Chapter 1970

Chapter 1970 - Imperial Court Flourishes

“Willow Deity!” 

Shi Hao stood in front of this large black tree, finding it hard to calm himself down. Willow Deity actually headed towards the ultimate destination like this.

What was Willow Deity doing? Was it fighting or was it trapped in the Land of Darkness? Shi Hao’s mind was rising and falling with great waves, really wishing to immediately slaughter his way over.

Willow Deity was peerless, bold and majestic!

Shi Hao couldn’t help but sigh. Regardless of whether it was in the past or now, Willow Deity was still completely different from the others!

He abandoned his flesh shell, his primordial spirit entered the darkness, slaughtering his way over just like that. Willow Deity still had this type of exceptional style, this type of heroicness. Who could compare to it?


In Realm Sea, waves rose and fell, seas roared. There was one time when a darkness storm swept over, this time exceptionally terrifying, reaching this island.

These were natural laws and order. Great dao symbols surged violently in the sea, sweeping through the island.

Shi Hao sat there, quiet and unmoving. He was now powerful to the point where he could face the darkness storm head-on, allowing the waves to batter against him and the powerful winds to strike his body.

He didn’t move. If it was a normal immortal king, they would have been blasted to pieces.

The darkness storm carried endless great dao runes, sweeping towards the willow tree. A great rain poured down, lightning flashed and thunder roared. It was simply as if the world was going to be destroyed.

Shi Hao quietly stood there, not moving, his expression grave as he stared ahead.


Suddenly, the willow tree revived. After being attacked, its entire body erupted with dark radiance, surrounded by starry clouds, wrapped around by endless divine chains of order.

The heaven reaching tree body swayed. Tens of thousands of black branches became perfectly straight, hacking towards that storm like divine law spears.

It revived, having a spirit after all. It developed a new primordial spirit, moreover an extremely powerful one. The darkness storm was broken, while the tree itself didn’t suffer much damage.

These methods far exceeded normal immortal kings!

Shi Hao wasn’t surprised. Willow Deity was an immortal king to begin with. At this level, once one fell into darkness, the true primordial spirit leaving the body, how could the newly produced primordial spirit be weak?

One had to understand that this was an ultra evolved being who was nurtured from an immortal king body! During the past million years, its dao skills definitely long made huge progress, its accomplishments astonishing.

In reality, among the creatures who fell into darkness within Realm Sea, all those who were immortal kings, once they revived from death, their cultivation levels would never be inferior to when they were alive.

Then, with a hong sound, the endless black branches stabbed towards Shi Hao. Dark light flourished, natural laws rippled, the aura powerful to the extreme!

Shi Hao’s right hand extended forward. The instant his hand moved out, golden divine chains of order were densely packed like golden willow branches. They pierced through the void, rushing out.

This was precisely the true Willow Deity Method, too similar to the precious technique the other party displayed!


The two clashed intensely. Shi Hao remained unmoved. This Darkness Willow Deity’s divine laws shook, clearly shocked. The other party used a great method similar to its own to break down its attacks.

“Who are you?” The Darkness Willow Deity released divine will fluctuations. Black divine chains of order filled the heavens. All of the willow branches were dancing about, the aura horrifying.

This was a peerless expert, comparable to a giant. It had enough domineering strength, worthy of being Willow Deity’s darkness body.

“Your previous life’s close relative and disciple.” Shi Hao said. In his heart, Willow Deity was his loved one, his master. It had previously given him too much.

“Stone Village, Shi Hao?” The Darkness Willow Deity carried a voice of doubt, asking this.

Shi Hao’s eyes erupted with divine radiance, becoming shocked. This Darkness Willow Deity knew these things? Did it remember its past life?

“Yes, I am Shi Hao! I used to live together with Willow Deity in Stone Village.” Shi Hao began to fondly recall the past. The times of the past would never return. Back then, he was still just a child, while Willow Deity was entirely scorched black, only having a single tender sparkling willow branch. It revived from death, starting everything over from the beginning.

Compared to the endless years that had gone by, that was merely a few decades of experience, nothing more than a short instant in Shi Hao’s life. However, an inextinguishable impression was left in Shi Hao’s heart, affecting his entire life!

“It’s you!” Willow Deity brandished its black branches of order, gently lowering them down naturally. It remained silent for a long time, and only then did it say, “Originally, there was another stele here, sealed within it were primordial spirit imprints. They gave a simple description of some old events of the past.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he immediately understood. This darkness willow tree knew about some events of the past!

It was because Willow Deity took the initiative to fall into darkness, this wasn’t an unexpected calamity, so it made enough preparations. It left behind some information for the newly produced primordial spirit.

In the end, this Willow Deity followed Shi Hao out!

Even though it wasn’t the past Willow Deity, its primordial spirit different, Shi Hao still felt a special type of emotion towards it, viewing it as a loved one.

It was precisely like the current Huo Ling’er, her innate nature not bad, quite similar to her nature in her previous life. This was also the case for the Darkness Willow Deity. Moreover, it still had a portion of its previous life imprints.

It was the same body, but a different primordial spirit. It really could be called reborn from a previous life!

However, this was still not the past Willow Deity in the end. Shi Hao couldn’t completely treat it like the true Willow Deity. If it was that past person, he would have immediately been unable to hold back his tears, perhaps not even caring about his status as an immortal king and directly weep. His true emotions would definitely flow.

Now, he was an immortal king, while the other party was also an immortal king. The relationship between them was close, but also complicated, their affection carrying a bit of alienation.

They returned the way they came from, borrowing the formation’s power. Shi Hao brought an exceptional expert back, but this was indeed quite time consuming. It was because part of the journey couldn’t be made through a formation, so it was just like before, needing to fly for twenty thousand years.

If the creatures of the outside world who didn’t know about Realm Sea heard about this, they would definitely be shocked. Even immortal kings had to fly this long, just what kind of strange world was this?!

This trip exhausted forty thousand years in total. When Shi Hao returned to Immortal Domain again, there was a huge commotion produced.

He disappeared into Realm Sea for forty thousand years, this raised quite the disturbance. There were some who thought that he slaughtered his way into the very depths of Realm Sea, that he wouldn’t return.

There were some pessimistic people who believed that Huang was too arrogant, that he might die in the depths of Realm Sea.

Imperial Court was shocked, all of them pleasantly surprised.

The immortal kings of all directions came to pay a visit.

However, when they saw the Darkness Willow Deity, many people were shocked, feeling incomparable apprehension. They sensed its powerful aura. This was a giant!

At the same time, there were those who recognized it. It looked too similar to the past Ancestral Guardian Spirit!

“Dao friend, could this be?” Someone asked in doubt.

“Correct, it is precisely Ancestral Guardian Spirit!” Shi Hao nodded in reply.

There were some who were shocked. They opened their mouths, but after a bit of hesitation, they warned Shi Hao that this type of creature who fell into darkness, if they were conspiring with evil, then it would be extremely terrifying.

At the same time, there might be darkness matter that would pour out from this type of creature’s body. For the foreign realm, this was filth, it would corrode other creatures.

“It is like Huo Ling’er, fallen to darkness, but used up all of this substance, turning into an ultra evolved being. Just like the foreign realm’s Shutuo, when you fight with him, do you still feel any darkness matter?” Shi Hao said.

Even though the kings felt apprehension towards it, in the end, they still probed Willow Deity, moreover unable to sense the power of darkness corrosion.

Regardless, with a giant like Shi Hao here, no one else was willing to tear apart relations.

The reason why they could trust Shi Hao was because of the reputation Shi Hao slaughtered out in these seven hundred thousand years, the illustrious achievements he established. He alone raised chaos in Realm Sea, killed giants, cut down experts from all sides.

If there was something wrong with him, then he wouldn’t have fought for Immortal Domain like this.

Several thousand years later, another instance of darkness storms erupted. A large group of lost individuals returned from Realm Sea, slaughtering their way towards Immortal Domain under the lead of some terrifying kings.

The Darkness Willow Deity faced the enemy, rushing at the very front along with Shi Hao. It personally killed a giant, establishing great contributions!

This battle continued for many years, the battles continuous. Only when all invaders were killed was there peace.

After experiencing attacks again and again, Immortal Domain was even a bit tattered. The so-called boundary regions’ ancient pass had long collapsed.

Now, entering Immortal Domain, foreign realm and other places was extremely easy.

This was true for the lower realm as well. Regardless of whether the world’s great dao was complete or ruined, it was hard to stop the advance of immortal kings.

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths was naturally the most lamentable.

Back then, when Shi Hao struggled free from his ten reincarnation imprints, he already discovered that this world was already practically destroyed, the creatures of various clans already seeking residence upon some stars.

It was because some immortal kings returned through their passages located in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, for example, Immortal Tomb.

Some of these experts protected this world, some invaded this realm.

It had already been more than seven hundred thousand years since Shi Hao entered Immortal Domain. After an endless amount of time passed, this world’s passages were gradually linked up together.

In the past, these realms were all on guard against each other, defending these passages. They didn’t wish for the creatures of Realm Sea to notice them either, not wishing to be attacked.

However now, there was already no need, because Realm Sea’s creatures had long targeted the various realms, gradually engraving the coordinates of various lands on their path of return.

“There are some paths that are still difficult to take, but most of them can be easily crossed. This means that the heavens are going to become chaotic!”

Shi Hao said with a sigh.

This was something extremely clear. Coming and going through various realms became easier and easier, the battle between them and battles with Realm Sea also became easier and easier!

In the following tens of thousands of years, Shi Hao began to gather strength. He was thinking about how to break through the king level and become an emperor!

Imperial Court was now powerful enough. With Shi Hao overseeing it, moreover Darkness Willow Deity guided back, with these two powerful experts, who dared face them? Moreover, they also had Number Two Under Heaven and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist, making their side already extremely strong.

Of course, if they included Shi Hao’s mount, that Golden Fur Hou, then all of Imperial Court’s top level experts added together truly represented horrifying strength.


That day, there was a violent upheaval from the Heavenly Horned Ant’s ancestral land. It was incomparably terrifying. A golden ant that was massive beyond compare, a single horn on its head erupted with endless radiance. It rose up from the great vicious land, its brilliance extending in all directions.

Extreme strength!

Many immortal kings were alarmed. This wave of power was too potent, shocking all of Immortal Domain!

The Heavenly Horned Ant also came out from seclusion. It succeeded, rising up to the level of the Vicious Ten. Its flesh was unmatched, its primordial spirit only a bit less powerful than an immortal king’s.

However, the reason why the Vicious Ten were called Vicious Ten was because they were strong enough to face immortal kings. They all had their own trump cards, their own abilities.

They were special existences. Once they attained this level, they were unstoppable, even immortal kings feeling apprehension.

For example, the Heavenly Horned Ant, the one known to have the greatest physical strength in the world, they could directly smash apart their enemies. The most important part was the Heavenly Horned Ant’s special natural gift, berserk transformation. Once they were angered, they would enter a mad state, their strength erupting, even their primordial spirit force rising by a great amount.

In the past, when Shi Hao first met the Heavenly Horned Ant bloodline, he already experienced this, understanding this type of state.

The Heavenly Horned Ant succeeded, his strength erupting, now not weaker than his father!

With his current strength, it was enough to replace the old Heavenly Horned Ant of the past.

“Very good, we now have another immortal king level expert! When we enter the foreign realm again, there is no need to quickly withdraw. We will bring all the kings and sweep through them!” Shi Hao said coldly.

Himself, Darkness Willow Deity, Number Two Under Heaven, Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist, Golden Fur Hou, together with the current Heavenly Horned Ant, once they set out, this would definitely be a terrifying wave of power.

“I want to break through as well!” The Crimson Dragon cried out.

Mu Qing, Lightning Spirit and the Emperor Butterfly all remained silent. They were all bitterly cultivating, also wishing to reach a higher level, but they sighed. It was too hard.

The Heavenly Horned Ant returned, asking Shi Hao to let He Wushuang out, wishing to fight against him.

Shi Hao nodded. He knew that this was something the Heavenly Horned Ant never forgot about, something that almost made him go crazy. If he couldn’t defeat this undying king head-on, then the Heavenly Horned Ant could never let it go his entire life.

He released He Wushuang’s primordial spirit, asking the Darkness Willow Deity to follow them to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

“Little Hao, your younger brother, is there still no sign of him even now?” Grandpa Fifteen Shi Zhongtian asked Shi Hao in a private room, his face carrying worry.

This elder was extremely worried, wishing to know how Qin Hao was doing.

Even though Qin Hao wasn’t close to him when he was young, they were still grandfather and grandson, blood thicker than water. How could he not care about him?

“I am looking for him as well, I also tried to deduce where he is, but I was blocked by mist. This most likely involves an immortal king level existence, someone blocking my perception. Otherwise, regardless of whether he is alive or dead, I would be able to find him.” Shi Hao frowned.

He inwardly suspected that it might be related to that long life disaster!

“How is my great-grandson, also Ziling, Yun Xi, all of them… are they all well?” Grandpa Fifteen’s voice was shaking. He began to long for his great-grandson, son and others.

“They are all well!” Shi Hao gave his grandfather a look and said, “Grandfather, I sealed all of them and placed them in a place immortal kings cannot deduce, nor wish to come into contact with. There is no need to fear other kings sensing them.”

Those people were sealed up, so Shi Hao didn’t plan to let them emerge again. It was because this world was too chaotic, the darkness great showdown too terrifying. Moreover, it was only going to get more frightening.

Those people’s lifespans were all close to reaching their limit. Even though they could continue living in Immortal Domain where there was undying substance, once disaster descended, there might be a catastrophe that would happen to them.

He even thought that it might be better to seal up some people from Imperial Court in order to escape the impending history’s greatest calamity.

“I really miss them, that great-grandson of mine…” The elder sobbed, truly longing for them.

“That little fella might come out soon. I’ve already awakened him previously. He has always been training in that place. If he can become an immortal king, he will come and help me!” Shi Hao said.

“What? My great-grandson… good, very good!” Grandpa Fifteen Shi Zhongtian was pleasantly surprised.

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