Chapter 1964

Chapter 1964 - He Wushuang

Shi Hao, Number Two Under Heaven and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist moved together, continuing into the sea. With their dao skills, there was no need to talk about the speed they moved at.

However, this Realm Sea was too special. Black waves rose and fell, an expanse of a ruined world within each wave!

“From the past until now, many realms have been destroyed, too many creatures that have passed away. There were many small worlds, even though they couldn’t compare to Immortal Domain and the foreign realm, they were still extremely vast. However now, what have they become?” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist sighed with astonishment. He lowered his head, looking at the waves beneath his feet.

Ever since the Age of Emperor Collapse, it was unknown just how many realms have become a thing of the past, faded from existence.

Up ahead, the radiance was brilliant, golden radiance appearing on the water surface, rising like sunset brilliance, extremely dazzling. This was extremely strange. This place was still the Realm Sea, death and silence forever the main theme. Why did this type of thing appear?

“Hurry and move out of the way!” Number Two Under Heaven warned.

Multicolored mists rose in waves, this was spiritual energy essence. It carried immortal king imprints, as well as a bit of a bloody smell.

There were immortal kings who perished!

Shi Hao was shocked. He moved together with Number Two Under Heaven and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist, quickly evading. They saw waves of ripples, all of these were great dao symbols, carrying black radiance and blood color as it extended over, engulfing Realm Sea.

This was a storm!

Darkness swept about, roaring past, destroying all things.

Shi Hao was sure that this so-called wind was precisely great dao symbols, the power great and beyond compare, as if many immortal kings were taking action at the same time. How many people could stop it?

“This is precisely the darkness storm. It is nothing more than a single part of the greater storm, yet it can already kill immortal kings.” Number Two Under Heaven said.

Shi Hao frowned. This so-called darkness storm was actually a type of law, a type of great dao order. Many immortal kings couldn’t even do anything against it.

“In Realm Sea, this type of black storm would appear from time to time, so some of the winds that are sweeping towards this shore are from several great eras ago.” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist said.

This type of storm was inextinguishable, surging through the Realm Sea.

Of course, the so-called winds should be called natural laws, great dao laws that could kill immortal kings!

“I really want to know just how these laws and storms are created!” Shi Hao’s eyes were profound and unfathomable.

This type of power was too great, not even immortal kings able to endure it. Did this prove that there was power exceeding Immortal King Realm? When he thought up to here, he began to move.

“Brat, what are you trying to do? Hurry up and get back here!” Number Two Under Heaven shouted.

It was because Shi Hao was actually charging towards the black storm, using his flesh to resist it, trying to use magical force to block the corrosion and face the terrifying surging symbols.


Then, Shi Hao coughed out blood. As he moved through the winds, his body was riddled with scars, allowing the endless ripples and dao symbols to hack against his body.

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder sucked in cold breaths of air, revealing shocked expressions. Huang actually really resisted it, not dying, only taking on some light wounds.

“You actually reached this far, able to compare with the unmatched giants in Realm Sea.” Number Two Under Heaven said with a sigh.

In Realm Sea, those who dared face the storm head-on like this definitely had extraordinary backgrounds, they were well-known and famous, for example, the unmatched expert who visited Burial Earth and the creatures who were approaching the other shore of Realm Sea.

“I am only trying things out, testing out just how powerful that storm is exactly, if the great dao laws exceed the king level.” Shi Hao said. He took risks with his body just to verify some things.

Several days later, Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder stopped, telling Shi Hao that it was best if they didn’t advance any further.

Up ahead, mist covered the heavens, Realm Sea was completely completely quiet, lifeless. There was a type of strange aura that spread from that place.

“We can’t move forward anymore. If we continue forward any more, then we are going to get lost.” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist said.

In this sea, only the border areas were safe. Once one stepped foot here, it was easy to get lost. One would lose their way directionally and mentally, there would be great danger.

“You all should go back, help me protect those people in my place.” Shi Hao said, preparing to explore this sea alone.

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder knew who he was talking about, these were all of the old friends and people related to him back in Imperial Court.

“Youngster, don’t be so impetuous. Once you step foot here, you might never be able to return. You won’t be able to find the path, it will only waste too much of your time.” Number Two Under Heaven advised, his expression grave.

Shi Hao shook his head. How could he be willing to go back just like that? Towards Realm Sea, he wanted to know more, to understand it more thoroughly.

In the end, Shi Hao went on his way alone, entering the depths of Realm Sea. Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder returned.

Yi, it really is strange.” Shi Hao said to himself.

When he travelled far enough, moving across the sea surface, when he turned around, there was an expanse of primal chaos. It was incredibly desolate, unknown where the path ahead was at all.

He began to walk backwards, but unexpectedly discovered that the sky and earth spun about, all of time-space as if flipped by someone, the universe becoming different. This Realm Sea became like a prison.

“The path of return really is troublesome. If there is no one guiding one back, searching about by oneself like this indeed wastes too much time.” Shi Hao said.

However, it wasn’t that there was completely no way, but rather that one needed to derive it, using a huge amount of concentration together with magical force.

Now, he finally understood some matters, why even though he could see many creatures in the sea, it was still hard for them to reach shore.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to quickly return, but rather that it was easy to get lost in Realm Sea.

Once one stepped foot here, it wasn’t that easy to return.

According to what Number Two Under Heaven said, there were immortal kings who basically couldn’t return, trapped inside.


Suddenly, an ancient beast appeared, on its back were bone spurs that were pitch-black like ink. They rushed towards the skies, incredibly sinister, as if it was a giant lizard covered in black scales. It opened its bloody mouth, about to bite towards Shi Hao.

Its eyes were scarlet-colored, long losing itself.

“How pitiful, I’ll help set you free.” Shi Hao said. When he reached out a finger, this large ancient beast that was even larger than a star broke apart just like that. It was blasted until it exploded, turning into a blast of bloody mist, melting into the Realm Sea.

This was a true immortal level creature, its strength quite strong. However, compared to an immortal king, there was still a huge difference.

There weren’t only immortal kings in Realm Sea, there were true immortals as well. The former wanted to break through the king level, step into a brand new world, while the latter only wished to become kings.

Different cultivation realms meant that their goals would be different too.

Unfortunately, this creature lost itself. There was darkness matter in Realm Sea, this darkness matter corroded its mind, making it no longer itself, yet there were even more so other dangers.

 Shi Hao continued into the depths of Realm Sea, each step a mirage, extremely fast. Splashes rushed out with each step, the past ruined worlds disappearing behind him one after another just like that.


Along the way, there was a disheveled eccentric who roared, his entire body covered in darkness mist. He suddenly attacked Shi Hao.

This was a scarlet-haired daoist with powerful strength. He wasn’t a true immortal but an immortal king. It was quite the pity, he already lost his mind too, his body releasing the aura of darkness matter.


Shi Hao released a light shout, not holding back, going all out, ultimately killing this creature.

There were two creatures who remained hundreds of thousand of li out, extremely cold and indifferent as they watched. They didn’t join in, nor did they want to get involved.

They were immortal kings who had long become allies, not losing themselves, their consciousness still extremely clear!


Just a single trip took Shi Hao the larger half of a year. He really was a bit moved. This place was too large, no wonder they said that a single trip would take hundreds of thousands to millions of years, some even traveling for several great eras.

During this time, he saw some creatures fighting, immortal king level individuals fighting bloody battles, settling grudges here. They slaughtered until ghosts wept and deities howled, until heaven and earth collapsed.

Fortunately, this was Realm Sea, a world that was vast enough for them to fight in.

In the sea, there was also natural luck. Shi Hao saw immortal kings who passed away in meditation, leaving behind scriptures, passages and other things that were worth referencing.

No wonder there were even true immortals who were willing to risk their lives and enter. This place had great natural luck after all that if obtained, would bring benefits that would affect one for the rest of their life.

Shi Hao roamed about here, not necessarily needing to immediately rush to the other shore. It was because time didn’t allow it, by the time he rushed over, the black storm would have definitely erupted.

At that time, immortal kings would fall, heaven and earth splitting apart. Going further into Realm Sea was just courting death.

That day, he saw resplendent golden light, multicolored mist spreading. Could it be that there were more immortal kings who died? Shi Hao was confused.

Whenever the black storm swept past, a single mistake would lead to immortal kings dying miserable deaths.

Moreover, the further in one went, the more small black storms there were. From time to time, even immortal kings didn’t wish to face it, needing to continuously avoid it.

It was because this black storm was formed from dao law ripples, imperishable. They accumulated great era after great era, sweeping from the other shore, stopping in this ocean region.

The further in one headed, the more storms there would be, which signified greater danger!

However, this time, there weren’t any immortal kings who died. That was an island that was shining, seated on it was a creature who was currently transforming.


Endless life aura surged. A creature was undergoing rebirth, about to succeed and break through.

Realm Sea had dangers, but it also had great natural luck.

One could see that there were several immortal king corpses around that creatures’ land of rebirth, their spiritual essence completely refined.

That creature found these immortal king corpses, using them as furnace flames to temper itself, ultimately completing a shocking great transformation.

This creature was powerful without a doubt, using immortal king remains as the firewood, burning spiritual essence, refining the true self, using this to complete itself.

“He seems a bit familiar.”

Shi Hao was a bit puzzled. He met this person before.

This was a man who was quite young, his golden long hair scattering down to his waist, incredibly handsome and aloof. Behind him was a pair of golden wings, aloof and transcendent, carrying a type of transcendent temperament.

This was an undying king, but was even more holy than an immortal king!

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao knew who he was. Even though it had been hundreds of thousands of years, he still remembered, saying his name. “He Wushuang!”

He remembered that when he was fighting over the Imperishable Scripture in that miraculous place, he encountered He Wushuang, fighting against this person until his body was ruined, both sides almost destroyed.

Shi Hao and He Wushuang both obtained the Imperishable Scripture, and then they never crossed paths again.

Since there was a great era between the two of them, that battle was full of miraculous brilliance. There was a strange intersection of fate in that magical place.


He Wushuang was rather decisive, directly taking action. Golden radiance erupted from his skin, his head of hair all fluttering about, fighting Shi Hao decisively.

It was because he also recognized the other party. This was a great enemy who had to be eliminated!

He Wushuang had long become a king, always grinding himself in the Realm Sea these past hundreds of thousands of years, trying to consolidate his dao skills, accumulate his cultivation. He was much stronger than before.

His head of long golden hair danced about. When he activated a sword art, hundreds of thousands of streaks of sword energy rumbled, rumbling like thunder. He Wushuang immediately attacked ferociously.

At the same time, his fist released dazzling golden radiance that seemed to be forged from gold, incredibly brilliant. It smashed toward Shi Hao’s head, fierce and ruthless.


Shi Hao’s palm brushed out, this palm already blasting He Wushuang’s palm until blood flowed in long streams.

He Wushuang was extremely strong, becoming an undying king in just a single great era. Moreover, he was extremely confident. However, he still suffered greatly here.

Chi chi chi!

Great dao symbols erupted.

“Huang!” He Wushuang shouted. All around him, golden symbols appeared densely, his imperishable body shining. His king inheritance was activated, using full force to fight a great battle against Shi Hao.

Why would Shi Hao feel fear? He possessed the complete Imperishable Scripture, while the other party lacked a portion.


When they faced each other again, Shi Hao struck He Wushuang until he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, that arm almost exploding.

Fortunately, He Wushuang was careful. When his imperishable body was in danger of being seriously injured, he did everything he could to display all of his dao skills, fighting here.

However, this was futile. Now, Shi Hao was already a giant among immortal kings, looking down from above. When fighting against him, there was no suspense at all.


Shi Hao’s large hand reached over, unstoppable. No matter how the other party displayed world shocking magical force, he could still destroy everything with a single strike.

He Wushuang’s entire body was covered in blood, suffering the most serious injuries since he achieved the dao!

When Shi Hao’s large hand closed, He Wushuang roared out, his body turning into a stream of light, rushing towards the clouds, wishing to escape.

However, it was already too late. He Wushuang was covered by that large hand.

Fingers closed one after another, holding He Wushuang within. Then, Shi Hao suddenly exerted force. The surface of He Wushuang’s body was covered in golden symbols, the nearby areas even more so rupturing.

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