Chapter 1930

Chapter 1930 - All of it Was Done By Huang

After Shi Hao disappeared, Ancestor Gu also cleaned up all of the traces here.

His old face was thoroughly red, a bit embarrassed. The so-called traces that he erased were mostly his own. At first, he was worried that this good seed Huang would die here, but he never expected that it was a completely different matter, that the other party would be able to kill a half undying king.

“It’s time to go!”

Ancestor Gu left. Time fragments flew about. He disappeared from this place, appearing in Gu Clan’s ancestral land. His appearance quickly changed, skin becoming sparkling, no longer shriveled.

He recovered his true appearance, his figure straight, hair flowing with light golden luster. However, this was only his external appearance. If a powerful individual was here, they would definitely shake their head, because they could sense that there were cracks in his dao source. He likely didn’t have hopes of entering the Immortal King Realm.

Ancestor Gu’s methods were heaven-defying, this was the reason why the foreign realm’s undying kings felt at ease!

He grasped time and space natural laws, able to influence the years and interfere with material matter, deeply disguising himself. No one has ever been able to expose him yet.

In the past, he had seen Shi Hao. This clan had tried to refine Shi Hao in a furnace, but in the end ‘accidentally’ helped Shi Hao. It was clear that this was done on purpose.

Gu Clan at that time already acted carefully, preserving a strand of Shi Hao’s blood. That was why he could use it to derive things, moreover find him.

“Even though I went into hiding, how can I escape forever? Sooner or later, the day will come when I will still die miserably!”

Gu Ancestor said to himself, his expression extremely sentimental.

He knew that he already shouldered endless infamy that was impossible to wash away in this life. Even if there were people who helped him clear things up, the people of the world still wouldn’t believe him.

In the past, many people had previously seen Gu Clan’s people’s hands dyed in the blood of their own people, defecting to the other side. This clan was already doomed with a bad reputation for endless time.

“It is truly lamentable. I can already see the end of my life, unable to get rid of this world’s bad reputation.” He was extremely regretful.

Then, he closed his eyes, became like a stone statue, not moving, lacking vitality. It was as if he hadn’t moved for millions and millions of years.

Right now, the skies gradually became quiet because the great battles were nearing an end.

‘Realm Eradication’, that incense was destroyed in the end, unable to treat this world as a lighthouse.

After the brilliance, everything entered darkness.

At the same time, the great realm’s rejection force appeared. Creatures who were too powerful and didn’t belong to this world were rejected, the weapons that entered from Realm Sea were also forced out.

A World Tree appeared, releasing dazzling brilliance, protecting the foreign realm. Endless power surged, guarding this world, stabilizing it.

This was precisely a complete great world. With a World Tree here, it would display great effects at the crucial time.

It might not be the most powerful, but it could connect with the great dao of heaven and earth, become sturdy and imperishable. The tree and realm became one, able to preserve the interweaving of complete laws.

This realm became completely quiet. However, soon afterwards, bitter fluctuations erupted again.

A furnace burned heaven and earth, it was just too terrifying!

In the territory where the Time Beasts resided, this Emperor Clan’s ancestral land underwent shocking changes.

“What is that? The Scarlet King Furnace has appeared!”

Forget about everyone else, even Emperor Clans were shocked. Then, the undying kings were alarmed one after another, all of them revealing different expressions.

Anlan and Shutuo even more so descended onto the Time Beasts’ ancestral land, personally examining this place.


A great roar sounded. Heaven and earth collapsed.

In Scarlet King Clan’s land of seclusion, that ancient city exploded.

That was a stone mountain. It completely shattered, the void producing endless raging flames, heaven and earth rumbling.

“Heavens, Scarlet King came out of seclusion!”

There was an ancient beast who dragged its ruined body that dripped with blood, rushing out from the underground cave. It roared angrily towards the sky. Its body was damaged!

“What happened?”

The experts of all sides were stupefied.

Many people were deeply shocked, finding this inconceivable.

Anlan and Shutuo descended one after the other, releasing unmatched might, suppressing this place.

“Scarlet King, cease your anger!” Shutuo said.

Everyone wanted to know what was happening.

However, chaotic energy surged, heaven’s fate was hidden by the undying kings.

However, this world didn’t have walls that didn’t leak wind. Two days later, the cultivators of all clans in the foreign realm were stunned, because they heard of a rumor.

Scarlet King was cut up by someone!

It carried out a rebirth, its old body producing a divine core, still young, not completing its transformation, currently accumulating, yet it was cut up by someone.

The entire foreign realm was shocked. Just how terrifying of a matter was this? Someone dared harm Scarlet King?

“This is just too much of a coincidence. Scarlet King had just completed his rebirth, everything starting over from the beginning, not even he himself expected someone to be this brazen, daring to harm him.”

This matter shocked the foreign realm, leaving the cultivators of all clans stupefied, finding this hard to believe.

“Dao brother, just who was the one who did this? Could it be that some immortal king made their way over?” Anlan’s expression was serious, remaining in the Time Beasts’ ancestral land.

Scarlet King was extremely angry. He had been doing his best to neutralize a disaster for all these years, now finally breaking free, yet his dao skills were almost crippled during this rebirth process!

Shi Hao’s blade looked simple, but for a newly born creature, it was too deadly.

If it wasn’t for him being the Scarlet King, everyone else would have definitely been crippled.

During these two days, Scarlet King had no choice but to merge his divine core back with his old body. Originally, he already shed away the broken and aged remains, yet now, he had to forcefully merge it back to make up for his loss.


Scarlet King only had this single word, the hatred he felt endless. He knew that he could only stop at the Undying King Realm in his entire life. All of his ambitions and his desire to break through, all of this didn’t seem to have any hope left.

What did he remain in seclusion for a whole great era for?

Wasn’t it all because he wanted to sever himself from the king realm, take that step?!

Originally, even though he didn’t have much confidence, there was still hope after all. Only, reality was cruel, he couldn’t even see a glimmer of hope now.

“It wasn’t an immortal king!”

Scarlet King shook his head.

At their level, they could all derive some things. However, when it involved themselves, the mysteries of fate became chaotic, everything covered in primal chaos.

In the end, Anlan and Shutuo took action, helping him derive things.


That day, the foreign realm’s skies cracked apart, stars falling.

That was Scarlet King’s rage, full of great hatred and humiliation. His roar shook up all clans.

He knew who it was that injured him. That creature was ridiculously young, someone whose name everyone in this realm knew and heard of.

He was Huang, someone who was previously taken prisoner in this realm!

“Huang, it is precisely Huang. He came to our realm again, ended up… cutting Scarlet King?!”

When news went out, the entire world was shaken. This was simply unendurable. Huang dared brandish a blade at their undying king? This was too shocking.

The truth was revealed, it really was Huang who did this. He charged into Scarlet King’s land of seclusion, chopping up his reborn body.

Who dared believe this?

Was he trying to defy the heavens? He even did such a thing, moreover actually succeeding!

The other side went crazy, leaving all clans’ cultivators shaken.

“What a pity, so many elites in Dao Comprehension Mountain were killed by a single person, all by Huang alone!”

When the murderer of this great massacre was revealed, everyone felt anger and fear. All of this was done by Huang.

“Just how many years have passed? Huang has already grown to this extent!”

The other sides’ clans were all scared badly.

Huang’s growth was just too fast, daring to run into this foreign realm and unleash a slaughter, even able to harm an undying king. This really made everyone shiver all over in fear.

“Is there still heavenly reasoning left?!” Someone cried out, their face turning pale.

This was especially when the body and spirit of the half undying king who guarded this passage were erased, this was the greatest blow to them. Huang could already kill half undying kings!

The souls of everyone on this side were trembling.

Even the Emperor Clans were stunned, not daring to believe this. All of this was just too shocking.

“Kill him!”

“Slaughter our way into the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!”

These were the roaring voices of the foreign masses. When they learned that this was all done by Huang, some people couldn’t take it anymore, releasing loud shouts, even undying beings included among them.

In reality, this matter was far more serious than they imagined.

It was because the undying kings even produced killing intent.

That day, Anlan and Shutuo took action.

“Kings cannot be humiliated!”

Anlan’s golden spear was surrounded by an ancient aura. Primal chaos surged, carrying an incredibly sharp aura, simply about to wipe out the world.


The golden spear was incomparable. It pierced through that spatial passage. Even if he had to pay the price, suffer a backlash, they still had to teach the Nine Heavens Ten Earths a lesson.

This was all because kings couldn’t be humiliated!

The instant the golden spear stabbed over, the three thousand provinces trembled!

That day, Shi Hao always sat there, personally keeping guard.

This wasn’t all. The restricted region lord, crystal skull and others were also invited over.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao merged with the golden arm bone, crystal skull, and others. He brandished the Everlasting Sword Core, wishing to stop the golden spear.

However, the response of this world was even more intense than his. A terrifying creature from outside this realm wanted to enter and threaten this world, so it began to reject it, stopping it.

The more powerful the creature, the greater the rejection when trying to cross realms.

This was a ruined world which was recovering right now. It greatly rejected the power that was too great from entering this realm!

The reason Shi Hao could return was because he merged with the Heaven’s Core Imprint. Even though he gave it up again, he long developed a mysterious resonance with this heaven and earth.

That was why he could return from that side.


Anlan’s spear was still moving, piercing over inch by inch. The terrifying aura became more and more powerful.

“Don’t move!” The restricted region lord stopped Shi Hao.

Right now, that spear was too terrifying, those who dared touch it might be targeted by heaven overflowing killing intent, directly exploding.

Ka ka!

In the heavens above, a strange sound could be heard. Then, golden roots appeared one after another, taking root there, stabilizing this world’s mountains and rivers.

“This is?!”

Forget about the others, even Shi Hao and the restricted region lord were shocked.

This world changed. In that instant, they sensed a complete dao aura, as well as increasingly shocking natural laws interweaving here.

Anlan’s golden spear was forced back.

“World Tree!”

“This realm has produced a World Tree again!”

What did this signify?

This meant that the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ great dao was recovering, their laws gradually becoming complete. It devoured all living things and all clans during the Cultivationless Age, doing all of this in order to complete the world itself.

This realm was recovering, undergoing a world turning transformation.


The golden roots became even more concentrated, thick beyond compare. They descended from above, one was vaguely able to make out a ruined ancient tree descending from the world beyond. It took root here, guarding this place.

It was precisely a World Tree!

It was too large, towering in the cosmos, every leaf supporting a star, too shocking.

Its entire body was golden, as if made from gold, too resplendent.

Shi Hao long had a certain mysterious feeling. Now that he saw it, his hunch was proven after all. This was that giant tree he saw in the past, the one that previously supported a Chaotic Ancient Palace.

Apart from this, there was a golden woman on that tree!

This was originally a Sun God Tree that evolved towards a World Tree. At first, it was in the lower realms, but it later entered the Realm Tomb.[1]

Now, it completed its transformation, harmonizing with this world’s heaven and earth natural laws, the two joining together, protecting this world.

A World Tree appeared!

The significance of this was too great!

1. First appearance in c509, reappeared in c1204

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