Chapter 1873

Chapter 1873 - Inspiring Awe Throughout the World

The sword immortal was killed, dying under Shi Hao’s hands. A fist smashed out, making the primordial spirit break, turn into a rain of light, scattering into the cosmos.

The expert of a generation lost his life just like that!

On the great earth, the various great inheritances were all paying close attention, using special methods to observe the outer space. They saw that heaven and earth lost sound, everything became extremely calm.

Everyone seemed to have fallen under a curse, not moving at all. All those who saw the scene in outer space were petrified.

Just what kind of glorious battle achievement was this? It truly left every single expert’s mind shaken, all of them stunned. They all felt horrified!

Huang, an expert at the peak of Mortal Dao, actually killed an immortal?

Sword Valley’s oldest ancestor died in this battle. This immortal dao figure who lived from the last great era until now actually reached the end of his life here, dying under the hands of a young expert.

This was an old monster! He came from Immortal Domain, his background extraordinary, previously survived even after fighting the Kun Peng, yet he died here today.

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths and the cultivators of all clans were shaken, and then all of them erupted into noise.

This battle accomplishment shocked everyone, no one among the clans not shaken. Just how strong exactly was Huang? He really could kill an immortal!

Even if it was a ruined immortal, not at the peak, lacking his past brilliance, no longer having vigorous blood energy and fighting strength, who in the Mortal Dao Domain could kill him?

Huang did it!

The entire world was shocked, the clans all excited, erupting into noise.

In the Nine Heavens region, Mu Qing, the crimson dragon, Heavenly Horned Ant, and others were all shaken, incredibly happy. Their previous worries were all gone, all of them cheering loudly.

Stone Village’s disciples cried out in excitement, laughing loudly, some of them even about to shed tears. They were incredibly excited. Shi Hao having this level of strength filled them with joy and excitement.

The clans were all discussing among themselves, some people cheering happily, some people worried, some scared, some disappointed and frustrated…

Different people had different emotions.

Everyone knew that right now, under the heavens, Huang no longer had to fear anything. This type of fighting strength surpassed their imagination, he could actually cut down immortals!

If he could achieve immortality, just how terrifying would that be?

Even in this Cultivationless Age, who could say for sure that he can’t break through? It was because after being shocked again and again, everyone discovered that Huang was always creating miracles.

Back then, he was crippled by the ruined immortal, yet after laying low for a few decades, he appeared again. This was enough to prove how extraordinary he was. Then, over the years, again and again, he proved that he was different from everyone else.

“Too terrifying, even an immortal died. Huang really is extraordinary, the domain he treads on is not something we can understand!”

“Someone this powerful, someone who reached the absolute peak of extreme dao, truly unmatched under the sky, what a pity it is that he didn’t enter Immortal Domain, or else he would have most likely become even stronger!”

“I believe that the reason he didn’t enter Immortal Domain, purposely cultivating in this realm, was precisely to create another miracle. Sooner or later, one day, he would shock everyone in Immortal Domain!”

Everyone was discussing excitedly, many people’s eyes becoming red hot.

Shi Hao sat in the starry skies, devouring sun and moon essence. The stars in the sky, even though they were extremely far away, all moved with his breathing.

That scene was too terrifying!

With his breathing, the essence of the sun and moon began to surge like a silver stream, gathering towards him. There were many that entered his mouth and nose, quite a bit flowing through his pores as well.

Right now, he was wrapped within silver splendor, divine and perfect, like a cocoon that was waiting to be broken out of, carrying out a biological sublimation and transformation.

After who knew how much time passed, Shi Hao opened his eyes. Two streaks of cold lightning appeared in the universe. His injured body recovered, completely restored.

Origin energy swirled about above his head, in the end, it was absorbed into his Sea of Reincarnation!

Shi Hao moved his hand, a large amount of immortal blood converged in the ice-cold cosmos, flowing into a jade bottle in his hands. All of it was gathered.

Even though this so-called immortal blood didn’t really live up to expectations, dull and lightless, a large part of its essence consumed, this was still great mending medicine. He could gift it to Mu Qing, the crimson dragon, and the others, extremely beneficial to the eight hundred disciples, on the premise that he first eliminated all of the killing intent and harmful substances.

With another wave of his hand, that ruined immortal sword as well as Jin Taijun’s broken sword both entered his hands. There were now two damaged immortal artifacts in his hands.

Of course, these artifacts’ damage was just too serious, impossible to compare to the past Ten Realms Diagram and Heaven and Earth Pouch.

Shi Hao descended here. Stone Village’s eight hundred disciples immediately surrounded over, cheering, the atmosphere extremely lively.

That day, Shi Hao first killed five great supreme beings, and then he killed a ruined immortal. This really was too horrifying, this type of astonishing fighting strength enough to shock all under the heavens!

“Big brother, I previously heard that there are four ruined immortals. Now, even though you killed one, there are still three more who haven’t shown themselves!” Zhu Lin was worried, quietly reminding.

Mu Qing and the others’ expressions became serious, at the same time a bit confused. Why didn’t the three great experts appear then? If they worked together to get rid of Shi Hao, it really was something they didn’t dare imagine.

Shi Hao shook his head, telling them that they didn’t have to worry. They were already ruined, the so-called immortals weren’t sources of worry.

Was it really all okay? Even the Heavenly Horned Ant was skeptical.

“The reason why they don’t dare appear before me is because they cannot kill me anymore, unable to do so even if they all appear. I can break out, I have more than enough time to stall. Meanwhile, if they show themselves even once, their life force will weaken considerably, after a long time, they will wither away and die.” Shi Hao explained.

He had certainty that even if the ruined immortals surrounded and attacked him, he could still continue living, that he would slaughter his way back in the end!

It was because he already saw through the ruined immortal’s bravado. They were all incredibly weak, able to deal with other supreme beings, but if they wanted to kill him, that was completely impossible.

Through this battle, Shi Hao eliminated all of his troubles.

Shi Hao entered the Nine Heavens region precisely to kill Jin Taijun and Wind Ancestor, but in the end, even though they attacked him together, they were all killed.

Apart from this, those who escaped the net, like Underworld Earth’s cultivators, also lost their lives.

He didn’t have to go out of his way to search for them. These individuals actually all gathered together to get rid of him, but it came to this type of ending.

“We pay our respects to the supreme being!”

When Shi Hao separated from Stone Village’s soldiers, walked into the distance, along the way, the heads of various clans all personally appeared, incredibly respectful, seriously paying their respects.

Where he passed, a great golden path extended out. Shi Hao walked extremely slowly, unknown just how many sects paid their respects to him.

He didn’t say anything. Mu Qing, the crimson dragon, and the others, whether or not they would pursue the elimination of the remaining evil, that was up to them, he wasn’t going to participate or make the decision.

The Nine Heavens would not remain calm.

Shi Hao released a light sigh, advancing alone. Even though there were quite a few people from different sects following him, there wasn’t anyone who dared get close.

Shi Hao knew that now, it would be hard for him to encounter any opponents under the sky. However, he faced some type of lonely feeling. The various clans were all fearful, acting carefully and cautiously.

Fortunately, there was the Heavenly Horned Ant here. He quickly followed along, not treating him as an outsider at all.

The eight hundred disciples still went to pursue the remaining survivors. The people who previously colluded with the creatures of darkness weren’t let go, still tracked down and purged.

The Nine Heavens’ mountains and rivers were still like before, but the people were different. Many people he was close to were no longer here, this world seemingly becoming considerably more quiet.

Unknowingly, Shi Hao reached Heavenly Deity Institution. Now, this place already didn’t have any more disciples.

When he thought of the past, Shi Hao became absent-minded. Names appeared in his mind one after another. Lu Tuo, Princess Yao Yue, Xuan Kun, Exiled Immortal, Wang Xi, all those top level geniuses, how were they now?

There were some who had already died for many years, some entered Immortal Domain. Now that so many years have passed, things remained the same, but people have changed.

Then, he went to Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy. Yi Yi, Great Xu Tuo, Daoist Qi Gu, Lan Xian, Little Sky King, Nine Netherworlds Ao, some of them were killed in battle, some leaving this realm.

The supreme beings of these two academies were long nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, they were still alive, but they entered Immortal Domain, difficult for them to meet again.


Shi Hao took action. He made his way into the region where the creatures of darkness resided, sweeping his way through this place, unleashing a great slaughter.

It was precisely as they predicted, Huang began to take action against the creatures of darkness after all!

In the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, over half of the territory was corroded by darkness. Even though the darkness withdrew, there were still many powerful creatures here.

“I just knew that Huang wouldn’t disappoint! He really took action!” Some people became excited, tears about to flow out.

For this generation to produce this kind of supreme being, it was a great blessing to the world. He dared brandish a butchers blade at the powerful creatures of darkness!

“What Jin Taijun, what Wind Ancestor, what ruined immortal? They never stepped out, but Huang dares take action. The great settling is starting!” Some people roared out.

In the back, many great sects sent out men to follow behind, also slaughter their way in.

Among them, Stone Village’s eight hundred disciples naturally took the vanguard. They rushed at the very front, destroying everything before them.

Shi Hao was seeking out the darkness supreme beings, killing one when he saw one. With his powerful divine senses, it was hard for any of them to slip past. He continued to sweep his way through.

Even though the darkness had already withdrawn for many years, he actually still cut down four supreme beings!

If the darkness great peng and heavenly wolf he killed before were included, then that meant that there were originally six darkness supreme beings left in this great earth.

Shi Hao used three years to sweep through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Even though the region was vast and boundless, he still swept through everything, from one border to the next.

At the very least, he couldn’t find any more darkness supreme beings.

The various clans all energetically participated. With this type of powerful individual leading the way, they were willing to do everything they could to support him, slaughtering those darkness cultivators.

However, the vast region was corroded by darkness, all creatures falling to darkness, some not much stronger than mortals. In those great regions, they were basically no different from ordinary people.

In those creatures’ memories, in their perception, Shi Hao and the others were the devils.

“I can’t do it.”

Shi Hao could kill supreme beings, the eight hundred disciples could kill other experts, but it really was hard for them to take the lives of these weak darkness creatures.

It was because when the darkness withdrew, these weak cultivators, if they were looked at from the outside, they were not much different from the creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Moreover, as time went on, they were no longer confused, developing intelligence, becoming like normal ordinary people.

Only, the memories in their minds were hard to change, or else they could be viewed as ordinary people, not much different from the common people of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

The cultivators of the various clans hesitated as well, finding it hard to raise the butcher’s knives. If they killed even them, then in the end, blood would dye heaven and earth red.

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