Chapter 1899

Chapter 1899 - Immortal King Killing Intent

This battle came to an end, no one else dared enter the arena!

Everyone could see that Huang was unmatched. Even Pan Yi, Hun Tian, and Ao Gan were defeated, who dared say they were his match?

“The undying medicine Immortal Peach belongs to Huang!”

Someone said, their voice not great, but it rang through this garden. Everyone revealed expressions of jealousy. This was an unmatched immortal medicine, something that one yearned for in their dreams, yet it was obtained by Huang.

Everyone became speechless. This was obtained through Huang’s great victories.

In the depths of the immortal king dwelling, an old tree laid low like a True Dragon. Its bark was cracked apart, spreading like scales, leaves lush, carrying lush intent. There were immortal peaches growing on its branches.

This type of fruit was golden yellow in color, full of sweet fragrance. The true Immortal Peach Tree’s fruits made the hearts of all in the outside world tremble.

A single fruit came off on its own, falling on a white jade plate, flying outwards. Then, a true immortal accepted it. His eyes were burning with desire as he stared at this immortal peach, but he didn’t dare eat it.

Who dared covet an immortal medicine bestowed by Pan King?

The true immortal protected the medicine, bringing the golden Immortal Peach over. This was a fruit produced by the garden’s mother tree, the true undying medicine.

All eyes began to burn fiercely, but they could only watch. The true immortal descended, handing that jade plate to Shi Hao.

“Many thanks to senior!” Shi Hao said.

A golden fruit entered his hands. He carefully sealed it into a jade cauldron to prevent the immortal energy from leaking out. This was a true long life great medicine.

Shi Hao got off the arena. Everyone couldn’t help but step aside for him, no longer daring to look down on him for coming from the lower realm. Now that his battle accomplishments had been revealed, all sides were dazzled!

Shi Hao returned, sitting with Qing Yi below a peach tree, enjoying the delicacies on the jade table. After being parted for a thousand years, the two of them finally had a chance to sit together again.

Soon afterwards, Exiled Immortal, Great Xu Tuo, Princess Yao Yue and others came one after another, chatting with Shi Hao about old times, all of them extremely close.

Several people asked Shi Hao about the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. When they understood what happened, they were all deeply moved. The Cultivationless Age was actually that terrifying, many living fossils long passing on.

“You’ve dealt with Jin Family and Wind Clan?” These people were shocked.

However, when they thought about it, Shi Hao had enough strength, indeed able to do it. Now, he was unstoppable even in Immortal Domain, subduing the experts of all sides, so he was naturally even more domineering in the lower realm.

His old friends then dispersed, knowing their propriety, leaving some time for Qing Yi, giving the two of them enough time to be together.

“Have you been well during these past few years? The ruined immortal didn’t appear?” Qing Yi asked, her expression gentle.

“Everything has been calm and normal. After cultivating for so long all these years, I brought Stone Village’s disciples with me and swept through the creatures of darkness, also killed a ruined immortal.” Shi Hao replied.

“What, you’ve even killed a ruined immortal?” Qing Yi released a light shout, extremely shocked. At the same time, she felt worried for Shi Hao, he clearly experienced too many dangers.

Qing Yi had many things she wanted to say, wanted to ask. She began to chat with Shi Hao with a soft voice.

“Me and Yun Xi have become dao companions.” Suddenly, Shi Hao said this, not hiding it, speaking the truth.

Qing Yi’s expression became rigid, her heart even trembling lightly, her expression a bit pale. She bit her bright red lips, mist appearing in her eyes.

“Why…” She was a bit lost, unable to help but say this.

Shi Hao didn’t want to hide anything, he didn’t want to deceive her either. Instead, he took the initiative to tell her the truth.

“Back then, I was crippled by the ruined immortal in the three thousand provinces, but she still followed me into the lower realm, vowing to take care of my ruined body, always staying there without leaving, guarding Stone Village for many years. I cannot let her down no matter what.” Shi Hao said.

When Qing Yi heard this, her face became as pale as snow. “Are you blaming me?”

“I’m not. When the ruined immortal forced me into that situation, you weren’t in the three thousand provinces. If you were there, I believe you wouldn’t have abandoned me either.” Shi Hao shook his head.

“However, in the end, I still entered Immortal Domain, not following you into the lower realm.” Qing Yi said, the expression in her eyes a bit lost, carrying regret, disappointment, and frustration.

“This can’t be blamed on you. The three thousand provinces entered a Cultivationless Age, the paths of cultivators cut short. If you stayed, it would be like remaining in a prison. Back then, I was antagonized by some powers in Immortal Domain, I had no choice, or else I would also have entered Immortal Domain as well.” Shi Hao said.

“Even though you were in the lower realm, you still walked ahead of us.” Qing Yi said with a light sigh, her beautiful eyes swirling with brilliant colors. She felt excited for Shi Hao’s achievements, but at the same time, she was also a bit lost.

“Do you want to achieve immortality?” Shi Hao produced the white jade small cauldron, inside of it was an Immortal Peach undying medicine, handing it forward.

“No, this is yours, I want you to achieve immortality as early as possible!” Qing Yi said.

Shi Hao put away the jade cauldron. He thought to himself silently. Was this his path, to ingest an immortal peach medicine and immediately achieve immortality?

If this was the case, then all of his achievements would end here. Without his own insights into achieving immortality, by borrowing external objects and directly breaking through, what could he even obtain from that?

Even if he achieved immortality, it would still be merely the weakest true immortal level.

Shi Hao wanted the strength of immortal kings, wishing to achieve immortality as early as possible, but all of this was just that contradictory.

Right now, Qing Yi was distracted, inwardly alarmed, feeling remorse and disappointment, endless regret and loss. Shi Hao was already with Yun Xi…

When she received the news, Qing Yi’s expression turned slightly white, her exceptional appearance losing the joy of reunion. Her heart carried a bit of bitterness, how could she not feel anything?

After entering Immortal Domain, during all these years, she always used the name Qing Yi, not using the name Yue Chan, this was already enough to prove many things.

However, when she finally waited for Shi Hao’s arrival, she instead obtained this type of result. This type of conclusion left her at a loss, full of bitterness.

She felt regret. If she didn’t leave back then, perhaps it wouldn’t be this current scene.

However, if they started all over again, she would perhaps still seek immortality, wishing to enter Immortal Domain.

During all these years, she had always worked hard, wishing to borrow some great powers to ensure Huang’s safety, guide him up from the lower realm.

In the end, Shi Hao came, but she also heard heart shattering news. After finding out that Shi Hao was together with Yun Xi, it was hard for her to get over her inward bitterness.

In the depths of Pan King Manor, primal chaos surged. This place was extremely blurry, several immortal kings seated here. They rarely spoke, extremely silent, like sculptures that towered in this world.

Finally, someone spoke.

“Bring Huang here, I wish to know where that ancestral guardian spirit is.”

“Dao brother, your thoughts are too deep.” Pan King said.

“I want to cut down Huang!” Right at this time, Aocheng Immortal King suddenly spoke.

“Why is there a need to bicker with the younger generation?” Pan King advised against this.

He didn’t believe that Aocheng Immortal King was acting for their clan’s Ao Gan. That so-called heaven warping descendant, in their eyes, wasn’t much. If they didn’t become an immortal king, they were still ants.

After all these years, did the descendants of immortal kings lack individuals with exceptional talent?

Some died, some became true immortals!

Meanwhile, the immortal kings had never asked about these matters, the depths of their hearts lacking all fluctuations. They wouldn’t take action because of the fall of their descendant. At their level, they already approached an emotionless great dao state.

The reason why Aocheng wanted to take action only had one possibility. He sensed something, seeing a corner of the future.

Sure enough, another immortal king also spoke. “I also share his intention.”

The others were silent.

Only Pan King advised against it. “I already promised an old friend, ensuring that he won’t die!”

“The great dao is indistinct, heaven’s mysteries chaotic. I cannot see his path and his future, but I feel like it is unfavorable towards me.” Aocheng Immortal King said.

“Just an insect, what need is there to be concerned? The people and things that cannot be seen might not necessarily be related to you.” Pan King said.

“I would rather kill him wrongly!” Aocheng Immortal King’s voice was cold.

There was one thing that he didn’t want to say. Since he already offended that ancestral guardian spirit, there was no reason to keep his inheritor alive, it was better to avoid him becoming a future disaster!

Immortal kings didn’t need reasons for taking lives, he also felt it beneath him to explain.

In another ancient cave, Pan King was surrounded by primal chaos, dressed in old-fashioned daoist robes, indistinct. Meanwhile, in front of him, was half a snow-white skull.

Pan King’s true body was with several other immortal kings, sampling the Immortal Peach undying medicine.

Meanwhile, the Pan King present here was just a will that descended, facing the restricted region lord’s body.

“Even though I wish to protect him, two immortal kings wish to kill him. You need to understand that the wills of immortal kings cannot be gone against. It will be difficult for me to protect him for long.”

The restricted region lord formed a male body whose complexion was fine like jade. His hands were behind his back. With a light sigh, he said, “Things are now troublesome.”

“You should know that Immortal Domain is full of murderous intentions. A single mistake, and there will be no hope of reprieve. Why did you insist on bringing him here?” Pan King asked.

“I am searching for a land, wishing to send him inside.” The restricted region lord didn’t really hide anything either.

“For this youngster, you’ve also gone through quite the trouble.” Pan King said. Then, he nodded. “Right, even in Immortal Ancient Great Era, with your friendly relations with that ancestral guardian spirit, you would still look after him.”

“Apart from sheltering him, I will ask you for three drops of immortal king essence blood. After this, the karma between us will be settled!” The restricted region lord said, white clothes purer than snow, style exceptional.

“Blood can be given, but if it is immortal king essence blood, then it concerns too much.” Pan King said.

“It must be immortal king essence blood.” The white-clothed man said with a sigh.

“Are you looking for that legendary place? There were some who already went, but they should have all failed.” Pan King said.

“That will be something between me and him.” The restricted region lord said.

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