Chapter 1932

Chapter 1932 - Darkness’ Mystery


A streak of golden light flickered about, flying across the cosmos. Shi Hao immediately stopped his movements, not allowing Huo Ling’er to immediately carry out a rebirth.

He saw the World Tree. Right now, it was still extremely tall, but it was definitely not as exaggerated as before. Now, it was only about ten thousand zhang in height.

It flowed with endless brilliance, filled with primal chaos power.

That was a heaven splitting aura!

At the same time, he saw that woman again. She was standing in front of the ancient palace on the treetop, looking at this place.

“Let us have a chat up here.” The woman spoke, inviting Shi Hao to ascend the treetop, have a conversation with her.

Shi Hao nodded, bringing Huo Ling’er and the black wolf with him, rising up. He stepped into the chaotic energy, arriving on the treetop.

This place swirled with golden radiance, sweet fragrance pouring down. This was especially the case at the very top where there were sparkling and translucent World Tree tender shoots that released powerful life energy.

A temple rested on the treetop, forever not sinking.

Apart from this, this place had a piece of World Stone!

This was a natural supreme treasure. Once it was refined, it could face immortal artifacts and other things, the most stunning treasure.

Shi Hao had seen these things before back then. He didn’t expect them to all still be here.

Shi Hao stared at this woman. She was extraordinary after all, her body releasing immortal dao force. Her cultivation level was definitely astonishing. In this Cultivationless Age, apart from him, there were still immortals after all.

However, when he thought about it, he still felt relieved. This was a World Tree! This woman always remained with it, so she definitely had an incredible background.

“I am not someone of the same generation as you.”

As if she knew what he was thinking, this woman spoke, her voice carrying a certain charm. This was an extremely perfect and flawless woman, her long golden hair dazzling like the sunrise multicolored brilliance.

Shi Hao asked which era she belonged to.

The golden-haired woman released a sigh, her eyes carrying a bit of a loss and regret. “It’s been too long, I’ve already forgotten how many great eras ago it was.”

Shi Hao was stunned. This woman’s background was this great?

“My grandfather previously drafted Immortal Domain’s cultivation method, an existence who almost broke through the Immortal King Realm, but in the end still died. Before departing, he sealed me to the half World Tree.”

“What?!” This time, it was Shi Hao who couldn’t sit still anymore, truly shocked.

“To be more precise, Immortal Domain’s method was created by a group of people, he was merely a member, one of the Prides of Heaven of that generation, also one of the most powerful individuals across many great eras.” The woman said.

She was extremely frank, telling him her background.

“Even someone that powerful died?” Shi Hao’s eyes were brilliant. These were heavenly mysteries he wasn’t familiar with himself, so he naturally wanted to ask about it in detail.

Those who could create cultivation systems, even if they were just a member that succeeded through group strength, being able to almost break through the Immortal King Realm in the end was still already shocking enough.

“He was seriously injured in the Realm Sea, in the end dying in Guidance Ancient Palace.”

When he heard these words, Shi Hao’s eyes released great radiance, the light burning like a torch, releasing great dao symbols that interweaved together, splitting the void.

He thought of something. In the past, when he was in Burial Earth, he saw Cao Yusheng’s future body. Back then, Cao Yusheng frantically told him that he had to be careful… palace.

At the time, he didn’t have any way of really hearing everything, only seizing the word palace.

After so many years, he had always been pondering over this on his own, thinking over many things.

Guidance Ancient Palace, this wasn’t the first time he heard about this. It was because during the struggle between the three thousand provinces’ geniuses, he already saw one in Immortal Ancient Remains.

At that time, the palace drew in a primordial spirit from an unknown place.

“This is precisely the Guidance Ancient Palace.” The woman pointed at the Chaotic Ancient Palace on the treetop.

“Why is it here?” Shi Hao was bewildered.

“My grandfather previously slaughtered his way over, seizing it and suppressing it here.” The golden-haired woman said.

“Why are you telling me these things?” Shi Hao asked.

“Because I just happened to see that you wanted to save this woman.”

“Is there any connection between these two things?” Shi Hao asked for guidance.

“Guidance Ancient Palace is related to the Darkness Prison, only through Guidance Ancient Palace can one be connected there.” The golden-haired girl said.

“Darkness Prison?!”

Darkness Prison, the place where primordial spirits are locked up one after another. That place is an endless void, a boundless dark territory, a place we cannot step foot in.

When he heard everything up to here, Shi Hao’s mind was surging crazily. He knew what kind of place that was, it was the same as what he suspected.

In the past, he had previously gone there!

When he was cultivating his second strand of immortal energy, he almost died there. His primordial spirit left his body, mysteriously entering Darkness Prison, locked up there for a long time.

That prison rose and fell along the long river of time, like a land of reincarnation. It imprisoned many creatures, some of them were powerful beyond imagination, imperishable since ancient times.

“Do you know where the darkness matter originates from?” The golden-haired woman asked.

“Could it be…”

“It comes precisely from behind Darkness Prison.” She said it like this.

Shi Hao’s mind was in complete chaos. He actually learned about this mystery.

Everything was because this woman’s grandfather was too powerful, back then, he was someone who had hopes of breaking through the Immortal King Realm, one of the most powerful individuals in this world. This was why she was able to tell him so much.

“The darkness’ corrosion will bring away those creatures’ primordial spirits, nurture their flesh, and produce new primordial spirits. That is why there is no need for doubt, this woman’s newly produced primordial spirit is still hers, not another creature coming in and occupying her. It is just that she no longer has her past memories, becoming different from before.”

Shi Hao was stunned. It was actually like this!

Huo Ling’er’s primordial spirit still existed, it entered the Land of Darkness, locked up in that prison? Just what kind of place exactly was that?!

“She still exists, but the new primordial spirit still isn’t the one I know.” Shi Hao said. He felt both happiness and sorrow.

What made him happy was that Huo Ling’er still existed in that Land of Darkness, there was hope, he could still find her!

“What kind of nonsense are you all talking about?” Huo Ling’er didn’t believe any of this.

“You don’t need to look at it anymore, it has already been destroyed by my grandfather, suppressed. The connection to that place has already been severed.” The woman shook her head.

Then, she told him that there was more than one Guidance Ancient Palace, instead, there were many of them. All of them were located in the void.

“When you cross the void, the blood dyed ancient ship, immortal ascension light and Chaotic Ancient Palaces, these things that people are most scared of encountering, they are all related to each other.” The woman said.

She told him that the Chaotic Ancient Palaces that were visible in the void were just like the one here, belonging to Guidance Ancient Palace!

As for the blood-soaked ancient ship, Shi Hao knew that it originated from the Realm Sea. He saw more than one rising and falling in that ocean!

“What kind of connection do they all have? Could it be that there is more than one way, that we don’t have to borrow the Guidance Ancient Palace?” Shi Hao asked.

“There is another way to enter the Land of Darkness, an easier way to explore the ultimate mysteries of the darkness, as well as the path many people are taking. This is precisely crossing the Realm Sea.” The woman said.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, his eyes becoming more and more brilliant. That day, he learned of too many mysteries. He was digesting it all, thinking to himself, great waves surging within him.

There were some things not even the restricted region lord knew about, because he was already ruined, only some remnant will left behind. The past memories had already been hacked away.

“When crossing the void, if you can see ascension light, occasionally, one can see it tear open a crack, and enter the Land of Darkness through there. However, the creatures who entered have never come back out alive.”

“It was actually like this!” Shi Hao nodded.

Guidance Ancient Palace could bring one to Darkness Prison!

At the limits of the Realm Sea laid the greatest mysteries behind the darkness land.

“Those who wish to surpass Immortal King Realm all went to take the Realm Sea path. It is because back then, there was a pair of shallow footprints that led there, these traces not something an immortal king could leave behind.” The golden-haired woman said.

Shi Hao remained silent for a long time, giving her a bow of respect, deeply expressing his thanks. Otherwise, even if he used the True Phoenix egg to help Huo Ling’er carry out a rebirth, he still wouldn’t be able to bring back that person from before.

Turns out she was in the Land of Darkness!

After ten thousand years passed, just how much did she suffer? She was trapped there all alone.

“The corrosion of darkness sometimes cannot bring away all of one’s soul, there would still be a bit leftover.” The woman said, understanding a lot about the truth.

Shi Hao nodded. He thought back to Meng Tianzheng, if not for him having a ruined spirit, why would he help him out, kill those true immortals?

As long as their primordial spirits still existed, still alive, then there was still hope. He definitely had to save them!

However, a shadow covered Shi Hao’s mind, recalling his past experience. When he entered mysteriously, if not for him being extraordinary, he would have died in the prison back then.

“The darkness will erase normal bodies, the prison isn’t something anyone can use. Only those who have the privilege of achieving immortality, becoming undying existences, will have their primordial spirits preserved.” The golden-haired woman said.

Shi Hao was stunned. This woman’s grandfather was heaven-defying after all, even this type of secret could be investigated, no wonder he passed away in the end. He definitely came into contact with too much, involved too deeply, killed by the darkness as a result.

Then, he thought to himself again and again, feeling his entire body turning cold. It really was horrifying.

That cage selectively preserved primordial spirits. In the end, all those who were left behind were the most powerful, storing their primordial spirits. Just what was it trying to do?

The more he thought about it, the more terrifying he felt it was.

“This world’s creatures are all trying to make it through!” The golden-haired woman sighed.

During this process, Huo Ling’er’s expression was complicated. The two of them didn’t discuss this behind her back, making her mind produce great waves. Even though she didn’t believe any of this, not willing to accept it, she was still a bit shaken.

“What kind of method does that bone record refer to?” Shi Hao consulted her. He looked towards that Chaotic Ancient Palace, which was also a Guidance Ancient Palace.

Back then, he discovered a rough bone there, the recordings on it saying that there was a method in this world that was world shocking and incomparable, something that not even a heavenly emperor obtained before.

“That bone is something my grandfather’s generation left behind, using the great dao characters of different ages to inform those of later generations. According to my speculations, it should be the lower piece of the True Primordial Record.”

The lower piece of the True Primordial Record?

This news was extremely shocking!

It was rumored that the True Primordial Record had three pieces in total, the upper piece Divine Guidance, middle piece Transcendence, and the lower piece whose situation was not known by anyone.

“You have to be careful. My grandfather’s group also wished to establish an Immortal Court. Those individuals considered themselves emperors, but in the end still couldn’t break through the Immortal King Realm, unable to receive that type of blessing. In the end, they all collapsed one after the next, even their clansmen pretty much eradicated. I was sealed, and a butcher fled to another ancient realm, rumored to have ultimately headed into the Realm Sea as well.”

When Shi Hao heard these things, he was extremely shaken and stupefied.

There was actually this much to consider?

No wonder that bone wrote that it was a natural luck not even heavenly emperors could obtain.

“Ever since the ancient times, there were still a few who dared claim to be emperors in the Immortal Dao Domain, but none of them were able to break through the Immortal King Realm, ultimately dying extremely miserably.” The golden-haired woman told him.

Shi Hao nodded. He established the Imperial Court, the mortal world already calling him a heavenly emperor, but this was only in a ruined world’s Cultivationless Age.

This wasn’t Immortal Domain, nor was it the other side. He felt like this title wasn’t worth much.

It was just a title, what was so special about that?


In the end, the World Tree turned into a streak of light, carrying that woman away, disappearing without a trace.

Shi Hao brought Huo Ling’er back to Imperial Court, the latter’s expression complicated, unknown what she was thinking about, sneaking a look at him from time to time.

“This is the Phoenix’s immortal egg, hold onto it carefully. In the future, it will be extremely useful to you!” Shi Hao said, giving Huo Ling’er the True Phoenix egg.

“I don’t want it!” Huo Ling’er backed up.

The years continued, a hundred years passing in a flash. Shi Hao completely calmed down, entering seclusion, cultivating bitterly.

It was because he knew that if he wanted to enter the Land of Darkness, with his current cultivation, it still wasn’t enough. He had to rise up to Immortal King Realm!

However, would others give him that chance?

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