Chapter 1890

Chapter 1890 - Pan King City

The immortal gates were already open, releasing endless radiance, incredibly divine.

A powerful will descended, ice-cold and ruthless, searching Shi Hao’s body, wishing to understand the essence of his soul and other things.

“Hold the invitation well, or else if something goes wrong, you’ll have to take responsibility for the consequences!” The white-robed youngster coldly reminded. Huang already entered Immortal Domain, so he didn’t lower his stance anymore.


An expanse of dazzling light flew over, shockingly brilliant, as if multicolored sunrise radiance surged. It covered heaven and earth, surrounding Shi Hao underneath.

Shi Hao’s soul moved, his dao skills surging greatly, becoming a bit unstable, as if he was being hacked at. What was going on?

Wisps of black mist appeared on the surface of his body, not that many of them. They released chi chi sounds, as if ice and snow came into contact with an open fire, starting to melt and scatter.

“You should be grateful. Because you hold the invitation, your body was purified.” The purple-haired youngster said.

What Immortal Domain feared the most was darkness matter, all gates would be strictly guarded. This way, darkness creatures would have nowhere to hide, unable to cross over at all.

Shi Hao frowned. After cultivating for so long in the three thousand provinces, he had also fought with the creatures of darkness. He really had been infected by a bit of darkness aura after all.

Of course, this was also related to him directly making contact with darkness blood.

Immortal Domain really was extremely large, vast and boundless, even the creatures of this world themselves not completely exploring its limits, there were some places not even immortal kings entered.

After they entered Immortal Domain, what they faced was a giant city, guarding this gate. Then, they borrowed the formation here, being transported millions and millions of li out.

Otherwise, even as supreme beings, if they only relied on flight, it would be a distance that took an endless amount of time to cross.

Moreover, even this formation didn’t take them to their destination, far from it.

A giant city covered the sky, towering in the air, swirling with chaotic energy. Great stars surrounded this city one after another.

It was entirely purple-golden in color, great dao symbols engraved on the walls. The entire city was ancient and grand. This was one of the eternally never falling immortal cities.

In this type of place, even true immortals could be seen.

It was because these cities had to have true immortals watch over them year-round, they could not be left alone even for a moment.

This was an immortal city in Immortal Domain;’s territory, named Purple Gold Immortal City.

They rested here for a bit. Shi Hao waited a while, and then he was summoned by a true immortal. Only after personally examining the invitation in his hands was he allowed to pass.

It was extremely strict, a true immortal actually appearing personally. It was rumored that he was this city’s lord, seriously examining this invitation right now.

“It is because you came from that withered, impoverished world.” The robed youngster spoke, carrying a bit of arrogance.

Shi Hao swept him a look, really wanting to smack him. Was Immortal Domain all that? They always felt like they were high up above, looking down on the creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

“Your side has inauspicious and strangeness, you must be examined carefully.” Comparatively speaking, even though the purple-haired youngster was wild and untamed, he wasn’t too harsh.

“The place we need to head to is Pan King City, this is one of the cities that person controls. Everything within millions and millions of li is under Pan King’s governing, so the people here naturally have to be careful.” Another person said.

Pan King City, a true Immortal King City, as well as one of Immortal Domain’s greatest ancient cities. No one dared to act wildly here, from past until now, who knew just how many great eras it had remained flourishing for.

Pan King was known to be one of immortal domain’s unmatched experts, one of the most powerful. He had lived for an incredibly long amount of time, no one could say just what age he came from for sure.

He was on par with Aocheng Immortal King, both of them having the might to sweep through all enemies under the sky.

The two immortal kings were close, never fighting against each other, so no one knew which one was weaker and which one was stronger.

When Shi Hao learned these things, he nodded. He was actually going to Pan King City. He didn’t know just what kind of distinguished meeting it would be, so he didn’t act unnaturally at all, directly asking the white-robed youngster.

“Peaches of Immortality Distinguished Meeting, a distinguished meeting of tens of thousands of clans. Only families that have produced true immortals have the qualifications to enter. I really can’t figure out how an independent cultivator from an impoverished world like you has the right to go. What qualifications do you have?!” The white-robed youngster responded coldly.

“Have you already forgotten how you were put down by one of my spiritual bodies? You have a sickness, Immortal Domain’s mad arrogance sickness, it needs to be treated!” Shi Hao said extremely impolitely.

“You…” The white-clothed youngster glared out, revealing vicious radiance. He didn’t expect that even after entering Immortal Domain, Huang would still be this domineering and brash, not scared at all.

Shi Hao’s gaze was fierce, staring at him. At the same time, he raised his hand, making a feint. His face was immediately covered in dark lines, the pressure he felt also increasing greatly.

The white-robed youngster was a bit speechless. “This motherf*cker… he really is a lunatic!” They already entered Immortal Domain, yet he still dared take action against him?

He wanted to test Shi Hao, but in the end, he endured it. He really was scared that Shi Hao might go crazy, a palm smacking down. Right now, they already left the city lord’s manor, so no one could protect him for some time.

Shi Hao didn’t feel any fear. There were four old freaks sleeping within him, merging with him, and most of all, he carried the ‘realm eradication’ stick of incense. If they really had a falling out, provoking him, then he would just directly burn it.

Since the restricted region lord already told him that this incense was enough to make even Immortal Domain’s great figures feel restraining fear, what else was there to be scared of?

The distance from Purple Gold Immortal City to Pan King City was extremely far, there were actually several vast cosmos separating them.

This left Shi Hao stunned. Immortal Domain wasn’t in the same expanse of cosmos?

“These different ancient cosmos have already merged together, now becoming a single region, who knows how many times more vast than the past Immortal Domain this place is now.” Someone explained, neutralizing the atmosphere.

Otherwise, the white-robed youngster and Huang would have been butting heads, they were worried that something might happen along the way.

Shi Hao was shocked. Along the way, he gradually learned that an immortal city ruled an expanse of cosmos. The number of true immortals there were in charge was roughly how many ancient cosmos were merged.

This territory… really was incredibly large!

“Otherwise, do you think a single ancient realm could nurture those true immortals?” The white-robed youngster sneered.

According to what they said, what a true immortal needed was too shocking, requiring the nourishment of a star realm. Otherwise, there was no way of satisfying their cultivation needs. When devouring the essence of heaven and earth, it would be enough to suck the universe dry.

“Actually, the current Immortal Domain is still a great universe. Look, these cosmos that are merging in, when they are shrunk here, they are like different starry skies.” Someone said.

Shi Hao looked at the beast skin diagram he revealed, quite a few starry sea names on it, every one of those starry seas having an immortal city watching over it.

Now, it seemed like the past universe really was like a starry domain, interlinked, connecting together, forming the present boundless Immortal Domain.

As for the very depths of the starry domain, the ancient lands that even made Immortal Kings’ expressions change, feeling restraining fear towards them, were marked out with a skull, indicating that it was extremely dangerous.

No one dared go over there, there was no way of investigating those places.

At the same time, he learned that Immortal Domain had a total of ten dao gates that were connected to the outside world, all of them having heavy troops stationed. There were also ten massive immortal cities.

After passing who knew how many immortal cities, starry seas continuously passed far behind him. Each time, Shi Hao had to go through the city lord’s examination, the process extremely strict.

Finally, by borrowing the last immortal city’s transport formation, Shi Hao’s group arrived at their destination -- Pan King City!

While looking at this absolute colossus, its starting point unknown, ending point also unknown, Shi Hao really didn’t know what to even say.

It really was too large, impossible to see the limits with a single look. The sun, moon, and stars all moved around it, this place like the heart of the world. The sun, moon, and others were all just like fireflies, decorations.

It floated in the cosmos just like that, having unrivaled might, inextinguishable power, shocking past and present. It was precisely Pan King City, coexisting with the world.

It was rumored that because of the place it was built on, established on a boundless great ancient continent floating in the cosmos, the land vast, the city was also vast and boundless, shockingly massive.

Right now, it released strong immortal energy, the entire ancient great continent surrounded in immortal aura.

This was precisely Pan King City!

In this place, there were powerful soldiers protecting it. When entering the city, Shi Hao and the others went through strict inspections, solemn and dignified. No one dared to mess around at the city entrance..

Those soldiers were all cold and ruthless, holding dao swords, all of them able to hack down the sun, moon, and stars, incredibly powerful.

Shi Hao couldn’t help but feel jealous. When could Stone Village’s disciples become like this, when could Imperial Court also have this type of power, able to overlook the past and present, rule over everything under the sky?

At the city entrance, there were even true immortals overseeing things, personally standing guard.

After some investigations, they finally entered the city.

In the city, there were some ancient trees that were as tall as the sky, long becoming giant monsters, their tree eyes narrowed, examining the people who entered, the aura they released terrifying.

Pan King City really was too large, divided into many regions. They rode on a war chariot, brought to their destination. This was a flourishing region, the atmosphere finally no longer nervous.

There were many inns here. Shi Hao was quite shocked, Immortal King City even had this type of thing?

“Immortal King City also needs all types of goods, needing cultivators to pass by, so there are naturally all types of markets, inns, and other amenities.”

“Don’t underestimate them, any one of these inns are places of charm and beauty, immortal family paradises. If you want to cultivate there, you’ll have to pay quite a bit.” The white-robed youngster said.

By the side of the road, there were weapons halls, pill medicine pavilions and scripture rooms, selling all types of things. They could also exchange pointers and interact with others here, which was why this place was extremely bustling and lively, flourishing with activity.

The various clans all had stores, inns, and other things, running businesses, setting up a base here. It was because this place was too flourishing, having all types of exceptional treasures that could be exchanged for.

“Purple-haired youngster, you guys came back. Haha, you all really went to that crippled land to invite someone?” Right at this time, someone greeted out, roaring with laughter.

Yi? Could it be that this is that junior you all invited? He really dared come!”

These were cultivators, their true ages hard to determine, all quite strong. The eyes of the one in the lead were brilliant, staring at Shi Hao continuously.

“Huo Lan, I am warning you right now, don’t act randomly! This is someone we brought with the invitation from an Immortal King Clan!” The purple-haired youngster said, his body going taut, fearing that something might happen here.

It was because Huo Family’s fellas were eager to give it a try, looking like they wanted to take action.

Wu, then we’ll just just meet at the Peaches of Immortality Distinguished Meeting. We are leaving first.” The one named Huo Lan, also the one who was roaring with laughter just now and the young man who wanted to take action waved his hand, bringing the others away.

“You need to be a bit careful. This family isn’t easy to provoke. Just recently, a senior of those fellas achieved immortality, this clan’s strength became stronger again!”

They were a true immortal family to begin with, but now, they had another true immortal. The significance of this was great!

Even in Immortal Domain, there weren’t many true immortals, a number that could be counted.

“Where is Qing Yi? I wish to meet her.” Shi Hao said.

When the white-robed youngster heard this, he immediately sneered, saying, “You should just take care of yourself first. This isn’t that impoverished and desolate ruined world. In this Immortal Domain, even if you are a True Dragon, you are to bow down, not think too much!”

“You have a mental sickness that has to be cured!” Shi Hao looked at him.

“You…” The white-robed youngster glared out, but in the end, he restrained himself.

“White robe, you all came back. Don’t tell me this is the bumpkin who had Ao Family return with their faces covered in dirt?” Unbridled laughter sounded.

This was clearly an influential family’s disciple, some attendants following him. His head of long golden hair scattered down, eyes carrying an incredibly provocative feeling, currently staring at Shi Hao, his face carrying a strange smile.

The purple-haired youngster and the others immediately felt a headache. They encountered a small demon king. This was definitely not a young master that was good to provoke, related to an immortal king family.

Heh heh, I love it. Letting Ao Family suffer a loss makes me the most happy!” A light laughter sounded from the other end of the street. An exceptionally beautiful woman’s figure walked over.

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