Chapter 1939

Chapter 1939 - Chaotic Ancient Great Era

In the rear mountain region was a mountain valley, waves of smoke rising. A great grave cracked apart, a voice sounding from within. This left everyone horrified.

Many people backed up, staring in that direction in shock.

Bark! A dog barked.

Then, everyone saw a fat daoist and a dog crawl out from that grave.

Cao Yusheng appeared. He had always been buried in the same tomb with the little dog, a wondrous earth and a burial cave that seized the natural luck of heaven and earth were brought over from a different place.

Several years earlier, during Imperial Court’s gathering, when Shi Hao made the decision to attack at the Immortal King Realm, he had summoned him and the little dog, digging up their tomb.

However, later on, they returned, using the Divine Origin Liquid Shi Hao gave them to seal themselves in a special great tomb. During these years, they had always been sleeping.

“That’s Daoist Priest Cao!” Someone cried out. There were others that recognized him.

When they calculated the total time, Cao Yusheng was sealed at around seven to eight thousand years ago, hidden within divine source. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to last until today.

Cao Yusheng was shocked. When he learned about what happened, he felt as if the heaven and earth were flipped, almost falling to the ground.

“Shi Hao!” He screamed, rushing towards the new grave.

That little dog was also shocked. It rushed out, scratching at the grave’s earth, wishing to dig up this grave.

“What are you all trying to do?” Some people from Imperial Court became angry. Even though they knew that his background wasn’t small, they still wanted to go all out against him.

However, soon afterwards, everyone stopped.

Wu…” Cao Yusheng wept. He dug out Shi Hao’s body, kneeling on the ground, hugging it. The heroic and straight body that was dug out was covered in blood, covered in cracks.

One could see just how miserable that battle was!

“Brother…” Cao Yusheng screamed. His hair had long become covered in white hair, his body aged and declining, in his later years. Cold tears flew about, sobbing with grief.

The body he carried was already cold and hard, but it was still heroic and straight. One could see how unyielding and unresigned he was when he was still alive, fighting until the final moment before withering in this world.

“Has all of his essence blood flowed out?” The little dog’s voice was overcast.

Shi Hao achieved immortality, how could his blood be something ordinary people could touch? However, his body was bright red, covered in injuries, yet Cao Yusheng could directly bring him out.

It could only be said that this battle was too great, he might have used up all of his body’s vitality.

Or, Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu were excessively fierce, using a method to completely annihilate his dao foundation, destroying his everything.

“Too hateful!” The little dog released a low roar.

They were all moved, especially when they saw the white-haired Cao Yusheng who was already in his later years, yet was still sobbing in such a broken-hearted manner, all of them feeling uncomfortable.

“Go, let’s leave this place. Leaving Huang buried here is too unsafe, there will definitely be people who will scheme against his body!” The little dog said quietly.

Cao Yusheng wiped away his old tears, nodding. They arranged a formation, sealing the mysteries of heaven. This was what they were best at!

That day, Shi Hao’s corpse disappeared, it was brought away. Imperial Court’s new tomb in the rear mountain was empty.

This became a mystery. After that day, no one knew where Shi Hao’s corpse disappeared to.

“So what? He is already dead, primordial spirit killed. Does he still want to stir up any waves? What a joke!”

In Fallen Immortal Ridge, the clan master said this coldly. Then, he directly went into seclusion, not paying this any more attention. He sealed up the connection between the restricted region and the outside world, becoming its own world once again.

In this world, many people felt regret in Huang’s place. He was originally about to defy the heavens, achieve immortal king status in this Cultivationless Age, but his fate was full of misfortune, dying an untimely death!

Burial Land, there were people discussing quietly.

“What a pity. Such a good sapling, yet he was killed just like that.”

This was a large cave dwelling, different from what outsiders imagined. The essence energy surged, primal chaos pervading the air, accompanied by auspicious multicolored light. Even the earth was shining, this was All Life Earth!

In that place, there were immortal medicines swaying about, fragrance assailing the nostrils.

This was a Burial King dwelling. It wasn’t gloomy, instead brighter than many immortal family holy lands, extremely suitable for cultivation of the dao.

“Sir, please help me with this matter. I wish to bring him back, settle that great karma!” A youngster spoke, hair dazzling golden like a sun god.

In reality, he was a Golden Burial Knight named Sanzang, Shi Hao’s old friend.

“Sir, please help!” On the side, a pretty and flirtatious woman spoke. Her appearance was perfect without faults, carrying a natural charm. Her headhair of fiery red hair hung down.

She was the Golden Undead Knight Shenming.

These two had previously traveled with Shi Hao, all of them on rather good terms. Later on, they headed into Immortal Domain, headed to Dam World, so they could be considered to be friends in times of tribulations.

The most important thing was that they shared an instance of karma between them.

Shi Hao previously obtained a stalk of Three Life Medicine. For others, it wasn’t that useful, but for undead knights, it was an unmatched treasure, one that could assist in their evolution into becoming Burial Kings!

Back then, Shi Hao gifted the Three Life Medicine to these two, exchanging it for the Void Immortal Gold Stele.

It could be said that the Three Life Medicine, this great karma that could turn them into Burial Kings, regardless of whether it was out of friendship or kindness, they never forgot about it.

Even back then, when they separated, the two had vowed that if the day came when something happened to Shi Hao, dying as a result, as long as he still had a part of his flesh left, a part of his corpse, they would definitely fetch him, allow him to become an undead knight!

At the time, Shi Hao directly scowled at them, not wishing to gain sentience after dying at all, instead wishing to always continue living until the day that he could overlook all came.

Who would have thought that this day really did come!

Cao Yusheng and the little dog carried Shi Hao’s body, the two walking together. They were worried that the creatures of the restricted regions would come for Shi Hao’s corpse.

Since Fallen Immortal Ridge’s people took action, even daring to kill Shi Hao together with Aocheng, Taishi and the others, what didn’t they dare do?

Apart from this, a restricted region creature also took action, grasping Without End Immortal King’s great bell, moreover seizing Ye Qingxian’s immortal bell weapon soul.

The little dog gnashed its teeth in anger. If not for its cultivation level being too low, it would have definitely slaughtered its way over.

They had to be on guard against those two restricted regions!

“What else can we do? How can we save you?” Cao Yusheng was grieved. In the past, he was a happy-go-lucky person, this fatty always having a smile on his face.

However today, he was old and gray-haired, figure haggard, incredibly dispirited. He really wanted to save Shi Hao.

“My master was known to be number one in divination in Immortal Ancient. He saw someone who could dictate endless time. Was it not you? Could it be that I was wrong?”

Cao Yusheng wept. Even though his master was number one under heaven, he still didn’t see who the one in the prophecy was clearly, only vaguely knowing that this individual existed.

“By appearing in the world like this now, we don’t have many years left to live. Our lifespans are already near their end.” The little dog sighed. It wasn’t large, but just like Cao Yusheng, it was in its later years, already incredibly old.

“Huang, my brother, I really hope you can live. I want to see you become an immortal king, and then destroy Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu, even beat down all of Immortal Domain and the foreign realm!”

Cao Yusheng shed tears. He already reached his later years, now reminiscing even more about the past, cherishing their friendship, full of reluctance.

However, he was now in complete despair. He carried Shi Hao’s body, running away, yet didn’t know where he could go to revive him.

Cao Yusheng’s body was already stooped, when he was young, the little dog’s fur was dark black, but now it was a bit light red, about to become bald.

Suddenly, Cao Yusheng stopped. His face revealed a complicated expression and then said with extreme decisiveness,. “I know what to do! Let’s go to Burial Land, this might be the only place where he can be saved!”

He thought about the words Shi Hao said to him. In reality, Shi Hao had spoken about those experiences to all of the people at his side, telling them that he had friends among undead knights, that they might necessarily become enemies.

As of Burial Earth, many years ago, they already undid their seal, reappearing, no longer isolated from Desolate Border’s Imperial Pass. Last time, when the ghost immortals gathered in Imperial Court, they had personally confirmed this, bringing over this information.

When they entered Desolate Border again, Cao Yusheng crossed Imperial Pass. His status was now extremely great, no one stopping him, allowing him to pass.

Outside Desolate Border, they saw a man and woman, two youngsters with extraordinary styles. They were currently coming from Burial Land. They were precisely Sanzang and Shenming.

“Huang… he is here?!” Sanzang immediately sensed something. He was a Golden Undead Knight, extremely sensitive towards corpses, especially when he sensed Shi Hao’s aura right now.

“You two… are Sanzang and Shenming?” Cao Yusheng’s cold tears flew about, already completely different from his younger fatty temperament. He was no longer high-spirited, right now having a type of powerless feeling, feeling like his life was dark.

“It is us!” Sanzang immediately rushed over.

Cao Yusheng no longer hid anything, bringing out Shi Hao’s body, letting them look at it. His lips were shaking. “Please save him!”

“Come with me!” Sanzang said, personally carrying Shi Hao, and then took large steps towards Burial Region. They directly headed towards a Burial King dwelling.

The ground surface even erupted with five-colored divine radiance. This was the Burial Earth with the most astonishing value, undying immortal medicines not even willing to leave this place, instead preferring to take root in this type of unrivaled earth.

This place actually had more than a single stalk of immortal medicine. Two stalks were moving back and forth here.

“Worthy of being the genius of an age, already reaching the ranks of the Vicious Ten at this age. What a pity, Aocheng is too fierce, erasing all of his primordial spirit, completely scattering it.”

This Burial King said with a sigh. His entire body was surrounded by a wave of mysterious mist, mysterious and profound. He sat over there, revealing this truth.

“No way… no way, I believe that he is definitely still alive!” Cao Yusheng screamed out.

“Burial King, please take action, help him summon his soul and see if there is still any hope!” Shenming pleaded.

It was clear that this Burial King attached great importance to Shenming and Sanzang, doting on them greatly. If it was anyone else, who dared speak to him casually like this, raise this type of request?


In the end, the Burial King personally displayed a method in this dwelling. He searched the entire Nine Heavens Ten Earths for a hint of primordial spirit fragment. However, he was disappointed.

“Even if his body and spirit were erased, there should be a bit of traces. Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu are too fierce, they really completely erased everything?”

The Burial King frowned. He began to suspect something, but then shook his head, releasing a light sigh.

“Let’s have him become an undead knight.” When these words were spoken, it was undoubtedly declaring that Shi Hao really completely died, that there wasn’t the slightest bit of hope.

“No!” Cao Yusheng screamed out.

Once he became an undead knight, would he still be Huang?

Shenming walked over, caressing Shi Hao’s cheek. “Just peacefully become an undead knight. The primordial spirit your body produces might become astonishing enough, get revenge for your previous self!”

Forget about Cao Yusheng, even the little dog was startled, unable to agree to this.

“Do you two have a better method?” Sanzang asked.

Cao Yusheng and the little dog opened their mouths, in incredible pain. This choice was too difficult. The real Shi Hao died, what else could they do?

“My brother, how many years will it take before… he can produce a new primordial spirit?” Cao Yusheng asked with a bitter voice.

“With his Vicious Ten level body, a few hundred thousand to a million years should be enough. He will exceed other undead knights from past to present.” The Burial King said.

“Hundreds of thousands to a million years… what great era will it be then? The great showdown will have already ended, when can he find Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu, get his revenge?!” He couldn’t accept this.

“Who said this great era is short, who can say that the great showdown will end? This is history’s most strange and terrifying great era. What you see or hear about in the future might not necessarily be true, only by personally experiencing this great era will you be able to understand. We are calling this great era -- Chaotic Ancient Great Erat!”

The Burial King’s expression was incredibly serious, saying this seriously.

Shi Hao was buried in All Life Earth. On his grave, an undying immortal medicine took root, seizing heaven and earth natural luck.

This place became quiet, only Cao Yusheng and the little puppy were left. After filling in the grave, they also had to leave. However, Cao Yusheng’s fine hairs stood on end.

He seemed to have heard a certain voice. He then opened his eyes wide in shock, saying, “Do you hear this? I seemed to have heard Shi Hao speak! He wants to come back, wants to turn into an unmatched immortal king and slaughter his way into Immortal Domain, subdue all enemies!”

The little dog’s fur had also long stood on end. “I seemed to have heard it as well! However, there is no reaction anymore now.”

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