Chapter 1965

Chapter 1965 - Immortal Smelting Pot’s Owner

He Wushuang’s face was handsome, even overshadowing many women. He had long golden hair and deep eyes, his complexion like jade. The golden radiance around his entire body was resplendent, as if he was bathed in sunrise splendor.

However now, he suffered a disaster, his entire body cracking apart, blood everywhere, body breaking apart, splitting.

Ah…” He raised his head and roared towards the heavens. His head of golden hair scattered, fluttering about, his eyes full of unwillingness.

He was an undying king, someone who exceeded many Emperor Clans, becoming one of the best in this great era, yet in the end, he was going to die in Realm Sea.

This was especially the case when the enemy was a past opponent, but now, there was such a huge difference. He was already no longer a match!

“I really can’t accept this!” He Wushuang roared out, his beautiful face filled with craziness, possessing a wave of sinister aura.

His body erupted into flames, releasing the greatest potential within him, wishing to change everything, alter his fate.

However, all of this was futile. Shi Hao remained expressionless. The instant his large hand closed, He Wushuang’s flesh broke apart inch by inch, his undying king bones exploding.

“In the past, when the two of us faced each other, I only achieved my cultivation from a deficient world. After the great battle, I reforged my true self under the foreign realm’s complete laws.”

Shi Hao said indifferently. Now, he already no longer viewed He Wushuang as an opponent. He had even killed Scarlet King, let alone this type of newly risen undying king.

Back then, he was able to fight He Wushuang until both sides suffered and neither won despite cultivating in a lacking world. Later on, after completing his great dao, who could face him?

Moreover, the Imperishable Scripture he cultivated was perfect, while He Wushuang only cultivated part of the method. Now, he even established a new system, opening a brand new world.

If he still couldn’t subdue He Wushuang after all of this, needing to fight a bloody battle against him, then this would instead be what was strange.

He Wushuang’s face didn’t have a single flaw, an exceptionally beautiful man. However, Shi Hao didn’t feel the slightest bit of pity, even less so felt any good impressions towards him.

This person’s actions were too cruel. The Heavenly Horned Ant’s older brothers and sisters were all killed by this person, later on even fed to his mount.

His methods were vicious, making one’s hair stand up in anger.

In the past, the Heavenly Horned Ant and Shi Hao both searched for the Imperishable Scripture. After meeting He Wushuang and hearing about this cold narration of the past events, the bloodiness and cruelty of it all, he almost went crazy.

Shi Hao knew that this would forever be the Heavenly Horned Ant’s pain!


He Wushuang couldn’t remain calm. He roared out, struggling, but he was still crushed by Shi Hao into a blast of bloody mist, his blood scattering across Realm Sea.


In the flesh and blood, within those undying king bones, there was a primordial spirit that rushed up, quickly recombining.

“I am undying!” He Wushuang’s eyes were scarlet red. Even though his flesh was destroyed by someone, he believed that the primordial spirits of undying kings were inextinguishable, that Huang couldn’t suppress and kill him that easily even if he wanted to.

“You are discussing undying before me? You are still not enough!” Shi Hao said, his large hand covering He Wushuang again.

His hand closed again. With a chi sound, He Wushuang’s primordial spirit was torn apart. Then, six great realms shone at the same time, refining his primordial spirit.

“No!” He Wushuang was horrified. He sensed a great danger, his primordial spirit becoming weaker, the undying radiance shaved away. He really was going to die.

However, in the end, Shi Hao released a sigh, stopping. He sealed He Wushuang in that pool with Scarlet King, Aocheng and the others.

He knew that the Heavenly Horned Ant had a thorn in his mind, a hatred that was hard to get rid of. He wanted to fight against He Wushuang, personally kill him himself.

Shi Hao left behind He Wushuang’s primordial spirit, wishing to bring him back for the Heavenly Horned Ant to deal with.

In the following few years, Shi Hao made his way deeper into the Realm Sea. He saw too many battles. There were immortal kings who were lost, corroded by darkness, yet there were also some experts who were extremely clear-headed, their expressions cold.

At this level, there was a type of great dao ruthless aura. These creatures were all extremely dangerous.

Shi Hao released a light sigh. He thought for a bit, in the end, he decided to not enter too deeply, instead stepping on the path of return. It was because if he really wanted to head to the other side of Realm Sea, the amount of time used would be too astonishing.

After arriving here, the darkness storms became even stronger. It was more and more dangerous the further in one went.

These storms were great dao symbols, intertwining like ripples. They couldn’t be erased, continuously surging in the boundless Realm Sea.

That was why as time went on, the more of these darkness storms there were, the more dangerous Realm Sea became.

When he decided to return, Shi Hao used up quite a bit of effort, continuously carrying out derivations, searching for the path of return, or else it was easy to get lost. This Realm Sea couldn’t be evaluated through normal reasoning.


When he approached Realm Sea’s ocean border, stepping on the path of return, he suddenly discovered that the world erupted into chaos.

Realm Sea surged, great dao rumbled. In the distance, there was a massive mountain that crushed down, terrifying beyond comparison. It carried a terrifying aura, making one’s body even feel like it was about to explode.

Forget about true immortals, even normal immortal kings would be horrified.

Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao immediately shivered inwardly. His body shifted outwards, moving out of the way, not facing it head-on.

The so-called mountain was a pot that released undying energy. It crushed down from the sky dome above, wishing to kill him!

Immortal Smelting Pot!

It was actually this unmatched secret treasure! It had a tremendous past, one of the foreign realm’s most powerful weapons. What was even more terrifying was its master, someone known to be a taboo existence.

The master of the Immortal Smelting Pot lived for an endless amount of time, rumored to have been sleeping inside this pot all this time!

Now, this pot actually appeared! Moreover, an individual’s aura was spreading, terrifying beyond compare, carrying heaven overflowing killing intent, wishing to suppress and kill Shi Hao.

“Did you come to get revenge for your disciple?” Shi Hao asked coldly.


He produced a weapon, precisely the Everlasting Sword Core!

Ever since he became an immortal king, this was the first time he used this sword core.

“Wushuang, where is his soul?” An aged voice sounded from the Immortal Smelting Pot. Then, a figure flickered from within, a powerful expert appearing.

His figure was thin and withered, not all that large and powerful, long silver hair scattering out, every single strand brilliant. His pupils were special, actually silver crosses.

Kun Di was one of the most powerful experts in the foreign realm since ancient times. If those who entered Realm Sea weren’t included, he could basically be considered the number one figure of the current foreign realm.

One could see just how domineering he was from his name. Kun Di, even though this ‘truth’ character wasn’t the ‘emperor’ character, it was still a bit similar. This was the boldness he gave off. [1]

He wanted to become an emperor!

After all these years, apart from sleeping in the Immortal Smelting Pot, he had always been researching Origin Ancient Artifact. It could be said that he was one of the leaders of the foreign realms’ slaughter of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

It was because he wanted to find that seed, open that Origin Ancient Artifact.

The other ancient kings couldn’t see hope, all of them heading into Realm Sea, but he was always as steady as Mt. Tai, guarding the foreign realm. He possessed extraordinary willpower.

Last time, when Shi Hao slaughtered his way into the foreign realm, when the Immortal Smelting Pot was brought out by someone to suppress Shi Hao, Kun Di still didn’t even wake up.

Now, He Wushuang’s fall immediately woke him.

This was his last disciple, someone he doted on the most. After he became an undying king, it even more so completed their master and disciple tale, so how could he just sit there and do nothing?

However, Realm Sea was too great, he couldn’t immediately find where he was.

Kun Di left behind imprints on He Wushuang’s body. However, the moment He Wushuang died, Shi Hao erased his imprints. It was because at his level, how could these types of methods escape him?

That was why Kun Di arrived several years ago, guarding the edge of Realm Sea.

A battle immediately erupted.


This world shocking great battle rang through the various lands, even passing through Realm Sea’s border. There were some powerful creatures that ascended the shore. When they saw this scene, they couldn’t help but become horrified.

These two were too strong, immediately fighting until great waves rushed into Realm Sea’s heavens, great dao symbols interweaved, connecting the past and present. A great river of time appeared between these two.

This was a world shocking great battle!


Shi Hao fought until he went crazy. This was the most intense battle after he became an immortal king. They fought from the sea to shore, and then from the shore to Lightning Abyss.

Along the way, mountains collapsed and seas roared, stars erupting.

“Huang, if you don’t want to die, then release my disciple!” Kun Di shouted.

“Old thing, foreign realm’s greatest slaughterer, I’ve already wanted to kill you for a long time! Since you’ve brought yourself right up to my doorstep, I am going to use your blood as sacrifice for my predecessors!” Shi Hao was also roaring out.

He slaughtered his way until his eyes turned red, fighting a great battle against Kun Di, difficult to distinguish who was going to win.

When the two’s battle reached over a thousand exchanges, until heaven and earth cracked, even the river of time seemingly flowing in reverse, they then slaughtered their way into the Realm Sea.

Shi Hao’s entire body was covered in blood, some of it was his own and some of it was from Kun Di.

Kun Di was also like this, his silver pupils turning to crosses, continuously releasing cross-shaped slashes, even Realm Sea was about to be cleaved open. An incredibly terrifying scene was created.

There were just too many star remains ashore, all of them hacked down from outer space because of their battle.

After Shi Hao achieved great power, this was the first time he faced this type of bitter battle. All of the creatures by the dam and in Realm Sea were shaken endlessly.


The Immortal Smelting Pot descended, smashing into Shi Hao’s shoulder, making that place erupt with blood, his body staggering. If it wasn’t for cultivating the Imperishable Scripture, if he was any other immortal king, half of his body would have exploded.

The Immortal Smelting Pot, when used by its true master, compared to when it released power by itself, the power increased by who knew how many times!

This pot really was terrifying and malicious!


Kun Di released a light shout. The Immortal Smelting Pot shone, the opening of the pot becoming indistinct. Then, it began to seize the essence blood Shi Hao lost, wishing to completely refine it.

Shi Hao released a cold snort, all of the blood essence flowing in reverse. Moreover, he brandished his sword core, sweeping out endless sword radiance, stabbing towards this pot mouth, blocking up this great treasure.

“Did you know? Ever since the start of Emperor Collapse, the masters of this sword core have all died, not a single one meeting a good end. You will definitely inherit this miserable fate.” Kun Di said coldly.

“Old ways will all be shattered eventually!” Shi Hao responded. In reality, he had also heard similar legends regarding this sword core.


The two individuals smashed together. Shi Hao coughed out blood. That Immortal Smelting Pot was quite weird, breaking through time-space, as if it could reverse time. It arrived before him, smashing into his chest.

He was injured once more, spitting out blood.

However, Shi Hao was also domineering, immediately retaliating, fast as a specter, tangling around the Immortal Smelting Pot as he advanced. With hong sounds, he continuously clashed with Kun Di. In the end, his opponent’s arm snapped. A fist imprint smashed down into the other party’s shoulder, making that part cave in, the bones within snapping.

The two both staggered backwards!

“That’s Kun Di, after all these years, he has become more and more terrifying. If Realm Sea’s creatures aren’t included, then he is basically foreign realm’s number one. Who is this youngster? He can actually contend against Kun Di!”

There were creatures who approached the shore from the sea. When they saw this scene, they were incredibly shaken.

“Just a trifling sword core, nothing more than a weapon made from scraps, yet it dares face my Immortal Smelting Pot?” Kun Di shouted.

He brandished his weapon again, activating the precious pot, suppressing Shi Hao. His weapon truly was too powerful. After he activated it, it could directly suppress and kill all enemies in this world.

“Scraps?” Shi Hao laughed coldly, revealing a mouthful of snow-white teeth. He didn’t mind getting more information out of his enemy.

“During the Age of Emperor Collapse, the one who was suspected to be an emperor, but might not be an emperor, was already defeated, leaving behind his sword core. He dragged his wounded body to the dam, leaving behind a faint trail of footprints before disappearing. In the following great eras, all those who obtained this sword core died miserably, not a single one of them able to live until the end, even the creators of Immortal Domain’s system no exception.”

Kun Di actually spoke these words.

“Oh, this sword core is only made up of scraps? So what was the main material used to refine it?” Shi Hao asked indifferently.

“Coffin!” Kun Di replied.

“Three World Bronze Coffin?”

“No!” Kun Di didn’t say anymore, extremely simple.

However, Shi Hao thought of many things. He previously noticed that when the Everlasting Sword Core became extremely resplendent, the upper half covered in immortal ascension light, an immortal diagram would appear. Meanwhile, the lower half of the sword core was flowing with blood, countless great graves resting about. There was a creature under the blood-like sunset, sitting on an ancient coffin. In the surroundings, there were countless tombs, blood flowing like a flood, drowning out those great graves.

“Kill!” Kun Di roared out.

He went all out, wishing to rescue his disciple and kill Shi Hao.

That Immortal Smelting Pot became even more resplendent. The opening of the pot shone, about to suck Shi Hao in.


Shi Hao roared. The Everlasting Sword Core became extremely brilliant, producing immortal ascension radiance. There were creatures seated on it, blood and immortal ascension light interweaving, that scene too strange.


After an intense clash and a bitter struggle, there was endless blood that splashed out. This was their unrivalled blood essence.


The Immortal Smelting Pot couldn’t suck Shi Hao in, so it flew over on its own, its speed inconceivable. The opening of the pot was like a sharp sword, stabbing into Shi Hao’s flesh.


However, Shi Hao’s first imprint also displayed divine might. He endured this strike, and then his fist imprint smashed into Kun Di’s body.


Kun Di coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, his chest exploding. In this world, which immortal king’s flesh was stronger than Shi Hao’s? After all, it had been restrained by ten reincarnation imprints, he even refined the Imperishable Scripture.

At the same time, Shi Hao’s sword core also hacked off one of Kun Di’s arms.

“Old thing, foreign realm’s indiscriminate murderer, hand over your life!”

A string of Shi Hao’s essence blood flew out. He quickly blasted aside the Immortal Smelting Pot, charging at Kun Di.


In the end, both sides coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

Kun Di turned around and left, entering the foreign realm.

“Kill” Shi Hao chased after him. His hair was disheveled, his entire body covered in blood. He held a sword core just like that, slaughtering his way into the foreign realm again.

1. The characters both read Di here, the former means examine/truth, the latter emperor

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