Chapter 1895

Chapter 1895 - Peaches of Immortality Distinguished Meeting

Pan King City was massive, built on a primitive ancient continent, it now already floated along the cosmos for who knew how many great eras.

It was at the center of this cosmos, surrounded by heavenly stars.

Today, in this sea of cosmos, golden lotuses appeared one after another everywhere, filling the cosmos, lighting up the darkness. The endless territories in the heavens all released rumbling noises, great dao scriptures rising and falling.

The Peaches of Immortality Distinguished Meeting began, located at the heart of the city, also the heart of this starry sea, the place where immortal energy was the richest.

It was called a manor, but it was just too vast. It’s main entrance seemed like it was forged from archaic immortal mountains, imposing and majestic. Strands of immortal mist were released, coming from undying matter.

Shi Hao stood in front of a pair of large gates, becoming speechless. He stared at it continuously, really wanting to just bring it away with him!

“Why are you stopping?” Zi Kun asked.

Bai Ze frowned. They were responsible for escorting Shi Hao together with Pan Family’s people but this fella really was worrisome, always causing all types of trouble.

“I am thinking that this Pan King Manor is too luxurious, these are basically a pair of imposing archaic immortal mountains! They’re towering here just like this, treated like an entrance, they’d be better off being brought back by me and used as a cave dwelling!” Shi Hao said.

Bai Ze’s face immediately fell. This fella was trying to cause trouble again! He really was scared badly, was there going to be even more of a disturbance produced?!

Sure enough, on the side, Pan Family’s faces darkened, their expressions unkind, carrying doubt. They stared at him with serious expressions.

“I’m warning you, today, there are true immortals attending the meeting, immortal kings who will descend, this is something that hasn’t happened in Immortal Domain for many years. You better not start up trouble.” Bai Ze warned.

He felt like he really shouldn’t have guided this disaster into Immortal Domain. Wasn’t this just giving themselves a headache? Fortunately, they were almost at their destination, soon, it would have nothing to do with them.

“Little bro, where was this Pan King Manor mountain moved over from, are there any left?” Shi Hao asked the people at his side.

Little bro? That person rolled his eyes. “I’ve cultivated for a hundred and eighty thousand years!”

“Old sir, I am serious. Where was this mountain dug out from?” Shi Hao asked.

“Hurry and continue forward!” Zi Kun and Bai Ze pushed him forward, heading into the mountain gate.

The steps were ancient in appearance, releasing hazy chaotic light. While walking on them, one could hear waves of great dao sounds, making them feel as if they were about to enter a state of dao comprehension.

“I sort of don’t want to leave anymore!”

Shi Hao said. He wanted to squat down and dig up the stone tiles.

Zi Kun coughed, at the same time glaring at him, secretly reminding him that the bricks here had been soaked in the blood of undying kings, that he couldn’t act recklessly here!

These mountain stones that were used to lay the ground came from a king level battlefield.

Those areas were places where undying kings and immortal kings had fought decisively, flowing with unmatched ancestral blood. These bricks all had spirit, any one of them a treasure that could be refined into weapons.

“This is simply wasting heavenly treasures!” Shi Hao sighed.

He had no choice but to sigh inwardly, thinking that this manor was too extraordinary, more astonishing sights appearing with each step. Wherever he went, there were extremely precious materials that released great dao auras.

“Wait!” Shi Hao suddenly stopped. He stared at a flower bed, his eyes widening.

“What is it?” Bai Ze and the others really were scared of him starting something.

“Why do I feel like the stuff planted in the flowerbed are all divine medicines?” Shi Hao was suspicious. Even though this place wasn’t that large, it could still hold a few dozen stalks.

Every single one was sparkling and translucent, releasing a rare fragrance that refreshed the mind. Just taking in a single breath would make one feel as if they were ascending to immortality.

“Correct, they are all divine medicines.” Pan Family’s people said expressionlessly.

“This… is just too extravagant, right?!” Shi Hao was shocked. He really wanted to say, “Do you all want to be struck by heavenly lightning?!” Even this type of divine medicines were actually planted by the mountain gate.

“What is so special about this? The medicine field in Pan King Manor’s depths has more than one stalk of long life medicine!” Zi Kun said quietly, at the same time warning him not to speak randomly.

Pan Family’s people were extremely calm, giving him a glance, not saying anything, as if it was beneath them to pay attention to this shock at the divine medicines here.

“Since you all are going to squander them away like this, then I won’t be too polite!” Shi Hao said. He rubbed his hands. His movements were extremely fast, Zi Kun unable to stop him even if he wanted to.

With two bo bo sounds, he directly picked two stalks of divine medicine, pulling them out just like that.

The two stalks of divine medicines had already developed sentience. Under the nourishment of undying goods, they grew extremely well. They screamed out in alarm. This wasn’t the lower realm that experienced a Cultivationless Age, they would never degenerate here.

The eyebrows of Pan Family’s people stood on end!

“I apologize, I only wanted to pick two flowers, who would have thought that the roots would also come out.” Shi Hao’s movements were swift. With two pu pu sounds, he snipped off two flowers, and then stored the roots into spatial magical artifacts.

“You… what are you doing?!” Bai Ze’s face turned green, berating with a low voice.

“Aren’t these just flowers to admire? I feel happy when I see them, wish to use them to comprehend the dao. Look, this is the svelte bearing of supreme being admiring flowers!”

Shi Hao spoke, as if he was a buddha clasping a flower while smiling.

Bai Ze and Zi Kun, the two of them were completely stupefied.

“Pan King Manor really is great, treating divine medicines as flowers, it’s really normal. The two of you shouldn’t make a fuss about nothing like bumpkins, it really is too embarrassing!” Shi Hao criticized them.

Bai Ze: I #¥%&%&……

Zi Kun: @#¥#¥……

The two of them wanted to swear out loud. Who was the one making a fuss about nothing, not understanding tradition?

Pan Family’s people also became a bit stunned. Why was this youngster so weird? They never met such a vicious kid before!

In their eyes, this was indeed still a brat, because they had long cultivated for more than a hundred thousand years. They lived for an extremely long amount of time.

The one who was watching over things was not far away. He walked over, his expression calm. “It’s fine, esteemed guest, please head inside, but please do not stir up any more trouble.”

He was extremely calm, not producing a stance like Pan King Manor was a cut above. However, even though this was advice, there was still a bit of warning intent, that this was not to be repeated.

Shi Hao naturally picked up on this, cupping his fists and laughing.

For the rest of the journey, Bai Ze and Zi Kun were both alarmed. Even though Shi Hao didn’t move his hands, he still didn’t stop his random commentary at all.

“What? The steles on the side of the road were left behind by Without End Immortal King? I was about to say, time fragments are dancing about, containing the great dao of time. By sitting here and cultivating, the benefits are tremendous. Sigh, I previously saw the immortal bell’s ruined immortal body that was left behind after Without End died, but it vanished without a trace after so many years. I won’t hope for this stele, but that bell, I absolutely must obtain it.”

Along the way, there were inscribed cliffs and steles. If they weren’t left behind by well-known true immortal old ancestors, then they were personally inscribed by immortal kings, truly all priceless.

Shi Hao gnawed his teeth. When could he build a manor like this, any random rock a divine object, having extraordinary background?

Bai Ze and Zi Kun were trembling with fear. They were both practically sticking to Shi Hao, watching him, one from the left, one from the right, scared that he might do something, ready to stop him at a moment’s notice.

“Were you two both crabs in your previous lives or something? Why are you always bumping into me? It’s not like you guys are cute fairies, stop touching me all the time, just stay off to the side!” Shi Hao was annoyed.

These two really experienced unspeakable suffering. They cursed inwardly, extremely scared and on edge along the way, fearing that he might commit more crimes.

Finally, they followed a cobblestone road, arriving at Immortal Peach Garden. The stones on the ground released immortal energy, the fruit trees on the sides of the road sparkling and resplendent, the fruit fragrance rich.

Shi Hao clearly sensed that they were different, that what they saw along the way were divine objects.

“Is there a need to be like this?” He muttered quietly.

Zi Kun couldn’t help but quietly warn, “It is rumored that the entire Pan King Manor is a supreme treasure called Universe Mountains and Rivers Imprint, an immortal king weapon. That is why every tree and stalk of grass, every brick and stone is an immortal material.”

Shi Hao was stunned, and then he woke up. He surveyed the entire official residence, and sure enough, the scene was extraordinary. This was actually an immortal king supreme weapon!

No wonder there were Without End Immortal King’s steles and other things, they were left behind after helping Pan King refine a weapon.

Immortal Peach Garden was extremely large, guests coming and going, this place full of activity.

There weren’t any ordinary individuals among those who came and went, all of them powerful individuals. They were either heaven warping geniuses or rare good saplings.

Normal cultivators didn’t have the qualifications to participate in this distinguished meeting.

Immortal Peach Trees rested there one after another, some blossoming with pink flowers, fallen flowers scattering and flying around like snowflakes, carrying a rain of light, extremely beautiful.

Meanwhile, some of the Immortal Peach Trees had upright and strong trunks, like winding dragons, already bearing fruit. The peaches were bright red, releasing scarlet multicolored light, carrying divine brilliance, their sweet fragrance wafting about.

The guests of the distinguished meeting sat on the meadow under the trees, jade tables arranged before them, fine liquor and delicacies already arranged. White mist rose in spirals around this place; this was a true immortal paradise.

Shi Hao was guided to his seat. He sat behind a jade table, and then began to examine the surrounding scenery.

“Are these immortal peaches all immortal medicines?” Shi Hao asked.

“No, only the mother stalk is. The fruits that are produced are the most precious long life undying medicines, able to allow one to ascend to immortality in broad daylight, their value immeasurable!” Bai Ze said in admiration.

The other Immortal Peach Trees were all grown from the fruit cores of the mother stalk. Even though they didn’t have that level of divine effects, the fruits they produced would also carry strong undying matter, similarly rare great medicines.

In the distance, a beautiful pair walked over, entering Immortal Peach Garden. The male was handsome, full of imposing appearance, his presence like that of a dragon, having the aptitude of a cultivation monarch! The woman’s white clothes were purer than snow, style exceptional, her figure enchanting as it rocked back and forth. The two slowly walked around this Immortal Peach Garden, looking like daoist immortal companions.

“Qing Yi!” Shi Hao called out.

At this moment, Bai Ze and Zi Kun were both shocked. It was because they saw that Huang’s temperament changed, becoming completely different from before.

He was no longer smiling mischievously, instead sitting there, exuding a naturally imposing manner, comparable to the young great one Ao Gan and Pan Family’s heaven warping figure Pan Yi, not inferior in any way. The three of them all had that type of unmatched bearing.

The ones next to Shi Hao, even though their cultivations were also quite high, couldn’t help but shiver, their souls trembling. They rose up, not daring to stay close.

“Shi Hao!”

Qing Yi released a light cry, her graceful bearing exceptional. Her beautiful face carried a stirred expression, eyes blurred, carrying a bit of mist. She quickly rushed over.

One separation and a thousand years passed. Back then, for the sake of immortal dao, she firmly decided to step into Immortal Domain. She originally thought that she might never see this person again in this life, but who would have thought that a thousand years later, they still reunited!

Shi Hao already got up.

Qing Yi arrived, looking at this youngster in a daze. He was still like before, but he seemed even more steady than before, exuding a natural presence, having a type of world subduing boldness.

Bai Ze and Zi Kun inwardly cried out. It was because the current Huang was completely different than the one they saw before.

“Qing Yi, is this your friend? Please introduce him to me.” Ao Gan walked over. As Ao Family’s young great one, every movement he made drew attention, all clans’ eyes on him.

“He is Huang!” Qing Yi said.

“Oh? So it is you. You seem quite brave, really daring to enter Immortal Domain.” Ao Gan’s hands were behind his back, on his head a purple-gold crown. His appearance was outstanding, his bearing extraordinary, having a type of ‘I am supreme’ feeling.

He was a leading figure among supreme beings. His presence was naturally imposing. Right now, he examined Shi Hao.

“You are also quite brave!” Shi Hao said calmly.

Then, he pulled Qing Yi over, having her stand at his side. He turned around, and in a calm and unhurried manner, he looked at Ao Gan and said, “The All Dao Tree was taken by me, Qing Yi is my woman, can’t accept it? Then come and fight!”

No one expected him to be this direct, intimidating Ao Family’s young great one!

Shi Hao sensed the other party’s hostility. He didn’t want to waste any time, if he couldn’t accept it, then they would fight, who was scared of who?!

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