Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858 - The Defeated

Immortal Shi, even if Shi Hao spoke these words alone, he would still feel like it was extremely strange, making his mind a bit heavy.

Was this the so-called long life disaster? He actually encountered it too!

The so-called long life disaster was something he previously didn’t clearly get to the bottom of, but now, he had some guesses, saw some clues.

“Are you all one creature, or three different ones?” Shi Hao asked.

The skull and arm bone were clearly different colors. Moreover that eyeball was too large, not looking like it would fit in the crystal skull.

“One or three, is it that important to you?” The crystal skull released bits of fiery light from within its eye sockets, purple-gold in color, sinister and mysterious, making one feel as if even their soul would start pulsing.

“I don’t want the bones of others to merge into my own body.” Shi Hao said, refusing like this.

“This was originally supposed to be an easily obtained strength for you, yet you are giving it up just like this, I cannot understand at all. If you merge with this bone, you can obtain everlasting power!” The crystal skull said with a sigh.

“That type of power is something I can cultivate myself.” Shi Hao replied.

“There is a great golden path you can take, allowing you to rise up in the shortest amount of time, why are you taking the long way? You have to understand that the world is now cryptic and difficult to understand, undercurrents surging, a bit more strength is a bit more power to protect oneself. Refusing like this is not a sensible choice!” The crystal skull said.

“Then what about what I have to pay?” Shi Hao calmly asked.

“You don’t need to pay anything as long as you inherit this most sacred power, ensure that it doesn’t just disappear into this world for no reason.” The crystal skull said.

Shi Hao shook his head, not saying any more.

“Are you refusing, or do you not believe me?” The crystal skull asked.

“There was an extremely powerful individual who told me that the more powerful the existence, the more they would care about balance, pay attention to karma. Even though its relationship with me wasn’t bad, it always carried out an equivalent exchange. Of course, it still scammed me.”

“Alright, if you insist on feeling this way, then it can also be interpreted in this way. In the future, when you have the time, help us get our revenge, cut down our enemies.” The crystal skull said.

“You are not being honest.” Shi Hao backed up. Why did they not talk about this before, only when they were unmasked, did they ask him to take on a share of karma? This was most likely still not the truth.

In reality, after Immortal Mu, Immortal Wang and Immortal Qin, he felt like this carried tremendous risk. In the end, he might die without a proper burial ground.

He didn’t wish to be caught up in more trouble.

“Youngster, you are quite excellent, your growth speed has left all of us shocked. Only, you have to understand that what this world lacks the most is time, you need to understand to cherish it. This is a chance for you to become a dragon, it will save you a tremendous amount of time.”

“I am scared of being consigned to eternal damnation, I am scared that after I merge with one of you, when the time comes, I will no longer be myself.” Shi Hao was extremely direct, not beating the bush at all.

If there was some scheming going on, there was no need to hide it.

“With the Cultivationless Age arriving, the world changing, the creatures of all regions have withdrawn. Now that terrifying times are approaching, the world is at peace. I don’t think that I lack time, this is my chance.” Shi Hao further said.

He then added, “if you all really have some type of plans, we can work together, grant me support in other aspects, and there will definitely be a return in the future. You all can see that my cultivation speed is extremely fast, worth roping in. Meanwhile, even if I don’t merge with you all, who knows, one day, I might become your most powerful ally.”

“Youngster, you are too cautious. We are not trying to do evil, even more so not trying to make you a part of us, but truly in admiration of you…” The flames in the crystal skull’s eye sockets became increasingly intense, gradually becoming deep like two purple-golden holes, making one calm down.

Gradually, Shi Hao felt more and more at peace, his mind calm, all of his emotional fluctuations disappearing, actually about to fall asleep.

Unknowingly, he suddenly felt drowsiness.

Shi Hao was already a supreme being, yet he almost fell asleep here, almost having his dao ended here.


Grass Symbol Sword Art was released, transmitted through the sword body, streak after streak smashing towards the altar. The attack of a supreme being was enough to strike down the stars in the sky.

However, the artifacts on the altar weren’t ordinary after all.

That golden arm bone immediately flew out. With a honglong noise, it struck down, covering heaven and earth, surrounding the void, covering all of the sword energy.

After an intense clash, there was silent destruction. Countless black holes appeared, devouring the essence of heaven and earth.

When this place became quiet, the altar was still there, the arm bone still as if cast from gold, floating in the void. The fiery light in the skull’s eye-sockets continuously flickered about, that eyeball still moving, staring at Shi Hao.

“Youngster, are you trying to fight us to the death here?” The skull said.

“You all were the first to make a move. If you all are going to be forceful, then I will act appropriately!” Shi Hao said.

He had a set amount of confidence, because if the other party was powerful enough, able to act completely unrestrained, then they wouldn’t say anything to him, they would just directly take action and merge with him.

“In that case, then just leave. You don’t even have any passion, we’ll just be strangers from here on out!” The skull said.

“I already said that if you all believe me, we can choose to cooperate. If we merge together, at most, it will just be recreating your past strength and my achievements in this life will most likely stop right there. Meanwhile, if you all are willing to help me, that might be a whole different world.”

Shi Hao didn’t immediately leave, instead saying these words.

After remaining silent for a long time, the crystal skull compromised, actually agreeing.

Shi Hao’s pupils contracted. He knew that they seemed to be rather rushed, not having much time left, or else they wouldn’t have to go this far.


That altar shrunk, becoming the size of a fist. Then, the golden arm bone, bleeding eyeball, and crystal skull all shrunk, still arranged there.

The altar floated over, appearing in front of Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn’t dare carry them on him out of fear of being affected by the dao.

“Waking up isn’t easy, the cost not small. You don’t need to doubt us, we won’t harm you.” The crystal skull said.

“Since we are going to be walking the same path, choosing to cooperate, then are there some things you all can tell me?” Shi Hao asked.

“What do you wish to know?” The crystal skull asked.

“Who are you all, why are you here, what do you wish to do? Was this Western Tomb Realm created by you all? What kind of objectives do you all have in merging it with the Void God Realm?”

After a sigh, the fist-sized altar became silent, no reply could be heard for a long time.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything either, calmly waiting.

“If I say that we are the defeated, beaten miserably, forgetting everything, will you believe us?” The skull finally asked.

“I wouldn’t be too convinced.” Shi Hao only had these four words.

“We were beaten into ruin, the true defeated, only having some shallow memories, we don’t even remember our true selves anymore. Right now, there is only one will left in our minds, which is to return to our peak. We are long life beings, we wish to recreate our previous long life glory.” The skull said.

Shi Hao’s expression moved. Was this the long life disaster? There was a group of creatures like this.

“And? Do you not even know who the enemy is?”

“We do not. There are only some imprints that haven’t been erased yet. We are the defeated of the last small showdown.” The skull said dejectedly.

“What?!” Shi Hao was greatly shocked, truly moved this time. They actually had such great backgrounds?!

The so-called small showdown had also happened too long ago, something from the endless past. At the very least, it was before Immortal Ancient.

“The final battle, the ultimate showdown is about to descend. We are still unresigned!” The crystal skull roared.

Shi Hao thought to himself, feeling more and more that the future great showdown will be terrifying, involving too much. True old monsters will jump out from different great eras, it will exceed all imagination!

“What is going on with Western Tomb Realm? I believe you all definitely know this well, there’s no way you forgot, right?” Shi Hao was suspicious.

“Western Tomb Realm was accidentally created by us. We previously unexpectedly discovered a bone book. If you don’t agree, you can take a look.” When it spoke up to here, the crystal skull opened its mouth, spitting out a scorched black bone piece, on it indeed some recordings.

However, the crystal skull directly denied the merging of Void God Realm, nor did they wish to do some hidden great thing.

“There are others?” Shi Hao wasn’t really convinced, in half doubt.

“There was indeed someone who came later, this something in the recent decades. He was doing these things, but we didn’t pay it any attention, showing mutual apprehension.” The crystal skull said.

“What does he look like, what kind of background does he have? Did you all see?” Shi Hao asked, his expressions serious.

“His height was over a zhang, body carrying a rotting smell, as if he was a creature who crawled out from a mountain of corpses. He was unimaginably powerful, incomplete scales covering its body, but there was snow fur that fell off from time to time.” The skull said seriously.

When Shi Hao heard this, his scalp went numb. He sensed that things were really bad. From the skull’s description, he immediately thought of the Demonic Cattail King. “Don’t tell me it really was this creature?”

“Let’s go.” Shi Hao said in the end. He felt like when faced with these three old monsters, it was difficult to see through them, and it was also hard to know if what they said was real or fake.

The best way was to find another old monster, use monsters to deal with monsters!

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