Chapter 189 - Doomsday (Teaser)

Chapter 189 - Doomsday

With the formation of the lightning dao precious technique, the little guy seemed to have a new type of force about him. The tyranny of lightning represented a supreme power, and as it accumulated within his body, it raised a type of unique aura.

Of course, this was only one of his precious techniques, and did not affect his true temperament. The only thing different about him was that his glistening eyes contained more determination.

His head of black hair scattered about. He now cultivated two great precious techniques that had evolved from two of his original divine abilities in order to become more formidable and robust.

The Little Devil Wine’s effects were extremely great, creating strand after strand of multicolored light that flew about Mu Yan’s body. His bones created pipa sounds, and his flesh moved about rhythmically. He was currently growing new bones and reforming his body.

Originally, he was on the verge of death, but now he was being pulled back. The Little Devil Wine that was slowly refined out of ten different types of spiritual medicines had tyrannical and violent medicinal effects, accelerating the connection of tendons and recovery of bones.

After a full day and night of carefully circulating symbols while seated, Mu Yan finally recovered. There were no longer any major hindrances to his body; being able to live this time could be considered another miracle.

“Truly formidable. To be fortunate enough to drink the legendary Little Devil Wine, it truly makes this old one feel pleased.” Mu Yan laughed heartily.

The little guy was moved. Even though the lightning ancestor’s temperament was fiery and his attitude was harsh as he made the little guy endure such hellish training for the past month, he was still truly a good person. He almost threw away his life for the little guy.

“Very good.” When they returned to the Heaven Mending Pavilion, Elder Liu also nodded and revealed a joyous expression.

“What kind of place is the Archaic Sacred Courtyard?! Is it some place I can enter?”...

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