Chapter 1942

Chapter 1942 - Matters of the Mortal World

Reincarnation did not take time into account. Even after millions and millions of years of reincarnation, there would be that instant of rebirth!

According to legend, there were unmatched experts who have been reincarnated, establishing a new life. This was a type of great reincarnation, but who in the world could confirm this? There was no way.

Reincarnation was a period of experience, one that left the normal trajectory of life, starting along a different path. This was precisely an instance of reincarnation.

An instantaneous flash of realization, experiencing the joys and sorrows of life, this was like crossing a piece of the river of time, achieving supreme nirvana, causing a sudden change in one’s life. This was a special type of reincarnation.

Shi Hao’s body carried ten reincarnation imprints, these ten pieces of memories that were hard to forget, experiences that could never be erased. He lingered about life and death, from life to death, from death to life.

In the past, Shi hao had ingested the Yellow Springs Fruit, experiencing several lives, obtaining some more reincarnation imprints. Later on, when he obtained the Imperishable Scripture and fought He Wushuang, almost mutually destroying each other, he obtained another reincarnation imprint.

This reincarnation imprint had many miraculous uses that couldn’t be described with words. From past until present, they were things even immortal kings found hard to see through.

When Shi Hao faced tribulation, there was an Immortal Killing Guillotine that descended, wishing to take his life. At that time, the dao fruit little figure took it on in his place, while a reincarnation imprint shone, wrapping around that dao fruit.

It was precisely after that time that Shi Hao began to attach great importance to the reincarnation imprints. Whenever he faced great ups and downs in life, the turbulent situations of life and death, he would seriously study it.

Embodiment Transformation, transforming all ages, he had previously spent close to five hundred thousand years in the Age of Emperor Collapse, living one life after another, experiencing aging and decline. Even though there wasn’t a reincarnation imprint left behind from every single life, he also succeeded several times.

When he returned to the present world, he frantically cultivated, using the Void Immortal Gold Stele to fight against himself. There was one time where he almost perished, basically fallen in battle.

That day, the restricted region lord was alarmed, the crystal skull, golden arm bone and others were also anxious, reviving him with difficulty.

Under this type of situation, unavoidably, a reincarnation imprint quietly appeared.

When he carefully counted it up, Shi Hao should have had more than ten, but some scattered. There were ultimately ten, not increasing, not decreasing.

Ten reincarnation imprints, they contained great mysteries!

Back then, when he died, they actually completely vanished. The ten imprints swallowed up all the rain of light, moreover completely restrained themselves in his hand, not appearing in the world.

Only when he reached Burial Land did they appear. However, at that time, they already moved from his hand to his body, turning into a diamond-like divine ring, wrapping around his body.

If Aocheng, Taishi, Yuanchu and the others could wait a few days, they would have been terrified, they definitely wouldn’t have let his body go!

It was because all clues that even had a bit of doubt would make them act ruthlessly.

When the Burial King saw the ten reincarnation imprints, he revealed an expression of shock. However, he couldn’t sense anything, only feeling like his body was special.

One could imagine just how extraordinary these ten reincarnation imprints were! Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was within, but not even someone as powerful as a Burial King could figure it out, unable to sense it.

Right now, the ten imprints grew dim, no longer shining, becoming peaceful again.

It was because the ten figures inside all became calm. Shi Hao obtained the information regarding his old friends. They were still there, still alive, waiting for him to join the battle!

All he could do now was comprehend the dao, further perfect his own methods. He had to break through, become an unmatched expert. At that time, the ten reincarnation imprints would no longer restrict him!

He was going to truly make an appearance, enter the great showdown!

That was why the ten primordial spirits all became quiet, starting to cultivate alone, entering the deepest state of dao comprehension.

At the same time, there was that strand of primordial spirit strength that flowed about, continuously entering the true body, making that muddled self gradually become stronger.

Shi Hao’s primordial spirit didn’t have to worry about the body anymore, allowing it to search on its own, explore this world’s mysteries. Even if this body tried to break into Immortal Domain again, it wasn’t entirely impossible.

He had this type of confidence, not fearing any creature!

Shi Hao’s frontal bone shone, the hazy primordial spirit was gradually becoming stronger. Even though the process was slow, over a long period of time, the accumulation was also extremely astonishing.

He temporarily sealed the nine dragons pulling Three World Bronze Coffin here, continuing to move through the cosmos. He passed through desolate ancient lands one after another, visiting life stars one after another.

“Could he be Huang? Heavens, why does he look that similar to what is recorded on the bone books? His imprint diagram is there!”

As the years went on, there were finally some people who recognized that his true self looked like an ancient individual.

“The one who was deemed Emperor of the Mortal Dao?” Within some ancient inheritances, cries of astonishment sounded.

Only, there had been several breaks in history. After the great showdown began, everything was ruined, much of the truth hidden under the years of history.

Now, it wasn’t an age where anyone could live for a million years. Even the most powerful creatures were already quite formidable if they could live for ten thousand years!

“Imperial Court’s founder, Huang, how is he still alive in this world?”

“Look, he has visited so many remains. Is he trying to enter Immortal Domain?!”

Throughout the years, Shi Hao’s traces were scattered across every corner of the universe, even entering many collapsed ruined realms, entering some mysterious ancient realms’ great cracks and abysses.

There were times when he would encounter a powerful creature, but they couldn’t stop his continuously strengthening self.

“The world calls me Huang, the creator of Imperial Court, so I’ll establish an Imperial Court, allow it to exist forever in this world, create an imperishable inheritance!”

Shi Hao’s body said to himself. His powerful primordial spirit had yet to return, but he had this type of instinct, wishing to establish an Imperial Court again!

Sure enough, the world was shaken, everyone was shocked by his methods. In a single night, he created formations and built giant palaces. Imperial Court’s great banners fluttered around, boundless divine might filling the world.

“It really is him?!” Some people were doubtful.

There were quite a few people who joined this Imperial Court, most of them wandering cultivators, becoming followers of this inheritance.

The reason why Shi Hao’s body did this was mainly to recall his past memories. He didn’t know that there were ten great primordial spirits within him.

In just a few years, Imperial Court reached a certain size. There were powerful wandering cultivators who became divine generals, this triggering some memories within him, feeling some deja vu.

“I want to achieve immortality even more now.” Shi Hao’s body felt like he had this type of conviction hidden within the depths of his body. He wanted to enter Immortal Domain. There were some people and things that were pulling him in, he felt extremely impatient.

In the following years, Shi Hao took action in many spatial nodes within the cosmos, trying to break into the scarred and damaged Immortal Domain.

There were some important spatial nodes that he left steles behind in, remaining there and warning those who came after him. Moreover, he even left behind some techniques.

He used great dao patterns to inscribe the steles.

One day, when he exerted force on a certain spatial node, the void split apart. A great abyss appeared. This place didn’t lead to Immortal Domain, but rather a perished small world.


He was inwardly shocked.

A strand of white light that was extremely gentle scattered out. He saw a bone pagoda.

To be more precise, it was a damaged pagoda, only one layer. However, it had natural laws, patterns interweaving, turning into light, creating eight layers.

There were nine layers in total, an unmatched great dao aura flowing around them!

That day, within the ten imprints, Shi Hao’s primordial spirit sensed something. The ten little figures all opened their eyes, the ten imprints erupting with brilliance.

“Little pagoda, another portion of its ruined body!” The reincarnation imprints’ Shi Hao was truly stunned.

The little pagoda had nine layers in total. However, it participated in a terrifying great decisive battle, breaking apart into many pieces many years ago, lost in various regions.

When Shi Hao first discovered it in the Hundred Shattered Mountains, it only had four layers. Later on, he seized two layers from the higher realm, restoring it to six layers.

Meanwhile, five hundred thousand years ago, when Fallen Immortal Ridge’s master took action against Shi Hao, attacking him with Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu, he used a ruined pagoda that had two layers.

Together with this one, the nine-layered pagoda was complete!

“Little pagoda, Willow Deity, where are you all? No matter how cruel this age is, it doesn’t matter, I can fight in your place! Wait for me!” Within the reincarnation imprints, Shi Hao said this quietly.

In the end, Shi Hao’s true body brought away this ruined pagoda. It was also from this day on that he looked for Immortal Gold, starting to create artifacts in Imperial Court.

“Heavens, what did he end up refining?”

Several decades later, he found Immortal Gold because he had scoured every corner of the cosmos before. If there were immortal materials, he would definitely easily find them.

Imperial Court erupted with immortal light, auspicious multicolored light appearing streak after streak. Shi Hao refined a pagoda, restoring that layer of bone pagoda, refining it within.

The nine-layered pagoda body flowed with chaotic energy, accompanied by immortal light. It directly possessed immortal dao energy, incurring world shocking lightning tribulation!

Many people suspected that Huang refined an immortal artifact, but they weren’t sure. After all, the people of this world already couldn’t achieve immortality, so how could there be this type of artifact refined?

History was severed, the world boundless. No one understood the past.

It was precisely because this pagoda was successfully refined that Imperial Court’s reputation became great. Inside this area of the cosmos, more and more powerful cultivators hurried over and joined the Imperial Court.

From a certain perspective, this pagoda became Imperial Court’s emblem, more useful than Shi Hao’s years of recruiting.

“Perhaps when I break through the shackles of my reincarnation imprints, I should properly refine a weapon of my own.” Shi Hao’s true primordial spirit said to himself.

Then, he crossed the heavens, moving about the world. The spatial nodes that he opened up increased in number, several areas almost connected to Immortal Domain.

Some people knew what he was doing. They were all extremely shocked.

Shi Hao established a stele on each path to Immortal Domain, leaving behind a warning and some scriptures, hoping to give those coming after him some enlightenment.


That day, an undying mountain smashed into this realm, bringing over a sea of essence energy. There was undying aura, as well as immortal dao essence, shaking up this ruined world.

Shi Hao also moved, hurrying over. He saw a mountain that was massive beyond comparison, as if it covered everything.

Many stars even seemed insignificant in comparison, moving around it. Meanwhile, at its highest point, the terrain was unusual, extremely strange.

It fell here from outer space. Did it smash through a realm wall?

This world was ruined, or perhaps it could be said that this area of the cosmos even became dried up. It wasn’t all that strange for different realms to be connected now.

This mountain left even Shi Hao shocked. It was because after he ascended the mountain peak, he saw a miraculous scene, or perhaps it could be called an irregular scene.

The mountain peak’s terrain was exceptionally beautiful, grand and astonishing.

Nine dragon veins pulled an ancient coffin, too strange, similar to the shape of the Three World Coffin. Only, this place was a natural mountain, while what Shi Hao saw before was nine bone dragons pulling a bronze coffin.

Inside the reincarnation imprint, Shi Hao’s true primordial spirit woke up. He began to think to himself, silently pondering over many things.

“The Three World Coffin’s origins are extremely great, there is great karma!” He felt like this matter was definitely special.

“My dao methods have now made progress. Who cares what kind of karma you have, if there is anything intertwined? What is there to be scared of? If you wish to make me your enemy, then I will just kill!” Within the reincarnation imprints, Shi Hao said.


His body already moved from a type of instinct. With a honglong noise, he broke apart this mountain body, cutting off the highest area with the nine dragon veins pulling a coffin.

During this process, the entire world was shaking. It was because there were formations on this mountain peak, this place shockingly sturdy!

However, he still succeeded.

Shi Hao produced a reaction, because in that instant just now, he sensed that a group of people in the long river of time opened their eyes, tracing the karma upstream, looking in this direction.

“There was great karma after all!”

Then, Shi Hao’s true body went to fetch the nine sets of dragon bones pulling Three World Coffin, placing them in the mysterious terrain, matching the two.

“One day, if I die, I will be buried here.” Shi Hao sighed. He entered the bronze coffin, bringing this mysterious terrain with him, crossing the cosmos, shocking all clans.

In the end, he brought them all back to Imperial Court.


Eighty years later, the universe rumbled, heaven and earth trembled. Shi Hao was breaking into Immortal Domain. His flesh ‘achieved immortality’, about to enter Immortal Domain, settle things with some people!

Several creatures quietly followed behind him!

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