Chapter 1861

Chapter 1861 - End of the Road

There was no sense of time in these mountains, unknown just how many years passed.

Shi Hao traveled further and further along the path of cultivation, forgetting time, forgetting cold and heat. Time silently went on, more than ten years quickly passing just like that.

His dao skills were improving, magical force becoming more and more profound. With a slight movement, he could cross the starry sky, with a breath, the essence of sun and moon would be absorbed, the white energy endless.

All of the stars in the sky were shining, silver splendor resplendent, gathering towards him. This starry sea’s essence was entering and leaving his mouth, the scene astonishing.

For ten years, Shi Hao’s dao advanced, becoming more and more stable, quite a bit of his own inner dangers eliminated.

He sat in the starry skies, relaxing his body. His magical projection immediately became larger, incredibly majestic and boundless like a world creating giant.

His body was massive, just too astonishing. In his surroundings, the sun, moon, and stars swirled about. As his hair descended, there was radiance that was released, as if a silver river was descending!

“This world truly has entered a Cultivationless Age. Otherwise, I might have already reached the peak of supreme being level!” Shi Hao said quietly. He opened his eyes, divine light pouring out, illuminating the ice-cold universe.

In reality, his cultivation speed was already fast enough, far exceeding the imagination of most cultivators. If others heard what he just said, they would definitely become incredibly angry. This was the Cultivationless Age!

However, for him, this was indeed a bit slow. Moreover, this type of speed would only continue to slump, all the way until it would be difficult to make any little bit of progress.

This was the suppression of heaven and earth, a type of retaliation.

The only fortunate thing was that the blade of heaven’s will didn’t really bother him, this prison as if innately having some type of restriction that was astonishingly powerful.

This prison sealed off all types of paths, but it also stopped the terrifying corrosion of the Cultivationless Age.

Compared to the three thousand provinces, the lower realms’ Cultivationless Age was still rather light!

It was a prison during prosperous times, also a prison in defeat.

It previously trapped cultivators, but now, it became a sheltering umbrella.

However, the so-called prison was going to be infiltrated in the end as well. The Cultivationless Age’s invasion wasn’t far.

“It’s time for me to face the Immortal Breaking Curse again!”

Shi Hao got up, heading towards the restricted region lord’s place again.

During these years, his cultivation followed a pattern. Every so often, he would enter the Void God Realm, fight life and death battles with the creatures in the prison.

Then, he would come back with a dying primordial spirit, quietly meditating, carefully comprehending his insights.

After digesting it all, he would then head to the restricted region lord.

In the blink of an eye, another twenty to thirty years passed, time seemingly nothing before cultivation. Shi Hao completely immersed himself within, increasing his own cultivation, continuously advancing.

This year, if he carefully counted it up, Shi Hao’s age should have already passed a hundred. However, he continued to spend his days unconscious of the boundaries between himself and the external world, fully concentrated on comprehending the dao and fighting, forgetting all else.

That was why he didn’t actually feel the great changes of time, things were just like before. It was just like the cultivators recorded in some books, even after many years passed, their minds still remained bright, pure like crystals.

He really was born to cultivate.

His cultivation speed was just too shocking, exceeding the imagination of ordinary cultivators.

At the age of a hundred years, he already rose to the peak of supreme being, standing at the summit of the Mortal Dao Domain. He could sweep through any opponent at the mortal realm, not needing to fear anything.

Comparatively speaking, in the past few decades, his cultivation speed really did slow down, forced to accumulate it bit by bit. The Cultivationless Age severely locked down everyone in the world!

Moreover, the effects of the Cultivationless Age were still continuing. This world hadn’t stabilized yet, the greater situation not pausing all this time. In the past few decades, the environment worsened.


Inside the golden palace, Shi Hao roared even louder, enduring tremendous pain. A lot of blood energy poured out through the cracks in the palace gates, stirring the wind and clouds. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled here.

His hundred years old body seemed to have been sensed by this heaven and earth as well. The blade of heaven’s will hacked down, flying into the restricted region’s golden ancient palace.

Shi Hao was resisting the Immortal Breaking Curse, but he couldn’t ignore the blade of heaven’s will either.

This time, it continued for several days. All of the bones in his body were first smashed apart, and then reconstructed. His dao skills were compressed, a bit of his dao dissolved.

In others’ eyes, this was wasting away magical force, cutting down cultivation, but in Shi Hao’s opinion, this was a tempering, refining true metals through flame, only leaving behind the essence. One day, when his dao skills no longer deteriorated, it would be when he succeeded, becoming unmatched!

Shi Hao released a light sigh. He opened his eyes, leaving this ancient palace. Recently, his dao skill advance was extremely limited. He already reached the peak of Mortal Dao, even the amount dissolved by the Immortal Breaking Curse each time becoming less.

Shi Hao walked out of this place. The golden palace turned into a rain of light, disappearing, leaving behind remains, as well as bare broken mountains and other things.

This ancient palace was something created by the restricted region lord to begin with, not something that really existed.

Shi Hao stood there, gazing into the sky. He used several decades to reach the supreme being level, and then many decades to slowly rise to the peak of this realm. This world was becoming more and more cruel as expected.

However, he should also be content with what he did have.

After all, he was a supreme being, his dao skills reaching the absolute peak of Mortal Dao. That was why he could still resist the rebound, continuously advancing.

In the recent decades, the children born into this world lost the ability to cultivate, difficult for them to establish a foundation, hard for them to step on the path of cultivation.

“The spiritual essence of the world has dried up, the great dao gradually getting more and more distant, more and more terrifying. The bitterness of a Cultivationless Age has still appeared in the end.” Shi Hao said to himself.

Now, his cultivation had already reached the peak of supreme being, but he didn’t pay the restricted region lord a visit, not asking him to construct a transport formation, take him to the dam world.

The higher one’s cultivation reached, the more one could sense their own lacking. Shi Hao still wasn’t satisfied.

The peak of supreme being was already the summit of Mortal Dao. Could he not take half a step further? He was always thinking to himself. Could it be that after this, he could only become a true immortal?

However, why did he feel like Great Elder, before he achieved immortality, was different, exceeding other supreme beings? He didn’t enter the realm of true immortals, but he already possessed a type of unmatched aura!

This type of aura was something that Jin Taijun, and even the foreign supreme beings didn’t have. Apart from Great Elder Meng Tianzheng, Shi Hao only sensed a bit of it from the peak condition Immortal Wang.

“I still need to become even stronger!”

Shi Hao headed into that ruined world again, the one the restricted region lord provided. This was a supreme being level battlefield, all of them prehistoric creatures, some of them unheard of.

When he dragged his weary body out again, Shi Hao returned to Stone Village, starting to think about his future path. He wanted to think things through, because right now, his path had already reached its end.

During the past few decades, Stone Village’s transformation wasn’t small. The population became greater, the territory they occupied becoming more and more vast.

Fortunately, Stone Village had long made preparations. This place had the nine dragons pulling coffin, and there was a world within that bronze coffin. It was filled with greenery, the spiritual essence abundant.

The new children and some of the elders were sent inside, either building the foundation or enjoying their later years. This was a pure land.

Even though they were inside a coffin, not seeming that auspicious, in reality, it really helped Stone Village’s later generations. It wasn’t like the Cultivationless Age where one couldn’t cultivate.

The others in the village who had long stepped on the road of cultivation finally sensed the misfortune of this generation. Even though they had been brought into primal chaos, cultivated in the bronze coffin, they still felt like their cultivation speeds had slowed greatly, finding this a bit hard to accept.

The very best of them received great benefits during these years. Western Tomb Realm became a precious land for them to fight in, sharpen themselves. They often went there to bathe in blood, fight to their heart’s content.

Now, several layers of the underground realm had been opened by them. However, when it touched upon the supreme being burial land, there really was no way for them to continue.

During these years, their cultivation increased somewhat, but it couldn’t compare to the speeds from before at all. However, everyone’s dao foundations were being tempered, becoming unimaginably stable.

These years, Mu Qing, Shi Zhong, Zhu Lin, and others cultivated bitterly and relentlessly, but they still stopped at the late stage of Self Release, no fate with supreme being, unable to find a path forward.

This was the case for the crimson dragon as well, stuck at the late stage of Self Release Realm, unable to make the slightest bit of progress.

The curse of five hundred years, apart from Shi Hao, it was something difficult for others to break through.

The Cultivationless Age made them feel even more powerless. They began to wonder, if this continued, would they even be able to become supreme beings.

It was too difficult, especially in recent years, their dao skills almost coming to a complete halt, unable to increase even a hair.

What were they supposed to do? They reached the end of the road!

“Uncle Hao, our paths seem to have been cut off, difficult to advance even an inch no matter how we cultivate. We need the tempering of a tremendous amount of time, and only then can we increase a bit in cultivation. This won’t do!”

“Big bro, we want to become stronger!”

A group of people consulted Shi Hao, a bit anxious. They understood just what type of grim test they had to face in the future, the greater environment would become incomparably cruel. How could this bit of cultivation be enough?

Shi Hao sat at the head of the village, silently turning through a jade book. This was the immortal dao scripture he brought out from Immortal Ancient Remains during the great battle of three thousand provinces in the past.

In the final destination, there were some ancient coffins, within each one was an immortal dao scripture!

Back then, Ten Crown King, Ning Chuan, Exiled Immortal, Shi Yi, himself, and others all obtained one.

Before, Shi Hao had flipped through it as well, but only in the past few decades did Shi Hao truly begin to carefully read it, carefully cultivate, sensing the various chances of Immortal Ancient methods.

Unfortunately, this text didn’t record how to break out of the Cultivationless Age either.

Zhu Lin, Mu Qing, and the others had flipped through it as well. For these people, regardless of whether it was the present world methods or Immortal Ancient methods, Shi Hao had passed them all down, letting them choose their paths themselves.

Then, he produced a jade box. Unfortunately, after it was opened, there was another seal. Even with his current cultivation at the Supreme Being Realm, it was actually still not enough.

Based on his suspicions, there should be an ancient scripture inside of this as well.

Back then, in Immortal Ancient Remains, apart from the many ancient coffins that carried immortal dao scriptures, there was an altar that consecrated this jade case, standing apart from the others.

Shi Hao released a light sigh, collecting the jade box. He suspected that it might very well be an immortal king scripture!

“Big bro, we have to strive for changes, or else we’ll be trapped in the lower realms! The Cultivationless Age is becoming more and more cruel, much more serious than even several decades ago.” Mu Qing said.

He was a dozen or so years younger than Shi Hao, his cultivation now reaching the late stage of Self Release Realm, but just couldn’t make any more improvements.

“I wonder what those geniuses who entered Immortal Domain are like. At that time, they were at the peak of Self Release Realm. Could it be that they could break into the supreme being level?” Zhu Lin was a bit jealous.

“Impossible! Even in Immortal Domain, it is difficult for them to break the curse unless they are the children of immortal kings or innately have unmatched immortal king bloodlines!” Shi Zhong didn’t believe it.

“I am pursuing a path, but it has not matured yet, I don’t dare teach it to you all. It seems like I have to work harder, strive for changes!” Shi Hao said.

He felt pressured. After all these years, the cultivation environment in Immortal Domain was completely different from this place. He had to quickly rise up.

Even though the world’s environment changed, it wasn't an excuse for him to stop. If he wanted to break through, break through the Cultivationless Age’s shackles, then he had to strive for changes.

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