Chapter 1936

Chapter 1936 - Immortal King’s Interference

A faint lantern was lit, the frame made of bones, base made of bronze. It released a green light, flickering about continuously.

This type of ancient lamp was lit in the undying land, communicating with a certain mystical place in Immortal Domain.

The ancient lamp was placed on an altar. Soon afterwards, that place became blurry, forming an expanse of void cracks. There was no way for creatures to go through, but messages could be sent.

“Huang is about to face immortal king tribulation.” It was just this line. It was extremely simple and spoken extremely calmly, there was nothing else.

Then, this lamp went out. The creatures in the restricted region backed away, leaving this place.

Immortal Domain could not remain calm anymore. This piece of information was sent into some ancient families with great authority and influence, naturally, there was no lack of immortal king inheritances among them.

Heh, interesting. He is attacking at the immortal king level at such a young age. Should I say that he has confidence or that he is courting death? He hasn’t accumulated enough at all.” Someone said with a laugh. This was a half immortal king.

Many people knew that Huang was doing this because he was under the pressure of time constraints. He had no choice but to make this kind of choice.

“Perhaps there is a chance for him to succeed!” Another person said.

The effects of this matter were extremely great. Older generation figures were discussing it among themselves, while Immortal Domain’s younger generation all stared at each other blankly, unable to speak from shock.

This was especially true for Ao Gan, Pan Yi, Hun Tian and others who had faced Shi Hao before. They were all stunned. Back then, they were still his opponent, but what about now?

Huang was too ferocious, actually attacking at the Immortal King Realm at his age!

Just how terrifying was this?!

Meanwhile, they still hadn’t achieved immortality!

Exiled Immortal, dual pupils Shi Yi, Great Xu Tuo, Princess Yao Yue, Qing Yi and the others were all stunned when they heard this as well, endlessly shaken and shocked.

Just how many years had passed? Yet Shi Hao actually reached this level.

They entered Immortal Domain precisely to search for opportunities, the chances of achieving immortality in this realm were higher. However, who would have thought that the one who remained in the lower realm alone actually went far ahead of them?!

The disturbance this produced was just too great. Right now, Immortal Domain’s experts were all paying close attention to this.

“Perhaps he really has a chance of achieving the immortal king status.” This was what an immortal king said to himself. This was the first time someone of this level came to a conclusion.

Inside Aocheng Immortal King Manor, there was a blurry figure seated on a praying mat. There was chaotic energy all around him. It was as if he had existed since the beginning of time, never moved from this place.


Suddenly, he raised his hand, a palm entering the boundless starry sky. Everyone saw a large hand covering this cosmos’ immortal gate.

Ah, Aocheng Immortal King is making an appearance! He is going to open the immortal gate! Could it be that he is going to head into the lower realm?”

Cries of alarm sounded, the entire world was shaken.

All those who were true experts and all those who achieved immortality sensed something. Then, all sides trembled, everyone under the sky shocked.

At the same time, inside another immortal king manor, Taishi Immortal King suddenly opened his eyes. In the dusky stone room, it was as if two streaks of lightning tore through the night sky.

He also reached out a large hand, reaching into the boundless cosmos, covering another immortal gate.

“Taishi Immortal King has also moved!”

“Huang is finished! Two great immortal kings wish to stop him from achieving immortal king status!”

Everyone in Immortal Domain knew what happened. Two great immortal kings were about to make their move, not giving that lower realm youngster a chance at all, about to personally end his life!


In the depths of the cosmos, Shi Hao’s entire body was covered in blood, but his aura was instead becoming stronger, dao skills improving. There were gates that were opened in his body one after another.

His body’s treasuries were opened, all types of divine abilities and endless symbol profound mysteries were engraved in his blood, carved on his bones. It was too dazzling, endless great dao symbols running through him.

He forged ahead towards Immortal King Realm, wishing to break through these shackles, reach a higher level!


Shi Hao endured the tremendous suffering. He was doing this too early after all, not accumulating enough. Right now, forcefully attacking at the barrier made his entire body feel like it was going to break apart.

Even his imperishable body was cracking, blood falling, flowing with faint golden luster. His hair flew about chaotically. How could he accept defeat? Right now, even his long hair was shining, as if they were cast from gold.

“I cannot accept this!”

Shi Hao roared out, doing everything he could, wishing he could make it through. He wanted to achieve immortal king status.

Once he took this step, a wide world would stretch out before him, free for him to explore. However, if he failed, then it was an endless hell, body and dao perishing like an extinguished light.


Endless great dao symbols crushed over from all directions. There were many symbols that entered from the world beyond, added to his body.

Once one reached the Immortal King Realm, everything was inconceivable!

What appeared in the past and the present, everything had appeared before. All types of natural laws, heaven and earth order, all of this would crush down on him, judge him. It was truly hard to make it through this.

This was especially the case in this world that was experiencing a Cultivationless Age, triggering even greater karma. The punishment that descended was the most powerful, easily resulting in the death of body and spirit at any time.


Part of Shi Hao’s body exploded, turning into blasts of bloody mist. He cultivated the Imperishable Scripture, but his body that was known to be sturdy and unbreaking still couldn’t resist this type of pressure.

However, Shi Hao was still Shi Hao, going against the heavens. He released a low roar, the radiance around him unending. This was the benefit of merging countless methods, creating his own cultivation system.

Immediately afterwards, in the inextinguishable divine radiance, he reforged his body, gathering all of the bloody mist, recreating his body.

Moreover, primal chaos surged like a furnace, tempering his body!

“He really isn’t simple, might very well have a chance of succeeding!” In the restricted region, an ancient creature released an exclaim of admiration.

They shockingly discovered that Shi Hao’s body was too powerful, able to endure the battering. Each time it was crushed, it would be restored again. The profound mysteries of the heavens, the past, the present, all of the great dao symbols appeared. Even after being smashed to pieces, he could still reconstruct his body!

This was destruction, but if he didn’t die, it would instead become a type of tempering. Shi Hao’s body was being refined endlessly by primal chaos, becoming more and more powerful.

“He succeeded, his body has passed, able to endure the judgment and trials! However, the key is still the primordial spirit, that trial is impossible to pass. From the past until now, some exceptionally fierce individuals all failed here.” There were some exceptional experts in the restricted regions who said this quietly.

If one wanted to achieve immortal king status, the key rested in the baptism of the primordial spirit. Only then could one truly rise into the heavens, achieve immortal king dao fruit.

Shi Hao’s body was innately powerful, now successfully withstanding the test.

However, if the primordial spirit was killed in the end, it would still be all for naught!

“He’s already quite formidable… if he wasn’t pressured to break through now, just simply bearing this opportunity, after refining his primordial spirit some more, he could then already be considered one of the Vicious Ten.”

“Even then, it’ll still be hard, he won’t succeed!” Someone shook their head.


There was endless great dao between heaven and earth, appearing streak after streak. There were some that were produced in this realm, some entering through the realm wall. All of it then rushed towards Shi Hao’s head.

Shi Hao was shocked. Achieving immortal king status was actually this difficult?

He finally understood how crazy he was, how much of a risk he was taking. He really was gambling with his life. He might really die here today.

Some of the great dao turned into streaks of light, covering the crown of his head, blasting him until his entire body trembled, blood flowing from his seven apertures. There was actually no way to avoid this, he could only face them head-on.

Hong hong hong…

In that instant, Shi Hao endured dozens of instances of great dao bombardment. His skull cracked, even his primordial spirit was about to scatter. He suffered unimaginably serious injuries.

“He really is quite strong, being able to endure so many attacks at this age is already something to be proud of. However, if he continues like this, an immortal king might be hard to say, but he might really become a Vicious Ten like existence.” Someone said.


Suddenly, heaven and earth shook intensely. This wasn’t caused by those streaks of great dao radiance, but rather came from another region. A gate appeared there, an earthen yellow hand reaching out.

This large hand was massive beyond comparison, slowly pressing towards Shi Hao.


In that instant, something unimaginable happened. In that expanse of starry domain, it was unknown how many stars there were. When this palm approached, everything exploded.

The expanse of starry skies instantly turned into a land of ruin. The countless stars all exploded, cosmos dust everywhere.

What kind of power was this? The entire world was shocked!

If not for Shi Hao having just tempered his body, successfully passing through the trial, his flesh already becoming sturdy and imperishable, that palm would have blasted him to pieces, perishing here.

This palm looked extremely slow, but it was too fierce, its power endless!

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao still immediately flew out, his entire body covered in blood. There were cracks all over his body, his body and spirit almost erased by this immortal king’s slow palm.

His primordial spirit was unstable, almost exploding!

However, he was attacking at the limit, couldn’t afford to be distracted. Even though he was furious, there was nothing he could do.


Shi Hao released a great roar like that of a wounded beast, screaming into the heavens. He reached the critical point, yet someone actually acted against him.

An immortal king came!

Everyone came to this conclusion. Only an immortal king could have this type of power.

“Interesting, if I was a step late, then you would have become a Vicious Ten like existence.” A cold voice sounded from behind that immortal gate.

“Aocheng!” Shi Hao roared furiously, hair disheveled, blood dyeing the starry sky.

Everyone was shocked. It was actually Aocheng Immortal King who took action, stopping Shi Hao from achieving immortal king status.

Immediately afterwards, Aocheng took action again. That large hand slowly descended, crushing towards Shi Hao, wishing to completely destroy him this time.

“Immortal king, what is the meaning of this?!”

Right at this time, an expanse of resplendent golden light appeared. A heaven reaching giant tree descended here, a massive tree trunk filling the sky, blocking that earthen yellow large hand.

The World Tree appeared. That woman with the golden wings stood at the very top, facing the large hand.

“Out of respect for the butcher, you should just back off. I won’t bicker with you.” Aocheng Immortal King spoke. Even though he didn’t come, only a large hand crossing over, he could still sense everything.

“Immortal King, please withdraw from this realm. Stopping someone’s advance like this harms heavenly harmony. Are you not scared of provoking great karma?” The golden-haired woman said with a serious voice.

“Karma? This king is great karma myself. If I want to take his life, who can stop me?!” Aocheng Immortal King was incredibly domineering, his voice ringing through the cosmos.

In this instant, all the clans were shaken, all life feeling incredible fear.

The golden-haired woman insisted on stopping that great hand.

However, that large hand shook lightly. When it crushed downwards, a peng noise sounded. The World Tree shook, endless leaves withering, branches snapping. The entire tree flew out.

That golden-haired woman released a muffled groan, unable to stop that blow. Her arms hung powerlessly, golden blood flowing from her mouth and nose, flying out with the World Tree, disappearing into the limits of the cosmos.

When the great hand descended again, Shi Hao released a sigh. He knew that this life reached its limit, no hope left.

However, even if he was going to die, even if it was the last moment, he still resisted those great dao symbols, tempering his primordial spirit. He really wanted to succeed in the transformation, even more so wanted to kill Aocheng!

“Dao friend, you go too far!”

The restricted region lord appeared. Apart from this, there was the crystal skull, golden arm bone and bleeding eyeball, all of them stopping that large hand.

Shi Hao felt helpless, full of bitterness. He knew that even if they took action, it still wasn’t enough. These weren’t their true bodies, merely ruined parts of their bodies.

What could he do? He felt a wave of powerlessness. Time didn’t wait for him!

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