Chapter 1892

Chapter 1892 - Chaotic Arena

Jin Xu’s nose was no longer a nose, eyes not eyes. Because he was angered, his sensory organs were already warped. When he saw Shi Hao was just standing there, he wanted to just send a palm smacking over.

Unfortunately, they still didn’t arrive at the arena.

“Say, where are you bringing me? Isn’t this an inn?” Shi Hao asked.

There was an inn right in front of them. It was extremely vast and also imposing in appearance. There were two great stone Qilins there that flowed with brilliant colors. Great dao symbols flickered from time to time.

Immortal energy continuously flowed out from the inn. One could tell his place really was extraordinary with just a glance, a good place for cultivation and lodging.

“There is an arena in the inn to begin with, this place is different from the lower realm you reside in.” Qin Lin explained for him.

Pan King City, the inns were all extraordinary. Not only were they majestic and imposing in style, the interior was even more so meticulously planned, they were places of charm and beauty.

The instant he stepped in, Shi Hao revealed an expression of shock. It was because immortal energy was hazy, too rich, containing large amounts of undying matter.

Its name was also special, known as Primal Chaos Inn.

However, the price to stay here was also shockingly high. Normal cultivators would shrink back, not daring to come here.

A cultivator with outstanding strength welcomed them with a smiling face, his dao skills quite profound, but he was just a waiter in this inn, welcoming guests here. At the same time, a shopkeeper also personally came.

Shi Hao saw how exorbitant the price was. Jin Xu brought out divine spring, paying in advance, the amount not small. It really wasn’t just a normal level of expensive.

When it was Shi Hao’s turn and he didn’t have any, Bai Ze pinched his nose, helping him pay in advance. Along the way, Bai Ze really found it a bit too hard to take. When he went to the lower realm, he was suppressed by Huang, and then later on, he had to continuously clean up after him, finding it a bit hard to bear.

“Oh? This cultivator from the ruined world even needs someone to pay in advance? However, our rules here are quite strict, will he be fine?” The shopkeeper had a walrus mustache, he was extremely clean, his appearance treacherous, eyeing Shi Hao up and down.

“Don’t worry, Pan Family and Ao Family have both passed down decrees to let him pass, sending him an invitation. There is no need for worry.” Zi Kun said.

Shi Hao glanced at the shopkeeper, ignoring him.

However, this inn really did have some value. When he truly walked in, Shi Hao was moved. This was a place of charm and beauty, completely different from what he saw outside.

This was a small world onto itself, but it was made into a dwelling!

Up ahead islands floated one after another, spiritual mountains that towered into the clouds, too many to count. There were sumptuous dwellings resting atop.

These were true immortal family paradises, not the so-called immortal earths of the lower realm.

True immortals could even choose to cultivate here in seclusion. The natural essence energy was abundant and surging.

This was clearly not an inn in a normal sense. There was a world inside, containing the natural luck of heaven and earth.

According to the shopkeeper’s introduction, the most expensive heaven character number one residence was an immortal king dwelling, the essence there terrifyingly rich, full of great dao.

This was prepared specially for immortal kings!

Forget about the people here, even if a true immortal really came, they would drool. Cultivating in here was much better than outside.

As for just how much better, normal people didn’t know because they didn’t have the qualifications to experience it for themselves.

Immortal king dwelling, these weren't just words, the price was too high. Moreover, normal people couldn’t enter even if they had the money, they would be crushed apart by the great dao symbols within.

This type of place already formed a realm of its own, so it naturally had an arena.

The power behind the inn was no small matter, or else they wouldn’t be able to operate such a place.

“In the massive Pan King City, there are only a few places that have immortal king dwellings. Our Primal Chaos Inn is precisely one of them.” The shopkeeper said.

If just any inn could have an immortal king dwelling, then that really would be crazy. No one dared act randomly here.

When they stated their purpose for coming, to use the arena, the inn’s people all revealed looks of surprise.

“Come, yellow hair. The earlier you offer up the immortal dao resources, the earlier I’ll knock you out.” Shi Hao made a ‘come’ gesture.

Jin Xu’s eyes released green light, becoming like a wild beast. He really wanted to immediately throw himself over. He really couldn’t handle this youngster anymore, he already wanted to rip him to shreds a long time ago.

The arena was extremely grand, named Primal Chaos Arena. The land it occupied was extremely vast, piled up with a type of stone, carrying an ancient meaning. It seemed like a boulder that was cut off from a precipitous cliff.

It was surrounded by giant stone railings and interweaving dao symbols on all sides, used to protect this place, at the same time, not letting the precious techniques of the fighters injure the spectators.

“Don’t worry, this stage is sturdy enough, the Primal Chaos Arena can even support a great battle between true immortals!” The shopkeeper said proudly, stroking his beard.

At the same time, he emphasized that when betting fights were held here, there would be a commission taken out by the inn, a tenth seized.

“You all really know how to do business.” Shi Hao said, quite dissatisfied. In his opinion, yellow hair was a fat sheep that was here to gift him resources, yet in the end, part of it was going to be taken by others.

“If you can’t accept this, you all can fight on the streets. The price in all of the inns is like this.” The shopkeeper said calmly.

“Come!” Jin Xu shouted. He already got in the arena.

Right now there were many people standing here, some who followed them in and some who were guests of the inn to begin with.

The shopkeeper narrowed his eyes, delighted to see this type of thing happen. Entering the inn required a payment, so he naturally wished to attract even more people. Thus, he waved his hand, calling over a waiter, saying, “Go announce on the street, inform everyone that there is an unrivaled expert of Mortal Dao here, difficult for him to suffer a defeat.”

“Don’t worry, there’s no need to announce it, a large group of people is arriving soon.” Qin Lin smiled.

The shopkeeper immediately felt embarrassed.

Sure enough, immediately afterwards, quite a few people rushed over. All of them were people from great clans. Not only were there young people, there were also big names from the older generation.

Yi, that’s Peacock King Family’s goddess!”

“Who am I looking at? Ao Family young great one’s older cousin has arrived!”

Wu, the great true immortal families in the cities really move quickly, all of them actually appearing here.”

Soon afterwards, a large group of people came, immediately making the shopkeeper’s eyes shine, his beard trembling.

“Come, bumpkin from the impoverished land. Today, Grandpa Jin is going to teach you a lesson, let you understand how high the sky is and how vast the earth is!” Jin Xu shouted.

Originally, he wouldn’t say these types of things, but he really was angered badly by Shi Hao. When he saw Shi Hao get on the stage, he directly made his move.

“Yellow hair, with this emperor here, hurry and bow down! If you don’t yield, I’ll personally subdue you!” Shi Hao roared out, even more fierce than him.

Many people had now arrived. When they heard his words, they immediately couldn’t help but laugh. This fella really was arrogant, even daring to say the words ‘this emperor’.

In this Immortal Domain, not even immortal king families and clans dared claim this.

Pu chi!

Some girls laughed, finding the words yellow hair amusing. They all knew that Jin Xu was normally wild and arrogant, but now, he was challenged like this by someone.

“Brat, accept death!” Yellow hair was furious.

With a honglong noise, he opened his mouth, roaring out. Wind and thunder roiled, clouds of smoke engulfing the skies. A great claw struck outwards. Golden light surged, lightning flashing and thunder rolling.

He used his entire strength, immediately using his own divine ability, producing a magical body. It was a great lion claw, golden and dazzling, incomparably sharp.

This was a lion, revealing its nine heads!

This was an extremely powerful species, but it wasn’t the mixed blood descendant of the lower realm, but the top level bloodline of the Nine Headed Lion lineage. This was where his arrogance lied.


Shi Hao’s fist smashed out, knocking it aside. “Yi, Nine Headed Lion? It really is a good mount. I raised a Fearless Lion in the lower realm, you can go and be his companion.”

Pu chi!

Everyone became amused. There really was someone who dared treat the inheritor of a true immortal family as a mount? That clan might immediately fight him to the death.

“Hand over your life!” Jin Xu’s eyes became red from anger, fighting a great battle. All types of precious techniques appeared, clouds of smoke roiling, golden lightning radiance like a sea, surging incessantly.

“Wasn’t there a legend that the Nine Headed Lion is the most powerful… one of the most powerful mounts in history!” Shi Hao took a deep breath, speaking the first few words powerfully, but said mount in the end.

Everyone became speechless. Who dared treat the Nine Headed Lion as a mount in Immortal Domain? Only immortal kings did!

“Kill!” The Nine Headed Lion was furious, the nine heads all releasing sword radiance, impossible to block, tearing apart the void, wishing to kill Shi Hao.

Shi Hao waved his hand, golden feathers filled the skies. These were Kun Peng Feathers, covering everything, scattering out sword radiance, the battle extremely intense.

This battle was extremely dazzling, and also intense. It started from a clash of precious techniques, turning to a contest of physical strength, and then to a comparison of dao skills. In the end, they both displayed restricted divine abilities, fighting until they tangled around each other endlessly.

Outside, many people nodded, continuously voicing their praise. There were some people who felt disdain, inwardly saying that even with these types of methods, you dare shout noisily, saying you are an emperor?

Bai Ze and Zi Kun’s expressions were strange, inwardly complicated. They immediately noticed what was wrong. Why did this fella need to fight bitterly like this?

They personally experienced his strength in the lower realm, just Huang’s incarnation alone suppressed both of them. Was there a need to struggle like this with Jin Xu?

The two immediately understood. Huang was definitely doing this on purpose, he was putting out bait! Jin Xu alone wasn’t enough, he wanted even more people to bet with him?

On the side, there were Aocheng Immortal King Clan’s people. When they heard the news, they immediately hurried over. It was because Huang had ruined a great matter for them, seizing the All Dao Tree, making many people in their clan remember him.

This was especially the case when the two supreme beings who participated in that affair both personally hurried over, immediately noticing clues.

The two cursed inwardly. Huang, you really are not of the good sort, definitely scheming!

However, they didn’t reveal it. The past battle accomplishments of Huang weren’t something they declared publicly, it was too humiliating. Otherwise, Bai Ze and Zi Kun wouldn’t have suffered too.

“Even though he came from the impoverished lower realm, this fella really isn’t weak.” Someone said in praise.

In the arena, it was exceptionally intense. The two fought for over eight hundred moves. In the end, the Nine Headed Lion wasn’t a match, smacked by Shi Hao’s palm, beaten until he vomited blood, rolling outwards, smashing into a stone railing.

“You are quite strong, but compared to me, there is still a huge difference, like the sky and earth. You’re too weak! Seeing as how my sworn brother in the lower realm is also a Nine Headed Lion, today, I’ll be lenient with you.”

Shi Hao stood there, saying this loudly.


Many people released hissing sounds. They even fought for eight hundred moves, the battle this bitter, yet you are still saying that the difference is sky and earth? Even this can be counted as lenient? You just won by a fluke!

Veins were throbbing on Jin Xu’s forehead. He actually lost, defeated in front of everyone by that hateful brat, leaving him rather sullen, finding this extremely hard to accept.

“If you have the guts, then fight another round!”

“Do you have more immortal resources? If you want to fight against me, you have to first bring out ten times the stake. Otherwise, I don’t have the patience to teach you.” Shi Hao looked at him with disdain.

Jin Xu was beyond angry. He turned around to leave, wishing to borrow weapons, and then come back to fight again.

Many people released hissing sounds, feeling like this lower realm Huang was too arrogant.

“If you can’t accept this, then just come. This emperor will properly teach you all humility.” Shi Hao pointed at an individual who cursed at him.

“What did you say?!” That person roared with fury.

Right at this time, Exiled Immortal and Princess Yao Yue appeared one after the other. They were all originally creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, also coming to participate in the distinguished meeting. When they heard the news, they immediately hurried over.

The two of them were a bit speechless. This fella… actually also entered Immortal Domain. They originally thought that he would be trapped in the lower realm, but now, he ran to Pan King City, moreover starting up this type of commotion, challenging wantonly. This really was worthy of Huang, the one who wouldn’t be ‘quiet’ no matter where he went!

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