Chapter 1931

Chapter 1931 - Already Gone

Golden roots took root in the void, covering Desolate Border. It was just too vast, this ancient tree was enormous beyond compare, towering into the cosmos. Forget about that main branch, every single leaf even carried stars!

The old tree bark split apart, releasing golden radiance and chaotic mist. The old tree bark was like scales, incredibly ancient, carrying a world establishing aura!

Normally speaking, only when the heavens were created, would a World Tree be produced!

This world was ruined, close to being half destroyed. Meanwhile, this ancient Sun God Tree was also an existence naturally born from primal chaos, that was why it forcefully completed its evolution in this age.


Anlan’s spear was incredibly sharp, able to slaughter all heroes in this world. It continued to stab in this direction, carrying a world exterminating aura.

However, when this World Tree descended, it changed everything. It released complete great dao laws, stopping it, forcing it out.


In the foreign realm, a great roar sounded. Anlan’s projection was unrivaled, towering in this world, his true body appearing. The long river of time was disturbed, interfering with the trajectory of heaven and earth.

“Forget it, don’t go all out. Realm Sea isn’t stable, great chaos is about to begin. There is no need to pay such a price now.” Someone said.

This was an undying king. Right now, he was observing the Realm Sea. No one could overlook that place. Realm Sea was about to ignite history’s greatest storm.

If not for the foreign realm having reinforcements, they wouldn’t be able to face this situation so calmly either.

“Kings cannot be humiliated. We must kill him in the future.” Anlan’s words were extremely cold. That golden spear slowly withdrew, the world splitting, suffocating and terrifying atmosphere was removed.

Just now, countless creatures’ souls in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths were trembling. They fell weak onto the ground, unable to endure that type of formless pressure.

This was precisely an undying king, able to possess this type of power even when separated by a world.

If he came out, a single person would be enough to wipe out all life!

The World Tree moved. With a hu noise, it flew into the sky, carrying dazzling golden light. It was quickly shrinking.

It shrunk from large to small. When it was large, it could cover the entire world, when it was small, it was less than an inch in height. It rushed into outer space, everyone raising their heads and looking in that direction.

Shi Hao clearly saw that there was still an ancient palace on that treetop that released chaotic energy!

Back then, he had seen it before. He remembered that a beast bone with an ancient scripture recorded on it fell from it. However, even after so many years, he still never found it.

At the same time, he also saw that there was a golden winged woman who stood at the palace entrance. Her golden long hair was shining, her appearance like that of a sun goddess. Even her pupils were golden, currently looking down on all things.

“It’s her!”

Shi Hao’s pupils contracted. Back then, when the Sun God Tree blossomed, the golden liquid that trickled down the flower petals contained great natural luck. Meanwhile, this woman was seated in that flower back then.[1]

She had long appeared in this world, unknown what cultivation realm she was at now.

Immediately afterwards, the World Tree disappeared. It quickly shrank, carrying an endless rain of light, disappearing into outer space!

Heaven and earth became peaceful again, Desolate Border becoming silent.

They originally thought that there would be a life and death bloody battle. Shi Hao was already about to go for broke, even the restricted region lord was invited out by him, yet everything ended so peacefully.

This was fine as well. If there really was a great battle, the outcome would be hard to predict.

Even if the other party’s true body couldn’t cross over, there would still be too many variables. After all, he was an undying king, he was -- Anlan!

“You have to make preparations quickly, they won’t give you too much time.” The restricted region lord said.

The flame in the crystal skull throbbed, right now also speaking out. “You were born in the wrong age!”

They were sighing, inwardly thinking that Shi Hao wasn’t born in a good age, lacking time. If he was given another period of time, then he wouldn’t have to fear any enemies!

Shi Hao nodded. He had to rise vigorously, had to forcefully break through!

If he continued to cultivate like everyone else, he would definitely die without a proper burial! Even if he had to go all out, he still had to try and break through.

Desolate Border became calm. However, Shi Hao’s heart wasn’t.

He returned to Imperial Court, releasing Huo Ling’er and that giant black wolf in the giant palace. He looked at them, inwardly feeling bitterness.


That giant black wolf opened its bloody mouth, displaying divine abilities. It threw itself over to fight him to the death.


Shi Hao sat there. With only a raise of his hand, it was suppressed, unable to move.

The giant black wolf released a growl. It roared out, quickly shrinking, its mountainous body shrinking to half a foot in height, pressed to the ground by a large hand.

Huo Ling’er took action. A black flame that carried undying aura appeared. Around her body, there were immortal birds created from black fiery light that flew about, True Phoenixes and Vermilion Birds resonating, the aura terrifying.

She wasn’t a match either, suppressed by Shi Hao.

Shi Hao looked at them quietly. Time was ruthless, erasing too much, including past memories. This familiar yet unfamiliar woman forgot everything.

Shi Hao twitched inwardly. This was already no longer Huo Ling’er, her primordial spirit was newly created!


Shi Hao suppressed a roar that echoed through the temple. If not for this place being sealed, it would have definitely shaken the heavens.

“Either kill me or let me go…” Huo Ling’er looked at him, revealing a strange expression. She just couldn’t understand why this man named Huang would have such a pained expression.

Seeing his expression, it wasn’t faked, but rather his true feelings. She began to feel doubt, becoming extremely confused.

“You are named Huo Ling’er, used to be Fire Nation’s princess. We first met in the Hundred Shattered Mountains…”

Shi Hao’s voice was hoarse. He sat there, starting to speak from when they first met.

“What are you saying?!” Huo Ling’er’s fine white complexion was full of anger, not believing any of this.

Shi Hao didn’t pay her any attention, just rambling on his own. He talked about everything in great detail, not skipping anything.

“I arrived in the higher realm, found you in Sin Province. The day we parted, the sunset was like blood, Fire Mulberry Trees scarlet red, flower petals filling the skies. I previously promised that I would come back one day to find you, that my feelings will never change.”

When Shi Hao spoke up to here, his eyes became deep. Back then, they were reluctant to part. Huo Ling’er stood by the Fire Mulberry Trees alone, continuously waving her hands, shedding tears alone. It was as if she knew that this was going to be a parting by death. She stood there lonesomely, not willing to leave. Even when she already almost couldn’t see him, she was still quietly calling out his name.

“However, I couldn’t return, couldn’t come to see you again!”

Shi Hao’s eyes became sore. He looked at the black clothed woman in front of him, almost crying. That separation was eternal.

The person looked the same, but what about the soul? Where was it?!

Ever since he stood at the very peak, his heart became tough like iron, difficult for external matters to affect him. However now, he was filled with bitterness and pain.

That year, that day, that separation left her extremely lonely and sad. She wasn’t willing to see him leave into the distance. She stood there alone for who knew how long, not even wishing to turn around. Following the sunset glow and the fall of flowers, tears were shed. She was extremely lonesome.

Shi Hao immersed himself in his own memories, slowly speaking, his voice gloomy, carrying great grief. Who would have thought that their reunion would be like this.

When he spoke up to when Anlan’s hand reached across the sky, when that arm crossed Desolate Border and seized Sin Province, Shi Hao’s breathing even became rushed. Even though that was something that happened more than ten thousand years ago, it was still clear before his eyes. His eyes were red, fists clenched tightly.

However, everything was in the past, he already couldn’t change much.

“What you have said, I don’t believe any of it.” Huo Ling’er said. She stared at Shi Hao and said, “Who can prove it? They are merely one-sided words spoken by you to incite me.”

Shi Hao opened his mouth, wanting to say something. However, after ten thousand years passed, the entire world became still. Among those of the same generation, just how many were left? The all died along the passage of time!

After fifteen thousand years, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields. In this type of Cultivationless Age ruined world, how could it compare to the foreign realm or Immortal Domain? This realm dried up. Shi Hao even felt lonely when he thought about it sometimes. The previous enemies who fought with him and faced him had mostly already turned to dust, only a small group entered Immortal Domain.

Shi Hao didn’t say much, sealing her and the black wolf’s magical force, and then brought them out, heading straight for the lower realms.

This trip took many days. They started from Fire Nation, the place where Huo Ling’er was born. Even though it had already changed greatly, traces of the past could still be found.

It was to the extent where there were still lines recording her existence in some bone books.

Then, they went to the Hundred Shattered Mountains.

They then headed to Fire Clan Ancestral Land’s Holy Emperor Palace.

Every detail of the past appeared in Shi Hao’s mind, he didn’t forget any of it even now. After many days passed, he brought Huo Ling’er into the higher realm.

He wanted to bring her to Sin Province, but it was no longer there.

The Fire Mulberry Trees carried a beautiful memory, only, all of that no longer existed, it was already gone.

There were still a few people from back then, the Heavenly Horned Ant could be considered one, but he didn’t recognize Huo Ling’er at all…

In the end, Shi Hao was left disappointed and frustrated. He really didn’t know how to prove himself, how to tell her.

He looked at that familiar face. Her beauty exceeded the past. A black dress fluttered about, her figure graceful, complexion snow-white. Her temperament was now enchanting and grave, different from before.

In the past, she was gentle, but now, she had the aura of a powerful figure.

This wasn’t her. Shi Hao released a sigh, saying, “These feelings can wait until you recall your memories.”

Only, even though he knew that there was most likely no chance, he wasn’t someone who was willing to give up, he wanted to save Huo Ling’er.

“I previously prepared an instance of natural luck for you. I don’t know if your soul has truly disappeared from your body yet, or if it is still there. Even if there is only a tiny bit left, I still don’t want to give up!” 

Shi Hao said, his expression becoming more and more firm.

In reality, Huo Ling’er was already a bit moved and confused. Shi Hao previously brought her to the places that had been corroded by darkness.

Many cultivators of this world knew about the darkness’ chaos.

Shi Hao seriously asked her if she had any memories of her childhood, or if there was only a gap. After Huo Ling’er spent so much time on this great earth, saw so many darkness creatures, how could she not become doubtful?

“Let’s go!”

Shi Hao took her with him, rising into the void, entering the depths of the cosmos. He was going to help her carry out a rebirth on an uninhabited planet.

He only wished for this body to still have a tiny bit of Huo Ling’er’s primordial spirit traces, he wanted to see a miracle.

“What is this?” Huo Ling’er was shocked.

She saw an egg that surged with raging flames. When Shi Hao used immortal force, this egg released five-colored divine light, illuminating the dark cosmos.

“Phoenix Egg!” Shi Hao said.

Back then, he already decided to gift the flame dao cultivation to Huo Ling’er. Who would have thought that it would only happen after more than ten thousand years!

This egg couldn’t produce a True Phoenix anymore, it was already half dead. However, after activating it, it could help complete another, carrying the True Phoenix bloodline’s most powerful rebirth power.

“I am willing to help you obtain a new life!” Shi Hao said.

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