Chapter 1971

Chapter 1971 - Long Life Disaster

Where were those people? Shi Hao couldn't say it out loud out of fear of immortal kings sensing something. At their level, they all had heaven reaching methods!

This world really was too chaotic, blood and bones piled up endlessly. Regardless of whether it was Hairy Ball or the big red bird and the others, Shi Hao didn't plan to bring them out again. If there was a day when he could quell the chaos and subdue all enemies, then those sealed individuals would naturally be revived by him.

It was fine if he was killed in battle, but he wasn't willing to see the people at his side leave his life one by one. He hoped that he would one day be strong enough to serve as an impregnable shelter for them, block all enemies outside.

“My great-grandson, I really hope he can appear one day!” Grandpa Fifteen was so happy that his old tears almost flew out.

At the same time, he felt worried. How could he not understand how terrifying the ways of the world were? Once he returned, it would signify bitter battles, fighting bloodily to the end.

His grandson Shi Hao was already at the very forefront of this great chaos, could it be that his great-grandson had to come out and join in as well?

After Shi Zhongtian’s joy, he felt a wave of fear. He really was scared that one day, the Shi Hao father and son pair would die on the battlefield, buried there.

“That won’t happen. My grandson is the strongest, my great-grandson won’t be weak either! They will all be fine, able to quell this great chaos!” Shi Zhongtian said to reassure himself.

A’man advised from the side, “Grandpa, the little fella will appear sooner or later and he should become an immortal king. This is a happy thing, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

She was slender and elegant, sweet-tempered and peaceful. After all these years, she had always remained by Shi Hao’s cave dwelling, hoping to be able to help him somehow.

Even if Shi Hao himself had long become an immortal king, A’man had never cared much about this, always viewing him as that past person.

“A’man, I want to seal you, grandfather and some other old divine generals. Are you all willing?” Shi Hao asked quietly.

“Do you not have confidence?” A’man looked at him gently.

In reality, she trembled inwardly. For Shi Hao to even be this worried, did this mean that the situation was getting more grim? There might be something huge happening soon!

Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao felt restraining fear, worried about some matters around him. This was extremely serious, making both  A’man and  Grandpa Fifteen reveal worried looks.

Haha, not at all. Alright, you all can just wait and watch me dominate the world, just watch as this storm passes!” Shi Hao said, full of heroism, no longer suggesting to seal them.

“There are some divine generals and old soldiers in Imperial Court you can seal up, allow them to peacefully make it through to a flourishing period.” A’man suggested.

Shi Hao nodded.

“I am going to find Qin Hao!”

When he spoke up to here, Shi Hao’s face turned slightly cold. Could it be that someone dared take action against his brother?

Was it truly the long life disaster? In his opinion, Qin Hao had a mysterious immortal bone in him that was worth coveting. However, would it involve immortal kings?

“Where did Immortal Wang go?” Shi Hao said to himself.

Ever since he entered Immortal Domain, he had paid some attention to these ‘acquaintances’. There were some who actually disappeared, so he never saw them.

He even suspected that Qin Hao’s disappearance might have something to do with some people.

In the end, he invited Pan King, Hunyuan Immortal King and others over, asking them for guidance, about which mysterious powers there were in Immortal Domain, which were the most suspicious.

He didn’t treat these two like outsiders, so he was always extremely direct, asking without consulting anyone.

“Long life disaster?!”

The two of them revealed strange expressions.

“Is there something wrong?”

“When you speak like this, we feel that that area seems to match this story a bit!” Hunyuan Immortal King said.

“Which place?” Shi Hao revealed a serious expression.

“In Immortal Domain, there are vast mountains and rivers, within some boundless lands, there are areas that don’t have too many clans occupying them. They are extremely mysterious, with no traces of human activity for millions of li, the inside of this kind of place containing many dangers.”

Shi Hao nodded, understanding what they were saying. Back then,when he didn’t truly understand Immortal Domain yet, he had already heard people say that Immortal Domain had some areas that couldn’t be entered, that they were too dangerous.

Even the older immortal kings weren’t willing to easily step foot there.

“The unmanned region in Immortal Domain. That is where that type of creature, the one you talked about might reside.”

“Long life disaster?” Shi Hao was shocked.

“Perhaps it can be called this!”

The two great immortal kings talked about some things.

Immortal kings weren’t willing to rashly step foot into that terrifying region. There were mysterious creatures there, it was full of ancient clans that shunned the world, extremely strange.

There was another type of existence, one with a mysterious background there. They were mainly primordial spirits, not having much flesh, but they would always plunder and search for physical bodies.

En?” Shi Hao immediately developed thoughts regarding this second type, becoming on guard.

“This type of creature is extremely terrifying, all of them powerful. The most crucial point is that they grasp many unmatched extreme arts that have been lost in inheritance!” Pan King said with a sigh.

“Only a primordial spirit, no flesh?” Shi Hao’s mind moved quickly, thinking of many things, his eyes erupting with great brilliance.

“It is rumored that they… fled from Guidance Ancient Palace!” Hunyuan Immortal King said secretly, not directly speaking out of fear of others finding out.

The radiance in Shi Hao’s eyes flourished with even greater brilliance, clenching his fist and saying, “Are you certain?”

“These are merely speculations!” Pan King said.

What kind of place was Guidance Ancient Palace? It was linked to the darkness land!

Shi Hao really wanted to hack down a Guidance Ancient Palace and properly research it. However, he couldn’t find one.[1]

In reality, under the description of these two immortal kings, he already guessed at some things. When the various things he knew about were linked up, he felt more and more certain that this ought to be the case.

In the past, during the struggle of three thousand provinces, in the final battle, there was a floating ancient palace with the word ‘guidance’ written on it. There was even a primordial spirit that mysteriously appeared there.

Moreover, in the abyss where Burial Earth’s Origin Ancient Artifact was buried, that place was also extremely mysterious. There were people who saw primordial spirits escape from the darkness void!

Apart from this, when he cultivated a second strand of immortal energy, he even entered the Darkness Prison, almost dying there. He was almost trapped to death there, but ultimately struggled free from the shackles binding him.

Shi Hao was always wondering if the darkness land had creatures who could struggle free.

Now, it seemed like this was indeed the case!

The two immortal kings told him about many things, among them, there were some oddities and some frightening parts.

It was because there were giants who took action, subduing the creatures there, discovering some terrifying things.

“There are some primordial spirits who were well-known experts in history, but now became completely different. They are contradictory, chaotic, terrifying…”

According to Pan King’s explanation, they seemed to have mutually devoured each other, as if many well-known exceptional figures merged into one.

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. He thought of a possibility. Could it be that the Darkness Prisons were connected? Then, when those suppressed primordial spirits met, they would devour each other?

“Later on, one of the giants mysteriously died and then a few people dared investigate this…” Pan King said, his expression grave.

“Those terrifying primordial spirits looked for remains all around the world, digging up immortal king coffins. Some say they are searching for their past bodies, essence blood and other things.” Hunyuan Immortal King added.

Several years later, Shi Hao went on his way. He didn’t go alone, but instead brought some of Imperial Court’s most powerful individuals along with him.

He, the Darkness Willow Deity, Number Two Under Heaven, Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist, Heavenly Horned Ant as well as the Golden Fur Hou, all of them headed towards an ancient land in the very depths of Immortal Domain!

If there really was a long life disaster, Shi Hao would definitely get to the bottom of this!

He suspected that Qin Hao might really have fallen there.

Before leaving, Shi Hao had previously discussed things with the crystal skull, golden arm bone, bleeding eyeball and others, learning about some old events.

Now, he brought several great immortal kings directly into the very depths of Immortal Domain, not hesitating to fight a decisive battle!

1. There are many Guidance Ancient Palaces. One was previously destroyed by Immortal Domain System’s founders, and another showed up during the battle of three thousand provinces

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