Chapter 1883

Chapter 1883 - World Grave Ancient Path

Star Devouring Grass, a type of innate deity, massive beyond compare. It took root in the void, green and verdant. It gently extended its snake-like leaves out, and then stars were swept over, completely devoured.

Unfortunately, even though it was an innate deity, born in primal chaos, it lacked a high level will. Otherwise, this type of creature would definitely be extremely terrifying. What it relied on was more a type of instinct.

“This place is World Grave, legend has it that there are many ruined ancient great worlds resting here. Perfect dao seeds can only be found here!” Shi Hao said.

In the past, he visited this place when he was still a student of Heavenly Deity Institution, personally seeing perfect seeds. Unfortunately, back then, no one obtained any of them.

Cao Yusheng grinded his teeth. He also came here before. When he saw this familiar land, he became extremely speechless. A thousand years ago, when he was young, he had trained here. Now, he was back.

In the surroundings, great stars rested one after another. However, all of them were ruined, as if they had arrived in an abandoned land.

The cosmos was dusky, scenes of ruin everywhere. There were too many ancient continents floating about in the distance, all of them crushed stars, lands that were hacked apart by sword radiance, everything that should be here was here.

Mu Qing and the others finally understood why this place was called World Grave. It was because the only things they could see were star remains, the ruined fragments of great continents, as if these were the ruins of a universe.

Hong! Suddenly, that Star Devouring Grass moved. Several leaves swept towards Shi Hao’s warship like a giant green dragon.

Shi Hao stood at the front of the ship. With a light point of his finger, gentle radiance bloomed.


That stalk of grass erupted with magical force, carrying clouds and smoke, green radiance resplendent. The entire stalk seemed like it was burning, many ruined great stars in the surroundings were thus shaken, and then exploded.

The universe even cracked apart further, turning into abyss one after another.

Multicolored radiance was released from Shi Hao’s fingertip endlessly, locking down this stalk of grass. Then, with a chi sound, it was sent flying into the depths of the dark cosmos.

The nearby scenery then calmed down. The stars were destroyed, leaving behind endless cosmos dust.

“Equivalent to supreme being in strength, but lacking the complete transformation, nothing to worry about.” Shi Hao said. This was his evaluation of the Star Devouring Grass.

Cao Yusheng was stunned. When they came back then, they had to avoid the Star Devouring Grass, not daring to approach it, but now that they came again today, were they just going to charge their way in?

They continued on, this trip was like a dream. They passed through many world-like brilliant regions, entered the depths of World Grave, passing over ancient realms one after the next.

“What kind of thing is this, it’s so big!”

Soon afterwards, they saw a creature that was shaped like a hyena. It had dragon horns on its head and a pair of vermilion bird wings on its back. It floated before them, much more massive than even stars.

This was a corpse, all of its essence energy dried up millions and millions of years ago.

“An innate deity born in primal chaos. If it was still alive, it would have at least supreme being level strength.” Shi Hao commented.

They slowed down. The warship slowly continued, no longer passing through worlds, instead moving through a dusky expanse of cosmos. Shi Hao remembered that there was natural luck here.

“Found it, it’s coming!” He said quietly.

In the distance, an ancient ship that was extremely tattered, carrying the aura of time, dyed in blood slowly arrived from the depths of the universe. It was quiet and silent.

“What is that?” Zhu Lin couldn’t help but ask.

“Ghost Spirit, it can also be called War Spirit Ship. There are strange creatures on it, transformed from the dead’s spiritual senses, a type of innate soul seed. It can be refined into medicine, used to nurture the primordial spirit.” Shi Hao said.

Their group became excited, long hearing that World Grave had all types of strange creatures, precisely this type of thing. When the essence was extracted, it could be used to strengthen their primordial spirit.

That ship was extremely massive. Even though it was shabby, it was still rather imposing, a small half of a star in size. It headed in this direction.


A vicious cry sounded, breaking the silence. The spiritual fluctuations became even more intense. A giant silver bear rushed out first, striking in Shi Hao’s direction.

“Supreme being, there is actually a supreme being level war spirit!” These people were stunned.

Shi Hao remained fearless. He took a step out, blocking all of the terrifying fluctuations, facing the giant silver bear. This was something transformed from the primordial spirit of a deceased creature.


Great winds roared. In that warship, there was a golden Great Peng that dove over, spreading its wings, unstoppable, charging at Shi Hao.

Everyone was horrified. This was a ghost ship, yet there were two supreme being level creatures hidden on it.

Unfortunately, they encountered Shi Hao. There was completely no use at all. Right now, he stood at the peak of Mortal Dao, not fearing this kind of so-called siege at all.

In the end, his figure vanished with a single step. With a raise of his hand, the giant silver bear’s head was removed, the golden Great Peng torn into two, both of them ending up dead.

In that instant, the two creatures turned into a rain of light, what was stored within those rains of light was spiritual force. There was some essence that scattered out like a rainbow, nurturing everyone’s primordial spirits.

Shi Hao acquired a bit, discovering that the effects weren’t that great for him. It was because his primordial spirit had already reached the pinnacle, impossible to advance further. If he wanted to improve it, then he had to ascend to immortality.

He wouldn’t waste this, instead giving it to the people behind him.

“It truly is shocking, my primordial spirit actually really became a bit stronger!” They felt an inconceivable feeling.

“If this continues, we really might be able to achieve the dao, break through into the Supreme Being Realm!”


It wasn’t just Mu Qing, the crimson dragon, and others, even the Lightning Spirits, Emperor Butterfly, and Divine Striking Stone rushed out, attacking that ghost ship.

This was a great battle. Many creatures appeared from that ancient ship, with nine-headed divine birds, white-gold lions, underworld divine hounds, and others among them, there were many different species.

Under the assault of these heaven warping vicious individuals who cultivated over a thousand years, the ghost ship collapsed, these war spirits all killed.

“The nurturing of primordial spirit, this type of feeling really is too wonderful!” Someone said with a sigh.

Unfortunately, even though their primordial spirits were shining, sparkling and translucent, they still couldn’t ascend to the supreme being level.

This type of vicious spirit only attacked those who invaded. Whenever creatures encountered them, if their strength wasn’t great enough, they would inevitably fall.

This was especially the case this time, there were actually two supreme being level war spirits present among them. If not for Shi Hao being here, they would have most likely been completely annihilated here.

After passing through ruined ancient realms one after another, they entered Five Elements Continent. This place had the extraordinary Five Elements Reversal Formation, hiding a ‘heavenly seed’. However, it was extremely difficult to obtain.

Shi Hao didn’t consider this place, instead continuing forward.

There was a place that had a mysterious precious tree, which was also a perfect seed. Back then, Shi Hao saw it with his own eyes. However, there was a creature guarding it, so he couldn’t bring it away back then.

They finally arrived. This was a wondrous land, not quite the same as the other ruined ancient lands.

There were many plants here, the flowers, fruits, all dao laws. They could all be considered dao seeds.

Shi Hao only had one target, precisely the All Dao Tree.

“After so many years have passed, I wonder if it is still there or not. Back then, it still hadn’t completely matured. Now, it should be complete, right?” Shi Hao came to this type of conclusion.

Along the way, they saw many trees, on them different fruits, great dao fragments contained within.

“This place really is extraordinary. Even if we cannot obtain a perfect seed, if we cultivate here, eat these fruits, the benefits will still be astonishing!”

The crimson dragon said with a sigh. This was the ideal cultivation land.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop over here long term. This place was full of unknowns, all types of unpredictable changes. If they cultivated here for several decades, they might provoke some great trouble.

“You are already unmatched in the Mortal Dao Domain, don’t tell me there will still be problems if we stay here?” The Heavenly Horned Ant asked.

“There is an ancient person who is most likely a true immortal here.” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

In the past, the reason why they backed off, unable to bring away the All Dao Tree, was precisely because there was a terrifying creature guarding it.

Along the way, they didn’t stop. Since they knew that this place had an unmatched dao seed, they naturally had to take a look for themselves.

To the far west, on a floating island.

In the surroundings, lightning flashed and thunder rolled. Great void cracks extended, continuously interweaving. Normal people couldn’t ascend this island at all.

Shi Hao took action, riding the warship directly to the floating island.

Great yin energy pervaded the air, great yang flame essence surging. Yin and yang roiled, divine laws erupting. There was an expanse of brilliant light here, extremely divine and peaceful.

Of course, there was also thunder rumbling, carrying an aura of destruction.

At the center of the island was a tree, hibernating like a dragon, winding about. Its trunk was upright and strong, branches moving about, leaves fluttering, surging with boundless divine multicolored light.

The tree’s branches were densely packed, having exactly ten thousand fruits.

This tree was an unmatched dao see to begin with, able to take root within the body, in the flesh, allowing one to comprehend the ten thousand daos of the world. Sooner or later, it would be able to bring one to the True Immortal Realm.

In its surroundings, lightning flickered about. There were lightning pools that rose and fell one after another.

This scene was extremely horrifying!

One of the most precious seeds in the present world, comparable to the World Tree Sapling.

“There is someone here!” The Heavenly Horned Ant was stunned. He saw another person in the distance, standing on a great ship, staring at the All Dao Tree.

Those people clearly saw Shi Hao’s group as well, all of them couldn’t help but become shocked.

“Immortal Domain’s people!” Cao Yusheng said quietly.

It was because that ancient ship had Immortal Domain’s imprints engraved on it. Were there any old friends here?

Even Shi Hao’s expression changed slightly, looking towards that ancient ship.

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