Chapter 1935

Chapter 1935 - Start of Chaos

During these years, Immortal Domain still occasionally sent down people to scout things out, but they didn’t dare take action, really scared badly. Meanwhile, the immortal kings couldn’t be bothered with this side right now.

As for the foreign realm, after two half undying kings died miserably, there was a huge commotion raised. The warlike individuals here were all worked up and incredibly resentful, but there was still nothing they could do.

Unless an undying king took action, everyone else would die.


That day, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths trembled. Everyone vaguely saw a large hand that almost tore open the realm walls, extremely blurry as it reached over. It was pitch-black like ink, just a finger alone much larger than a star!

The realm wall displayed cracks. When some experts saw this, they all sucked in cold breaths of air!

“A creature from Realm Sea!” There were sighs that sounded from the restricted regions. This day finally arrived. The experts of the Realm Sea have appeared, a creature was about to descend into this realm.


An arrow flew out. With a pu noise, it landed on that large hand. The blood that splashed out was black-colored, terrifying beyond compare, surging like waves.

One had to understand that this blood, compared to that large black hand, there was just a tiny bit. However, when it fell through the realm wall crack, it turned into a black flood.


A miserable cry transmitted from that region, all creatures’ lives erased!

However, that large hand also withdrew, searching for the one who released that arrow, releasing a low roar from its mouth.

The great chaos was about to begin!

Time flowed on, another few decades passing. Shi Hao confirmed that the five secret realms were perfect, that he was only a bit away from the ultimate step!

He wanted to undergo a transformation!

During these years, on his great dao path, there was already no one else’s figure that could be seen, only his own path. Everything was merged, many schools of thought merged into his own great dao!

Ever since that day, Shi Hao no longer cultivated, instead starting to adjust his own condition, approaching a transcendent state, without joys or worries. He travelled to random places under the sky.


Realm Sea’s great waves rushed into the skies, a single wave a ruined world. Creatures appeared in the sea one after another, moving across the ocean waves, getting closer and closer to shore.

In reality, many years ago, there were already people ashore, fighting a great battle there.


A scarlet red war spear that was massive beyond compare, who knew how many tens of thousands of li in length, pierced through this world. It released endless murderous light, its killing intent heaven overflowing!

There was a creature that was already on the shore. He was like a demonic mountain, majestic and too high to reach. It was currently him who was taking action. Wherever the spear moved past, it would stab towards a creature in the sea.

This was an extremely great battle. There were some creatures watching, others fighting in other places.


In the end, the scarlet spear killed an ancient existence in the sea, blood filling the skies, scattering across the sea.

During this process, they didn’t even speak a single word, directly taking action just like that. It was because they were old enemies, already acquainted many great eras ago.


In the sea, a great golden imprint flew out, covering heaven and earth, releasing a world shocking aura, suppressing the world, killing all living things.

With a peng noise, that golden great imprint smashed into a demonic god-like creature, making his entire body crack apart, his mouth releasing blood. He was trying to withstand it, but couldn’t stop it, his body’s weapons and armor all exploding to pieces.


In the end, that creature on the shore exploded, smashed into a bloody mist by that great imprint.


In the Realm Sea, waves rushed into the heavens, simply about to engulf all realms in the heavens.

There was a figure standing on an island. He looked extremely blurry, but he held a shining long blade that illuminated the endless sea area in his hands.

“I’ve already waited for you for a long time!”

When this creature said this, a streak of blade radiance hacked out with a shua noise. It was terrifying beyond compare, enough to sever the cosmos, destroy a world!


In the sea, there was a green pagoda that appeared, simple and ancient, floating above someone’s head. It directly scattered the blade radiance. The two erupted with endless symbols, great dao laws interweaving, clashing fiercely.

This world became chaotic, all of this because of the Realm Sea. Meanwhile, a group of experts ascended to the shore, about to wreak havoc in the heavens, carry out the most terrifying great confrontation.

A single accident and even the heavens would collapse!


That day, a rainbow cut across the realm wall, producing a terrifying crack in the Nine Heavens, produced by an immortal sword. It was purple and sparkling, its killing intent rushing into the heavens.

There was a creature that wanted to cross over from the Realm Sea, but a giant wolf teeth club appeared behind him, smashing into the sword. This was a barbarian dressed in beast clothes, right now attacking the owner of the immortal sword.

Many experts saw this scene.

This wasn’t the first time the Nine Heavens Ten Earths encountered an attack. There were countless experts who returned from the Realm Sea, wishing to descend into this realm, their purpose unknown.

They were just too powerful, terrifying beyond comparison. They weren’t scared of being affected by great karma, directly trying to forcefully break in.

However, these individuals had too many old enemies, being attacked along the way, left with no choice but to fight a battle to the death.


That day, in the Nine Heavens, there were several ancient restricted lands that shone. These were life restricted regions. At this time, they activated unmatched formations to protect themselves.

A few people set their resolution not to be affected by karma, not wishing to participate in this round of great darkness chaos.

In Imperial Court, everyone’s expressions became serious. A great calamity had begun, no cultivator would be able to escape from it. However, those creatures were just too strong!


Right at this time, outside Desolate Border, a world-shocking voice sounded. It was as if a sea was roaring, as if the cosmos was breaking apart. The fluctuations were intense, vast and boundless.

“The other side’s creatures are about to descend?” The Heavenly Horned Ant’s expression was cold, asking like this.

“No, it is Burial Earth. Back then, when the other side’s passage was sealed, even Burial Region was sealed up. Now, that place has opened up.”

This wasn’t some good news. The world was becoming chaotic, yet Burial Earth made a reappearance in this world. It was impossible to tell whether they were friend or foe.

What one couldn’t be sure of was dangerous!

Shi Hao got up. He really didn’t have time now.

“After this battle, what will even be left of this world? I reckon there will only be mountains of corpses and rivers of blood left…” Shi Hao said.

Once an immortal king level battle began, the entire world would break apart, be crushed to pieces. Even the World Tree wouldn’t be safe, unable to protect this universe.

“You all should go and bring the people away. This can also be considered establishing a great karma.” Shi Hao ordered.

Shi Hao ordered Mu Qing, the crimson dragon, Lighting Spirit, Emperor Butterfly and others to use their great magical force and bring away the cultivators of all clans, bringing them to places of life.

At the same time, he dispatched Imperial Court’s divine generals to carry out similar work.

“There are so many creatures under the heavens, we won’t be able to save them all!” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

“Just save as many as you can, send them into the copper coffin pulled by those nine dragons.” Shi Hao said.

Inside the coffin was a world that was extremely vast, Shi Hao prepared to carry out a great shifting of the world, to bring away the living creatures of this realm, protect them.


Immortal light surged. With a raise of Shi Hao’s hands, nine sets of dragon bones appeared in his palm, pulling a bronze coffin behind them. It was less than three inches long, extremely short.

Only when he reached his current cultivation realm could he refine this coffin. He handed this treasure over to the restricted region lord.

“If there is great danger, I must ask senior to take it with you and hide in a safer place.” Shi Hao said.

He trusted the restricted region lord’s methods. At the very least, they could head into Immortal Domain to seek Pan King’s protection.

He warned Mu Qing, the crimson dragon and others, telling them that when the time came, they had to follow the restricted region lord, that they couldn’t leave on their own.

“Are you trying to make arrangements for the future?” The flame in the crystal skull’s eye sockets burned intensely.

The old freaks could all see through Shi Hao’s intention. This was his fight to win or die. If he succeeded, he would rise up above, turn into an immortal king, his strength powerful beyond compare, but if he lost, then it meant death!

“Only by making some plans can I continue without worry!” Shi Hao’s voice was calm.

Several years later, in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, many famous mountains and rivers disappeared. They were removed by the Heavenly Horned Ant, Mu Qing and others one after another, brought into the bronze coffin world.

Some clans completely vanished, heading into the bronze coffin world.

However, there were some clans who weren’t willing to leave, insisting on staying behind.


The realm walls cracked again. Someone saw a black vicious bird that was like a black sun. It released dark light, a sharp claw almost tearing open this realm.

“There’s no more time! It will be today, right now that I will try to break through!”Shi Hao said. 

During these years, he had always been adjusting his own condition, no time left for him to slowly accumulate cultivation. He had to start, or else the immortal kings were going to descend.


That day, in an uninhabited star in outer space, Shi Hao suddenly roared towards the heavens. All of his black hair stood on end, fluttering about chaotically.

At the same time, his body’s five secret realms shone at the same time. Within his body, countless symbols shone, gates opening one after another.

Body as a seed, five great secret realms shone. His body’s treasury was opened, releasing his potential. Shi Hao went for broke. He roared towards the heavens, using all of his strength to try and carry out this final leap. He wanted to break through, to transform and become an immortal king!

The world’s great chaos was descending. He needed that type of strength, he had to immediately rise up. Otherwise, in the end, he would always be like ants in the eyes of others, easily killed at any time.

Shi Hao’s body released thunderous noise, heaven shaking sounds ringing outwards. Gates were opened one after another, his five great realms all shining. The Sea of Reincarnation in his belly displayed yin yang changes, his entire body becoming dazzling, as if immortal flames rushed into the heavens.


Shi Hao released a great roar, his voice shaking up the stars and the cosmos.

However, this instead wasn’t enough to suppress the scripture sounds released by the dao palaces. Others couldn’t hear it, but they could feel that grand aura.

He was breaking through, the five great secret realms all undergoing shocking transformations.

However, his body suffered damage, cracking. Even his own powerful self who cultivated the Imperishable Scripture, this technique now completely assimilated into a portion of his own dao laws, still suffered damage.

Blood trickled down. Shi Hao’s body was covered in a bloody spiderweb, these were cracks. While attacking at the Immortal King Realm, the pressure he suffered was too terrifying.

In the depths of the cosmos, endless immortal radiance surged, a sea of stars trembling. All of the creatures in this world were shocked, raising their heads towards the sky.

“Heavens, just what kind of shockwaves are these? I can’t endure it, I’m about to fall down!” Even an extremely powerful cultivator was already like this, let alone the others.

Right now, Shi Hao couldn’t control his own power. He was attacking at the Immortal King Realm level with all his strength, about to carry out the final leap, become an unrivaled immortal king.

“He actually reached this step, about to achieve the immortal king status!” In the restricted regions, someone said with a sigh. Even they couldn’t help but feel admiration.

There was an ancient expert who opened his eyes inside Fallen Immortal Ridge among them, his gaze cold, staring into outer space at this time.

“Ancient ancestor, are we going to take action?” Someone asked.

“I share some karma with that pagoda. Even though it entered the primordial gate, if this fella truly can rush into the heavens, perhaps there will be some karma attached.”

In Fallen Immortal Ridge, within the central undying land, even cultivators who didn’t achieve immortality could live for a long time. It was turned into a great pure land by this immortal king level existence.

This place was about the same as Immortal Domain!

“Go and light that lamp. We can inform Immortal Domain about the situation here. They will naturally send people to take action.” This type of cold voice sounded from the undying land.

After Fallen Immortal Ridge’s master said this, he closed his cold eyes, becoming completely silent and motionless once more!

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