Chapter 1962

Chapter 1962 - Huang’s Power

“Back then, there were definitely immortal kings who colluded, triggering Void God Realm’s destruction, ending up in the prison being exposed, drawing in attacks from powerful enemies.”

Number Two Under Heaven, who was also the past Bird Grandpa, said. At this time, when his eyes opened and closed, a great fierce expression could be seen, killing intent surging.

Now, it already left Immortal Domain with Shi Hao and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist.

Realm Sea was a grand and majestic place, vast and boundless. Shi Hao stood on the dam, gazing into the distance. It was dusky and overcast, mist surging, extending further than the eye could see.

Following at his side were Number Two Under Heaven and the dazzling golden daoist. These two old immortal kings were incredibly powerful.

This wasn’t the first time Shi Hao came, he previously entered deeply into the Realm Sea, killed kings and returned while carrying their heads.

Now, he came again, not feeling any fear, preparing to stir up heaven reaching waves. Number Two Under Heaven and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist charged in together with him to subdue enemies.

Simply speaking, the two fellas wanted revenge. After all these years, they almost lost themselves in Realm Sea, about to fall just like that.

The origins of those creatures who were originally suppressed in the prison was extremely great!

Among them, there were some stone people who were suppressed in temples, wrapped around under chains. They even posed a set amount of threat to Shi Hao.

It was because they were previously kings in Immortal Domain!

“Immortal kings, they became stone people?” Shi Hao stood on the dam, gazing into Realm Sea, his expression becoming increasingly cold.

“No, the stone people there were merely the petrification caused by the suppression of the primordial spirit. Otherwise, how could Void God Realm subdue them?” Number Two Under Heaven shook its head.

It was someone from the Dragon Clan. On the dam, the voice it released was extremely loud, producing great waves.

Then, the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist also spoke, revealing some secrets.

Those kings previously had great reputations in Immortal Domain, their strength astonishing, but they fell into darkness, completely corroded by darkness matter.

That year, that was a great matter that left all sides shocked.

Their backgrounds were extremely great. They threw themselves into the darkness, attacking Immortal Domain together with enemies, the damage they inflicted unimaginable.

In the end, Immortal Domain’s giants took action, suppressing them, locking up their primordial spirits, suppressing them in Void God Realm. They were petrified, unable to struggle free.

Under their hands, there were dozens of divine generals and war martial personnel that were also suppressed, their primordial spirits sealed in the tile containers, also sent into Void God Realm.

This was the background of those people!

It was because the past Immortal Domain’s kings also obtained contributions before, they couldn’t be directly killed. There were still those who hoped to awaken them one day, save them, so that was why they weren’t directly destroyed.

There was actually this kind of story!

Shi Hao’s eyes were deep. He began to move, entering Realm Sea!

Number Two Under Heaven and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist followed him, both of them continuing forward, precisely to settle this karma.

“There are also rumors stating that among those suppressed, there are some who know about Origin Ancient Artifact’s secrets. There were people who wanted to find out these secrets, so that was why they weren’t killed.” Number Two Under Heaven, who was also Bird Grandpa, said it like this, his large bronze eyes full of killing intent.

Great waves surged in Realm Sea, each wave a ruined world, carrying the aura of endless years. This place was too mysterious.

Shi Hao’s group moved on the waves, this process was like crossing different words, walking on countless ruined worlds. These were worlds that appeared countless great eras ago.

A pair of scarlet red eyes appeared in the distant darkness, sinister and horrifying as they stared over, as if it wanted to pounce over and devour them.

“Another creature who lost its soul.” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist said with a sigh.

In this Realm Sea, there were who knew how many experts that had lost themselves, only their killing intent left behind, no longer their past selves.


Number Two Under Heaven roared out, the draconic cry resounding through the skies, stirring on heaven reaching waves, shaking up Realm Sea. Those scarlet eyes vanished from the darkness.

Even though those creatures also lost their rationality, they still knew if an enemy was strong or weak, coming from their instincts, so they withdrew just like that.


However, in the end, there were still creatures who couldn’t help but take action. A great claw reached out, covering the heavens.


Number Two Under Heaven was ruthless in its actions, tearing off that large claw, a rain of blood pouring down. A massive creature whose entire body was covered in scales fled into the depths of Realm Sea. However, half its body was cracking, breaking apart to pieces.

“One of the best among undying beings!”

In Realm Sea, there were true immortals and undying beings, not only kings who dared enter. There were creatures of other cultivation realms who came, but normally speaking, their endings were all rather pitiable.

Several days later, the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist rose into the sky, gazing into the Realm Sea ahead. He stood still, not moving, seeing his objective.

There was an expanse of islands scattered all over the place, rather conspicuous in this sea. There were lumps of flames flickering about with incredible brilliance.

There were powerful individuals seated here. These were their primordial spirit flames, lightning up this place, there were clearly kings among them!

Shi Hao sensed a familiar aura. It was those creatures after all. They previously faced each other in Void God Realm’s prison, fought with each other.


Number Two Under Heaven released a draconic roar, making heaven and earth tremble.

At this level, there was no need to hide anything. Even with millions and millions of li between them, they would sense each other, there was no way of avoiding this.

On the other side, two creatures suddenly opened their eyes, releasing king brilliance. There was lightning that flew out from within their pupils, sharp and dazzling, staring at Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder.

“Old things, you two are actually still alive, daring to appear here!” On the other side, the two kings said coldly, their bodies carrying strong darkness aura.

Shi Hao was sure that these two were precisely the stone statues from before, the ones suppressed in that palace. The auras were definitely the same, back then, they were bound firmly under chains of order.

“Where are the others?” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist shouted.

There were definitely more than just the two of them back then, several actually. They were all suppressed, their primordial spirits becoming stone statues. Now, there were only two great experts left.

Of course, there were quite a few war generals of other cultivation levels at their sides that were glaring like tigers. They were all previously sealed in the tile jars, now recovering their freedom.

“Who rescued you all? Where are the others?” Number Two Under Heaven asked.

The two kings laughed coldly, unconcerned, “Coming here like this to eliminate us like this, don’t you think of yourselves as too arrogant? Realm Sea has long been overturned, it is no longer the Realm Sea you all have imagined.”

The two great creatures took the initiative to make their moves, pressing towards Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder.


Shi Hao took action. He didn’t want to waste any time, going all out to attack these two great kings.

“Giant?” As soon as he took action, these two immortal kings who released darkness matter from their bodies were horrified, their expressions changing, unable to help but go all out, frantically fighting for their lives.

“We’re leaving!”

They fought with everything they had, not hesitating to break apart their bodies. Immortal king blood scattered everywhere, carrying darkness attribute, corroding Shi Hao, Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder, forcing them to avoid it.

The two great experts used this chance to escape!


Shi Hao’s large hand moved out across this region. Many war generals were covered, turning into blasts of bloody mist. All of the creatures previously sealed in the tile containers were killed.


At the same time, his large hand moved across the darkness rain of blood, immediately grabbing a creature’s primordial spirit, immediately suppressing it.

“Speak!” Shi Hao shouted.

That immortal king didn’t feel any fear, still sneering as it said, “In these past hundreds of thousands of years, Realm Sea has long merged, forming waves of powers, yet you all still rashly charged in. This is just courting death!”

“It seems like your primordial spirit is still fine, the same all this time. Were you truly corroded by darkness?” Shi Hao said coldly.

Haha, you thought we were corroded by the darkness matter and that’s why we fell into darkness? How laughable. There were some of us who were darkness creatures to begin with, just that we always remained hidden in Immortal Domain, you all not noticing. Haha…” He roared with laughter.

These words immediately made Shi Hao, Number Two Under Heaven and the Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist feel a wave of icy coldness. The darkness’ power had long permeated into Immortal Domain?

Back then, the so-called darkness corrosion wasn’t the truth. There were some creatures that were darkness creatures to begin with?

This was definitely not good news, but rather extremely terrible!

As darkness creatures, why didn’t Immortal Domain’s kings sense anything. Could they not detect anything?

“Since I dare say these things, then I naturally don’t have any fear. In this age, Immortal Domain and other realms are all going to be destroyed and returned to darkness, become the land of eternity!”

“Darkness will be everywhere!”

“Darkness is the place of return of all the heavens!”

This creature looked like it was mad, screaming and roaring out.


Shi Hao suppressed and killed this primordial spirit, but it recombined again!


Shi Hao roared out. Above him, there was a sphere of light that was incomparably dazzling, lighting up the darkness. That seated little figure brandished a fist imprint, smashing over murderously.

Dazzling divine rainbow light erupted, illuminating Realm Sea, tearing through the darkness, completely killing that darkness creature’s primordial spirit!

Deity Three Feet Above the Head!

This was Shi Hao’s sixth great secret realm. At this time, it actually displayed this type of power, killing an immortal king within such a short amount of time.

“Youngster, you don’t need to suppress and then slowly refine an immortal king, you can just directly kill them?” Number Two Under Heaven was shocked.

“Once giants reach a certain level, they will obtain these types of methods sooner or later. Moreover, I naturally don’t fear the darkness.” Shi Hao said.

Now, his body’s six great realms became more and more resplendent, displaying secret technique power that surpassed the past. This was the result of body as a seed, of his potential continuously being unearthed.

“Your methods really aren’t ordinary!”

“It should be said that this type of system is too heaven-defying!”

The two elders said in praise.

“Do you all wish to use it as reference?” Shi Hao asked. He passed on some secrets, telling them about the six great secret realms’ cultivation method. The battle in the future was too miserable, the more powerful those at his side were, the better.

The two elders were moved. After carefully examining it, they were incredibly shocked. This type of system had a great toppling effect, making them reveal complex expressions.

The two felt that Shi Hao had a chance to use this in reaching an even higher level.

In the past, when several creatures joined hands to create Immortal Ancient methods, they almost broke through the king realm. Meanwhile, was Shi Hao going to truly succeed? The two elders were both inwardly hopeful.

“The other darkness creature won’t truly escape, right?” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist warned.

“He won’t be able to get away!” Shi Hao said.

At their level, even if they were separated by millions and millions of li, they could still sense each other. Even though Realm Sea was large, almost limitless, that creature was still within his realm of perception.


Above Shi Hao’s head sat a little figure wrapped within light. It suddenly opened its eyes, releasing a great roar. Its hands formed imprints, producing a chopstick length spear.


It thrusted out fiercely. This was an immortal spear formed from the essence of Shi Hao’s great realms, the core of his dao skills.

Then, it flew out just like that, nothing able to stop it. It surpassed the restrictions of time, accompanied by the power of time and the laws of space.


That immortal spear arrived from behind, flung out by the little figure three feet above Shi Hao’s head, piercing through that fleeing creature’s primordial spirit!


A miserable scream sounded. That creature was impaled!

However, he still didn’t completely die. Only when Shi Hao hurried over, was he completely killed.

“These types of methods are too terrifying. You are not only at the very top of Immortal Domain, you can be considered a giant even in Realm Sea, enough to be comparable to the Butcher and others.”

The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist said with a serious expression. He never expected Shi Hao to be this powerful!

“I want to know the various mysteries of Realm Sea. Do you all know about them?” Shi Hao asked.

Now, many things pointed towards Realm Sea. He wanted to understand, wanted to get to the bottom of it all.

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