Chapter 1943

Chapter 1943 - Primordial Spirit Returns

Several creatures followed quietly behind, thinking that they were hidden well, wishing to follow him into Immortal Domain.

They were indeed not weak, originating from some immortal earths. Back then, the divine islands, pure lands and others that fell from outer space carried rich undying matter, they were obtained by these clans. They then isolated themselves from the outside world.

Only this type of place could produce Mortal Dao’s supreme being level experts.

Shi Hao didn’t turn his head. His steps were unstable, body as if unable to bear the pressure, as if he might fall on these last few steps into Immortal Domain.


He fell down, his body seeming weak, a bit powerless.

In the back, when those creatures saw this, their eyes flickered with vicious brilliance, inwardly transmitting sound. They all made their move at the same time, wishing to strip the natural luck from Huang’s body.

However, when their magical artifacts suppressed over, interweaving, he stood up from the ground again, looking coldly at them.


They saw a hand reach out, directly seizing all of the magical artifacts, crushing them into powder, this process just too easy. This scene even made their souls shake, leaving them extremely horrified.

“Even people with hearts as treacherous as yours, no concept of gratitude, dare vainly try to borrow my strength to achieve immortality?”

Shi Hao said coldly. This was the most simple test. Those creatures were blinded by the path of immortality, revealing some of their true nature.

These people’s faces suddenly changed. Huang was testing them, his actions so simple, yet they were momentarily beside themselves with joy, even their most basic judgment becoming wrong.

“I didn’t attack you!” One of the creatures said.


Shi Hao’s large hand descended. The other creatures all died, only the one who cried out was left alive. With a raise of Shi Hao’s hand, he fetched heaven and earth essence, turning it into Divine Origin Liquid, sealing that creature here.

“You only knew to move a bit slower, your heart still carrying powerful killing intent. In reality, you are the same as the others.” Shi Hao said.

However, this person indeed didn’t attack him in the end, so Shi Hao left him with his life, sealing him on this path of immortality.

“No!” This creature shouted. Being forever sealed here, able to see the path of immortality, yet not being able to enter, just how much of a suffering was this?

Shi Hao turned around, rushing into Immortal Domain!

He ‘achieved immortality’, but he didn’t feel anything strange, no excitement or joy, instead feeling completely normal. Moreover, charging his way in didn’t exhaust too much energy either.

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ people believed he ‘achieved immortality’.

In reality, his flesh already reached the level of the Vicious Ten five hundred thousand years ago when he rushed at the Immortal King Realm, his weakness was merely his primordial spirit!

That was why he was able to easily enter Immortal Domain after finding the correct spatial node, it wasn’t strange at all. It couldn’t be considered the so-called ‘achieving immortality’.

It was because it was already enough purely with Shi Hao’s terrifying physical body. Back then, when he rushed at the Immortal King Realm, in terms of his flesh, he already wasn’t weaker than an immortal king.

Otherwise, Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu wouldn’t have insisted on killing his primordial spirit.

However, Shi Hao didn’t know that even though he wasn’t too excited or moved, in the end, he still entered Immortal Domain. This brought him a feeling of novelty, his eyes flickering about with brilliance.

The ten reincarnation imprints’ true primordial spirits woke up, opening their eyes. They sat in the reincarnation imprints, waiting, hoping for a chance to rush out.

It was because it was already about time. They only needed some type of opportunity, and then they could rush out, struggle free of the reincarnation imprints, truly merge together, become an unmatched immortal king.

This was the main reason behind Shi Hao’s confidence in entering Immortal Domain!

After coming here, he sensed the severity of the situation. Immortal Domain was unstable. After all these years, they were always in a chaotic state of war, all of the exceptional experts fighting great battles from time to time.

Just how many Immortal Kings passed away? It was hard to say for certain.

In Immortal Domain, there was a region that had already been occupied by creatures of outer space!

Shi Hao continued forward, going from one expanse of cosmos to the next, from one land ruled by an immortal king to another. He continued to travel through this place, trying to understand the current state of this world.

Immortal Domain was an accumulation of many ancient cosmos, the size boundless beyond imagination.

The great showdown was nothing more than the curtains being raised. The true great clash between unmatched experts was always going on. Some places in Immortal Domain had already been completely destroyed.

Shi Hao wandered around for a few decades, experiencing much of the chaos.

He previously climbed up a wall in a certain city, fighting a great battle against the enemy creatures who came from outer space. His body was drenched in blood as he fought endlessly. This was a bitter experience.

“The creatures from the Realm Sea, as well as the darkness matter… all of it has appeared!”

Immortal Domain was not peaceful at all. Once conflict erupted, then heaven and earth would collapse, ghosts would weep and deities would howl. The battles in recent years were extremely terrifying, leaving everyone horrified.

“Shi Zhongtian, do you understand your sins? After attacking and injuring Yuanchu Immortal King’s descendant, you still want to leave?”

Within a troop in the cosmos, a banner fluttered about. They were currently chasing after an elder. This group of men were extremely savage, chasing relentlessly, vowing to capture him.

“Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu harmed my grandson! After all these years, I’ve only had a single objective, I will take all of you down one day!”

The elder’s body was covered in blood, an arm even severed, currently fleeing for his life, heading into the depths of the cosmos, wishing to break free from this starry sky.

“Shi Zhongtian, you won’t be able to escape! Don’t think that just because you have a taboo existence from the Realm Sea behind you, we don’t dare kill you!” Someone shouted.

Haha, so what? This is only a spirit body of mine!” Shi Zhongtian’s figure became dim, becoming indistinct.

Those soldiers behind him cursed, activating all types of magical artifacts, frantically attacking. The other’s indistinct figure exploded, turning into a rain of light, thus disappearing.

Sure enough, it was a spirit body, not his true self.

Shi Hao’s eyes became red, his primordial spirit awakening. He saw his grandfather being chased by others like this. Even though it was only an incarnation, he still couldn’t accept this.


Immediately afterwards, all ten reincarnation imprints trembled, about to collapse. The outside world was provoked, allowing him to make a breakthrough.

“Who are you?”

The troop saw Shi Hao heading in their direction, loudly asking.


Shi Hao’s entire body was covered in light. The reincarnation imprints began to tremble. The diamond band-like reincarnation imprints on his body became dim, withdrawing into his body.


Shi Hao released a large hand that covered the starry sky, covering everyone underneath, and then exerted force, smashing this place apart.


Those people all turned into bloody mist, exploding, smashed to pieces by Shi Hao’s fist.

Shi Hao was now different, his eyes deep. There was a wave of deep and immeasurable aura. His power erupted, continuously becoming stronger.

“I have returned!”

He said quietly. Just now, he had been stirred up. When he saw his grandfather chased after like that, the flame within his heart burned extremely uncomfortably, his emotions rising and falling intensely, becoming a type of opportunity.

Shi Hao broke free, rushing out of the reincarnation imprints, starting to truly rise up!

However, a large expanse of divine light blossomed above his head, leaving everyone greatly shaken. This was the natural reaction produced after his primordial spirit merged together.

“I feel unprecedentedly powerful right now!”

Shi Hao said to himself. He was incredibly confident. If he encountered those people again, would they still be able to kill him?

His primordial spirit was originally his weakness, but now, the ten spirits became powerful and sturdy enough. His ten primordial spirits returned to being one, all of them entering his skull. This naturally triggered irregular scenes.

This was precisely the reason why his head was surrounded in brilliance, his primordial spirit force too strong. There was divine brilliance that erupted, rushing out of his skull.

“Why do I feel like I can still carry out some type of transformation?”

Shi Hao discovered that when he used all of his strength, boundless divine force surged in his body. Then, his primordial spirit also flowered with essence energy, ultimately congealing, rushing out of his skull.

He didn’t waste any time. In the following period, he sought out Shi Zhongtian, wishing to reunite with him.

After all this time passed, for him to still be able to meet a loved one, meet his grandfather, it truly was a joyous thing, as well as a miracle in itself.

A few years later, he found a region. It was the residence of a creature who returned from the Realm Sea, occupying an expanse of brilliant starry sky. Normally, no one dared approach.

It wasn’t just Grandpa Fifteen who was here, A’man was also here. Throughout these years, they would occasionally head out to attack Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu’s descendants.

All of this was to get revenge for Shi Hao.

If there were people who chased after them, the two would hide here, not come out. Those people didn’t dare charge in either.

It was because A’man was that person’s disciple!

“Grandfather, A’man!”

Shi Hao never expected that when he entered Immortal Domain, he would meet them first.

Even though it had already been a few years since he entered Immortal Domain, he always allowed his flesh to do as it wished, while his primordial spirit remained in the reincarnation imprints. Now, he truly struggled free.

“You are…” When Shi Zhongtian saw Shi Hao, he was startled, momentarily stunned, feeling like this was inconceivable.

Then, he released a loud cry of grief, carrying endless misery and pain, saying, “Why do you look the same as my Hao’er?!”

A’man was elegant and exceptional, looking at him in a daze. She also muttered, “Why do you look the same?”

“Grandfather, A’man, it’s me! I’ve returned!” Shi Hao’s eyes turned sour, almost shedding tears. He loudly told them that he didn’t die, that he was still alive.

“What, alive?” Shi Zhongtian’s eyes became extremely wide, saying angrily, “Ao Family, Taishi Family, are you all trying to trick me?” He opened his Heavenly Eyes.

At the same time, A’man’s eyes also erupted with divine brilliance, staring at Shi Hao. In the end, she was shocked, unable to help but say, “It really is little Hao!”

“Shi Zhongtian, evil woman, where are you two going to run off to this time?”

There were figures all around, all of them experts, completely flanking this region, targeting this starry sky.


“Little Hao!”

In this world, how many people were there left who called him this? Shi Hao’s eyes turned sour. After hundreds of thousands of years passed, the seas turned into mulberry fields. The places were still there, but the people weren’t. After entering Immortal Domain, his primordial spirit returning, he could actually still immediately meet these two!

Shi Zhongtian and A’man were shocked, overjoyed and excited. They completely forgot about those people in the surroundings, Shi Hao was the only thing in their sight.

“Don’t know the difference between life and death!” Someone sneered. This was a true immortal.

This group of people weren’t few in number, all of them having true experts overseeing them, immortal dao figures who descended.

Shi Hao suddenly raised his head and said, “Grandfather, A’man, please wait for a bit!”

Shi Hao faced these people, only using a single movement. He brandished his palm, and then struck towards this starry sky.


This starry sky exploded. There really were quite a few enemies here, a powerful army, but in the end, they were smashed into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, not a single person remaining.

Shi Zhongtian and A’man were completely stupefied.

“Child, you… good, good, good!” Grandpa Fifteen directly said good three times, excited to the point where he was shaking. His grandson had just returned, yet he already showed him this scene, leaving him incomparably surprised.

“You killed them well!” A’man also cried out in joy.

“Who is the one doing this type of thing, making over ten thousand cultivators die tragically with a raise of their hand? Do you not feel that your methods are too fierce, too vicious?” Someone said in the starry sky depths.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, directly bringing Grandpa Fifteen and A’man away. Who cares what kind of great figure this was? If he wanted to deal with him, then he would just suppress and kill.

“Dao friend, I can see that your cultivation is profound, dao skill immeasurable. Why have you killed Aocheng and Taishi Immortal Kings’ descendants? When facing a powerful enemy, we should have amicable relations. With this type of magical force, you should face the creatures of darkness, as well as the enemies that continuously appear from the Realm Sea.” That person said.

“If they were all Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu, these types of people, I would rather directly go against them, I definitely wouldn’t be friendly with them or join hands!” Shi Hao’s words were extremely cold.

“Dao friend, you are too extreme. What grudges cannot be neutralized? Doing things like this will easily force you to stand alone. With the great showdown here, we should all be supporting each other.”

“If I was the one who was making the choice, Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu all deserve to suffer from disaster!” Shi Hao said. Then, he slowly added, “If making them my enemy makes me alone, then just come. I am willing to throw myself into the great chaos, I am the greatest avenger!”

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