Chapter 1933

Chapter 1933 - Immortal Descent

A hundred years later, Shi Hao came out of seclusion. He prepared to face danger, wishing to brave death to attack at the Immortal King Realm. Right now, he could challenge half immortal kings and could even kill all opponents under the immortal king level.

However, if he truly faced immortal kings, he would definitely seem extremely sorry!

That was why he felt anxious inside, feeling that he had to risk it all. He didn’t have time to continue accumulating right now, the peace was going to be shattered soon.

It was because a heaven shocking battle happened by the Realm Sea, long having creatures who have reached the shore, already fighting it out over there!

The experts there were all unimaginable, all of them heaven warping figures that had survived by fighting the long river of history. The appearance of any one of them would be heaven shocking.

It could be said that the creatures of Realm Sea were the main characters of different ages, those at the peak who truly faced the storm from the front. Otherwise, why would those immortal kings and undying kings feel like they were facing a great enemy?!

These people’s return signified great chaos. Some creatures were still themselves, some of them long losing themselves, their true selves no longer existing, becoming someone else!

“Invite them here!”

After Shi Hao came out of seclusion, he ordered the attendants to summon the crimson dragon, Mu Qing, Heavenly Horned Ant and the others.

In this world, the ones he was close to were just these. Among them, only the Lightning Spirit, Emperor Butterfly, Heavenly Horned Ant, these few became extreme dao experts who were at the peak of Supreme Being Realm.

Many others already became old under the passage of time!

The past eight hundred disciples no longer existed, what replaced them were their descendants!

Shi Hao looked into the mountains behind Imperial Court. There were too many graves there, resting within them were some of the powerful individuals who had followed him for many, many years, but still weren’t a match against time.

Mu Qing and Zhu Lin came. The Heavenly Horned Ant, Lightning Spirit, Emperor Butterfly, Diving Striking Stone and others also all appeared.

These people previously belonged to the same generation, they were the last of the creatures who were still alive from those times.

Huo Ling’er was also here. During these years, she was forbidden from leaving Imperial Court, but she didn’t try to escape. At her feet was a half foot long little wolf.

They knew that something was definitely about to happen.

“Master, what happened?” The crimson dragon asked.

“I miss everyone.” Shi Hao said.

He thought for a bit. He had everyone head to Imperial Court’s rear mountains where he once established a great grave. There was a special valley there that buried two creatures.

This was a mysterious burial cave, originally not belonging to this place. It was moved here from a different place.

When the burial cave was opened up, cries sounded from within, sounding like the howls of a wolf.

“Wretched, we’ve encountered tomb raiders! You all actually dare raid your ancestor’s body, do you not want to continue living anymore?!”

That was Cao Yusheng’s voice, flustered and exasperated.

Bark bark…” Then, dog barking noises sounded. “Who dares plunder my tomb? Bark!

Imperial Court’s divine generals were all speechless. Why were these two still alive? At first, they were given a fright, but upon closer inspection, they noticed that the man and dog weren’t dead!

“We are Imperial Court’s divine generals!” One of them hurriedly explained. He was a descendant of those eight hundred disciples.


A clear sound rang out. An old daoist priest was dressed in precious clothes, shattering the Divine Origin Stone crystals as he came out. This was Cao Yusheng, extremely fat, but also quite old, his hair white.

On the other side was a small dog the size of a palm, its hair all red, incredibly old. It was the dog Without End Immortal King raised, but its dao skills had already been crippled.

Back then, this man and dog weren’t able to reach the peak of extreme dao, so they were sealed in Divine Origin Liquid, buried here.

“What, did Huang order you all to dig up the tomb?” Cao Yusheng muttered. Even though he was discontent, he had no choice but to appear in the world now.

However, he wasn’t worried either. Shi Hao was still here, so he could quickly refine Divine Origin Liquid, seal them up again.

“It’s been seven to eight thousand years already.”

When he entered the central heavenly temple, Cao Yusheng released a sigh, feeling a bit sentimental. There weren’t many left from the people in the past. He knew that they had all passed away.

Then, the restricted region lord, crystal skull and other old freaks were also invited over.

Everyone knew that something major was definitely happening, or else why would Shi Hao make such a huge move, call all of them over.

“I am preparing to risk it all and attack at the Immortal King Realm. I wanted to have a small gathering with everyone today.” Shi Hao was extremely direct, telling them this.

Apart from the restricted region lord and a few other old freaks, the others were all stupefied.

Shi Hao ordered someone to prepare a great cauldron. Then, he personally produced an ancient beast’s body, producing only half of its body here, flowing with mysterious precious light.

“What species is this?” Zhu Lin asked.

“Time Beast, Scarlet King!” Shi Hao replied.

kuangdang noise sounded. Cao Yusheng’s wine cup fell to the ground, releasing a peng noise. The little dog knocked over a jade table, just too shocked.

Scarlet King, what kind of existence was this? In the past, he fought with the immortal kings of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, moreover powerfully refined an unmatched immortal king. It was actually… chopped up?!

“It was just a coincidence…” Shi Hao chuckled, explaining things to them.

“This really feels good! You hacked it up well!” Cao Yusheng cried out, the little dog also barking out. Back then, Scarlet King was someone who was extremely vicious, making Immortal Ancient’s generation’s faces all change upon hearing its name.

This was a reborn body, not the completely reborn Scarlet King. Shi Hao didn’t know how much essence was in this type of transforming flesh. He never touched it all this time, but invited everyone out today.

Then, he produced a precious tree, releasing it into this giant central palace. It was precisely the Dao Comprehension Tea Tree, on it two thousand eight hundred or so leaves that shone brilliantly.

“Dao Comprehension Tea.” The restricted region lord was shocked, turning into a white clothed man, sitting here.

This was definitely good stuff, able to help one comprehend the dao, consolidate one’s cultivation, break through their current cultivation realm.

“This is what you need the most when breaking through, you don’t need to worry about us.” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

“It’s fine. When breaking into the immortal king level, these things most likely won’t be very useful.” Shi Hao shook his head.

Soon afterwards, meat fragrance wafted through this place. The soup being simmered in the cauldron flowed with seven-colored brilliance, auspicious energy surging, the fragrance extremely alluring.

If Scarlet King knew about this, he would definitely be angered to death!

These people chewed on large pieces of Scarlet King’s meat.

“This won’t do, the essence within this stuff is too strange. Even though it won’t make me explode, I feel a bit uncomfortable, unable to continue enjoying it.” Cao Yusheng was the first one to cry out.

Then, the others also sensed something, stopping after eating a portion.

As for the restricted region lord, he only sipped on tea, not eating the Time Beast’s flesh.

Shi Hao didn’t mind, carefully tasting this meat. He was searching, seeing if there were any dao fruit fragments of that undying king, but he didn’t find anything.

Huo Ling’er was also here. Shi Hao brought a plate of tender meat over to her.

In the end, most of the large cauldron of meat was finished by Shi Hao, a larger half of Scarlet King’s reborn body was eaten by Shi Hao.

Then, they began to enjoy the tea and discuss the dao. After not meeting for many years, now, they were the only ones left, so they were naturally deeply moved, having many things they wanted to say.


Suddenly, heaven and earth shook. Shi Hao suddenly raised his head, his eyes releasing shocking beams of light, gazing into the sky dome.

He knew that something was wrong. There was a great realm gate that was opened, it was this type of powerful fluctuation.

In the sky dome, there was a gate that was opened. Immortal light was released, auspicious multicolored light shining endlessly. A great golden path appeared, bringing some people out.

Then, that gate closed again, thus disappearing.

“Huang, are you still in this world? If you are still alive, quickly come and receive this decree!”

Someone shouted, the voice shaking the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. This was a true immortal, right now looking down on this world, coldly examining it.

The world immediately became quiet, only his voice echoing about. The cultivators of all clans were completely silent, no one replying.

Inside the central heavenly temple, Shi Hao released a light sigh, saying, “I thought it would be an undying king who would act against me first. Who would have thought that the immortal kings would make their move first!”

He sat there without moving, continuing to sip on Dao Comprehension Tea.


“Shi Hao!”

The crimson dragon, Heavenly Horned Ant and others all revealed worried expressions. Why did Immortal Domain’s people come again? This time, they clearly came with bad intentions, the waves of aura released were too strong.

“Brazen! Since the Fake Imperial Court still exists, why is no one replying? Even if Huang dies, you all have to receive the decree in his place!” That true immortal shouted.

He called the Imperial Court Fake Imperial Court, carrying cold intent.

“You’ve judged that I was dead just like that?” Shi Hao appeared, bringing the Heavenly Horned Ant, Mu Qing and the others, as well as a group of divine generals out, facing the heavens, his expression cold.

“Which random shameful true immortal came down?” The Divine Striking Stone shouted.

“So you really were still alive!” This true immortal’s pupils contracted. In the past, Immortal Domain sent out geniuses under the escort of immortal dao experts to seize this realm’s Heaven’s Core Imprint, but in the end, they were all killed by Huang, even true immortals falling.

He naturally became a bit tense, fearing that Shi Hao would act out.

“Huang, you should come and respectfully accept this decree.” This true immortal said. He raised his hand, a golden decree appearing, and then he began to read it.

Meanwhile, there was a group of people behind him, among them some true immortals, and then one creature with a terrifying aura, its magical force vigorous. It was actually a half immortal king.

This made Shi Hao frown. Immortal Domain could actually send a half immortal king into the lower realm, their methods were shocking.

“Which immortal king’s decree?” Shi Hao asked.

That true immortal sneered, holding that decree in hand as he said, “Huang, aren’t you regarding yourself too highly?”

Shi Hao’s eyes were icy cold, penetrating beyond compare, like lightning. This immediately made this true immortal break out into a cold shiver, unable to help but take two steps back.

“This is Duo Mu Half Immortal King’s decree. Why aren’t you respectfully kneeling to receive the decree yet?!” He berated.

Then, he looked towards the people behind him, bowing extremely respectfully to the half immortal king at the center. This was clearly that Duo Mu Half Immortal King.

Imperial Court’s people were all furious. Immortal Domain’s visitors were just too overbearing, immediately demanding the master of Imperial Court to receive a decree, extremely domineering.

“Do you want to die?!” Shi Hao only had these words, looking towards the true immortal who held the decree.

“Read it for him to hear!”

At this time, that Duo Mu Half Immortal King spoke, having this true immortal read the decree.

“Huang, establishing a Fake Imperial Court on his own initiative, going against immortal dao…”

That true immortal read it loudly, berating Shi Hao, his tone harsh, passing judgment on his sins. According to the decree, they were going to escort Shi Hao to Immortal Domain to carry out a trial and punishment.

“Huang, you still aren’t receiving this decree?!” This true immortal shouted.

This time, even though he didn’t have Shi Hao kneel, his attitude wasn’t changed at all. He was still extremely domineering and arrogant.

It was because he had a half immortal king behind him, had this type of great figure overseeing this place. He believed that this time, Huang was finished, that he was going to be suppressed and killed.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that after thousands of years passed, Huang made great progress, achieving immortality. He even headed to the other side and killed half undying kings!

If he knew this, he would definitely break out into shivers, not daring to speak.

Everything was because Shi Hao’s cultivation speed was too fast, far exceeding these people’s expectations. After all, it was just a few thousand years.

“Courting death!”

Shi Hao only had these two words. Then, he brandished a fist imprint, smashing forward with a hong noise.


That giant fist was like a small mountain, smashing into the void. That true immortal wanted to escape, but he was surrounded by natural laws, unable to struggle free, exploding on the spot, crushed into a blast of bloody mist.

It was just a single fist, yet a true immortal already died!

“You dare!” Duo Mu Half Immortal King was furious. He actually dared kill before his face.

“You are nothing more than a half immortal king, what qualifications do you have to act so arrogant, try me, make me receive your decree!” Shi Hao’s voice was cold.

What was the most upsetting was that Duo Mu was right there, he could have just personally spoken, yet he actually had someone read a decree, putting on this type of arrogant appearance, as if it was beneath him to speak.

“I am a half immortal king, yet you are not accepting this decree. Do you wish to go against Immortal Domain’s will?” Duo Mu asked with a sunken expression.

“Half immortal kings aren’t worth anything! It’s not like I haven’t killed them before!” Shi Hao shouted, directly taking action, rushing forward fiercely.

At the same time, he displayed a great divine ability, wrapping around this area, moving to the depths of the cosmos to avoid damaging the mountains and rivers below.


Duo Mu was shocked. A single moment of absent-mindedness and he was brought away. This was a bit shameful.

The other three true immortals and some others that followed them were also brought over, all of them horrified at this time.

“Kill!” Shi Hao roared.

Something that left all of them shocked happened. An intense battle directly erupted, the battle terrifying. Shi Hao killed Half Immortal King Duo Mu, a fist smashing through his skull, crushing his primordial spirit, ending his life.


Half Immortal King Duo Mu’s body exploded, his body and spirit dying.

The remaining people were absolutely terrified. Did this Huang want to defy the heavens? Just how old was he? He could even kill half immortal kings?!

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