Chapter 1904

Chapter 1904 - Not Belonging to the Present

The voices were fleeting, but they were truly there. He lived in the ancient past, just how horrifyingly shocking were these methods?

It was too astonishing, as if they were dreaming everything!

That drop of blood was extremely resplendent, illuminating the endless dao, severing the long river of time, engraved in past and present, flowing along the stone walls, making primal chaos sink.

The little dog backed up involuntarily, its fine hairs standing on end, truly shocked. There was a creature whose incarnation appeared throughout all ages, how horrifying of a matter was this?

Did that creature want to dominate all of time, dissolve endless time, or did he want to accomplish something else?

“From the ancient past until now, all ages transformed?” The crystal skull also mentioned a possibility, the one that was the most terrifying. If it was true, then it was just too frightening.

The restricted region lord shook his head. That wasn’t realistic!

Great eras rose and fell one after the other, if all ages were transformed, if this was derived, there were too many mysterious meanings, containing extreme terror, it really wasn’t something that could be researched in detail.

Otherwise, it was just too horrifying!

Those engravings appeared on the rough stone walls once again. It was as if a thick and heavy history scroll unfolded before them. Under the illumination of the dripping blood, it was no longer indistinct, gradually becoming clear.

They could see the recordings of that period. There were characters and engravings, great changes carved on them, the accumulation of the years!

“How is this possible? He was born in the Age of Emperor Collapse?” The little dog was stupefied, even its soul trembling, finding this hard to believe. It stared rigidly at the stone wall.

The lines were simple, the painting style rough, extremely primitive, recording the events of the past, things that happened endless years ago.

A youngster walked out from the great wasteland…

From weak to strong, he continuously changed. In the Mortal Dao Domain, he grew up step by step, fighting great battles in the world, bathed in the blood of his enemies. He walked his own path, advancing resolutely.

Huang, that was his figure, engraved on the rough stone walls!

How could it be like this? Was there really reincarnation? Which era’s creature was he?

Or was this to say that he returned to the Age of Emperor Collapse from this place? Carrying out a living reincarnation?

However, how could a creature’s true body approach that place? To live there for so long, it would disturb the great river of time, alter the past, create great cracks in the universe!

The past had already changed, there was no way to change it.

Even an unmatched immortal king, even if they could follow the long river of time, gaze into the future, they were still passing travelers, unable to truly descend upon one place for a long time, let alone alter any karma.

Who could disturb time, whose flesh could return to the past, moreover interact with the world’s creatures, even being recorded down?

This wasn’t realistic, disturbing too much. The karma was too great!


Immortal domain, Aocheng King City.

Right now, Aocheng Immortal King was currently deducing possibilities. He sat on a praying mat, chaotic energy rising and falling, surging like a sea, drowning the immortal king dwelling, everything within millions and millions of li trembling lightly.

His magical force was unmatched, incomparable.

However now, he was expressionless, his eyes terrifyingly deep. They gradually became like two black holes, absorbing the fragments of the heavenly great dao. Magical laws descended, wrapping around him.

“He is not of this world, disappeared from this set of history.” He said quietly to himself.

Inside the ancient cave, within the zhang length stone room.

Primitive traces continuously appeared on the stone wall, describing events of the past.

“He faced the Darkness True Dragon Clan, the battle is so fierce, he is facing more than ten experts from this clan alone…”

Outside the stone room, everyone was staring at the terrifying recordings on the stone walls, as if they were experiencing the years this person went through, as well as all the emotions he felt.

“The butcher!”

The restricted region lord’s face changed, his pupils rapidly contracting. The word he said sounded laughable, but it was actually an extremely important matter. It could be said to be heaven shocking.

He had previously mentioned a few creatures with the crystal skull, golden arm bone and the bleeding eyeball, calling an individual who divided six stalks of undying immortal medicine a drug seller, calling someone who killed all opponents in the world, the ruthless expert who dominated the world as the butcher.

“The younger times’ butcher, he was a creature from the Age of Emperor Collapse after all, a cultivator from that period!”

“That’s the young butcher, he faced Huang during that time!”

Unfortunately, according to the stone walls’ recordings, the two confronted each other, but they didn’t fight to the death, passing each other by just like that.

“This is a bit regretful. I really wanted to see just how strong the butcher was during his youth, but they didn’t clash, not fighting a bloody battle!”

Moreover, the butcher left that great realm, thus disappearing.

On the stone wall, an expanse of traces disappeared. Another set of diagrams appeared, describing the prosperity and decline of the ages.

The restricted region lord and others passed over the other stuff, only examining the recordings pertaining to Huang.

“He killed the eight sons of an Upper Heavens lineage!”

The golden arm bone released divine will fluctuations, saying this with a sigh.

The so-called Upper Heavens lineage, in this present age, it had long vanished. However, many great eras ago, it was an unrivaled clan, the bloodline unimaginably powerful.

Otherwise, why would they dare take on the title of Upper Heavens as their clan’s name?

“He cut down thirteen up and coming youngsters of the God Creation lineage!”

The crystal skull was moved, staring at the stone wall, seeing a glorious segment of history, the terrifying battle accomplishments of a youngster.

Page after page of history was opened up, segments of time going past one after another. During the Age of Emperor Collapse, there was Huang’s figure there.


Where was Huang right now?

When he appeared in this world, he was previously stunned. After experiencing many years of slaughter, he calmed down.

This was a different world, and also a terrifying world. He heard the roars of immortal kings, saw endless immortal king blood scatter, destroying millions and millions of li.

He almost fell in a rain of blood, barely making it through several disasters alive.

This age was too terrifying, war raged incessantly. This was an unimaginably glorious great world.

However, with his arrival that one day, the heavens collapsed. The experts of all clans fought decisive battles, destroying the balance, all things encountering disaster.

A flourishing period came to an end, unmatched experts all disappearing.

The same day, the world entered a Cultivationless Age.

This realm dried up, the connection to the other realms severed, no way of traveling between, heaven and earth, isolated just like that.

Shi Hao was stunned. When the Cultivationless Age descended, he almost mistakened himself for returning to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

This period was endlessly long, the entire world boundless. He didn’t recognize any of the creatures, not a single one of his old friends were here.

He knew that he wasn’t in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, but in another segment of time-space. He could only accept this reality.

Previously, he viewed this as merely a test, thinking that he was in a small world, sooner or later, he would find the exit.

It was to the extent where he even suspected if this was an illusion. However, his intuition told him that this world was real, that a Cultivationless Age arrived.

This was a great world, it couldn’t be any more real.

“Everything is real… just what kind of place did I end up in?”

Then, Shi Hao became silent.

He roamed this world, cultivating, searching for the truth, comprehending the dao in this Cultivationless Age.

He understood a lot, his mind stirring greatly, developing suspicions. However, in this world, who could he even talk about this with?

He could only bury all of this inside. He didn’t belong to this age, yet he could interact with it. It wasn’t an illusion, everything was truly happening.

“All ages transformation, did it bring me here?”

Shi Hao only focused on cultivation, but this period really was hard to bear. This place entered a Cultivationless Age, suppressing all creatures of the world, there was no way of achieving immortality.

Time flowed on, the years endless. In the blink of an eye, nine thousand years passed!

He was already no longer young, his true age already over ten thousand. His vigorous state, in the Cultivationless Age, the most difficult time, how could he preserve it?

Shi Hao’s temples were grizzled, his glorious age passing by. He wanted to walk past the highest peak of the mortal life, like a setting sun about to descend past the west.

“Am I going to die of old age in this world?”

Shi Hao became serious. In the following years, he derived all types of secret methods, completing his own magic and dao, his body’s five great secret realms became increasingly brilliant.

Imperishable Scripture, True Primordial Record, Immortal Scripture and others, they were all important methods he cultivated and consulted.

He maintained his peak state, not declining even after many years. Even though white hair scattered down, he forcibly made his blood energy flourish for thousands of years more. Now, he was already over ten thousand years of age.

His blood energy eventually still began to decline, heading downhill.


Ancient cave, outside the stone room.

The restricted region lord and others examined the recordings on the rough stone walls, all of them frowning. The Age of Emperor Collapse entered a Cultivationless Age, that world’s suppression was too terrifying.

It was because they had just experienced a great battle, immortal king blood even pouring in torrents. In the heavens above, all types of laws surged violently, suppressing all those who wanted to achieve immortality!

This was an age that didn’t allow immortal ascension!

In short, compared to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, it wasn’t inferior in the slightest, it was instead even more terrifying.

From a certain perspective, the Age of Emperor Collapse suffered a great disaster, the number of experts who died too many. They transformed the dao, becoming a part of natural laws, suppressing that world.

Anyone who wanted to break through had to cross that threshold. There was simply no way of passing the suppression of the boundless laws!


Emperor Collapse, Cultivationless Age.

Shi Hao gradually became older. In the end, even his last strand of black hair became white. His past jade-like skin gradually produced many fine wrinkles.

In the end, his blood energy finally began to dry up. Meanwhile now, he finally entered his later years. Right now, he was already twenty-seven thousand years of age.

In this world, those who achieved the dao, the powerful creatures he saw, they all long passed on many years ago.

He was a lonely bitter cultivator, one who didn’t belong here to begin with. Later on, he even saw the experts he previously encountered return to dust one after another. Shi Hao became more and more taciturn.

It was because many years ago, the cultivators from his generation had long disappeared, only withered bones left behind now. The creatures from twenty thousand years ago had long died out.

In this boundless great world, he didn’t have a single old friend left.

It was to the extent where the later generation experts also all passed on before him.

As the great eras changed, it was unknown just how many times the people were replaced!

His blood energy was dried-up and withered, entering his later years. Shi Hao was like a withering sun, gradually aging. However, despite this being the case, he still made it to the thirty thousand year barrier.

He lived past thirty thousand years. This was the greatest age a supreme being could have during this Cultivationless Age.

During these thirty thousand years, he completed his own great method, his dao skills were continuously tempered, becoming flawless, strength becoming increasingly terrifying.

However, the mandate of heaven wasn’t present, his lifespan still reached its end.

Shi Hao lived for more than thirty thousand years, without much time left now. His hair was white, past his prime.

Right now, he carried regrets. He mysteriously left his past world, arriving in this great era that didn’t belong to him. There were many people who he would never see again.

He was already at death’s door, yet he still couldn’t meet anyone again!

Who could accept this?

Some familiar figures appeared in his mind. He carried remnant will, not willing to ‘scatter’ in this world!

“Achieve immortality!”

Shi Hao roared towards the heavens.

At his cultivation realm, even though his blood energy was dried-up, his dao skills became deep and unmeasurable. After cultivating for thirty thousand years, he was extremely sensitive towards the changes in the heavens.

He saw a thick barrier of light in the sky dome above. Others couldn’t seize it, but his accomplishments were tremendous, which was why he could see the truth.

“These are great dao laws, left behind by fallen true immortals. There are some imprints of unmatched experts as well, sealing up the path ahead. Without passing this, there is no way of achieving immortality.”

Only by breaking through could he escape confinement!

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