Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882 - Searching For Another Way Back

When Shi Hao heard these words, he was even inwardly shaken, feeling extremely terrible. Would that day really come?

He embraced Yun Xi, quietly saying, “It won’t, you won’t grow old, you’ll forever be young. I will help you retain your youth forever!”

He wasn’t good at comforting people, truly speaking what he felt. He felt more and more ashamed and uneasy towards the current Yun Xi. When he thought about that day, he found it hard to accept!

Yun Xi smiled while shedding tears, a bit emotional, a bit regretful, but at the same time, she finally felt relieved, saying, “I know that this day will come one day, but I don’t have any more regrets, this life already fulfilled, already brilliant enough. We’ve gone through this journey together, wept together, laughed together, everything will be remembered in my heart, I will never forget it.”

The more she spoke like this, the more empty Shi Hao’s heart felt. He gently kissed her sparkling forehead, saying, “Don’t think too much, go, come together with me!”

The places he had to go to were dangerous, he wanted to leave Yun Xi behind, bring Mu Qing, the crimson dragon, and others with him, but now, he changed his mind, deciding to go together with her.

“You don’t have to worry about me…”

“Let’s go!” Shi Hao was extremely direct, holding her fine waist, heading to Imperial Court.

The various lands all had Imperial Court’s palaces, within them were Shi Hao’s divine statues, rich and surging with will force; this was an astonishing wave of power.

Even if the current Shi Hao didn’t make an appearance, he could still turn the world upside down, instantly unleash slaughter just by relying on this will force. He could condense a human form in different places, appear like this.

“Mu Qing, you all, come over.”

Shi Hao transmitted sound, speaking in a great hall. All of the divine statues in the great halls Imperial Court established in various lands lit up, releasing splendid and sacred splendor, releasing this voice.

This was also the result of will force. In the various parts of the world, even while separated by endless distance, he could still appear this way, contact everyone.

That day, Mu Qing, the crimson dragon, and the others were all summoned, hurrying over.

When everyone gathered, Shi Hao examined everyone’s cultivations. He frowned, saying, “Most of you are walking the path of present world techniques, yet it is difficult to advance even an inch. I wish for you all to try a different path.”

Most of these people cultivated predominately the present world methods, because the highest level of Immortal Ancient methods needed a perfect dao seed. Where would they find such a thing?

Back then, Little Sky King, Exiled Immortal, Great Xu Tuo, and the others already seized all of them, not leaving any behind.

Apart from present world methods, Mu Qing and the others also learned the method Shi Hao established, but they could only use it as a reference, unable to fully inherit it.

It was because the very first step already left all of them stuck. Using the body as a seed, this was too difficult. Even when Shi Hao took this step, he paid an unimaginable price, barely surviving.

The stunning Meng Tianzheng, in the past, couldn’t even completely use the body as a seed path, a step off, almost dying because of it. His dao skills were crippled for many years, forcing him to cultivate other methods.

Shi Hao was always looking for a way. His own path should be able to skip over the body as a seed path, but how was he going to create this path? This was what he was wondering all these years.

He believed that he would find a solution sooner or later!

However, now, time didn’t wait for him. Shi Hao really hoped that these people would become stronger earlier, that they can follow at his sides, and not be trapped in the world of mortals.

“If you all were given unmatched dao seeds, would you all be able to advance?” Shi Hao asked.

Shi Zhong, Zhu Lin, and the others were all stunned. They already walked the present world path, missing the chance to merge with a dao seed. Why would they still cultivate this?

Apart from this, those seeds were priceless, hard to find in the entire world, not many of them to begin with, all of them already brought away by those people. Where would they even go to look for them?

They knew that back then, even Shi Hao couldn’t even obtain a seed, only heading down the body as a seed path because he had no alternative.

“Big bro, there’s no need for you to go through that much trouble. This type of immortal treasure is hard to find through endless ages, we don’t need it. By heading down the present world methods path, we will succeed sooner or later!” Shi Zhong said.

“You all don’t need to care about this, I only ask that if I found them for you, do you all dare cultivate from the beginning again?” Shi Hao asked.

“Dare, why wouldn’t we dare? Those seeds are too precious, even this entire world is dried up, where would we go look for them?” Zhu Lin muttered.

Shi Hao nodded. He wanted to have these people cultivate Immortal Ancient methods together with present world methods, by letting both of them clash, it might produce some great changes, allowing them to ultimately break through and achieve the dao.

It was because previously, he cultivated two methods at the same time, walking both paths.

“Okay, you all should go make preparations. We are setting out soon!” Shi Hao said.

Everyone became shocked. Were there really still perfect seeds in this world? How could this be? There was only a fixed number of them, how could any of them still exist?

Then, Shi Hao had them look for Cao Yusheng and the Heavenly Horned Ant, also bringing these two, heading out together.

“I also have to make some preparations!” Shi Hao said. He headed into the lower realms.

Mu Qing and the others discovered that he had the Everlasting Sword Core on his back, this alone was enough to prove the dangers of this trip. It was because after all these years, Shi Hao almost never used weapons.

Moreover, he communicated with the crystal skull, golden arm bone, and bleeding eyeball. These were the three monsters he brought out from Western Tomb Realm.

During these years, they mostly remained quiet, remaining asleep.

“Have you thought things through, wishing to merge with us?” The crystal skull was shocked.

“No, this time, I am only borrowing an arm!” Shi Hao said. He looked at that golden arm, the crystal skull, and the eyeball. He said that he wouldn’t merge with them no matter what, because that involved the primordial spirit, too dangerous.

In the end, they chatted in secret, reaching an agreement. That golden arm bone merged with Shi Hao’s left hand!

Mu Qing and the others were extremely shocked, at the same time incredibly worried. They knew that Shi Hao was always against this, not willing to merge with those three monsters, but today, he actually did this. One could see just how dangerous the place they were heading into was.

“Don’t worry, it’s not that big of a deal. We are going to steal from the tiger’s den. If we want to make some gains, then we must make all types of preparations.” Shi Hao laughed.

He brought quite a few people, like the Emperor Butterfly, Divine Striking Stone, Lightning Spirits, Golden Lion, Mu Qing, and the others with him. These were all the very best.

The Heavenly Horned Ant and Cao Yusheng were naturally at Shi Hao’s side, wishing to head out together.

They returned to the higher realm, entering the Nine Heavens. Shi Hao brought them to Heavenly Deity Institution, borrowing a massive transport formation. With a hong noise, brilliance illuminated the night sky, all of them vanishing from this place.

They moved through time-space, passing through countless stellar seas, entering a gloomy land.

“Where are we going?”

When the warship that carried them appeared, the speed didn’t decrease, still rushing forward with extreme speed.

Suddenly, there was a green color that appeared before them. It was a stalk of grass, massive beyond compare, its leaves moving, sweeping several great stars in the sky, and then directly devouring them.

“The legendary Star Devouring Grass!” The Heavenly Horned Ant sucked in a cold breath of air.

This type of thing, even though it didn’t have a clear high level will, its strength was extremely terrifying. Normal creatures could only make their way around it when they encountered it.

“Be careful, we are approaching our destination. This place is strange, but at the same time, there really are some of the best seeds here. Even when endless time is searched, they are the best dao seeds. If we can seize them, your cultivation paths will become incomparably dazzling.” Shi Hao said.

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