, forever falling into darkness?!” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist was shocked.

“I’ve returned!” The White Tiger Immortal King said coldly. The past overlord’s current condition wasn’t quite right. Its fur erupted, strange symbols appearing on its forehead.


Its back split open, a pair of golden wings emerging, burning the heavens. They carried dazzling light, sun essence surging.

These were a pair of golden crow wings. With a light shake, heaven and earth would collapse. They possessed unmatched pressure as they swept towards Darkness Willow Deity, wishing to completely burn him away.

“Golden Crow King Wings!” Number Two Under Heaven was shocked.

He recognized the aura of the golden crow king, the divine ability that was displayed also this individual’s. The solar essence was too rich, surging like a sea.

The Golden Crow Clan was extremely powerful, from past to now, it procured three immortal kings. There was even one still alive in the current world!

It could be said that this was a clan that left even heaven and earth jealous.

“It is me!” Right at this time, the white tiger’s silver pupils became golden. At the same time, a powerful aura swirled out from its body, becoming as resplendent as a golden sun.

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. His worst suspicions had become real. The kings in Darkness Prison, some of them devoured each other, becoming monsters.

This individual before him was definitely like this!


However, Darkness Willow Deity was similarly unmatched, now a giant. He attacked powerfully, all of these branches becoming like Darkness Immortal Gold.

Moreover, it was using other great methods, merging the world, as if stirring on the will of heaven and earth, the tree and world vein becoming one.


The solar flame essence and golden crow wings were all scattered. That monster’s white tiger body also swayed, moving backwards.

The two fought, the battle incredibly fierce. Darkness Willow Deity was even stronger. The last black divine chains stabbed through the White Tiger’s chest and then with a fierce twist, its body broke apart to pieces.

With a weng noise, a primordial spirit radiance fled, entering Guidance Ancient Palace.

Darkness Willow Deity wanted to chase after it!

With a chi sound, a sword core flew out from the ancient palace, pitch-black like ink, flowing with dark radiance. This was a primordial spirit sword core, unstoppable, able to sever the everlasting!

When Shi Hao saw this, his pupils contracted. He recognized that this was the Chaos Calming Art!


With a raise of his hand, endless sword radiance appeared in the void. After the Grass Symbol Sword Art and the Imperishable Scripture were merged, he created a new sword art that was incomparably powerful.


In front of Guidance Ancient Palace, heaven and earth surged greatly.

This place exploded. The two types of sword energy surged, simply about to destroy all things.

There were three great sword arts in history, known to be unrivaled great killing methods. Today, two of them actually appeared.

“Interesting, you actually understand this type of sword dao.”

Inside Guidance Ancient Palace, a cold voice sounded, remaining unconcerned.


Right at this time, a streak of rainbow light rushed out, making all life wither, deities howling and devils weeping, as well as releasing a scalp numbing chilliness. A type of sword radiance swept over.

“Immortal Tribulation Sword Art.”

The Golden Fur Hou was shocked, recognizing this type of unmatched precious technique.

The reason why he was shocked was because this sword art was also known to be unmatched, on the same level as the Chaos Calming Art and Grass Symbol Sword Art, the last of the three great sword arts.

Its sword intent was vast and powerful, absolutely terrifying. This was an immortal disaster, when a sword hacked out, even immortal dao creatures would face tribulation.


Shi Hao’s hands shone. A Reincarnation Fist smashed out, striking that place until it shook intensely, sword energy rippling everywhere, hacking apart all things.

Apart from Darkness Willow Deity, even Number Two Under Heaven, Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist and Golden Fur Hou were shaken, their expressions changing.

The three great sword arts actually appeared at once, erupting in one day!

They all had tremendous backgrounds!

“Grass Symbol Sword Extreme!”

Right at this time, this type of voice sounded from within the ancient palace. Countless stalks of grass immediately appeared in the void, all of them having nine leaves. They fiercely spun about, sword energy appearing in millions of streaks!

This person grasped all three great sword arts at the same time. It truly was horrifying!

Shi Hao remained fearless. He also grasped this type of sword art, immediately displaying it. The two of them used the same sword intent, its power rippling through this place.

In that instant, heaven and earth lost color!

Eventually, there was a great rumbling. The ancient palace swayed, producing cracks.

This ancient palace that had an extraordinary immortal king formation arranged around it was now almost destroyed.

Finally, that creature walked out. It actually had nine heads, the middle one a person’s head, the others ancient beasts, vicious birds and other things, all of them carrying immortal king auras.

“Could it be that he… merged with and devoured nine great immortal kings?!” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist felt like this was a bit terrifying.

“Just have a taste of my world eradicating strike then!” That creature was extremely arrogant. The middle human head scattered out gray hair, even his pupils gray. With a honglong sound, he directly released a fist.

His entire body seemed to have turned into a gray streak of lightning, quickly approaching. He was extremely powerful and also extremely arrogant, wishing to smash apart Shi Hao under close distance.

This was undoubtedly a giant, moreover one even stronger than Kun Di!

It could be said that this individual reached the pinnacle of this world. If it went any further, then it would become an emperor.

“It is actually the World Eradication Fist!”

Number Two Under Heaven’s expression changed, recognizing this type of unmatched fist intent. This was the method of one of Immortal Domain cultivation system’s founders, its power great beyond compare.


Shi Hao faced this strike, similarly forming a fist imprint. The radiance between the two of them was dazzling, illuminating the everlasting.

Immortal radiance drowned out this place. Everything seemed to have become an illusion, only the two figures tangling about, facing each other, inconceivably fast. They fought viciously.


In the end, both of them bled, backing up.

“Why does a freak like you know this type of fist method? Could it be that you really are the primordial spirit of that Immortal Domain cultivation system founder?” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist asked.

“The methods I know are too many. As for the one you spoke of, didn’t he die a long time ago? If I truly encountered him, as for who would end up devouring who, it is hard to say.” The nine-headed creature said coldly.

“Just what kind of existence are you?” Shi Hao asked.

“Didn’t you already guess at it? We come from Darkness Prison, previously devoured some primordial spirits. Then, borrowing the caving in of the ancient palace, when the cages cracked, we fled.”

The nine-headed creature was rather direct, its hands on its back, incredibly arrogant.

Its gray pupils stared at Shi Hao, at his body, saying, “Quite a powerful body. This king has taken an interest in it!”

It wanted to seize it. A perfect body was hard to find, this was a body that it wanted.

“During these years, were you all searching for ruined pieces of your past bodies?” Shi Hao asked again.

“Correct!” This creature nodded.

Shi Hao released a light sigh. So the rumors were not false, it really was like this.

This made sense. Qin Hao had a piece of immortal bone on him that most likely belonged to one of them, which was why he was brought away here.

1. Geng is seventh of the ten heavenly stems

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