Chapter 1937

Chapter 1937 - Powerless to Reverse the Heavens

Shi Hao’s body was weary. He was trying to withstand his own disaster, attack at the Immortal King Realm, a chance that he might die at any time, yet the one on the other side was Aocheng Immortal King, looking at him, wishing to end his life!

How was he supposed to deal with this? It was too difficult!

In this life, even though he had respected teachers, even though he had powerful friends, compared to an undying king, they really weren’t enough. Even if he had heaven shocking methods, there was still no way of breaking out of this situation!

Right now, everything else was pointless. Before an immortal king, what plans, what methods? All of it was not enough, a single palm could smash all of it to pieces, end all of their lives!

The difference was too great. At that level, no matter how many tricks you had, how many methods, a fist could destroy everything, no arrangements could do anything!

“Seniors, you all should just withdraw!” Shi Hao said.

He knew that the restricted region lord was going to go all out for the sake of helping him, wishing to buy him some time. However, it wouldn’t even be close to enough.

He had just begun to face this great calamity, how could this immortal king trial be that easily completed? It was to the extent where even if no one came to interfere, if he was given abundant time, he might not necessarily succeed.

It was too hard!

Shi Hao thought about many things. In this life, this world, he had always been struggling, it really had been quite difficult. Others couldn’t help him much, he had to face everything alone.

Shi Hao roared out. He truly was unwilling, really filled with anger. He was previously extremely confident, feeling that if he was given a peaceful world, allowing him to grow, he would become unrivaled under the heavens.

At that time, he would rule over things, kill until no one dared claim to be the most powerful, destroy all enemies!

However, in the end, this type of environment still didn’t exist.

The restricted region lord didn’t back off, instead becoming a white clothed man, complexion like fine jade, exceptional and aloof. He stood there in front of the earthen yellow large hand.

At the same time, the golden arm bone became larger, also coming here. It released endless divine might, its aura terrifying, cutting off the path ahead.

As for the crystal skull and the bleeding eyeball, they similarly rose into the sky, preparing to battle.

“It’s you all? I didn’t see you back then. If your bodies were still complete, stopping me here wouldn't be too surprising, but now, is there any meaning?” Aocheng said.

That voice was cold, ruthless and cruel, lacking the slightest trace of warmth, as if it froze the entire cosmos.

“Since there is no choice, then we’ll just release a final bit of brilliance!” Even though the restricted region lord looked extremely refined, his nature was unyielding. Despite knowing that there wouldn’t be a good conclusion, he still wanted to fight!

He himself had already died, now nothing more than half a skull plus some remnant will, so what if it completely disappeared? He didn’t feel the slightest bit of reluctance. When the final disciple he nurtured was being attacked, how could he be willing to just watch it happen?

Heh, hahaha…” Aocheng laughed loudly. This entire world was trembling, about to collapse at any time!

In the end, his laughter turned into unmatched killing intent, about to take action.

“Dao friend, why is there a need to be so cold? Your killing intent is too strong.” Suddenly, an immortal gate opened. Pan King’s voice sounded.

Even though the past favor had already been returned, when he saw that the restricted region lord was about to completely disappear, he still released a sigh, unable to hold himself back from taking action.

“Pan King, please just watch from the side!” Aocheng said.

“What if I refuse?” Pan King asked.

“Dao friend, I must ask you to go a round against me!” Someone said.

Yuanchu Immortal King appeared, bringing along a chess board, arriving at Pan King manor, stopping there. He sat down, not letting Pan King take action, facing him.

“Good, good, good!” Pan King’s cold voice sounded.

He wanted to take action, yet in the end, Taishi Immortal King also came, standing in front of his manor. Then, a hand reached towards the immortal gate.

“Dao friends, since you are acquainted with Pan King, then how about you come here for a chat?” Taishi Immortal King also took action, transmitting sound to the restricted region lord and others.

A large hand covered in chaotic energy appeared in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, entering the cosmos, stopping the restricted region lord, crystal skull, golden arm bone and bleeding eyeball.

The old freaks all felt helpless. Even if they wanted to go all out, they couldn’t change much. Right now, it wasn’t just a single immortal king who wanted to take action, truly leaving them helpless.

“Now, it should be the time to kill you.” Aocheng Immortal King spoke, his voice becoming increasingly cold.

“Aocheng, you old thing, just come! Today, I am going to fight you to the end!” Shi Hao screamed, carrying endless rage, as well as an unyielding fighting spirit. He went mad.

Since he already sensed that he might die, then he was just going to completely go for broke.

Right now, Shi Hao’s situation was extremely difficult. He was facing the endless great dao that poured down while facing Aocheng.

“If I let you make it through this, even if you don’t become an immortal king, instead something similar to the Vicious Ten, you would still be able to challenge me. However right now, do you even have the ability to do anything?” Aocheng said coldly.


A large hand descended, striking down, wishing to kill Shi Hao with a single palm.

“Did you really think that I don’t have the slightest bit of power to retaliate?” Shi Hao was seething with anger, his long black hair like a burning flame. Great dao symbols interweaved, raging flames surging. He endured the pain while attacking at the Immortal King Realm, releasing a fist outwards.

His body was fine, reaching this level. Only, his dao skills still weren’t enough, his primordial spirit’s tempering not complete.


Aocheng Immortal King’s eyes were horrifyingly deep. Not only did he use immortal king flesh, he also used unrivaled dao skills to crush Shi Hao.


At this time, a bell noise sounded, shaking the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. A streak of resplendent radiance flew out, facing that large hand, slaughtering its way towards Aocheng Immortal King together with Shi Hao.

As for the other side, the restricted region lord also panicked. He went all out against Taishi Immortal King, wishing to head over, save his disciple from danger.

En?” At this moment, many people were shocked. Even Aocheng Immortal King frowned, looking forward.


That place erupted with resplendent radiance. His hand wasn’t able to kill Shi Hao.

It was because Shi Hao went crazy, going all out. His flesh already reached this level. Even though his entire body was covered in blood, there was still no way he would die that easily.

At the same time, there was that sphere of light that displayed the greatest use.

There was a woman who appeared, good looks outstanding, white clothes purer than snow. There was an imprint flickering by her forehead, in front of her a sphere of light that released endless bell sounds!

Ye Qingxian!

It was actually her that appeared here.

This was outside of everyone’s predictions, even Shi Hao’s eyes flickering with radiance. In the end, he released a light sigh, saying, “You should leave, you shouldn’t get involved in this.”

He knew that no matter who it was he knew that came, they still couldn’t do anything before the killing intent of an immortal king.

“Amusing, Without End Immortal King’s weapon soul is on you. Meanwhile, you are a completely formless mass, hazy and indistinct, not belonging to this world, shouldn’t belong to this age!” Aocheng Immortal King said.

This made Shi Hao’s brows jump. He stared at Ye Qingxian.

Ye Qingxian released a sigh. She looked at Shi Hao and said, “I want to see your footprints, witness your miracle, just that I came too early, still have to leave in the end.”

“Who exactly are you? Where did you come from?” Shi Hao’s expression was serious.

“I do not belong to your age, I wish to see some of the things that have happened to you. For my age’s people, this is extremely important. However, I will not be able to witness it.” Ye Qingxian was full of regret.

“Those who get involved with the chaotic years don’t have good ends, unable to change much. In the end, you will also perish.” Aocheng Immortal King said coldly.

“You…” Shi Hao looked at Ye Qingxian with shock.

“It’s not that serious. I am merely an imprint, a will. Even if I scatter, so what? There’s nothing to be scared of!” Ye Qingxian was smiling, her smile a bit dazzling, but there were also tears on her face. She truly wished to see everything about Huang, but she wasn’t able to wait until that day. Time didn’t allow her to, she had already stopped here for too long.

She wasn’t someone from this age, shouldn’t have appeared in this world!

“All those who stand in my way, regardless of where you come from, regardless of who you are, shall die!” Aocheng Immortal King said, about to take action.

“Immortal king, please leave this to me. Without End Immortal King’s weapon soul shares karma with me.”

With a dang sound, a great bell noise sounded. This came from a restricted region in the Nine Heavens. A terrifying expert was displaying his methods, a large bell appearing, floating in the sky.

It was rumbling, moreover releasing dazzling immortal dao light, wishing to take away the artifact spirit in Ye Qingxian’s hands.

That large bell was Without End Immortal King’s weapon to begin with, now lacking an artifact spirit, becoming a bell corpse, ending up within a certain life restricted region.


It was a sky shocking battle. The restricted region lord, crystal skull and the others fought against Taishi Immortal King’s large hand, releasing fierce radiance, almost tearing apart that place.

Meanwhile, on this side, that expert from a certain life restricted region controlled a great bell, also taking action, seizing the artifact spirit.

At the same time, Aocheng Immortal King also took action, directly striking towards Shi Hao, wishing to completely end his life.

This place became chaotic, just too terrifying.

“Embodiment Transformation!” Shi Hao roared, his eyes turning red. He no longer paid any attention to the breakthrough tribulation, allowing the streaks of natural light laws to hack at him.

Meanwhile, he fought bloodily, wishing to take down his opponent with him. It was because he saw that the restricted region lord was suppressed until he turned into a half snow-white skull, full of cracks, about to shatter.

He also saw the golden arm bone’s joints break, unable to hold on anymore.

As for the bleeding eyeball and crystal skull, the former’s blood was about to dry up and the latter’s skull had holes, about to completely vanish.


Shi Hao released a great roar. He displayed power at the level of the Vicious Ten. At the same time, he carried out a transformation here, creating figures that embodied the Willow Deity, Kun Peng, Lightning Emperor and the True Phoenix.

Then, all of these figures became one, entering his body. He roared out, eyes scarlet red, slaughtering his way towards Aocheng Immortal King, rushing at Taishi Immortal King.

Embodiment Transformation Great Method was a miraculous technique, able to create the magical projections of another. However, in the end, Shi Hao was still in an impasse. While facing the immortal king calamity, he still had to fight Aocheng Immortal King, the situation really was beyond him.

Even if he truly created these figures, he still wouldn’t be a match.

“He has joined the ranks of the Vicious Ten! The technique he just displayed is quite strange. Fortunately, his current situation isn’t great or else it really would be troublesome.”

Inside Fallen Immortal Ridge, a creature spoke.


A drawn-out bell sound rang out. Ye Qingxian released a sigh, her body becoming faint. It was because the so-called artifact spirit was seized by another, entering that large bell.

What she relied on was this immortal dao divine form -- Without End Immortal King’s weapon soul. However, it was now sucked away.

“All those who stand in my path, die!” Aocheng Immortal King’s large hand reached across the air, easily penetrating Ye Qingxian’s body. She immediately scattered into a rain of light.

Ahhhh! No!” Shi Hao roared out.

“There is no need to feel grief or sadness. I should have disappeared a long time ago. This isn’t my true body, just a bit of my will. I am in the future. Perhaps one day, we can still meet again.”

Ye Qingxian’s voice transmitted over, carrying regret, loss and other emotions. She disappeared just like that.


Suddenly, at Shi Hao’s side, a ring exploded. This was something Great Elder gave him before.


A figure rushed out from within, extremely withered up, its entire body golden. However, it carried a vigorous energy, on its back a pair of golden wings.

This was a humanoid creature, his wings able to cover the skies!

He stopped Aocheng Immortal King, his voice hoarse and overcast. “Killing an immortal king sapling of the Nine Heavens of similar origin to the ancient realm, you actually really are doing this?”

This was an unforeseen change. Everyone was shocked.

Who was this?

Only Shi Hao knew that back then, when he walked the body as a seed path, Great Elder brought him to many places of natural luck in search of opportunities. This creature was dug out from a pile of bones within a certain ancient cave, not belonging to this great era.

However, Shi Hao didn’t know this person’s background either.

He knew that this shriveled man still had a breath of air, still alive, but he didn’t prepare to have him take action. It was because if an immortal king wanted to kill, no one could stop him.

It was just like how he didn’t wish for the restricted region lord and others to go all out, he didn’t want this person to stay here, worried that he would be throwing away his life for no reason.

“The Kun Peng King from two great eras ago?” Aocheng Immortal King’s eyes became cold and deep, even he was deeply shocked.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was greatly shocked. This shriveled golden figure actually had such a great background, even more powerful than the Vicious Ten’s Kun Peng?

“Aocheng, you have crossed the line!” The Kun Peng King said.

Heh, if this king wants to take action, who can stop me, who can say that I have gone too far? Not to mention that you are already a dead person. Even if you are still alive, you still cannot stop me!” Aocheng Immortal King sneered, saying this domineeringly.

When the others heard this, they were all stunned. The Kun Peng King suffered a disaster?

However, the legends did state that he was dead.

Kun Peng King released a sigh. He didn’t hide anything. He was only a remnant will, his flesh also covered in wounds, long broken apart, merely forcefully pieced together.

The so-called remnant will are scattered imprints, but forever unable to truly revive, unable to return to his peak.

“All those who stand in my path will be killed without exception!”

Aocheng Immortal King shouted, fiercely taking action, domineering beyond compare. There was no one who could stop him, it was just like he said. Even if the Kun Peng King at his peak came, it would be hard to say if he could stop him.


Kun Peng King’s body broke apart. Those were his past injuries, unable to form a complete true body.

At the same time, the restricted region lord, golden arm bone and others were going all out. However, in the end, they released crisp noises, shattering, dying there.


Shi Hao roared out, his eyes becoming scarlet red.


Similarly, the crystal skull also shattered. Meanwhile, that bleeding eyeball dried up.

No one could stop Aocheng Immortal King and Taishi Immortal King. There was no way to win!


Shi Hao released a great roar. He watched as Kun Peng King’s body broke apart, as the restricted region lord shattered, as Ye Qingxian turned into a rain of light. He was like a wounded beast, roaring, feeling endless resentment.

He was already beyond angry. He felt a wave of power surging within his body, erupting, about to explode, pushing him towards a higher level evolution.

“Stop him! This really is a bit interesting, able to erupt even in this type of critical state, is he going to successfully break through?” Taishi Immortal King said.

At this moment, Aocheng Immortal King’s large hand struck down, Taishi Immortal King’s fist imprint also smashing over. This wasn’t all. Another wave of immortal king force spread, Yuanchu Immortal King also attacked, his finger like a sword, hacking down, immortal radiance erupting endlessly!

In Fallen Immortal Ridge, the clan master watched everything coldly. Then, he came out, in his hands was a ruined pagoda. “Since there is karma, I will just completely resolve it today!”

He also took action, not wishing for Shi Hao to succeed, wanting him dead.


He produced a ruined pagoda, suppressing towards Shi Hao. It was spotlessly white like jade, the material extremely similar to the little pagoda of the past. In reality, this was a part of that little pagoda.


The heavens collapsed and the earth split apart!

Shi Hao attacked, facing them, going all out. However, there was a limit to one’s power. While facing the breakthrough tribulation, he was powerless to reverse the heavens.

After all, he wasn’t an immortal king. He was attacked by Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu, three great immortal kings. Now, even the master of Fallen Immortal Ridge took action, how could he stop them?

One could see Shi Hao rush out alone, his entire body covered in blood, rushing into the nine firmaments, heading down into the cosmos depths, fighting intensely, the skies all covered in his blood.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t struggle free.

The three immortal kings’ great hands followed him, smashing over from time to time, striking his primordial spirit until it was about to leave his body. He couldn’t stop them.

There was also the ruined pagoda that suppressed over, sending Shi Hao tumbling out several times, continuously coughing out blood.

Shi Hao was like a bird with its wings snapped. He released a cry, struggling alone in this world. However, in the end, he still exhausted everything, struck by those three great immortal kings, struck by that ruined pagoda.

In the end, his primordial spirit was smashed out. His body was strong, not weaker than an Immortal King, not being destroyed, but his primordial spirit was different.


The three great immortal kings took action at the same time, that ruined pagoda also descending, suppressing and killing the primordial spirit that rushed out from Shi Hao’s body!


That day, blood scattered across the world, a rain of blood pouring down. This was heaven’s tears, the great dao’s grief, the irregular scene of a generation’s Pride of Heaven falling.

In the end, Shi Hao still couldn’t make it past this disaster.

The world wept, a rain of blood pouring down.

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