Chapter 1969

Chapter 1969 - Darkness Willow Tree

By now, he already slaughtered out a glorious reputation. Even though he was an immortal king who rose up later, he still wasn’t inferior to anyone else, to the extent where he could be said to dominate the world, having swept through all enemies in his path.

Now, there was actually someone who plotted against him, wanted him dead, wanted him to be killed by the foreign side’s experts in Realm Sea?

This truly made him shocked and resentful. He was slaughtering his way outside, yet Immortal Domain actually had people doing this type of thing, helping enemies defeat him.

“Right, I was never someone from Immortal Domain, just a guest. This world isn’t mine, what our own people are there to speak of?!”

Shi Hao said like this, his voice turning cold, eyes carrying endless killing intent. His expression immediately became deep.

Some kings immediately became alarmed. Looking at Huang’s appearance, they all revealed looks of worry. He even spoke these types of words, so did this mean that he was going to rebel against Immortal Domain?

This was definitely a terrifying matter!

What kind of cultivation did Huang have? If he abandoned Immortal Domain, then the loss would be too great! Moreover, if he stirred on some great disturbances, Immortal Domain would suffer even greater damage.

“Dao friend, please quell your anger!” Someone braced themself and said this, advising Shi Hao.

Even Pan King and Hunyuan King walked up, discussing with him in private, telling him that he could not act out in anger, that Immortal Domain would give him an explanation.

“Dao friend, when we received news, we immediately slaughtered our way out of Immortal Domain to receive you. Please do not feel any grudges inside.” Someone said.

“I am only asking one thing. Where is that old thing?” Shi Hao expressed his thanks towards these kings, but that old thing still made him feel powerful killing intent.

“Dao friend, please quell your anger!” Many kings stood up, asking him to not act rashly.

These people did come to save him after all, so Shi Hao couldn’t act without giving them any face.

“I will wait for him to come meet me!”

After Shi Hao said this, he left, bringing Imperial Court’s people with him.

“Dao brother!” The people behind him shouted.

“Many thanks for dao friends’ assistance, I am going to treat my injuries. In the future, I will properly express my thanks to everyone.” Shi Hao cupped his fist.

Everyone felt ashamed. They said they were going out to guide him back from Realm Sea, but they didn’t help much. Huang was too domineering, slaughtering his way through Realm Sea alone. All they did was open up the path back into Immortal Domain.

After returning, Shi Hao carefully looked into the situation.

Number Two Under Heaven and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist were furious. Shi Hao was actually locked outside the city, unable to enter despite being chased from behind.

At the same time, they spoke of another matter that left Shi Hao furious.

That so-called old senior, after returning, directly sent punitive forces, threatening Imperial Court, their manner incredibly domineering.

If it wasn’t for Number Two Under Heaven and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist being here, Imperial Court would have truly been in danger.

At the same time, Pan King immediately hurried, and A’man’s master was also alarmed, taking action to protect this place.

“Is that so-called old senior that terrifying?” Shi Hao was moved.

“He is a giant, someone who used to have a glorious reputation in Immortal Domain, respected by all sides. He is extremely powerful!” Number Two Under Heaven seriously warned.

Otherwise, normal immortal kings wouldn’t be able to immediately influence the wills of those immortal generals guarding the passages. The main reason was because his past reputation was too great.

“You’re injured?” The immortal king daoist asked.

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder were both worried. Shi Hao’s strength in Realm Sea could be seen by everyone. However, whenever a glorious immortal king was wounded, this would also be an extremely serious matter.

Shi Hao nodded and said, “Origin Ancient Artifact is quite formidable, I need to remain in seclusion for a period of time to nurse my injuries.”

Imperial Court was extremely quiet, not displaying any activity.

In the outside world, everyone suspected that Huang might have truly suffered unimaginable serious injuries.

Otherwise, with his nature, why would he remain this quiet?

Within a stone cave, Shi Hao was recuperating, his injuries weren’t fake, but his condition was definitely not as serious as the outside world thought. The main reason for this was to digest everything he experienced.

Origin Ancient Artifact left him with too deep of an impression. It could seriously threaten him!

In Shi Hao’s opinion, this was one of the greatest killing artifacts, just too dangerous.

Once that chest was completely opened, then what would happen? He began to think to himself.

He didn’t know if the foreign realm discovered that this ancient artifact cracked yet.

When he left, staying far away from that place, no longer coming into contact with it, the crack on that chest even gradually disappeared.

Shi Hao’s wounds had long recovered. He began to examine the things on him. Just which one exactly was it that could activate that Origin Ancient Artifact?

He indeed had some special things on him, all of them unique, for example, the Everlasting Sword Core, the dark and swarthy rock he brought back from that Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Man’s cave, the pure white bone piece that recorded the True Primordial Record…

Apart from this, there was that flame that accompanied the Three World Coffin, right now within his body.

At the immortal king level, he could already tell where this flame’s terrifying nature lied.

It was engraving the world’s various dao!

Just which one was it exactly?

There was also that rotten wooden chest!

In the past, there was no way of storing that rotten wooden chest into a spatial magical artifact. However, after Shi Hao became an immortal king, this problem was gradually solved.

Of course, this was also something he could only do after he became an immortal king giant.

When he first entered the immortal king level, he still couldn’t bring the rotten wooden chest on him, he could only hold it.

Shi Hao researched for half a day, but still couldn’t figure out just which object it was that could open Origin Ancient Artifact.

“A seed turned key.” He said quietly.

Suddenly, Shi Hao’s body trembled, his eyes shining brilliantly. He thought of another possibility. He was always searching for external objects, overlooking himself.

“I used the body as a seed, this…”

When he thought of this possibility, how could he not be shocked? He quickly shook his head. That seed had already existed endless great eras ago.

He used the body as a seed, only succeeding in this era, so this shouldn’t be it.

Regardless, he knew that he might be able to open that chest, expose Origin Ancient Artifact’s ultimate secrets.

Shi Hao carefully stored away these things, properly putting them away. Sooner or later, they would display their use.

Then, Shi Hao seized the undying king he had recently killed out of the pool, carefully examining him.

It was because he previously threw this individual’s primordial spirit towards Origin Ancient Artifact, making him immediately release a miserable cry, undergo an abnormal transformation.

“After continuous exhaustion, the primordial spirit will be destroyed?” Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise. That Origin Ancient Artifact was terrifying as expected, its killing power astonishing.

Several years later, Shi Hao came out of seclusion. After paying everyone a visit, he invited the Heavenly Horned Ant into a secret room, revealing He Wushuang’s primordial spirit.

Ah…” The Heavenly Horned Ant’s eyes immediately went red, large droplets of blood tears tumbling out. He recalled his older brothers and sisters. He could never see those loved ones again.

This was something he could never let go. When he saw his enemy here, he wanted to go crazy.

“I want to personally kill him, I am going to personally kill him!” The Heavenly Horned Ant roared out.

Many people heard the Heavenly Horned Ant’s berserk demon-like voice. He wanted to go crazy, his human form body’s hair scattering everywhere, and then he turned into his original form.

After this day, the Heavenly Horned Ant disappeared.

Only the higher level figures knew that he went crazy, entering a crazy cultivation state. Eventually, he entered the great vicious land belonging to the Heavenly Horned Ant Clan.

That was their ancestral land, they originated from Immortal Domain. However, after this clan was eradicated, that place sunk, containing endless killing intent.

The Heavenly Horned Ant received stimulation. He Wushuang was at Immortal King Realm. If not for Shi Hao, he wouldn’t have been able to kill this enemy at all.

He wanted to rise up, wanted to go into seclusion. He entered his clan’s ancestral land without any regard for the dangers, sharpening himself there.

He asked Shi Hao to seal He Wushuang’s primordial spirit so that he could settle things later.

Shi Hao nodded. This was best. Perhaps by stirring up the Heavenly Horned Ant’s endless fighting spirit, he could truly use this to break through and become a king. Shi Hao was looking forward to that day.

“That old fella didn’t come?” Shi Hao asked Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder.

“No. However, there was an immortal king who has quite the good relationship with him who came to check on your condition.” Number Two Under Heaven said.

“This old thing!” Shi Hao’s eyes became filled with even greater killing intent. The other party really wanted to take action against him? As an immortal king, once one got angry, there might be many irregular scenes that appeared.

That day, in this region, winds and clouds stirred. Scarlet red blood clouds covered the skies.

Shi Hao attacked, the noise like thunder, incredibly berserk, shocking everyone.

He took action, taking the initiative to slaughter his way over. There were immortal kings that tried to advise against it along the way, but they were all forced back by his killing intent.

This was without a doubt going to be a great battle at the peak.

It had to be said that this old senior possessed astonishing power, his magical force boundless, truly a giant. When he fought against Shi Hao, the battle reached over a thousand exchanges.

“Younger generation, are you trying to rebel against Immortal Domain?” Lu Gu berated angrily.

He now felt regret. This youngster’s power exceeded his imagination, even more powerful than the legends.

This was incomprehensible for him. This was merely someone who rose up later, so how could he be this strong, making even a giant like him feel strained, unable to hold on?

Lu Gu’s age was shockingly great, cultivated for an endless amount of time. What kind of genius hadn’t he seen before? However, this was the first time he encountered someone like Huang.

“Even someone like you can represent Immortal Domain? Presuming you could, even if I defy Immortal Domain, so what?!” Shi Hao shouted.

Only he alone dared to speak these words. No other immortal king dared.


The great battle ended. Shi Hao bare-handedly tore apart this old senior, throwing his primordial spirit into his law pool.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t kill this person, but rather that he discovered that leaving behind those primordial spirits had great effects. For example, they could blast aside the foreign realm, Immortal Domain’s city gates and other things.

If others knew what he was saving these primordial spirits for, they would definitely be stupefied, unable to say any words. This was truly an extravagant waste!

If others could trap an immortal king’s primordial spirit, they would definitely try to research their dao fruit and seize it for themselves.

However, Shi Hao used the body as a seed, not using anything external. Otherwise, he wouldn’t become as powerful as he was today. He walked his own path, right now, he didn’t need these things.

He was thinking to himself, wondering if he could use these immortal king primordial spirits to strengthen some of Imperial Court’s divine generals.

Lu Gu was cut down, this event triggering tremendous waves.

Immortal Domain’s great earth was shaken, all clans unable to restrain their shock. This was simply heaven shattering. A giant was slaughtered by Huang just like that, his reputation shocking all clans.

There were others who came to plea for Shi Hao to release Lu Gu’s primordial spirit, saying that this was a powerful being of Immortal Domain, that he was needed in guarding this land in the future.

Shi Hao firmly refused. He could leave behind Lu Gu, but he would thus leave Immortal Domain.

After this battle, Shi Hao established his own powerful position. Previously, when he killed Aocheng, Taishi and the others, his divine might was already glorious, no one daring to anger him.

However, he was still too young. Some old monsters who returned from Realm Sea didn’t respect him too much, trying to suppress him with their age.

After experiencing this battle, his status among the immortal king giants rose again, no one daring to go against him. All clans immediately felt reverence!

Together with the fact that he slaughtered his way into the foreign realm more than once, even defeating Kun Di, this naturally pushed his reputation to the peak!

The years passed quickly. Two hundred thousand years went by just like that.

During these two hundred thousand years, disorder erupted in Realm Sea many times. There were powerful creatures who ascended to the shore, slaughtering their way towards Immortal Domain, charging into the foreign realm, the situations dangerous.

During this period, Shi Hao personally participated in many great battles. During the most serious time, he personally killed a giant from Realm Sea.

Six hundred thousand years passed. The situation was serious, one time, he even killed six immortal kings in a single battle, many universes were beaten into ruin.

Each darkness great chaos was more terrifying than the last.

The only fortunate thing was that Huang rose up, his cultivation becoming increasingly powerful. There was a time when he went completely berserk, his entire body covered in blood, slaughtering two giants from Realm Sea. Afterwards, he even charged into Realm Sea, unleashing another great slaughter.

This was an age with a rain of blood flying everywhere, as well as the start of an Immortal King Tribulation Age.

The world’s experts continuously fell!

Shi Hao keenly discovered that there were experts who were absorbing the imprints of deceased immortal kings, acquiring their dao fruit.

For the sake of becoming an emperor, more and more tragedies happened in this world.

Seven hundred thousand years passed. Finally, there was a peaceful period, the battles becoming a bit fewer. However, everyone knew that this was the calm before the storm.

Shi Hao used these hundred thousand years to cultivate in seclusion and polish himself. He really wanted to break through the king level and become an emperor!

During this calm period, Shi Hao was deriving, wishing to know where Willow Deity was right now. He sent out people to search the traces Willow Deity left behind.

In the end, Shi Hao moved. Even someone as powerful as him also had to pay the price in order to deduce some traces of Willow Deity.

“Huang went into the Realm Sea!”

Shi Hao’s every move stirred the hearts of many. He was too strong. Even if he didn’t make any actions, the immortal kings still had to be on guard against him, had to pay attention.

As for the foreign realm, after receiving reports, they also paid close attention.

However, this time, no one went into Realm Sea to stop him. It was because in these past hundreds of thousands of years, he already slaughtered out a world shaking reputation, there were not that many people willing to provoke him.

Along the way, he killed some enemies. Quite a few creatures who wanted to attack Immortal Domain were stopped and killed by him.

Shi Hao left for twenty thousand years just like that, and then he finally got onto an island.

“A transport formation! This really is unexpected!”

In Realm Sea, one couldn’t arrange any formations. This type of natural luck could only exist on special islands. Normally, they would all be erased.

This was a formation that could save an immortal king a few hundred thousand years. Otherwise, flying like that would take who knew how many years before they reached the very depths of Realm Sea.


Formation radiance swirled. Shi Hao continued on.

When he appeared again, it was still on an island in the depths of Realm Sea. This place flowed with brilliance, carrying all types of divine and also sinister auras, it was quite strange.

Shi Hao was shocked.

The island was extremely large and also extremely vast.

Outside the island,waves surged forth, everything hazy, no end in sight.

There was a willow tree on the island, massive beyond compare. It towered into the clouds, sending down endless strands of branches, carrying the power of dao laws and order.

“Willow Deity!”

Shi Hao roared out. He rushed out, but he then stopped again when he got close.

It was because the entire willow tree was pitch-black like ink, releasing dark light. The leaves, branches and others all seemed to be carved from black jade. Dark light swirled, the aura terrifying.

This was a darkness willow tree!

Willow Deity fell into darkness?

Shi Hao’s heart directly sunk!

This willow tree remained extremely quiet, as if it had been sealed, but also as if it was sleeping. It actually didn’t revive.

Shi Hao’s mind sunk. He had too many things to say, yet no words came out. He quietly got closer.

Suddenly, his expression went rigid. He saw a stele, on it clear bone texts that recorded some things. This was actually left behind by Willow Deity!

“Abandoned the body, stepped into darkness, traversing between life and death…”

Shi Hao was shaken. He read everything carefully, scared to miss out on a single word. He stared at these inscriptions, understanding some shocking truths.

Willow Deity abandoned his body, wishing to use his primordial spirit to enter the darkness and arrive at the limits of that land. It slaughtered its way over just like that.

At the same time, there were some other recordings.

Willow Deity underwent more than a single instance of rebirth, previously leaving behind some remains, magical bodies in various lands, just like this black tree body in front of him.

Before leaving, Willow Deity activated all of the accumulation of several lives, all of the rebirth force was activated, concentrated into one body, its strength breaking through into a terrifying domain.

It remembered the past, understood the various things that happened before its rebirth.

In the end, it carefully derived, discovering that in order to cross Realm Sea and reach the other shore, the amount of time it needed was too great.

In the end, it chose an unimaginable path others didn’t dare take, taking the initiative to be corroded by darkness, abandoning his body, allowing it to produce a new primordial spirit.

Meanwhile, its true primordial spirit thus entered the Darkness Prison, choosing to break through from there, slaughter its way towards the ultimate destination!

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