Chapter 1940

Chapter 1940 - Awakening

Burial Earth was quiet and secluded, normally lacking much activity. It was because normally, the lives of undead knights were too simple, spending most of their time asleep.

Regardless of whether it was seclusion or other types of cultivation, it was always carried out like this. They obtained eternal life through sleeping, growth through hibernation, breathing the essence of the underground world.

The years passed in a long and drawn-out manner, ten thousand years passing in a flash. Floods reached into the heavens in the outside world, great battles world shocking, yet Burial Region was still calm like a desolate land of death.

Cao Yusheng studied burial techniques, using his still living self to comprehend this clan’s great methods. He wanted to comprehend things by analogy, not choosing to seal himself up, but rather choosing to live in this place for ten thousand years, wishing to break through and achieve immortality.

It was because Burial Region had undying matter, had rich heaven and earth essence. Of course, there was burial energy and death aura as well.

He was like a Golden Undead Knight in Burial Earth, taking in life energy to nurture himself. He wanted to achieve immortality in this life, wished to get revenge with Shi Hao when he revived, join the battle together with him.

Only, in the end, he still entered his later years, exhausted his lifespan in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Even though there was undying substance here, it still couldn’t ensure that he could continue living forever.

The little dog was also struggling to continue, his hair about to all fall off, but it still held on. It wanted to see this great world for itself, witness the results of the great showdown.

It was unwilling. There was an existence in a restricted region who actually seized Without End Immortal King’s weapon! This was related to hope for Without End Immortal King to ultimately reappear in this world! He wanted to watch Huang wake up, flatten the restricted region, help it seize back that immortal bell.

In the end, Sanzang and Shenming took action, gifting them some burial medicines. These were specially prepared for Golden Undead Knights, refined from undead immortal medicines.

Burial Region was a mysterious land. Many people thought of it as a type of underworld, but there was actually unmatched divine earth that could nurture all things here, drawing in immortal medicines.

That was why there were some places here that were incredibly divine. Meanwhile, there were quite a few immortal medicines here as well, not inferior to Immortal Domain in any way!

The immortal medicines would mature once every so often. There were some who picked them, but some that were ignored as well. Sanzang and Shenming were Golden Undead Knights, so they weren’t that different from ordinary humans. This was why they could ingest this type of great medicine, obtain great benefits from it.

“I’ve finally been reborn, I have another life’s time to cultivate! Huang, my brother, I am waiting for you, waiting for you to return!” Cao Yusheng said. Then, he began to cultivate frantically, the little dog did so as well. It had previously achieved immortality, now trying to restore its dao skills.

The years went on. In a flash, more than a hundred thousand years passed. Outside, even Underworld Earth was affected, the great battles in the outside world continuing endlessly. There were terrifying existences fighting everywhere under the heavens.

Unfortunately, Cao Yusheng’s constitution was precisely like his master said, outstanding, but achieving immortality was still difficult. He was more suited to transformations from one life to another.

His master had an ancient technique that was passed down to him a long time ago.

“Huang, brother, I am already old. Even though this Burial Region is rich with undying matter, there is also a sea of death energy! It is far from the purity of the past Nine Heavens Ten Earths. I am not an undead knight, my lifespan is already about to reach its limit after another ten or twenty thousand years!”

Cao Yusheng said with a sigh.

The little dog was also vexed. Its past immortal dao foundation had already been ruined. Recovering was even more difficult than just cultivating again from the beginning!

“I am going to modify the undead knights’ great methods, perhaps I’ll end up neither man nor ghost, but it will allow me to continue living. This is just for the sake of waiting until you return, brother!” Cao Yusheng said.

The little dog and himself ultimately chose this path, going into hibernation, comprehending the great dao through slumber, cultivating the unmatched secret techniques undead knights didn’t release to the outside world.

Sanzang and Shenming treated them extremely well, passing on their techniques to these two!

After this man and dog disappeared, Burial Land became even more peaceful, not displaying any activity for many tens of thousands of years. It became increasingly deathly still.


One day, this peace was shattered!

A glistening yellow gourd took in and sent out primal chaos. It descended from above, suppressing Burial Land. There was someone who was taking action against Burial Region, causing a part of this place to collapse.

“Who dares?!” Burial Kings were alarmed, angrily making an appearance to face the intruders.

The great showdown descended, there were no pure lands left in this world. Regardless of where it was, it was caught up in the chaos. There were just too many battles, the calamity too terrifying.

Even Burial Region, this most mysterious, incomparably terrifying place, had individuals who dared challenge it, slaughtering their way up to their gates. These were taboo level powerful existences!

This was the first time Burial Region suffered an attack in two hundred thousand years!


A sky shocking battle erupted, terrifying beyond comparison. Even Desolate Border was beaten into ruin, turning into chunks of continents before rushing into outer space, entering the cosmos.

If not for this region having a multitude of formations and countless formation cores protecting it, it would have definitely shattered as well.

Despite this being the case, it was still extremely miserable.

Meanwhile, Imperial Pass not too far out had long faded from existence!

In reality, it had already been flattened many tens of thousands of years ago, turning into ruins. The people and cities of the past had long become a part of endless history.

During these years, Burial Land was quiet, but the outside world was definitely not like this, entering the most terrifying times. No, Burial Region was also finally affected!


Heaven and earth collapsed, starry rivers swept in reverse. The cosmos released a mournful cry, the great dao rumbling. This world was covered in gloomy clouds, the most terrifying great chaos of this world affecting the heavens.

The years were ruthless, able to cut down even the most powerful Pride of Heaven, able to erase taboo existences. There weren’t many creatures that could continue living without perishing.

Regardless of whether it was unexpected or if it was because of karma, as the long stream of time flowed past, the bones of heroes were buried, Heaven’s Prides fell, all of them dying.

As time went by, it had already been five hundred thousand years since Shi Hao’s death. Everything had changed, the world was already completely different.

What about the past Nine Heavens Ten Earths? It was already extremely difficult to find any traces of it!

As for Burial Land, it was split to pieces, floating in various places, becoming increasingly quiet, death aura pervading the air.

This was a continent that wasn’t all that large. It floated in the cosmos, similar to a star. It was unknown just how many ancient lands similar to this one floated in the cosmos’ emptiness.

It was because the greatest battles erupted, darkness corroded the world, history’s most terrifying great showdown erupted in this world. The heavens were all trembling.

Many places were beaten into ruin. Some divine earths, small worlds and uninhabited restricted regions, after being attacked, split apart, the damaged parts flew into the depths of the cosmos.

This chunk of land was precisely one of these areas.

“Who am I?”

On this desolate land, the cold and hard earth already split apart. A disheveled young man struggled out from an area of All Life Earth.

The underground was sparkling and flickering with radiance, this material was a rare Burial Earth. Every granule was sparkling, carrying rich life energy, able to nurture all living things.

It was a material even immortal kings desired.

In the past, the White Tortoise Carrying Immortal stalk of medicine previously said that immortal kings entered Burial Land precisely in search of this type of place to nurture their bodies.

This was what Burial Kings used to cultivate to begin with.

It was rumored that those who were seriously injured or dying could treat their injuries in All Life Earth. Even if the dead were buried here, they could develop a consciousness again in the future, their true bodies would then reappear in the world.

“Where is this?”

The youngster got up. He shook off the All Life Earth around his body, moving aside the long black hair covering his face, revealing a delicate and handsome face. His eyes were bright and pure like a pure spring.

This place was incredibly desolate, resembling a massive ancient land. Apart from him, there were no other creatures, the entire place lifeless.

He frowned, starting to think to himself. However, he felt like his head was in great pain, his consciousness momentarily empty, unable to remember anything.

His body was slender and strong, swirling with sparkling luster. He wore blood-soaked damaged clothes.

Someone sought out the damaged armor and refined it together for him again, helping him wear it. This was only out of hope that when he woke up one day, he could still remember the final battle.

The battle armor was his, the blood also came from him. However now, he was lost, his brain having some things, yet he couldn’t remember.

“Where exactly is this place?” He moved fast like a demon, swift like a streak of lightning. After a single step, he appeared at the other end of this great continent.

At the same time, there were ten imprints on his body that were currently shining. Originally, most of them were on his hand, but they now scattered uniformly across his body. They were like diamonds, restraining his body.

He raised his head towards the skies, seeing star remains all around him. This expanse of cosmos was extremely overgrown, lacking all life force.

On this continent, he paced back and forth alone, walking through every inch of this place, but didn’t find anything. With a raise of his foot, he entered the starry sky.

“This is…” He was a bit confused. Originally, he didn’t know how to fly, but now, he did it naturally, able to move through the starry sky.

There seemed to be something in his head, like a fine stream that continuously appeared, allowing him to understand how to move through the void.


A streak of golden light appeared beneath his feet, directly reaching the other shore of the starry sky. It was like a bridge that stretched across the cosmos. He then began to take steps.

This scene was extremely shocking. He went from one end of the cosmos to the other.

At the same time, in the cosmos, the stars all trembled, stellar splendor gathering, pouring towards him like a sea, absorbed by his body.

This wasn’t what he was doing deliberately, but rather his body’s natural response.

The stellar splendor baptism made his flesh increasingly dazzling, but he didn’t need this type of power. He opened his mouth, taking in a breath. A large black crack appeared, primal chaos surging. He began to absorb primal chaos essence.

After a long time passed, only when his pores all began to release chaotic energy, did he stop, feeling like he didn’t need any more.

“Why do I need to do this?” He looked at his hands, and then raised his head towards the cosmos depths.

He arrived at the other end of the starry sky, feeling like his instincts were spurring him here, telling him to descend here. He saw some ruined continents that were massive beyond comparison, stretching out before him.

This place experienced a great battle, smashed until it collapsed and fell apart. Now, the damage was extremely serious.

At the same time, the ten dao imprints on his body shone, as if there was something that wanted to rush out. It made him seem increasingly intimidating but everything calmed down again in the end.

“What is this place?”

He landed on a continent. This was an expanse of scorched earth, crimson land stretching out for hundreds to over a million li, no sign of life visible, no creatures could be seen.

He got up, leaving this continent. He took a step out, arriving at the neighboring boundless land. He finally saw a living being there.

This ancient land had many primitive forests, even more so countless craters, abysses and others. Upon closer inspection, these were created by sword energy and divine arrows. There were also many star remains. The scene was extremely shocking.

In the past, a great battle erupted here, but as time went on, the ruined world was covered by plants once more, obtaining life force .

There were some tribes that lived in the mountain range, as well as some dynasties built on the plains. The youngster who walked alone encountered the first inhabited area.

“Who are you? Where is this place?”

He saw the first other living individual. This was a youngster, extremely tender, but his constitution wasn’t bad.

“I am named Zhang Bairen. This is an abandoned land left behind after the great battle. You… came from outer space?” The youngster’s eyes were burning brightly. He wore beast skin clothes, full of a hopeful expression as he looked at him.

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