Chapter 1897

Chapter 1897 - Like an Emperor’s Descent Upon the Earth

Ao Gan was injured, was this real? Just how terrifying of a matter was this?!

The people here all didn’t really believe it. If Ao Gan was defeated, then wouldn’t that mean that this Huang from the lower realm really had the strength to look down on all under the Immortal Dao level?

This type of thing really was hard for them to accept. Ao Gan had world devouring ambitions, unrivaled in the Mortal Dao Domain, coming from an immortal king family, having this type of confidence.

However, Huang came from a dilapidated world, the great dao there not complete, and it even entered a Cultivationless Age. If he could become unrivaled even under these conditions, then it really was unimaginable.


Ao Gan exchanged a palm strike, and then backed up, saying, “If you want to face me, I don’t mind! Find a suitable place and we can fight to the death!”

“False!” Pan Yi only had this word, saying this to Ao Gan secretly.

Then, he gave up, not taking action anymore, letting Ao Gan face him coldly.

Many people released a breath of relief. They really were scared that Ao Gan was wounded, struck until a mouthful of blood came out.

Of course, there were some who felt regret. These people really wanted to clearly see if Ao Gan was injured. If there really was a mouthful of blood that came out, then that really would be quite the play to watch.

Ao Gan didn’t say anything else, turning around and leaving.

“Huang, I reckon you miscalculated. Just now, I exchanged a palm with him, but it didn’t force him into vomiting blood.” Pan Yi transmitted sound, a bit dissatisfied.

“He is forcefully enduring it. If you exchange a few more strikes with him, attacking with full power, I guarantee that he won’t be able to hide the truth.”


Suddenly, Pan Yi moved, rushing out like a human form dragon, too fast, attacking like thunder.

“You dare!” Ao Gan was startled and furious. He understood Pan Yi’s power well, but at the same time didn’t expect him to be that domineering, daring to face him to the end.


The heavens fell and earth split. Pan Yi released a heavy move, displaying a great divine ability.


Blood spilled out from the corners of Ao Gan’s lips, glaring out and saying, “You dare attack me in secret?!”

Everyone was greatly alarmed. It was because there really was blood in Ao Gan’s mouth. Was he injured by Pan Yi?

Haha…” Pan Yi roared with laughter. “I’ve confirmed that what Huang said wasn’t incorrect. You’ve already been injured, just holding back a mouthful of blood.”

When everyone heard this, they all revealed expressions of shock!

There were some who almost cried out in alarm. This news was just too shocking! Just now, under three strikes, Ao Family’s young great one was injured?

“You dare attack me from behind, moreover humiliate me in this way.” Ao Gan said coldly.

When he spoke up to here, his body shook. The light golden armor behind him broke apart, a fist imprint clearly visible.

Pan Yi shook his head. “At our cultivation level, who can sneak attack the other? Forget it, since you want to find a way out of your embarrassing situation, I won’t say any more either.”

He turned around and left, not saying anything.

However, this was precisely the reason why Ao Gan’s expression was ashen. He suddenly turned around, looking at Shi Hao and saying, “Soon, I will fight a true battle against you. As for who is weak and who is strong, the results will become apparent!”

He turned around and left. This place immediately became quiet.

This place was completely silent, everyone was shocked, digesting what they just saw.

These weren’t ordinary people, all experts. Half of them believed that Ao Gan lost to Huang, at the very least making him suffer a bit of a loss under three strikes.

This was truly shocking news. This was Ao Family’s young great one, someone unstoppable, sweeping through all opponents, never suffering a defeat. However, today, he was actually injured by Huang?

Great Xu Tuo and Princess Yao Yue saw the truth behind this, they couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. This was precisely Huang. In the lower realm, he produced clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another, now, after he arrived in Immortal Domain, he could still look down on all clans! Today, he even defeated Ao Family’s young great one, he was formidable after all!

There was even less of a need to talk about the others. They came from Immortal Domain’s various great clans, never believing that the cultivators from that ruined world could challenge them.

Now, this Huang’s shocking accomplishments were right before their eyes!

Of course, there were some who didn’t believe Ao Gan lost, but rather believed this to be the result of Pan Yi’s methods. These people carried hostility towards Shi Hao, waiting for the true battle that would happen soon.

Immortal Peach Garden was extremely large, and also extremely beautiful. The leaves were sparkling green, peach blossoms pink, scattering about, the bright red fruits overflowing with fruit fragrance.

The guests of different regions were different, there was a true immortal region and a Mortal Dao cultivators region, so the fruits that were offered were also different.

At the highest point, which was also Pan Family’s immortal king dwelling, several immortal kings personally came. They remained quiet, none of them saying anything. Chaotic energy was hazy in that place, covering their bodies.

Meanwhile, on the jade table before them, were true Immortal Peach Tree immortal medicines.

Long life tree, undying immortal peach immortal medicine, there was only that single mother tree. The fruits that were produced contained rich immortal dao essence, this was especially true when it was personally nurtured by Pan King. It was planted in a place of natural luck, containing great dao fragments!

This type of fruit, with just a single one, as long as a normal person ate it, they could ascend to immortality!

“Ancestral guardian spirit’s inheritor?” Right at this time, an immortal king spoke, as if he lived since millions and millions of years ago. His voice lacked the slightest trace of emotion, his entire figure ancient, covered in primal chaos.

He was like a stone statue, as he spoke, there really wasn’t the slightest ripple, not moving at all.

The others were all like this, as if they towered there since endless years ago. They received the worship of the world’s people, enjoyed the incense burning of great eras.

“Your families have searched back then, that ancestral guardian spirit was undergoing rebirth, but I heard you all killed it with lightning, leaving behind karma.” Pan King said.

His words were resounding. Even though he was also like a fossil, his tone rang like blades, carrying a powerful feeling of strength.

“In the past, we only wished to bring it into Immortal Domain, perhaps there’s a misunderstanding. It tore apart the lightning and left, most likely falling into the abandoned land.”

“The abandoned land is precisely that cage, right? Huang was born precisely there, seems like he was raised by that ancestral guardian spirit, no wonder.” Someone nodded.

If Shi Hao was here among them, he would definitely be shocked. They were currently discussing Willow Deity’s secrets, precisely the reason why he landed in Stone Village back then.

The endless lightning and the unmatched laws caused the destruction of Willow Deity’s body, only leaving behind a ruined root. This was actually because of some immortal kings.

This was precisely the reason why Willow Deity started over from the beginning.

Rebirth from a dying state, how could it be that easy? Willow Deity paid a tremendous price, forgetting many things.

“Bring Huang over, I want to investigate that ancestral guardian spirit’s whereabouts.” An immortal king spoke.

“There was an old friend who has spoken, and I have promised to ensure his safety.” Pan King said without any expressions.

This place became silent. Several great immortal kings all began to think to themselves.

They were the highest existences, the rulers of Immortal Domain, able to instantly guess at some changes in karma.

“There was a ruined soul who still hadn’t scattered, having you return a favor?” Aocheng Immortal King asked.

“I cannot talk about it.” Pan King shook his head.

“Aocheng, since you displayed lightning before, attacking that ancestral guardian spirit, how about your descendant sizes up Huang today, use him to reveal the one behind him?” An immortal king said coldly.

“You all are not allowed to act recklessly!” Pan King said with a heavy voice.

“It is merely an exchange of pointers between the younger generation.” That person said.

This place immediately became silent, no one speaking up anymore. Primal chaos surged, several figures on the praying mat becoming hazy, coexisting with the world, eternally inextinguishable.

Not long afterwards, Immortal Peach Garden was shaken. A true immortal appeared, asking about the disturbance from before.

When he heard about what happened, what no one expected was that the true immortal ordered people to construct a platform. Stones were piled, divine pillars serving as railings, creating an arena.

“Since this is a distinguished gathering, you all will be given a chance. This will be a struggle between dragons and tigers of the Mortal Dao. Whoever wins will be rewarded with an undying immortal peach medicine. Upon ingestion, it will instantly grant immortality!”

This was something said by an ancient true immortal, an old ancestor of Pan Family, his position second only to Pan King.

Everyone became shocked. They were actually bestowing an undying immortal peach medicine?

How could they not be shocked? This immortal peach was a bit different from other undying medicines. It was rumored that Pan King might have become an imperishable immortal king precisely because of the Immortal Peach Tree.

The true peach tree’s fruit contained unmatched great dao fragments, the value unimaginable!

It was to the extent where some people speculated that this was precisely how Pan King achieved the dao originally.

Cultivators at the Mortal Dao level were originally arranged to meet in the outer areas of the Immortal Peach Garden, but now, they were brought into the forest depths, entering the true immortals region.

The arena was massive, resembling a field, releasing immortal energy. This was a stage refined by true immortals, so there was no need to worry about its destruction.

Many people couldn’t sit still, erupting with noise. Cultivators of the Mortal Dao Domain rushed over. 

Quite a few people were eager to give it a try, but then, they endured it. It was because Pan Yi and Ao Gan were here, and there were also other heaven warping figures present here. Who were their opponents?

Ao Gan appeared, the first one to step on the stage!

His hair was thick, extremely heroic, his armor flowing with dazzling splendor, as if he was a king looking down on the people, possessing an intimidating aura.

There were strands of primal chaos energy that spilled out from his body. He cultivated an immortal king scripture, his dao skills long reaching the pinnacle of Supreme Being Realm.

Ao Gan stepped on the stage, making the others’ hearts immediately become cold. How were they even supposed to fight?

“Huang, do you dare fight?!” Ao Gan shouted.

Ao Family’s people revealed startled expressions, especially those who had visited the Realm Grave, all of them clenching their fists. They really wanted to see Ao Gan take action, personally subdue Huang.

“When my older brother takes action, who can face him?!” Ao Kun said. He still didn’t know that not long ago, his older brother had fought Huang, a bit behind on the news.

It was because some people from this clan had just hurried over.

“Why would I be scared of you?!” Shi Hao leapt out, rising like a True Dragon, entering the stage.

In the distance, Shi Yi, Little Sky King, Lan Xian and the others all came, just in time to see this scene. They were all extremely shocked.

“This fella, I originally thought that he would just wither away of old age in the lower realm. It seems like no matter what age it is, he wouldn’t be satisfied with mediocrity!” Little Sky King said quietly.

“He has just entered Immortal Domain, yet he already produced such a great disturbance! Worthy of being Huang who killed Emperor Clans in Desolate Border!” Lan Xian said with a sigh.

“Huang, I will let you witness a true immortal king inheritance. Today, I will subdue you in front of everyone!” Ao Gan said coldly.

“I will let you witness the inheritance I’ve created, my own methods and dao!” Shi Hao’s voice wasn’t loud, but it immediately left many people speechless.

Ao Gan stared blankly, and then he sneered. “Too egotistical and arrogant!”

A lower realm cultivator created a method? He dared compare it to an immortal king inheritance? It was nothing more than boasting words, he didn’t acknowledge it at all.

“You’ve tried to enter Void God Realm again and again, plotting against the Darkness Prison, stopped by me several times, today, let’s settle everything.” Shi Hao glared at him.

“Ruining my great plans, today, I will not forgive you!” Ao Gan said coldly. He sent out people several times, but in the end, they either returned in low spirits or disappeared without any messages.

Shi Hao’s face was ice-cold. He didn’t have any good impressions towards this person, deciding to take action severely.

“Many years ago, my ancestor headed into the ruined world with an immortal king, capturing that ancestral guardian spirit, I reckon he is your master, right? Today, we can have an exchange too!” Ao Gan said secretly.

“What did you say?!” Shi Hao’s eyes immediately widened.

This matter was something Ao Gan had just heard about. Their clan’s true immortal personally informed him, telling him that he was only permitted to win, defeat was not allowed.

Shi Hao’s eyes were fierce. Willow Deity’s background, the reason why he suffered a great disaster back then, everything has always been a mystery. Now, he finally learned part of the truth.

“Huang, today, I will subdue you!” Ao Gan took action. Radiance erupted between his palms and fingers, filling the skies with divine brilliance, scripture sounds everywhere.

He erupted with killing intent, displaying Ao Family’s immortal king scripture.

Aocheng Immortal King, the ‘cheng’ character represented radiance, vigorous meanings. His scripture was also derived precisely from this, absolutely dazzling, radiance lighting up mountains and rivers.

“Sword wings of radiance, attach eternally to my body!”

Ao Gan roared, his body surging with immortal mist. Every pore on his body released sword energy, turning into feather-like sword wings, and then he rushed murderously at Shi Hao.

This was too terrifying, his entire body like sword wings of light, unstoppable, even his hair like this. His entire body was filled with exceptional sword radiance, attacking Shi Hao murderously.


Shi Hao displayed his own method, body as a seed. His Sea of Reincarnation shone, yin yang diagram forming in his abdomen, spreading out, surrounding his entire body.

Right now, he was impervious to all methods, a divine ring surrounding his body!


He released a light shout, his limbs unfolding, as if they were the four extremes of heaven and earth, making even heaven and earth tremble, dominating the Mortal Dao Domain!


The two clashed intensely, fighting at close quarters.

This time, Ao Gan learned his lesson, not fighting Shi Hao head-on to the death and clashing recklessly. Previously, he already suffered a great loss.

Aocheng Immortal King’s inheritance paid attention to the myriad of changes, the divine ability unrivaled. He naturally wanted to display its strong points.

However, was Shi Hao that easy to deceive? When facing the radiant sword wings, he directly released the Grass Symbol Sword Extreme Art, the skies filled with sword energy, tearing apart the sword wings!

“Radiance everlasting, shine gloriously through the universe!” Ao Gan roared out.

In that instant, there was only a streak of light left in this world, the unrivaled divine ability passed down by Aocheng Immortal King. The darkness was erased, primal chaos torn apart, there was nothing that couldn’t be destroyed.

“The emperor is unrivaled!”

At this time, Shi Hao didn’t display any precious techniques, instead spurring on his own five great secret realms, from the Sea of Reincarnation to the dao palaces, then to the four extremes, dragon transformation, and finally the ascension platform.

His entire body’s five secret realms shone, his entire body becoming resplendent, displaying his greatest profound mysteries. There were immediately many heaven and earth irregular scenes around him.

For example, True Dragons winding about, Immortal Phoenixes releasing great cries, golden lotuses covering the earth, immortal kings seated in the nine great heavens, all of these enveloped him within.

These weren’t normal irregular scenes, not void images, but instead could truly release heaven reaching earth moving might!

This battle was extremely intense, but everyone could see Huang’s terror. When these irregular scenes appeared, the universe swayed, scripture sounds shaking the world.


When the great battle reached a thousand two hundred moves, Ao Gan was blasted by Shi Hao’s irregular scenes until he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. Then, Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, directly smashing it into his chest.


A bloody hole that went straight through his body appeared.

Shi Hao’s fist passed through, striking through Ao Gan, bathed in the true blood of an immortal king descendant. He raised Ao Gan with a single arm, towering at the center of the battlefield, as if an emperor descended upon this earth!

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