Chapter 1967

Chapter 1967 - Foreign Realm’s Origin Ancient Artifact

The black figure appeared again. This time, it wasn’t as indistinct as last time, but rather incredibly real!

Kun Di dared do this, luring Shi Hao here, this naturally meant that he had some confidence, wishing to use this to end him. It was easy to see that this was a great killing trap.


A low roar sounded, shaking up the foreign realm, ringing through one expanse of cosmos after the next, making all creatures tremble, unable to help but shiver. Creatures from all different clans couldn’t help but kneel down.

“What is this thing?” Shi Hao was shocked. He sensed great danger. This massive figure was bold and powerful, towering between heaven and earth, as if it was going to completely crush the universe.

“Younger generation, accept death!”

Kun Di shouted. He was still chanting the incantation, carrying out a summoning, causing this incomparably powerful creature to open its eyes. Its gaze was penetrating, piercing one’s soul.


Then, this creature directly took action, grabbing towards Shi Hao. Its large hands split the skies, crushing everything in the way, this type of power was domineering to the extreme.

Shi Hao took action. The sword core in his hands displayed powerful might, immediately erupting, extending millions and millions of li, simply about to sever this great universe!


It released a kengqiang noise, incredibly sharp, hacking down on that great claw. Sparks flew in all directions, great dao symbols poured out like a sea and then erupted here.

The space between Shi Hao’s thumb and index fingers went slightly numb. He took a few steps back, looking at this black shadow once more. Was this some type of creature? It was just too powerful!

With his cultivation, he was already unmatched among immortal kings, able to travel unhindered through the foreign realm. How could normal creatures stop his advance? Even Kun Di couldn’t stop him.

However, his expression was now serious. This creature was extremely powerful, he had to face it seriously.


Shi Hao released a great roar, attacking crazily, actually remaining fearless. The sword core in his hands released dazzling radiance, hacking forward, as if a matchless emperor revived, wishing to hack through all enemies.

He didn’t hold back at all, because he sensed danger.


This place shook intensely, heaven and earth collapsing. A sword severed the cosmos, destroying who knew how many stars.

Shi Hao fought intensely against this creature.

Even though the enemy was powerful, he still released a breath of relief. The other party was still in the Immortal King Realm, not exceeding it.

Another string of incantations sounded.

Kun Di continued the summoning of this shadow.

Sure enough, a mysterious sound rang out from that golden temple. Another shadow then appeared, giant beyond compare, towering in this world.

A second one!

This made Shi Hao’s expression change. Just what exactly rested in that golden ancient temple?


A second black figure released a low roar, exerting its power, making the top level figures of all clans tremble.

Then, it immediately rushed over, not fighting with Shi Hao, but rather merging with the first shadow, becoming one.


Kun Di continued his incantations, his expression pious and devout, summoning these shadows into this world. There were eight of them in total, all of them appearing in this world, and then merging together.

In reality, he wanted to summon a ninth one, but when that figure had just appeared, it directly scattered, entering that golden temple, unable to take form.

After the eight figures merged together, their strength increased greatly. The winds released from their punches roared out, shattering the universe!

Even Shi Hao’s expression became serious, becoming extremely cautious. He did everything he could to fight a great battle against this black shadow.

When the eight figures became one, they indeed became powerful, but it wasn’t as terrifying as he imagined either. This merging only made the magical body more real, and was ultimately not an overlaying of strength.

Sure enough, when Shi Hao fought against it, smashing into its body, it was as if he was striking a flesh body, the feeling incredibly real.

At the same time, this creature’s flesh was too strong, sturdy and unbreakable.


Shi Hao roared out, his face cold. How could he tolerate this creature going crazy? He was going to do everything he could to suppress and kill it!


The black figure was sent flying by him, even its body about to scatter apart.

However, its body shook, condensing together again, incredibly real. It released a roar, charging murderously at Shi Hao again.

Shi Hao erupted with golden radiance, his entire body becoming golden, releasing his most powerful divine might, terrifying beyond compare. Every action he made seemed powerful enough to kill undying kings.

This type of great power made the surroundings kings’ expressions change. Huang was too powerful, actually growing to this step, already able to walk the path of surpassing the king level.

However, it was a pity, because that path was broken. No one had ever succeeded before.

The kings were sure that Shi Hao sat at the very peak of what creatures of this world could reach. He was indeed an unmatched immortal king. Normally speaking, it was hard for him to meet his match.

Only someone like Kun Di could fight against him.


After Shi Hao went crazy, fighting against the black figure, several massive shadows withdrew, flying outwards, even scattering apart.

However, in the end, it could still reforge its body.

Shi Hao discovered a terrifying fact. This shadow was also unmatched among undying kings, because the most terrifying thing was that it couldn’t be killed.

This was to say that there was no way of breaking down its magical body.

“Perish for me!”

Shi Hao roared out. His six great secret realms all shone, especially the deity three feet above his head. The eyes of that little figure within the sphere of immortal light were resplendent. At this time, it suddenly carried the Everlasting Sword Core, frantically attacking.

It broke through the limits of time-space, the great river of time flowing beneath its feet.


It could be said that this was a type of fatal blow. The little figure carried the Everlasting Sword Core, hacking off the massive creature’s head. Then, another sword slashed apart that head!

This type of method left all the kings nervous, their expressions changing greatly.

They were thinking if they participated in the battle, would they be able to avoid that little figure? They most likely wouldn’t. They would be struck, have their flesh cut open, their primordial spirits torn apart.


However, that shadow released a roar, recombining its body, not suffering any damage.

It was powerful, so needless to say, it could be considered an unmatched undying king. However, what was most terrifying was that it was imperishable, regenerating endlessly.

There was blood that flowed out from the corners of Shi Hao’s mouth. He attacked several times, but still couldn’t get rid of this black creature. In the end, he was swept by a palm, injuring him.

If this was another creature, they would have most likely suffered disaster, at the very least their bodies would have been destroyed. However, Shi Hao only staggered. He wiped away the blood from his mouth and then rushed back into battle, not being too affected.


Kun Di suddenly said this, having the other great undying kings back up, remain far away from this place.

At the same time, the other kings all began to chant incantations, using magical force. They remained far enough away, simply leaving this starry sky.

That divine temple shone, becoming extremely resplendent.

The black figure roared, suddenly shrinking, entering the temple.

Shi Hao didn’t chase after it, his expression serious. That temple had something terrifying about it, disturbing his energies, even making him feel great apprehension.

However, he didn’t back off, still wishing to see through all of this. Just what kind of terrifying trump cards did the foreign realm have?

When one had skill, they became daring!

He believed that he could move freely through this world, no one able to stop him. As long as it didn’t touch upon the emperor level, he could dominate all sides!


Suddenly, the golden temple swayed, that black creature reappearing. However, it was no longer as large as before, looking more normal.

In its hand was an object so dazzling one couldn’t look directly at it. It was extremely terrifying. That pressure even made one’s soul wish to explode, unable to endure it.

Shi Hao was moved. He narrowed his eyes, finally knowing what this was.

“It is about the same as Burial Earth’s!”

Origin Ancient Artifact, it was actually this thing!

This was the foreign realm’s supreme treasure. It was precisely because of this object that this realm was created.

It was like some type of metal, but also like jade, flowing with nine-colored brilliance. It was dazzling and holy, the rain of light endless as it scattered down.

If it was a normal person, just a single speck of this radiance was enough to make them explode, perish here.

This thing couldn’t be touched!

Among millions and millions of people, only one or two could touch it and then have a chance of becoming an unrivaled ultra evolved being. In the future, they would become undying existences.

However, Shi Hao seemed to have a bit of immunity since he had previously been shone on by that Burial Earth chest, coming close to it, surviving that time.

After that experience, this chest before him actually couldn’t harm him.

This was the foreign realm’s trump card. If an ordinary undying king was touched by this chest and shone upon, they might suffer danger or even end up dying here.

It was just like in Burial Earth where burial kings wouldn’t rashly come into contact with Origin Ancient Artifact.

In the foreign realm, this was also the case. This was a taboo object.

Now, this black figure held this taboo great killing artifact, rushing at Shi Hao murderously. This could be considered a type of decisive move!

If it wasn’t for Shi Hao already experiencing the baptism of Origin Ancient Artifact, becoming nearly immune to it, then he would be in danger today, maybe really killed.

No wonder those undying kings all withdrew.


Suddenly, that shadow entered Origin Ancient Artifact. This was the only object left outside.

Shi Hao was stunned. He finally knew where that shadow came from. It came from within Origin Ancient Artifact, not a creature of this world?

It should be made from a certain type of natural law and not a true creature. One could see just how terrifying the Origin Ancient Artifact was!

Shi Hao was moved. The foreign side’s Kun Di and others had already researched Origin Ancient Artifact for endless years, sure enough, after researching some methods, they were actually able to summon these shadows.

The other side could use this ancient artifact to suppress and kill enemies, this was extremely frightening.

Shi Hao turned away and left. He didn’t rashly touch this object, always feeling like it was strange, not willing to be contaminated by it.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” The foreign realm’s experts shouted.

At the same time, they once again chanted incantations and displayed secret methods, activating that Origin Ancient Artifact, wishing to kill Shi Hao with it.


That black shadow appeared again, holding Origin Ancient Artifact with both hands, suppressing towards Shi Hao.

Origin Ancient Artifact released endless radiance. Under its radiance, all creatures had to withdraw, or else they might die.

Shi Hao’s expression was indifferent. He directly rushed towards an undying king, facing that radiance. He wasn’t corroded, instead wishing to guide the source of calamity over.


That undying king was shocked, quickly fleeing. He didn’t fear Shi Hao, but rather feared the current activated Origin Ancient Artifact. That radiance was too horrifying.


In the end, Shi Hao killed him. After several hundred sword slashes, his head was removed. He held it in his hands, even the primordial spirit within was suppressed.


He threw that head towards Origin Ancient Artifact.

Ah… That undying king screamed miserably.


Shi Hao withdrew his hand, seizing him back, restricting his primordial spirit and throwing him into the pool with Scarlet King, Aocheng and the others. He was going to bring him back to carefully research this person’s primordial spirit.

“Why isn’t he dying?”

In the foreign realm, some undying kings cried out in shock.

“He isn’t scared of Origin Ancient Artifact’s radiance? Could it be that this will instead complete him?!”


The group of undying kings had ice-cold expressions. They began to chant incantations, stirring on that shadow. They supported the Origin Ancient Artifact to suppress and kill Shi Hao.

Right now, the shadow went crazy, frantically trying to kill Shi Hao, tangling about him. They were scared that he would kill even more undying kings.

This shadow’s magical force was boundless, fighting bloodily like this. Shi Hao found it hard to free himself of it, even about to suffer danger.


In the end, left with no choice, he still made contact with Origin Ancient Artifact. He formed a fist imprint, smashing out, hacking at it with the sword core.

En?!” He was shocked. It was because at this moment, he discovered that the chest produced some cracks, actually about to open!

What was going on? The other side did everything they could to open up the chest, why was it about to be opened by him just like that?

Shi Hao found this a bit hard to believe. He had that seed on him?

Was it the Everlasting Sword Core? It shouldn’t be!

What was that?

“Kill!” Shi Hao didn’t dare stay behind. He was worried that after that chest split apart, the unknown item within might not be natural luck.

He began to slaughter his way out, vowing to kill undying kings, drag them all underwater.

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