Chapter 1896

Chapter 1896 - Ao Gan

Inside Immortal Peach Garden, many people were shocked, cultivators from all clans raising eyebrows, watching this region.

Huang confronted Ao Family’s young great one, there might be a battle!

How many individuals dared face Ao Gan in the Mortal Dao Domain? During these years, he had remained unstoppable among cultivators under the true immortal level, invincible, difficult for him to meet his match.

Heh, you have quite the boldness, rather courageous. I’ve heard what you’ve had to say.” Ao Gan had his hands behind his back, completely calm, a faint smile on his face. When faced with this challenge, he was unperturbed.

His armor was a light golden color, as if a war emperor stood there, extremely heroic and valiant!

“However, you are also a bit too arrogant. What kind of place is this? It is the Pan King Manor. Daring to speak to me like this, do you believe that with just an order, I can make your head tumble?!”

Ao Gan’s words were cold, carrying faint killing intent!

“Do you think this is Ao Family’s backyard, that by relying on your immortal king ancestor, you can point fingers and order people around, rule all under the sky?” Shi Hao opposed with equal harshness.

His face was delicate and pretty, but at this moment, it became serious. Moreover, there was a great might being exuded, a type of emperor aura spreading. This was the aura of an unrivaled supreme being.

“You are unbridled!” Ao Gan shouted.

His figure was tall and sturdy, his face heroic, long hair scattering down. His eyes were deep, extremely heroic, style outstanding. In addition, there was a type of powerful confidence.

“You are courting death!” Shi Hao also berated at the same time.

An indescribable domain formed around the two of them, forming a storm, making the sparkling peach blossoms that scattered down rise up into the air again, filling the skies, the fragrance assailing the nostrils.

This looked beautiful, but it was extremely dangerous. It was the release of a type of domain, seriously distorting the void, making this place turn into a stormy region.

Any living things that rashly entered might be crushed to powder!

Right now, they were in a state of equilibrium. Once it was broken, there would be a huge disaster. The faces of the cultivators in the surroundings all changed, quickly backing up.

Many people’s attention was drawn here, this place momentarily becoming silent.

Bai Ze and Zi Kun momentarily didn’t dare walk up to give advice, feeling restraining fear towards that Ao Gan. They originally guided Shi Hao in precisely through this clan’s true immortal’s orders.

However, later on, Pan Family also got involved.

“Release Qing Yi, let her come here!” Ao Gan said, his gaze fierce like two immortal swords, releasing streaks of sword radiance, intimidating to the extreme.

One could see that there really was sword radiance swirling within his eyes.

“Who do you think you are? Even someone like you can order me?” Shi Hao looked at him coldly in disdain.

Qing Yi’s gaze was gentle. She stood at Shi Hao’s side, currently turning her head to look at him. After a thousand years, they could still meet again, this made her emotions rise and fall greatly.

Then, she looked forward, saying, “Ao…”

Ao Gan’s expression was calm. The way he looked at Qing Yi and at Shi Hao was completely different, quietly interrupting her. “There is no need to explain, just wait a bit!”

His eyes became like sword edges again, staring at Shi Hao and saying, “This is something between me and you, don’t let Qing Yi get involved!”

“What need is there to say so much? If you are unconvinced, then just fight!” Shi Hao still just had this line.

In the surroundings, many people revealed shocked expressions. The first reason was that they were shocked at how unyielding this lower realm Huang was, daring to fight Ao Gan, the second was the relationship between them.

Many cultivators looked towards Qing Yi, it was precisely this woman who moved Ao Family young great one’s heart. Just what was so extraordinary about her?

Many people nodded, feeling like this white-clothed woman was indeed extremely pretty, to the point where they had nothing to say. Her style was exceptional, beautiful and otherworldly, rarely seen in this world.

However, those who truly understood the inner details weren’t many, only a small portion of people knowing them.

It was rumored that this female cultivator named Qing Yi was extremely special, suspected to be a reincarnated ancient true immortal, moreover the shockingly famous Qing Yue.[1]

This was extremely shocking. Even now, there was no proof that a person could reincarnate, once one was dead, they would be dead, how could one come back to life?

However, Fairy Qing Yue was different. Before dying, she left behind a vow, saying that she would return to this secular world, that she would appear again.

Qing Yi’s appearance made this legend a reality. Behind her was a green moon, releasing that true immortal’s aura.

Ao Family had true immortals who were alive in those times and even met Fairy Qing Yue. They were confident that this green moon was the same as the one from back then.

This left Ao Family greatly shaken. Could it be that after the body and spirit disappeared, reincarnation was still possible, that one could still appear again in this world?

In the eyes of an immortal king family, Qing Yi’s value was too great.

In the past, Fairy Qing Yue was one of the very best among true immortals, not far from Immortal King Realm. If it really was her reincarnating, then it was simply unimaginable.

Some people believed that if she defied the heavens and returned, she will definitely achieve immortal king status in this world!

The greatest value was that others could use this as reference. If they could walk this path of reincarnation, then for the entire cultivation world, for the entire history of cultivation, this was truly shocking!

How could normal people draw Ao Gan’s interest? However, Qing Yi was surrounded by a mysterious veil, which was why he was immediately drawn towards her.

Ao Gan was moved, really wishing to personally move this veil aside!

“Great one, he doesn’t have the qualifications to take action against your respected self. Let us!”

Two people walked out from behind Ao Gan, one male one female. The male was heroic and tall, the female beautiful, both of them with exceptional temperaments, his followers. They were both extremely strong.

“Are fights permitted here?” Shi Hao asked Pan Family’s people.

“We’ll treat it as livening things up, demonstrating some divine abilities.” Pan Yi walked over, laughing loudly.

If it wasn’t him, the others from Pan Family really didn’t dare respond.

“Wait for me.” Shi Hao had Qing Yi back up. He faced Ao Gan and the two at his side alone. “You three can just come at me together.”

When these words sounded, everyone became shocked. This Huang really wasn’t just a normal level of arrogant, completely facing Ao Gan, purposely opposing him.

In the distant true immortal regions, there were others who heard about the disturbance. They began to ask about what exactly was going on.

“Unruly person, accept punishment!” The male and female at Ao Gan’s sides shouted out, taking a step forward, both of them wishing to take action first.

“That’s fine, you two can come at me together!” Shi Hao’s gaze was penetrating. With a raise of his hands, the sun, moon and stars swirled about his palm and fingers, thunder crashing down streak after streak.

He could tell these two were quite strong, those who could follow at Ao Gan’s sides were naturally outstanding. They were part of the very best among supreme beings, the two experts cultivating for hundreds of thousands of years already. Their cultivation levels were terrifyingly high.


Sure enough, when the two took action, the great dao rumbled, terrifying beyond compare.

Unfortunately, this was a battle Shi Hao wanted to use to establish his dominance, he wouldn’t give them a chance. He concentrated his essence energy with a single move, dao skill erupting to the extreme.

It could be said that his current attack wasn’t much different from a great clash of over a thousand moves. He was going to decide victory and defeat with this single move, deciding life and death.

Victory was victory, defeat was defeat, there were no other choices.


The void exploded. Fortunately, this was Pan King Manor, the surface not moving at all. The Immortal Peach Trees were undamaged because this entire manor was a supreme treasure, refined by an immortal king, there was no way it would be damaged.

In that instant, lightning surged like a sea, forming stars one after another, deriving a cosmos starry river.

The most terrifying thing was that there was a Kun Peng that spread its wings in the sea of lightning, a massive willow tree had taken root at the heart of the universe, deriving unmatched methods.

Yi, Lightning Emperor’s inheritance, Kun Peng’s great methods, also… the divine ability of that realm’s guardian spirit!” Someone cried out in alarm.

There were quite a few people who were moved. Not a single one of these three great inheritances were simple, all of them extremely strong and mysterious.

With just one move, three great divine abilities were merged, appearing in a lightning cosmos, pouring outwards.


The male and female’s secret methods that were displayed were all scattered. Meanwhile, they themselves even more so trembled fiercely, their entire bodies contorting, all of the body protecting symbols erased.

The two of them coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, directly tumbling backwards. All of the bones in their bodies continuously cracked, almost turning into two blasts of bloody mist.

“It won’t be too good to take lives in the Peaches of Immortality Distinguished Meeting, so I’ll leave you two with your lives.” Shi Hao calmly said.

This immediately triggered a great wave of alarm. Many people were shocked. This Huang from the lower realm was actually this strong, not even Ao Gan’s followers his match.

“Prince Ao, thank you for accompanying me along the way.” Qing Yi’s red lips opened, before waiting for Ao Gan to speak, she continued, “Please do not trouble Huang, he is precisely the one I was waiting for.”

When these words sounded, it immediately made everyone erupt into commotion.

This was Aocheng Immortal King Clan’s young great one, absolutely stunning, able to sweep through all opponents in his path, having the aptitude to be unrivaled in the Mortal Dao Domain, one of the most dazzling prides of heaven.

This woman actually rejected him, choosing Huang from the lower realm?

No matter how strong Huang was, there was no way he could compare to Aocheng. This clan had true immortals, an unrivaled immortal king, too powerful. If his seniors seriously gave him guidance, he would achieve immortality even faster.

This was a seed with the potential to become an immortal king. His entire existence was dazzling, a divine halo around him, drawing the attention of all clans. Many immortal dao families wanted to be related to him in marriage, yet couldn’t.

However, this woman actually turned down Ao Gan just like that.

The disturbance here already startled the people higher up, true immortals getting involved. After all, there were even several immortal kings who came, so they couldn’t permit trouble to begin.

“If you are a man, then don’t depend on a woman to speak for you. If you can take three moves from me, then I admit that you have the qualifications to issue a true challenge against me.” Ao Gan said.

He pressed forward step by step, about to personally take action. It was because he knew he didn’t have much time left, there would be interference from higher up soon, so he needed to end things quickly.

“Stop wasting time, I already took action!” Shi Hao said, giving those two on the ground a look.

Soon afterwards, the male and female pair were supported by others. Their injuries were too serious, even their souls already cracked, treating them wasn’t going to be easy.

“Three moves, let’s see if you can take them!” Ao Gan said coldly. Then, he raised a palm.

“It really is troublesome. What if I accidentally kill you?” Shi Hao was even more domineering, speaking like this.

In the surroundings, everyone was alarmed. These two were going to go all out in three moves, deciding victory and defeat like that.


Ao Gan released a shout. The hand that was raised changed unpredictably, his palm releasing chaotic light, just too terrifying, drowning out this place.

Shi Hao released a light shout, forming a fist imprint, facing him head-on. In that instant, the great dao rippled between heaven and earth, chaotic radiance and immortal energy completely surrounding the two of them.

Magical force surged intensely, the void ripped apart by natural laws, just too terrifying, outsiders couldn’t see it clearly, unable to see through it.

They were all supreme beings, yet the others trembled!

That terrifying aura intimidated one down to their very soul, making them feel like bowing down, impossible to stop.

With a peng sound, the ground swayed gently. The two separated, chaotic radiance and immortal energy all scattering, revealing their true bodies.

Ao Gan turned around and left, releasing a snort. “I’ll consider you passing, having the right to challenge me!”

When everyone heard this, all of them were shocked. Huang was actually that strong?

“Stop trying to show off, don’t endure it anymore. If you don’t release that mouthful of blood, you’ll have internal injuries!” Shi Hao said coldly.

Everyone immediately became horrified. This… was it true?

With a shua sound, Pan Yi walked up like a ghost, arriving at Ao Gan’s side, striking towards his lower back.

“What are you doing, do you want to fight against me too?” Ao Gan shouted, suddenly turning around.

“I want to see if you do have any extravasated blood, help you examine your body!” Pan Yi said.

1. Qing Yue = Green Moon

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