Chapter 1938

Chapter 1938 - Imperial Court’s Demise

There was a scarlet red expanse between heaven and earth, the entire universe becoming a scarlet red color, hazy and faint. This was the wailing of the great dao, carrying great sadness.

It was because Shi Hao had previously obtained the Heaven’s Core Imprint, acknowledged by this world. Even though he gave it up in the end, he had still resonated with this world, already having a different type of close relationship and meaning.

Now, he was killed, his primordial spirit erased, becoming a rain of light and scattering into this world. The entire starry domain shook, making the Nine Heavens Ten Earths rumble with noise.


Someone from Imperial Court screamed, his eye sockets feeling as if they were going to split apart. They saw the battle in the depths of the cosmos through a formation, the result actually this bleak and tragic.

Shi Hao was killed. The restricted region lord, golden arm bone and others all broke apart, smashed apart in the starry sky. This scene was too miserable.


In the cosmos’ stellar streams, chilly winds swept about, the noises like whimpering. There had never been any winds in the starry sky, yet today, there were these irregular scenes.

Shi Hao died, triggering too many irregular scenes.


In the void, blood lotuses appeared one after another, taking root in the cosmos. Every single one of them released large amounts of bloody rain, the sight extremely dismal.

Then, black lightning appeared streak after streak, clouds of blood spreading. Sinister irregular scenes appeared everywhere in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Imperial Court was in great grief. The worst times had arrived. Shi Hao met an untimely death, this signifying the collapse of the Imperial Court. Even the restricted region lord who was originally supposed to bring all of the divine generals perished, his skull turned into fragments.

Now, these dragons didn’t have a leader.

Great sobbing sounds rang through the world. Many of Imperial Court’s divine generals came from Stone Village, the descendants of the past eight hundred soldiers. Now, they felt great sadness.

Ah…” The Heavenly Horned Ant roared in anger, his eyes completely red, voice hoarse.

“Master!” The scales on the crimson dragon’s entire body opened and closed, the defying scale even about to fall over. It was full of sadness and anger, really wishing to go mad. They were now separated by life and death forever, just like that.

Mu Qing, Divine Striking Stone, Emperor Butterfly, Zhu Lin and the others’ eyes all beame red, carrying tears, clenching their fists, teeth clenched tightly, blood flowing out from the corners of their mouths.


A cold and disdainful sound rang through the world. This was Aocheng Immortal King. “I am precisely heaven’s will, this one is the greatest karma, who dares strive against me? All of you are too laughable!”

“The one who was killed was merely an ant, not worth any attention.” Taishi Immortal King said, the first to withdraw.

Yuanchu Immortal King carried a cold expression, looking at the lower realm through the immortal gate. He only revealed a faint smile, not saying anything, and then turned around to leave.


Aocheng Immortal King’s great earthen yellow hand that reached out grabbed towards the depths of the dark and ruined cosmos. There was a corpse there that was covered in blood.

“Aocheng, that’s enough! You even want to destroy his corpse? This doesn’t match your identity at all!”

Inside the immortal gate, an immortal peach branch reached out, strong like a horned dragon, stopping Aocheng Immortal King’s large hand. Pan King took action, his voice extremely cold.

He originally wanted to take action, but Taishi Immortal King and Yuanchu Immortal King, those two great experts stopped in front of his dwelling, facing him, preventing him from doing as he wished.


Aocheng Immortal King said. Despite this being the case, his powerful divine will still descended, immediately sweeping through this starry sky, reaching every corner of this world!

Even though he was an immortal king, he was a cautious individual. Only after confirming that there wasn’t the slightest bit of Huang’s primordial spirit left, that there was indeed nothing left, did he leave.

As an immortal king, a single will could sever the cosmos, having the power to know all under heaven. Forget about this scene before his eyes, even the creatures that were hidden millions and millions of years ago, if he really wanted to find them, he could uncover them.

Aocheng also left!

He didn’t want to have a true falling out with Pan King. After all, they were the ones who completely destroyed his old friend, the restricted region lord!

If he continued to act forcefully, Pan King might go crazy, go all out against him in Immortal Domain!

In the skies, a ruined pagoda that was snow-white like jade rose and fell, moving past Shi Hao’s body. Fallen Immortal Ridge’s master was clearly also investigating.

Pan King released a cold killing intent, pervading outwards!

“I’ve offended dao friend!”

Inside Fallen Immortal Ridge, a voice sounded from within. This clan lord displayed magical force, bringing the ruined pagoda away. He confirmed that Shi Hao indeed died, his primordial spirit killed.

In reality, there was no need to think too much about it. Forget about Huang, even if it was a true immortal king who faced Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu’s joint attacks, suffering the suppression of Fallen Immortal Ridge’s clan lord, it would still be difficult for them to escape disaster.

When four extreme experts took action, who could face them?

Inside Imperial Court, the ghost immortals revealed a strange expression. Huang already died, meaning that the Imperial Court reached its end. Was it going to collapse here, or was someone else going to step up, take his place?

That day, the ghost immortals left.

The same day, hazy mist surrounded Imperial Court, all of the divine generals completely disappearing, no traces left to be found at all.

This news entered Immortal Domain, triggering quite the commotion. A genius who was attacking at the Immortal King Realm was killed halfway in achieving immortal king status.

The true immortals were shocked, especially those who reached half immortal king level, waves of coldness running down their backs. They realized that if one wanted to achieve immortal king level, they still needed to care about their relations with others. If they tried to attack at this level alone, someone might just plot against them.

There were others that laughed loudly. Ao Gan and the others who previously had conflict with Shi Hao, and even the long life families had people who clapped their hands, feeling happy.

As for Taishi Immortal King and Yuanchu Immortal King’s families, there was even less of a need to talk about them. These clans always had an arrogant attitude, looking down on all sides, stating directly that what could killing Huang be counted as? He didn’t know the immensity of the world, should have been killed!

“Even someone like Huang wants to become an immortal king? Keep dreaming, he can forever forget about it. Even someone like him vainly wishes to be equal to my clan’s ancient ancestor, Aocheng Immortal King?” Ao Clan’s people sneered.

“Him? It’s already not bad for him to be able to achieve true immortal level. He truly was carried away by his delusions, how can he compare to an immortal king?” Taishi Immortal King’s clan also had people who spoke like this.

Shi Hao was killed in battle, producing a wave of noise in Immortal Domain. Ever since ancient times, the victors were the ones who were right, this was now displayed to the greatest extent here.

Many people knew that Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu didn’t act in an upright manner, actually not hesitating to pay the price to go down to the lower realm despite being immortal kings, all of this to kill a younger generation. It really was going too far.

However, no one dared say too much. Who dared challenge the prestige of immortal kings? Huang didn’t even take the initiative to provoke the three great immortal kings, yet he was still killed.

There were some people who were sentimental. In Immortal Domain, the youngsters from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths all sighed. This really was heaven being jealous of heroic geniuses!

“It truly is a pity with Huang! He had immortal king aptitude, attacking at that level at such an age is unprecedented, shocking the whole word, but in the end fell so miserably!”

“Originally, he should have been able to rush straight into the heavens, overlooking past and present, but in the end, he was killed by the immortal kings just like that!”

These old friends were his past rivals. However, later on, when they saw him rise up and continuously break through, they long changed their mindset.

Now, Shi Hao’s death made them feel regret, feel sorry, sighing for him.

Wuwu… you died just like that. Didn’t you say you were going to look down on all experts from past until present, that one day, you will become so strong no one else will dare claim to be sovereign?” In Immortal Domain, on a star, the Lunar Jade Rabbit wept, eyes extremely red, full of emotions.

Back ten, she was brought into Immortal Domain. Even so, her appearance hadn’t changed, silver hair shining and brilliant, large eyes like rubies, as if in her teens.

In another star domain, Qin Hao knelt down on the ground, his eyes scarlet red, tears tumbling down. His hands were tightly clenched, blood even trickling out.

“Big brother, I can’t accept this… how can you die? You were attacking at the Immortal King Realm, yet were actually killed! Those old things deserve to die!”

Despite the things that happened when they were young, now that this day came, he still felt incomparable pain. His older brother that was too high to reach, towering above him like an undying divine mountain, actually died today. This was hard for him to accept.

“Shi Hao…”

In another starry sky, Qing Yi muttered, her eyes growing dim, tears continuously shed, losing their past brilliant splendor. She felt intense pain inside, blood flowing out from the corners of her lips.

“I regret so much… I shouldn’t have left the lower realm before, shouldn’t have entered Immortal Domain. I also regret that I missed you again the last time we reunited here!”

Qing Yi wept, she had never felt this pained in her life. Compared to her usual aloof and moving temperament, she was completely different.

“If you can appear in this world again, I will immediately appear at your side, never leave you again!” Qing Yi shed tears, her icy jade-like body full of secular world emotions. She really wanted to go back, return to the past.

The three thousand provinces, Imperial Court’s dynasty collapsed!

This left the people deeply moved, also making them regretful.

This was a heaven warping heroic talent who rose up in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, someone who should have been high up above, comparable to an immortal king, yet in the end, he fell to such a lamentable state.

Even the Imperial Court he founded immediately collapsed in a single night because the divine generals no longer existed. Those who died died, those who disappeared disappeared.

“What a pity, we should have taken it over. There was so much will force, how beneficial would it be towards cultivation?”

The ghost immortals were still there. They were regretful, vicious light flashing past their eyes.

“We can establish it again!” A ghost immortal said, but didn’t have much confidence. They were scared of incurring the dislike of Immortal Domain’s experts and afraid of ending up being killed.

Even though the ghost immortals were strong, they weren’t Huang, they didn’t have his boldness. As long as someone brought over an immortal dao decree, they would definitely immediately bow down.

“We joined Imperial Court, yet in the end didn’t obtain anything. We might as well head to his grave and raid it. His body is definitely not simple!”

One of the ghost immortal’s eyes revealed vicious radiance, staring at Imperial Court’s remains. That place was in ruins, broken walls everywhere, becoming an expanse of ruins.

In the mountain behind these ruins was a new grave, buried within it was Huang!

“Forget it, it’s best if we don’t act too rashly. Pan King established a stele, even Aocheng Immortal King giving him face, not touching the corpse. It’s best if we don’t incur karma.”

“Right, we should just go and find a chance to enter Immortal Domain. We haven’t really suffered losses these years in Imperial Court either, after all, we obtained true immortal dao scriptures!”


In the recent few years, on Imperial Court’s ruins, there were people who came to pay homage from time to time. This was the end of an era. Huang’s life ended, he still couldn’t defy the heavens in the end.

In the rear mountain was an earth tomb, around it quite a few fresh flowers. Some people sighed, others shed tears.

These were some elders from Imperial Court, the cultivators within the temples scattered about the land. When they heard that the central temple already collapsed, they found it hard to accept, unable to believe it!

They hurriedly rushed here, carrying a sacrifice, paying homage, all of them carrying great emotions.

During these years, Imperial Court became more prosperous with each passing day, long becoming the number one inheritance in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, surpassing all others. It was to the extent where Huang even dared face Immortal Domain’s experts, slaughter more than one of their true immortals. How glorious was this?

However, in the end, Shi Hao died and Imperial Court collapsed. With this, everything collapsed, this inheritance finished!

Wuwu…” There were some young ladies who were sobbing.

“Hateful… why is it like this? Aocheng, Taishi, you all are immoral kings, yet you treat someone below you like this. Are you scared that Huang will surprise you one day?!” An elder was furious, cursing the heavens here.

“Who is crying?!” Right at this time, a great grave cracked apart, releasing this type of puzzled voice.

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