Chapter 1893

Chapter 1893 - This Emperor

“Who are you speaking to?!” Below, a green-haired youngster glared out, slapping the table and standing up.

“I am talking about you, green hair. Do you dare fight or not? This emperor will teach you how to act properly, the meaning of humility!” Shi Hao pointed at him, putting on an arrogant appearance, as if he was the only sovereign.

“You can go f*ck yourself!” That individual really was angered quite badly, having this green hair nickname for no reason. Everyone here had status, it wasn’t easy to become a supreme being, which one of them wasn’t dignified? Even if they had nicknames, they would be elegant or heroic ones.

This fella immediately called them yellow hair, green hair, who could take this?

No wonder Jin Xu was furious, insisting on fighting him, directly heading to an arena, there was a reason behind this, this was what the green-haired youngster thought. Then, he couldn’t sit still anymore.

“Green hair, I am talking about you. Weren’t you all arrogant before? Come over here and fight! This emperor will knock you down with one arm. You know, I might as well make this story better, defeating yellow hair and green hair in one day. Right, is there white hair, purple hair, cyan hair?” Shi Hao shouted.

Below, everyone found it hard to calm down.

Among them, there were some silver-haired, purple-haired and cyan-haired cultivators whose faces immediately turned green. They really wanted to immediately rush up and smack him to the ground.

This brat was just too good at provoking others. A group of people couldn’t sit still anymore.

Shi Hao never planned to submit to humiliation after he entered Immortal Domain. Since he already had four freaks who placed all their cards on the table, he didn’t have much to worry about.

Was this a place where he could earn the respect of others by giving up his dignity and lowering his head? This was even less likely. Instead of waiting for others to forgive him, he might as well just act as he wished.

Right now, he played the fool for a bit, but he wouldn’t wrong himself, just this brazen. Whoever looked at him with hostility, that was who he would immediately retaliate against.

“I’ll come and fight with you!” Sure enough, that green-haired man couldn’t remain calm, already standing up, walking towards the arena.

“Wait, do you have immortal resources? This emperor won’t fight poor people, I have always been benevolent and charitable.” Shi Hao shouted, blocking in front of him.

A few people cursed out. What benevolence, this was clearly greed, a miser, staring at others’ purses.

“You…” The green-haired man pointed at him, truly losing his temper a bit.

“Yellow hair, don’t be in a rush to leave. Let me check the inventory first, see if the immortal resources you left behind are enough.” Shi Hao then shouted after Jin Xu.

Jin Xu staggered, almost falling face first.

The green-haired youngster got on the arena, with a hua la noise, he produced a pile of immortal resources. They were incredibly dazzling, some floating in the air, some crushing the earth, incredibly mystical, flowing with brilliant colors.

Those immortal resources were like small suns, releasing rich life force.

“A bit more than yellow hair, but it’s still not that much…” Shi Hao said. He nodded in reluctance, agreeing to fight with him.


In that instant, a divine vine appeared at this green-haired man’s side, turning into a divine chain, wrapping toward Shi Hao. He took action immediately after stepping up.

“Good!” Shi Hao faced his enemy.

This was a battle between ‘dragons and tigers’, the great battle lasting more than nine hundred moves. Shi Hao released great divine radiance from his palm, blasting the green-haired male flying, blood spurting out from his mouth and nose, scattering across the arena.

“You are only a bit stronger than yellow hair. Compared to me, you are still too lacking. Go back and cultivate a thousand years!” Shi Hao said, his face drenched in sweat, gasping for air.

Everyone became a bit speechless as they looked at him. You are already tired to this extent, fighting for more than nine hundred moves, what way stronger than the other party is there to speak of? You really are superficial enough.

Bai Ze and Zi Kun both cursed inwardly, feeling like this fella was a bit immoral. This was intentional, he wanted to lure out others into taking action.

The two supreme beings from Ao Family didn’t have good expressions on their faces either. However, they just couldn’t speak the truth, because the things that happened before were too shameful.

With a huala sound, Shi Hao collected this pile of immortal resources.

“Wait, there is the tenth that Primal Chaos Inn takes as commission.” The shopkeeper spoke. Previously, he was a bit stunned, almost forgetting.

“Shopkeeper, your family’s immortal king dwelling, that heaven character room one, are you going to sell it or not? I want to buy it.” Shi Hao said.

The shopkeeper rolled his eyes. There weren’t many immortal king dwellings in the entire Pan King City, how many people could afford it?

The others were also speechless, all of them looking at him. This fella really dared to speak, actually setting his eyes on the immortal king manor.

Only Exiled Immortal and Princess Yao Yue’s minds jumped, understanding his intention. They already saw that even though Shi Hao was playing the fool, he indeed wanted the immortal king dwelling.

“How about this? I’ll settle for the next best thing, sell me a true immortal dwelling? Of course, this is on the premise that I can still use it if I bring it back to the lower realm, that it won’t dry up.” Shi Hao said it like this.

“Youngster, you should be a bit more realistic. These things aren’t things that can be sold, every one of them priceless. Do you know just how much vitality needs to be gathered for a single true immortal dwelling, how many stars suitable for living would dry up?” The shopkeeper with the walrus beard said.

Shi Hao was inwardly shocked. A true immortal dwelling actually consumed this much? Wasn’t this equivalent to destroying many stars that creatures could reside in?

Just an inn was actually this precious!

As for the immortal king dwelling, it was even harder for Shi Hao to imagine just how it was created.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to fight against me?” Shi Hao asked loudly.

Below, Exiled Immortal and Princess Yao Yue couldn’t help but sigh. This really was a monster. He stirred up endless commotion in the lower realm, and now, he started it all over again in Immortal Domain.

At the same time, their minds jumped. Recently, there was news that a goddess Ao Family’s young great one had a good opinion of developed hostility towards him. He was previously quite close to Qing Yi, don’t tell me this was because of Huang’s appearance?

The two looked at each other in dismay, both of them feeling like Huang wasn’t someone easy to deal with, that they absolutely cannot stir things up!

“I will fight you!” Sure enough, there was someone else who found him unsightly, wishing to ascend the arena and fight him.

“Wait, let me rest for a bit. I fought two rounds in a row, even an immortal king would be tired to the point of vomiting blood!” Shi Hao boasted shamelessly, saying things like this.

Many people shot him a look of disdain. Immortal kings will vomit blood? At that level, they could fight for years without rest, there were unrivaled immortal kings who previously fought for over a thousand years, not collapsing unless they died.

Soon afterwards, this battle began. It ended after a thousand moves, that individual suffering a great defeat, leaving behind a pile of immortal resources before leaving.

“Three continuous victories, who else wants to try?” Shi Hao stood in the arena, saying this proudly, gathering hatred here.

His shamelessly boasting appearance was something many people couldn’t bear to see.

However, Bai Ze and Zi Kun both believed that what he spoke weren’t empty words, he really had the backing to be arrogant.

Ao Family’s two great supreme beings also couldn’t help but sigh. This youngster was extremely strong, and not arrogant. What he spoke was the truth.

“White hair, purple hair, cyan hair, it should be your turn now, right?” Shi Hao pointed at some people.

Gathering hatred like this, even if he didn’t want opponents, it was impossible. People got on the arena one after another, fighting bloody battles against him. Unfortunately, no one could knock him off the arena.

After six continuous victories, Shi Hao waved his hand. “We’ll just end things here, I won’t fight anymore!”

“No way!” Many people shouted.

There were true experts who didn’t make their moves yet, not fighting. Some cultivators from Immortal Domain suffered defeats one after another, making them feel like they had no face left. Could it be that they were less than a cultivator from the impoverished lower realm?’

“I don’t want to fight anymore.” Shi Hao replied.

“Why? Just now, you were still full of fighting spirit, saying you are an emperor, what, are you scared now?” Someone shouted and asked.

“What scared? I just feel inwardly sore that I’m fighting great battles here, but this Primal Chaos Inn is taking away a tenth of the spoils. What right do they have?” Shi Hao said.

This miser!

The people really were convinced now, he was even bickering over this. Which arena wasn’t like this?

Primal Chaos Inn’s shopkeeper immediately became speechless. What was this? This was the first time he met someone who bickered with him like this.

“So what do you want to do?” Someone asked.

“Let’s switch inns, I feel like this place is too dark.” Shi Hao said seriously.

“You are the one who is dark!” The shopkeeper wanted to berate him, but he swallowed it back down while on the verge of saying this. So many people came because of Huang’s arrival, and there were many battles, so this was a huge business.

As such, in the end, he put on a fake smile. “Since this little brother is dissatisfied, we can make some changes, take a bit less commission.”

“How much?”

“How about this, we’ll reduce it…”

“No, still too much!”


Everyone was stunned, watching as they haggled.

Was this still a cultivator? He called himself the extreme dao expert of the Mortal Dao, why did he end up negotiating business? He really was quite something.

“Say, are you really going to argue over that bit of commission? It’s like this at every arena!” Someone warned.

“Just stay off to the side. If you can’t accept it, then just fight!” Shi Hao waved his hand in annoyance.

In the end, Primal Chaos Inn’s shopkeeper agreed to cut his commission by half, on the premise that he could win another six victories in a row or more.

Of course, this was something they agreed on in secret, or else if others knew that this shopkeeper wanted Huang to continuously win, they might just take out their anger on him.

That day, Huang’s name spread through this region, drawing in large amounts of people, watching him fight at Primal Chaos Inn.

Soon afterwards, many people knew about the events in Pan King City, that a cultivator named Huang, known to be an expert of extreme dao, was unstoppable, unmatched in the Mortal Dao Domain.

That day, many people were shaken up, for example great true immortal families, as well as those geniuses from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Huang appeared mysteriously, charging to Pan King City, defeating heroic individuals from all different sides, it really left them shocked.

Even immortal king families were paying attention, this Huang left them quite amazed.

Qing Yi learned about it, hearing that Shi Hao arrived in Immortal Domain, moreover already entered Pan King City. She was inwardly shaken, starting to hurry towards this king city too.

Ao Family’s young great one Ao Gan came out of seclusion, riding a war chariot, also hurrying to Pan King City, wishing to participate in the distinguished meeting.

At the same time, Pan Family’s genius Pan Yi came out of seclusion. When he received the news, he headed towards Primal Chaos Inn.

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