Chapter 1894

Chapter 1894 - Pan Yi

It was still a few days before the Peaches of Immortality Distinguished Meeting would be held. However now, there was already a huge commotion, well-known figures from all clans arriving.

This was especially the case with some well-known experts in the Mortal Dao Domain, as well as some up-and-coming youngsters, the crowd thick and fast, drawn purely by the accomplishments of one person in the arena.

“It really is Pan Yi, he actually came out of seclusion, personally arriving!” Someone cried out in alarm, seeing this young man.

Primal Chaos Inn was full of charm and beauty, divine islands floating, full of giant mountains and towering trees. Divine waterfalls cascaded, immortal energy swirling about this place.

Pan Yi’s skin was a bronze color, not all that handsome, but there was an intimidating heroic air to him. He was well built, his frame large and thick, had thick brows and big eyes, a pair of eyebrows reaching past his temples.

There were many people in the surroundings, the men handsome, the women pretty, skin fine white like jade, carrying an immortal dao feeling. Meanwhile, his bronze body and sturdy flesh looked completely different, as if a war god was standing tall here.

This was a powerful individual. Even though he was far away, Shi Ho could still sense that this person was extraordinary. Blood energy surged within his body like a sea, not a single trace leaking out.

A dormant true dragon, a lurking beast king, he gave off an incredibly powerful feeling!

Pan Yi was also watching Shi Hao, sizing him up seriously.

“I finally encountered a top level expert!”

This was Shi Hao’s evaluation. Even though he stood at the peak of extreme dao, no opponents under true immortal level, he sensed a bit of danger.

This person was extremely strong, far exceeding the understanding of normal people!

Worthy of being known as one of Immortal Domain’s greatest experts in the Mortal Dao Domain!

Shi Hao had already heard of Aocheng Immortal King’s descendant Ao Gan, Pan King’s descendant Pan Yi and others. They were precisely the unrivaled existences at the peak of Mortal Dao.

These people all had great aspirations, their auras devouring the universe, determined to become immortal kings!

“Pan Yi came, could it be that even he wishes to step on the stage?” Some people were moved, carrying hopeful looks. Who in this world didn’t know Pan Yi? They all wished to see him take action.

It was because it had been a long time since he roamed the world, everyone wanted to see just how powerful he became.

In many people’s eyes, becoming a true immortal was only a matter of time for him, it was just how he chose to continue. As long as he was willing, entering that domain wasn’t an issue at all.

He was currently accumulating, establishing his immortal king foundation. Only when he established an imperishable dao foundation in the Mortal Dao Domain could he advance smoothly in the Immortal Dao Domain, having a chance of becoming a king figure.

“You are quite strong, different from how I imagined. Achieving the dao before five hundred years, it has shattered many people’s beliefs, breaking the dust covered glorious record, something that will be remembered for ages to come.”

Pan Yi spoke in secret, nodding towards Shi Hao.

Even in Immortal Domain, achieving the dao in five hundred years was extremely difficult, all of them happening in extremely ancient, most cruel times with relentless battles, blood and flames filling the skies.

It was rumored that several ancient immortal kings rose up precisely from that type of cruel age, but they still weren’t the ones who achieved the dao early.

Unfortunately, the ones who achieved the dao early all died, killed in that bitter great age.

The immortal kings rose up through stepping on their corpses.

It wasn’t that those who achieved the dao early could definitely laugh last, become unrivaled experts. At the very least, those immortal kings’ dao achieving period wasn’t that early.

Pan Yi was no less than five thousand years of age, his cultivation period not that short. He had already been a supreme being for many years, but the exact time was something no one knew.

This was a secret!

It was precisely like that young great one Ao Gan, when he achieved the dao a mystery. There were some who said he achieved the dao before a thousand years, others who said that it was before two thousand years.

“Bullying others like this, isn’t it completely a one-sided battle?” Pan Yi said.

He had always been conversing with Shi Hao in secret, outsiders unaware of it. If they knew, they would definitely be terrified. Even the Pan Family generation suppressing heaven’s pride attached such importance to Huang, would they still dare step up?

At this time, Shi Hao already won eighteen rounds in a row, defeating experts from all different sides, gathering a small mountain of immortal resources.

“There’s no way, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths are too barren, entering a Cultivationless Age, spiritual essence sucked dry. My disciples don’t have the resources to cultivate, having heaven warping talent for nothing, still unable to rush into the heavens, transform from fish into dragons.” Shi Hao replied.

Of course, there was one other point, it was because some cultivators took the initiative to approach him with hostility, so he naturally wouldn’t pass up this opportunity to slaughter fat sheeps.

The inn’s shopkeeper’s brows were raised, continuously stroking them, carrying a pleased expression. Shi Hao collected a pile of immortal resources, Primal Chaos Inn naturally also had their share of the profits.

“How about the two of us exchange some pointers, we’ll just bet a true immortal dwelling? What do you think? Of course, this is on the premise that it won’t dry up even when brought into the lower realm, still can be used.” Shi Hao secretly transmitted sound.

Pan Yi’s long brows jumped. His appearance was extremely heroic. He looked at Shi Hao, revealing a faint smile, saying, “I indeed wish to exchange some pointers, but the old monsters back home warned me not to act too rashly, that there was an old friend who had given his greetings.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he was moved. There was an old friend who spoke with Pan Family’s old monsters? Who was this?

He immediately thought about the restricted region lord, crystal skull, golden arm bone and the bleeding eyeball he had on him. However, did they have this much prestige?

One had to understand that Pan King was an unmatched existence who overlooked Immortal Domain, looked over past, present, and future, one of the true most powerful creatures!

Perhaps the restricted region lord and the others had already greeted Pan Family and the others?

After all, the old monsters Pan Yi spoke of had unclear backgrounds, not necessarily Pan King himself.

“It is about time for you to stop as well, continuously bullying others like this won’t do, Pan King City will become chaotic.” Pan Yi warned.

This was their bottom line, they couldn’t always watch him pretend to be a pig while eating tigers.

In reality, many people already realized that there was most likely something wrong with this fella, always fighting intensely no matter who it was against, yet he would instead win in the end. This wasn’t normal.

“Alright, I’ll carry out the few last ones, let me collect some more immortal dao resources.” Shi Hao said.

Pan Yi didn’t say anything, just watching him. He had never met such a scoundrel-like supreme being!

“Who dares fight with me? This will be the last five rounds, there won’t be any more after this, Mortal Dao Domain, who is unmatched under the sky, wishing for a loss?!” Shi Hao shouted.

The expressions of the crowd weren’t that great. They came from the boundless Immortal Domain, scattered across different regions, all the very best of various clans, yet they continuously suffered defeat today. There was actually no one who could win against this fella.

There were immediately quite a few people who looked towards Pan Yi, but in the end, he didn’t move at all, not showing any intention of taking action.

“Pan Yi supreme being has long reached the point where he doesn’t need to prove himself. Being unmatched in the Mortal Dao Domain, he is acknowledged by the world, it is beneath him to fight!” Someone said.

“Who is the one who dares speak randomly? Oh, cyan hair, it’s you! Come here and fight, I can subdue you with one hand in under ten moves!” Shi Hao challenged.

That person was naturally provoked. This was too crazy! Ten moves, one handed? Did he think he was Pan Yi or Ao Family’s young great one Ao Gan?

However, unfortunately, this cyan-haired youngster was struck until he bled from all seven apertures on the ninth move, his entire body convulsing, who knew how many bones broke. He laid flat on the arena, unable to move at all.

“Four more!” Shi Hao shouted.

Unfortunately, he was stopped before he could continue to the end. Pan Family really had a true immortal who appeared. He coldly swept his eyes over everyone, starting to clear this place up.

This type of gamble that didn’t have any suspense, seriously disrupting the law and order of this region wasn’t something they were willing to see.

This was especially when Huang came from the lower realm, so he’ll definitely have some conflict with some families. Even Aocheng Immortal King’s cultivators were dissatisfied with him, if this continued, there would be trouble.

“I never expected you to have entered Immortal Domain too, actually being able to see you again in this lifetime.” Outside the arena, Princess Yao Yue said, looking at him in a daze.

His old friends were scattered across the vast Immortal Domain. Now, there were only a few people among them who had just entered Pan King City.

Right now, it was only Exiled Immortal, Princess Yao Yue and Great Xu Tuo who appeared. They were the first ones to arrive.

Great Xu Tuo sighed with admiration. No matter where Huang went, he wouldn’t be a nobody. He had just arrived in Immortal Domain, yet he already stirred up such a great commotion!

“There’s nothing that can be done, heaven is jealous of heroic geniuses!” Shi Hao said with a laugh.

“Did you enter Immortal Domain for Qing Yi?” Princess Yao Yue asked.

Shi Hao didn’t respond, instead looking at them and saying, “You all didn’t break into Supreme Being Realm yet?”

They all laughed bitterly, even Exiled Immortal was left speechless. Entering Supreme Being Realm with just a thousand years of cultivation, how was it that easy? Only those who experienced it knew just how difficult this path was!

“Do you think all of us are like you?” Princess Yao Yue rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Even though the five hundred year taboo line had been crossed, this didn’t mean that they could achieve the dao once they passed this line!

“I have to tell you some bad news. Among all those who achieved the dao under a thousand years, not a single one was able to laugh to the end, none of them becoming an immortal king, all of them dead.”

Great Xu Tuo, this honest and sincere person said.

“Why is that?”

“The time it takes to achieve the dao doesn’t necessarily decide one’s final achievements.” Exiled Immortal told him.

“In the lower realm, I clearly heard that there were unrivaled immortal kings who became supreme beings before five hundred years.” Shi Hao frowned.

“Those are all rumors. Pan King and Aocheng Immortal King, even though it is unknown which eras they came from, they have stated that they both achieved the dao after two thousand years!” Princess Yao Yue said.

“This slow?” Shi Hao was shocked.

The three of them became silent, not wanting to talk to him anymore!

Achieving the dao in two thousand years, was this still late?

Perhaps it was precisely because Aocheng Immortal King and Pan King were too powerful that the people of the world exaggerated their achievements, saying that they already became supreme beings after cultivating for a few decades.

However, the real situation wasn’t like this!

When old friends reunited, there were already many things to say, Shi Hao also wished to ask them about many things. However, before they had the time to catch up, he was invited away by Pan Family’s people.

That old friend had already given his ‘greetings’, so Pan Family was responsible and diligent, wishing to ensure his safety. They really were scared that Aocheng Immortal King Family’s young great one would come and look for trouble.

Shi Hao was rather unwilling, but in the end, he couldn’t go against the will of an immortal king family, having been invited into a courtyard.

This was a rather grand cave dwelling, but compared to the true Pan Family ancestral land, it couldn’t be compared at all.

Not long after Shi Hao left, Qing Yi hurried over. After a thousand years passed, her white clothes were purer than snow, style even greater than the past, carrying an otherworldly immortal dao feeling. She really was like a fairy.

Unfortunately, the Primal Chaos Arena was already cleared up. She came too late, not being able to meet Shi Hao.


A war chariot moved through the cosmos, appearing at the entrance of the city. Ao Family’s young great one Ao Gan arrived, finding Qing Yi not long afterwards, staying with her.

Several days later, more and more people appeared in Pan King City, true immortals descending from time to time.

Then, this heaven and earth began to tremble. A rain of flowers scattered down from the cosmos, a Golden Crow rising, a True Phoenix danced about, golden lotuses taking root in the void.

Immortal kings descended!

This type of irregular scene happened continuously in these next few days. The dark universe was full of golden lotuses and great dao sounds, shaking up time.

During these days, this region was extremely pure and holy, swirling with primal chaos and a great dao aura.

Peaches of Immortality Distinguished Meeting happened a day later.

Shi Hao was finally ‘invited out’, not trapped within the courtyard. He was going to Peaches of Immortality Distinguished Meeting.

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