Chapter 1934

Chapter 1934 - Huge Crisis

Duo Mu, a half immortal king, was killed. The scene of Heaven’s Tears and other irregular scenes appeared. It was because he was absorbed by this world, this the case for all of the undying beings and true immortals who died in this realm.

This ruined world was being restored, devouring all living things in reverse. Whenever a powerful being died, the powerful essence energy would be absorbed by heaven and earth, their divine ability laws merging into the great dao.

The others began to panic. Just now, they were full of confidence. Some of these followers weren’t even true immortals, yet they were arrogant and bossy, looking down on the residents of this world, yet now, it was a completely different story.

The half immortal king they looked up to was killed just like that, what were they supposed to do now?

In that instant, the faces of the people here turned pale, inwardly panicking, not knowing what to do. This was completely different from what they predicted.

In their opinion, when a half immortal king entered the lower realms to subdue some enemies, what Huang, what Imperial Court? They were nothing more than chickens, unable to take a single blow.

Those followers came to get in on a share of natural luck. No matter how impoverished the lower realm was, there were definitely still some heavenly materials left. This time, a half immortal king descended, so they were sure that Imperial Court would be gone. Once their treasuries were searched, there would definitely be great returns.

Unfortunately, everything was different from what they imagined!

Even those true immortals’ expressions were ugly, inwardly shaken, feeling great regret. They really shouldn’t have joined in on the action this time. Why did they have to covet the lower realm’s treasures?

“Huang, you are a bit too domineering. If there is something to discuss, why is there a need to kill our cultivators?” A true immortal braced himself and said.

He had no choice but to speak up because Huang’s current expression was extremely unkind, already staring at them, strand after strand of killing intent released.

“All of you already came down here to kill me, attaching crimes to my name, wishing to destroy my Imperial Court. Could it be that I still really have to kneel down and accept this decree?” Shi Hao asked coldly.

“Huang, this matter can be properly discussed. We were also left with no choice. You should know that heaven’s will cannot be defied!” A true immortal’s eyes flickered with golden light, wishing to calm down Shi Hao.

“Heaven’s will cannot be defied? Which heaven’s will?” Shi Hao asked.

“Aocheng Immortal King, Taishi Immortal King and Yuanchu Immortal King!” Right at this time, a comparatively young true immortal said.

He became a true immortal not too long ago, carrying a sense of deeply rooted pride. When he saw Shi Hao act this powerfully, he found it unsightly, thus stating that three immortal kings wanted to suppress him.

When the other two true immortals heard this, their expressions immediately changed, inwardly thinking that things were bad!

Back then, Immortal Domain’s people already heard of Huang’s power. Aocheng Immortal King and Taishi Immortal King’s direct descendants were all killed by Huang. They dared face him for the Heaven’s Core Imprint, ultimately ending up being directly cut down!

Now, they were still trying to use the immortal kings’ names to intimidate him. With his nature, it would definitely be ineffective, only making things more dangerous for all of them.

“Aocheng, Taishi, Yuanchu? Hmph, merely immortal kings, yet they dare wantonly call it heaven’s will. What qualifications do they have to convict me of crimes?” Shi Hao’s face sunk.

That comparatively younger true immortal’s expression changed. He had cultivated in seclusion for many years, only recently achieving true immortal status. Even though he didn’t understand Huang too well, he could also see how tough the other party was.

Cough, Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu, the three immortal kings aren’t necessarily convicting you of crimes, only wishing to question you. Since you don’t believe us, then that’s fine, we’ll go back and tell them.”

An aged true immortal spoke, really wishing to immediately leave.

“Those three old things are absolutely disgraceful!” Shi Hao said with a cold voice.

He loathed Aocheng and Taishi greatly. When he entered Immortal Domain back then, those two already took action, almost ending his life. If not for the restricted region lord asking Pan King for help, he would have most likely died there.

“You are completely unbridled. You dare disrespect an immortal king?!” That young true immortal shouted. This was speaking blasphemy against immortal kings! He felt like he had to speak up right now, and only then could he explain himself properly when he went back to Immortal Domain.

He wanted to be on good terms with these three great immortal king families. Right now, he didn’t need to make a move, he only needed to slightly ‘speak for righteousness’.

Unfortunately, he didn’t understand Shi Hao, he only just came out of seclusion, not familiar with Shi Hao’s nature. At the very least, the other two old fellas were extremely quiet, not daring to speak too much.


Sure enough, this young true immortal paid the price for his ‘righteousness’. A fist crushed this starry sky, surrounding the sky dome, slamming at him murderously.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t strong, but rather the enemy was too sinister, his dao law force like a waterfall, crashing down from above, drowning him where he was, almost imprisoning him.

He released a loud shout, doing everything he could to resist with full force. He released a palm, immortal dao symbols filling the skies. However, he couldn’t stop it at all!


This person exploded, his body and spirit erased.

“Do you all still want me to take action?” Shi Hao asked, looking towards the others.

“We don’t dare!” The two true immortals gave in.

Shi Hao wasn’t polite at all, suppressing them, adding seals to all of them. Then, he handed them over to the Heavenly Horned Ant, Mu Qing and the others.

“Search their immortal dao symbols for opportunities of achieving immortality.”

The two true immortals’ faces immediately became green. They were glorious true immortals! Being captured by Huang was one thing, but they even had to let Mortal Dao cultivators randomly search them?

They were inwardly unwilling, but they didn’t dare rebel. All of their dao skills were sealed!

“Do you think your actions here will bring great trouble in the future?” Cao Yusheng asked quietly.

After all, this was detaining Immortal Domain’s creatures, a single mishap and tremendous trouble would be provoked.

Shi Hao sighed. Would bowing down allow them to avoid a death disaster? This was completely impossible!

The killing intent of immortal kings couldn’t be erased!

Instead of this, he might as well just do what he wished, kill if he had to. The three immortal kings could continue to send people down to try and capture him, but he definitely won’t kneel and receive their decree.

He could die, but he couldn’t be humiliated!

Furthermore, it wasn’t like he only killed one or two of Aocheng and Taishi’s descendants, this time, even a half immortal king was killed, no idea what clan he was from. When there were too many bugs, would one still be scared of being bitten?

Duo Mu didn’t return for a long time. Some Immortal Domain powers sensed that there might be issues, this leaving them shocked. The lower realm wasn’t some den of tigers or pool of dragons, could there still be something unexpected that happened?

Several days later, several more people from Immortal Domain descended into the three thousand provinces, searching for Duo Mu and the others’ traces.

“Imperial Court captured them?” They simply didn’t dare to believe this. As a result, they directly paid them a visit.

However, these people didn’t dare act wantonly, only asking Imperial Court to release the prisoners. However, in the end, they were refused.

“Coming and going as you wish, what kind of place are you treating my Imperial Court as? You all wanted to capture me, but after being captured instead, you still want us to let you all go?”

These people left in a dejected manner, reporting to Immortal Domain’s authoritative figures. This triggered a great uproar.

Several days later, two more half immortal kings entered the lower realm, bringing a powerful weapon with them to kill Shi Hao. That weapon was too terrifying, endless immortal radiance was released from it, simply about to destroy this realm.

However, this was also their limit. They could only send two half immortal kings, even this already triggering a powerful rejection from this world.

Moreover, that weapon had a large amount of its power sealed, or else it couldn’t be brought down.

Some old fellas sleeping in restricted regions were alarmed.

“Immortal king artifact, Taishi Immortal King has been angered.” Someone said with a low voice.

That was a sealed immortal king artifact. The Nine Heavens Ten Earths were greatly shaken.

Shi Hao remained fearless. When he was disturbed while in seclusion, he directly faced them while holding the Everlasting Sword Core. Since the other side wanted his life, then who cares if you are an immortal king expert or what other background they had, he would just kill them all the same!

“You have defied the will of heaven! Today, your head will be removed!” The two half immortal kings took action together, supporting that immortal king magical artifact together.

“Even Taishi, Aocheng and Yuanchu dare to claim to be heaven’s will? Die!”

Shi Hao released a great roar, facing them in the starry sky. This battle continued until the sun and moon lost brilliance, mountains and rivers lost color, stars collapsing!

The Everlasting Sword Core was the same as always, never weaker than another, becoming stronger the more powerful the opponent it faced was. It could actually stop this half sealed immortal king artifact, erupting with blazing radiance.


Blood radiance flickered. Once the great battle reached a thousand moves, Shi Hao’s sword removed a head. That primordial spirit wanted to flee, but it was crushed by a streak of sword radiance!

A half immortal king lost his life!

He assimilated with the dao, a sea of essence energy absorbed by this universe. After his body exploded, he turned into natural law and order, merging into the great dao.


The other individual was horrified. Even though he wielded an immortal king magical artifact, chills still ran down his back. He hacked open the void, wishing to flee through Immortal Domain’s gate, not wanting to fight anymore.

Only, he wasn’t able to escape.


While running and fighting at the same time, his chest was hacked open by Shi Hao’s sword, blood gushing out. Then, the sword pierced through his forehead, ending his life in the starry sky.


Unfortunately, the Immortal King magical artifact couldn’t be kept. It turned into a streak of light, rushing towards that gate, returning to Immortal Domain.

The great restricted regions’ experts couldn’t help but be moved. Huang’s growth was ferocious after all, leaving them deeply shocked. Some of their eyes were deep, primal chaos appearing, unknown what they were thinking.

In Immortal Domain, the ancient cosmos Taishi Immortal King ruled over, a cold and ruthless snort sounded. The stars in the heavens all shook, making some true immortals’ bodies turn cold, become rigid.

Taishi Immortal King was angered!

“Dao brother, Realm Sea is currently unstable, do not head into the lower realm now. Paying the price to kill him now isn’t worth it.” Aocheng spoke from millions and millions of li away.

If an immortal king wanted to go down, it wasn’t that there wasn’t a way, but they had to pay the price. Their realm was originally of the same origin as the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. If they charged in, injuring that realm’s great dao foundation, there would be much karma involved.

Yuanchu sat in the primal chaos, his eyes closed, also speaking up at this time. “Wu, I can see that the lower realm’s natural laws are gradually becoming complete, its great dao reviving. The entire world is recovering. Once that realm is powerful enough, it will no longer reject us. We can enter then!”

Immortal Domain and the foreign realm, these two places had complete natural laws, the great dao powerful enough, which was why they didn’t reject experts at the immortal king level, allowing for travel in between them.

The Nine Heaven Ten Earths were beaten into ruin, trying to restore itself all this time.

Time flowed on. After several decades, Desolate Border’s uninhabited region displayed irregular changes. There were extremely powerful experts who slaughtered their way over, actually half undying kings!

Two great experts appeared, one of them holding a golden spear, precisely Anlan’s weapon. It carried endless power, wishing to pierce through this realm.

There was another expert who held Anlan’s shield. It was like an armor that released dazzling radiance, the aura terrifying.

In the past great war, Anlan wielded a golden spear in one hand and a shield in the other, unstoppable. These two were the weapons he became a king with!

Now, there were people who wielded them, slaughtering their way over to kill Shi Hao, not even give him a chance!


Even though Shi Hao was in seclusion, how could this type of thing not startle him?

He immediately rushed over, facing these great enemies!

The Everlasting Sword Core shone, the scene horrifying. Not only was there Immortal Ascension Light, there was also the terrifying scene of blood flooding a grave, leaving the other side’s two great experts shocked.

They fought intensely, fighting a miserable great battle!

In the end, Shi Hao hacked one of them in half, making the golden spear in that person’s hand tremble continuously, wishing to undo all of its seals.

However, it didn’t succeed!


The other person was hacked in the waist, and then his primordial spirit was erased!

After this life and death battle, this place became quiet. The two weapons both returned to the other side, the undying king’s weapons couldn’t be made to remain.

Thus, the world became peaceful. The restricted region’s creatures were sure that Huang was already unmatched under the immortal king level, there was no way they could kill him!

This might be the start of an age, or perhaps the end of an age. They were all waiting for shocking changes to happen.

It was because they all sensed something.

Shi Hao was also waiting. In recent years, he abandoned all methods and all precious techniques, only cultivating his own great dao, establishing his own path.

Perhaps it could be said that he completely digested the Kun Peng, Willow Deity, True Phoenix, Lightning Emperor and other unmatched experts’ precious techniques, turning them into nourishment for his own great dao. He broke down the Imperishable Scripture, True Primordial Record, Six Dao Reincarnations and other heavenly arts, merging them into his own system.

He assimilated everything, truly walking on his own path, already difficult to see the shadows of others.

He was preparing, wishing to take that step!

Even though he knew that this was extremely difficult, even more terrifying than nine deaths one life, he already didn’t have a choice. He was forced into this critical situation.

The other side’s Anlan and Scarlet King wanting him dead was one thing, but even Immortal Domain’s Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu wanted his life. This posed a great threat to him, the pressure making it hard for him to even breathe.

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